Facebook Killer Gave His Life for an Order of Chicken McNuggets

Such hunger. Such loyalty to McDonald’s.

It is a rare man indeed who is willing to give his life to enjoy the world famous Chicken McNugget. Should McDonald’s put up a monument for him, or something?

The Daily Caller

Facebook Murderer’s Last Words: I Need My McNuggets

It’s either incredibly flattering or the ultimate insult that the Facebook killer’s final act was purchasing a 20-piece box of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. Price tag: $5.35.

On Tuesday, Steve Stephens — whose face has been plastered all over the news — went to a McDonald’s drive through and ordered what was presumably his last meal.

McDonald’s employees recognized the murderer and tried to slow him down while they called the cops.

“They tried to stall him by holding his fries!” cracked NBC News senior writer Bradd Jaffy on Twitter. “Brilliant. Give these people a raise and a round of applause.”

A NYT story reported that employees tried to make him wait by holding on to his large order of French fries.

Stephens, however, took the nuggets and scrammed without the fries.

Ultimately his story ended as sadly as it began. Police found him dead in his car in Erie, Pa. He had shot himself to death.

Three days ago, he shot a random elderly man in Cleveland and posted a video of the crime on Facebook.

And so ends the life of a man who sacrificed it all for McNuggets.

He died with a smile on his face, I’m sure of it.

Black Gang Beats, Robs Kindly White Man Who Offered to Help Pay for Their Meals in Chicken Shop (Video)

We’re reminded once again of the practical advice: Avoid the groid, around blacks, never relax.

The Sun

A GOOD Samaritan ​who ​offered to lend two men short on cash some money to cover their meal at a fried chicken shop ended up getting beaten and robbed for trying to help, cops say.

The victim was savagely beaten by four men inside the takeway – then robbed by a fifth as he lay helpless on the floor, New York Post reported.

The 37-year-old victim told police that an argument began when he offered to help pay for the two men’s meal, which they were a few dollars short of paying for, inside Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn, New York on March 1.

Dairy Queen Owner Says”Nigger,” Police Called, DQ Terminates Owner


The Negroid will often order fast food and then later complain that items were missing, while demanding a refund.

Any fast food operator can confirm this. We’ve seen blacks over and over try to pull this and other scams in videos, news reports, and Internet comments.

It’s hard to blame a man losing his temper when he has to put up with sh*t like this day after day after day.

The Independent

Fast good giant Dairy Queen, famed for its soft serve ice cream, has closed one of its stores and ended its relationship with the owner after police said he “proudly admitted” using a racial slur to a customer.

Deianeira Ford said the DQ outlet in Zion, Illinois, had mixed up her order at the drive-through window. When owner Jim Crichton refused to correct the order, she asked for refund. He refused to give one, and he then started yelling racist epithets at her.

“It was really just upsetting especially with having my children in the car,” Ms Ford told the Associated Press. “I mean, no one deserves to be treated like that.”

Ms Ford said that at that point, she telephoned for the police. Reports said that when police arrived at the store, around 50 miles from Chicago, they found her “visibly upset and crying.” When the officer went inside, he said Mr Crichton was “angry and was pacing continually back and forth 180 degrees around me.”

Who calls the police when somebody calls you a name?


Well, you know who. We’ve seen this before time and time again too.


The Washington Post said the officer wrote in his report “Crichton boastfully told me he would be happy to go to jail over the issue,” and “proudly admitted” to using the racist slur.

Mr Crichton also told the officer he was “fed up with black people” and continued to freely use the slur in the conversation, the paper said.

So, the police threaten you with jail for saying a word?

The incident prompted protesters to gather outside the Dairy Queen last Saturday. Ms Ford said she has a lawyer and is considering legal action.


Meanwhile, Mr Crichton apologised in a statement provided by American Dairy Queen Corporation and said he would undergo sensitivity training.

“My actions were inexcusable and unacceptable,” he said. “I can only ask for forgiveness and try to make it up to all involved.”

Dairy Queen in a statement called Mr Crichton’s statements “reprehensible” and said his behaviour did not represent the restaurant’s values.

“I’m disgusted and discouraged by the comments made by this business owner,“ Police Chief Stephen Dumyahn said. “I reached out to Miss Ford to tell her that this does not represent the diverse community of Zion.”

So, the bottom line on this story is that the cops, including the Chief of Police condemn a man for losing his temper over TNB (Typical Nagger Behavior) and the owner grovels. Then he loses his business. Now, the Nagger is going to sue him.


In a free country, the business owner would have freedom of association, free to serve whomever he wished or not.


Britain: KFC and McDonalds Ban All Under 18s From Entering without Adult Due to Repeated Brawls

kfc britain

Has the ban imposed by a British KFC on youths been the result of brawls started by whites, blacks, or browns? The liberal press isn’t saying, but we know because we’re race realists.


KFC has banned unaccompanied youngsters from entering one of their restaurants after several violent fights involving teen gangs broke out.

Under-18s can only eat inside the fast-food restaurant in Meir Park, Stoke-on-Trent if they are with an adult.

If they are by themselves, they will only be allowed to enter the premises to order a takeaway.

Manager Liam Dalgarno said: ‘The way some of these youngsters act can be scary for staff. People shouldn’t have to experience that.

‘Under-18s are not strictly banned from the premises, they can come in to order their meal but then they have to take it out.

‘A minority had been causing trouble. Really they only came in for the Wi-Fi but we have reduced the distance of it so now it only reaches the doors.

He added: ‘We had problems on a daily basis and we work closely with our PCSOs and police officers.

A nearby McDonald’s has issued a similar ban.

We’re witnessing the end of Western civilization as it has been known the last 100 years. Unless a strong man arises to save us from political correctness, we shall perish.

can we panic gif

University Bans Chick-fil-A from Campus Due to CEO’s Position on Traditional Marriage

cow chic fil a

Never donate money to any university unless you’re a retarded leftist. Universities are no longer centers of learning, but far left loony indoctrination centers.

One day the chickens will come home to roost at American universities. When they do, some university administrators are going to find themselves dangling from the wrong end of a rope.

Until then, starve the beasts.

IJ Review

In January, the student government at University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) sent out a survey to students asking them to answer questions on a variety of topics. The students voted to add a Chick-fil-A to the student union’s roster of restaurants.

Some students complained about having a Chick-fil-A at the school because of CEO Dan Cathy’s previous statements supporting traditional marriage.

Following the complaints, student president Evan Calhoun wrote this on his Facebook page:

As a follow-up to the January 19, 2016, survey of students about preferences for new dining options in the Nebraskan Student Union, we decided, after much consideration, to poll students again. Of the options presented for your initial feedback, Chick-fil-A received the most responses. The next top choices were Panda Express, IHOP, and A&W.

When we learned more about Chick-fil-A and its corporate values and discriminatory policies, and after hearing these concerns raised by a section of our student body, we concluded that these corporate values are not aligned with our values as a student body, and it is not in the best interest of our UNK community to pursue Chick-fil-A right now. Because a chicken restaurant may still be your top choice, we decided to put a different chicken restaurant (Raising Cane’s) in the survey to see, now, which you favor among the lineup of other top options.”

The reversal on Chick-fil-A did not go unnoticed.

The Daily Wire reports that Trevor Wiegert, a Junior at UNK, and campus chancellor’s ambassador, wrote a letter to the student senate:

“I think it is ridiculous and appalling that this is a situation we are faced with as a campus and student body, due to the preconceived notions of a very small minority. This is a country that was built and has thrived on the notion of free speech. Taking a man’s opinion on his belief in the traditional family and construing it to supposedly encompass his entire company’s corporate values and discriminatory policies in order to feel ‘safe’ or like you’re not being ‘persecuted’ is simply asinine.”

There’s no Chick-Fil-A in Kearney. Here’s an opportunity for the company to step up to the plate and satisfy student demand. Build one in Kearney, you corporate guys who hate fags and scare the crap out of the libturd babies that pass for adult administrators at UNK>

McDonald’s franchisees say the brand is in a ‘deep depression’ and ‘facing its final days’

mcdonalds gif


Because of McDonald’s hostility to white people, they’ve gotten zero of my food dollars the last two years and very few of them the last three or four.

The politically correct fast food company had a black CEO for a year or so who was ousted in January of this year. This imbecile, Don Thompson, pictured above, did nothing to help the company prosper.

He’s been replaced by a white guy, Steve Easterbrook, who also appears to be incompetent.

Excerpt from Yahoo Finance

McDonald’s franchisees believe the brand is in a “deep depression” and could be facing its “final days,” according to a new survey.

“We are in the throes of a deep depression, and nothing is changing,” one franchisee wrote in response to the survey by Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski. “Probably 30% of operators are insolvent.”

Regardless of Obama’s glowing, but falsified economic data, the economy seems to be in the process of entering another recession. Even if a flood of newly impoverished unemployed can afford to eat away from home, McD’s may not be the choice, especially among whites. At the local Walmart McD’s I see mainly nonwhites ordering food.

Another wrote, “The CEO is sowing the seeds of our demise. We are a quick-serve fast-food restaurant, not a fast casual like Five Guys or Chipotle. The system may be facing its final days.”

More than a dozen franchisees expressed frustration with McDonald’s management, saying CEO Steve Easterbrook’s turnaround plan — which includes initiatives like all-day breakfast and a shift to digital ordering kiosks — is a distraction from McDonald’s core issues, like food quality and customer service.

“The lack of consistent leadership from Oak Brook is frightening, we continue to jump from one failed initiative to another,” one franchisee wrote.

A second wrote, “I have been in this business since the early 1970s but have not seen us this leaderless in all my time.”

The company’s reaction to their frustration, one franchisee claimed, is for operators to “get out of the system” and quit the business.

Too much time celebrating diversity, not enough time on making good food.  Diversity can have McDonald's as far as I'm concerned.

Too much time celebrating diversity, not enough time on making good food. Diversity can have McDonald’s as far as I’m concerned.

Many of the Yahoo comments are subconsciously racist. The comments mention the unconcerned, dirty staff members. I think they’re talking about blacks.

There’s also a concern with the taste and quality of the food, and long waiting times.

If McDonald’s goes under, Americans will be nostalgic for the Golden Arches, but they’ll be lamenting the way McDonald’s was 20 or 30 years ago–cheap, tasty, and friendly.