Journalist Live Streaming San Francisco Riot Called “Nazi,” Assaulted, Phone Smashed

He’s offline now. I had just tuned in when a group of women called him a “f*cking Nazi” because he was wearing a blue polo shirt and then the video became a swirling blur.

I have no idea if the camera guy is still alive.

San Francisco is now the definition of a police state. Citizens who disagree with the city’s official hard left positions are at the mercy of roving goon squads.

The feed below is still live:

Right now a large crowd is listening to a woman calling for more violence and revolution via the total destruction of the KKK and Nazis.

More on this story of lawless mass hysteria later.

Jim Marrs, Texas-based conspiracy theorist and author, dies at 73

Prominent conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs has died.

Digger for Truth talks about shills and half truthers. Apparently, Jim Marrs wrote and talked a lot about a Nazi conspiracy, but never mentioned the J-word. He’s on Digger’s list along with many, many others, including Donald Trump.

I never followed Marrs’ work but he also apparently pushed the theory that the Russians had JFK killed.

If you’re familiar with his theories, feel free to defend or criticize him, as you wish.


Jim Marrs, best-known for his work researching the various theories surrounding the JFK assassination and UFOs and a guest on many talk shows, died this week at the age of 73.

According to his official Facebook page he died of a heart attack on Wednesday. He had recently been put on dialysis.

The Fort Worth-native was a mainstay on late-night radio show “Coast to Coast AM” and the “Alex Jones’ Infowars” program.

In late June Marrs posted a note on his official website that said he was suspending work on the site to address his health issues.

According to his online biography, Marrs was a former Fort Worth Star-Telegram staffer starting in 1968 and was a police reporter and general assignments reporter. After a stint serving in the Army in Vietnam he came back home and began writing about military and aerospace technology.

His 1989 book “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy” was a New York Times Paperback Non-Fiction Best Seller and became a basis for the Oliver Stone film “JFK” in 1991. He served as a chief consultant for the film.

He had taught a course on the 1963 killing of the president at the University of Texas at Arlington, starting in 1976. He retired in 2007.

Marrs could usually be found in Dealey Plaza in Dallas on the anniversary of the assassination every November 22, talking to fans and speaking with the media in front of the so-called Grassy Knoll, ground zero for conspiracy theorists.

His work on 9/11 dealt with what he called an inconsistent public story on the terrorist attacks.

Other Marrs books included “Psi Spies,” “Alien Agenda,” “Rule by Secrecy,” “The War on Freedom,” “The Terror Conspiracy” and “The Rise of the Fourth Reich”, all of which were met with praise by a devoted community of skeptics if not mainstream audiences.

Link to Amazon customer reviews of The Rise of the Fourth Reich.

Getting Stalked and Beaten by Antifa at #G20 in Hamburg (Lauren Southern Video)

Lauren Southern and live-streamer Tim Poole are bullied by antifa in Hamburg.

Thirteen and a half minutes of an inside look at G-20 as seen on the streets.

Lauren subsequently posted a second video (below) after she learned that her cqrelessness led to multiple assaults on other journalists mistakenly associated with her.

Published on Jul 7, 2017

Tim’s Channel:


Lauren quickly followed up with an apology. Luke Rudkowski was beaten up by the European antifa, along with two other people.

The Gateway Pundit

Independent journalists Luke Rudkowski and Max Bachmann were attacked, stalked, and threatened with murder by left-wing Antifa terrorists in Germany early Friday outside of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Rudkowski and Bachmann were then accosted by “ten men” according to Rudkowski, Bachmann was punched, and then both were chased and thrown to the ground by the group of Antifa/anticapitalist terrorists. Rudkowski and Bachmann drove 30 minutes outside the city of Hamburg, and were followed and confronted by other Antifa terrorists who told them they would be seriously injured or killed if they did not leave town.

The biggest question here may be what is more disturbing: Is it that Antifa is now effectively an international terrorist network that attacks and threatens to murder even nonpartisan journalists for recording them? Or that they are getting their intel from fake news journalists who refuse to cover the violence they cause?

N.J. Welfare Fraud Arrests Spark So-Called Anti-Semitic Speech on Social Media

It’s been a new Holocaust for Jews in New Jersey this last week. A sheet that said, “Heebs will not divide us” was draped over Holocaust memorial. Fliers were set out. And social media was abuzz with negative comments about the wealthy Jews who allegedly stole $2 million by scamming the welfare system.

Poor Jews. Always the victim when they dindu nuffins.


ASBURY PARK, N.J. — The social media comments on Facebook and other sites were raw, hateful.

The outpouring of invectives was sparked by the arrest last week of 14 residents of Lakewood, N.J., including the rabbi of a congregation, on public assistance fraud charges. The early morning raids ignited a firestorm of anti-Semitism against a municipality of 100,000 that has a majority of Orthodox Jewish residents.

“The allegations and the charges levied against (the defendants) have nothing to do with their religion,” said Joshua Cohen, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, New Jersey Region. “That’s why we’re deeply concerned when we see comments online, whether it’s on newspaper websites or social media, that are anti-Semitic.”

The hate speech moved off the Internet and into the streets. Hate fliers spread around the township over the weekend, said residents, who provided photos of the fliers. A white sheet hung over a Holocaust memorial at the Congregation Sons of Israel. Covering the stone memorial, the cloth banner used an anti-Semitic slur and promoted a website for a white supremacy group, authorities said.

Lakewood Police Detective Lt. Gregory Staffordsmith said the incidents were being investigated.

“We do believe that this recent rash of anti-Semitic incidents is directly related to the recent arrests in our town. We have not had any other incidents before,” said Lakewood Police Chief Gregory Meyer. “We will not tolerate this kind of behavior and we are working with (the) state and the Ocean County (N.J.) Prosecutor’s Office in an attempt to make arrests. We will look to prosecute all incidents of bias crimes that take place against our citizens.”

Many of the online comments zeroed in on the religion of the accused and made sweeping, disparaging, even dehumanizing statements about all Jewish people.

Although the primary vehicle for these hateful comments has been social media platforms such as Facebook, some Lakewood residents have experienced it in person.


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Damn! Everyone is Talking About Eric Trump’s Hitler Haircut


Eric Trump appeared on FOX News on Sunday to discuss his father’s presidential platform with network host Maria Bartiromo, revealing an interesting new hair cut.

As President Trump’s son talked 401(k) figures and partisan divide, Twitter users quickly called out the similarities between Eric Trump’s new style and that of alt-right leader Richard Spencer.

For context, here is Richard Spencer’s hair:

Spencer is credited with coming up with the term alt-right, the name for the far-right racist fringe movement that often subscribes to anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic and anti-feminist ideologies. Spencer was punched in the face during a live interview at President Trump’s inauguration last January, a moment that immediately went viral. Spencer was also notably kicked out of the Conservative Political Action Conference in February.

Eric Trump focused on praising President Trump’s Oval Office performance during his Sunday FOX News interview, saying he “couldn’t be more proud” of his father.

“He’s doing everything that he says,” Eric Trump stated. “He’s been in office for 150-something days, and I think he’s accomplished more than any president arguably in history has over that same period of time.”

Even dogs are getting in on the act: 1488

Alt-Right Clashes with Antifa at Minnesota State Capital

In terms of total population, the antifa may be small, but the entire cadre of Hillary and Bernie supporters are behind them. The antifa exist so that the Trump people become associated with “Nazis,” “fascists,” and fearsome anti-democratic forces that would seem un-American to the average Joe and Jane.

Minnesota authorities did a decent job of shutting down the usual antifa violence Saturday in Saint Paul, the capital of Minnesota.


As supporters of President Donald Trump rallied Saturday inside the Minnesota State Capitol, a small group of white nationalists and about 200 antifascist protesters held a noisy, profane shouting match on the sunny Capitol steps.

Organizers of the antifascist protest had sent out news releases and social media invites saying that neo-Nazis would be speaking at the 11 a.m. Trump rally at the Capitol celebrating his first 100 days in office. But those gathering for that rally, including some veterans, said that no white nationalists were involved in or welcome at their event.

“They show up everywhere,” said Alley Waterbury, a pro-Trump organizer from Woodbury.

The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee demonstrators, some wearing alt-right insignia and helmets, soon gathered outside the Capitol, scuffling with the anti-fascist protesters.

At one point, a Trump supporter came out of the Capitol and told the alt-right group, some of whom were carrying American flags, “Please go away. We have nothing to do with you guys.”

One of the apparent alt-right demonstrators replied, “Excuse me, sir, we support Trump, and we have a right to be here too.” That demonstrator then led chants of “We are the future!”

Some in the anti-fascist crowd wore bandanas over their faces and carried red-and-black anarchist flags, but the majority appeared to be people expressing support for immigrants, refugees and Black Lives Matter, as well as opposition to the Trump administration.

Troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol, which provides security at the Capitol, kept the groups separate, heading off physical confrontations. Loud chants, insults and profanities were exchanged well past noon, but no arrests were reported.

When the alt-right group tried to enter the Capitol, where the pro-Trump rally was going on, anti-fascists barred their entry. After a brief tussle, troopers told them to keep their confrontation outside. They did so, hurling slogans and insults at each other on the Capitol steps as a line of troopers separated them.

Shouts of “Go home, fascists!” and “No Nazis on our streets!” sought to drown out the alt-right group’s chants, which included “Law and order!” Some state troopers, who stood stoically between the groups, appeared to be wearing small earplugs amid the din.

Inside, some Trump supporters complained that their event had been co-opted by the alt-right group and that the chaos outside the Capitol was preventing many people from coming to their peaceful rally inside.

Sen. Dan Hall, R-Burnsville, thanked the 30 or so supporters who had the courage to be there.

“This is your building,” said Hall, who described masked protesters as “robbers” attempting to deprive them of their freedoms. “They wanna tell you not just what to say, but what to think,” he said.

Trump supporters are going to learn the hard way that the antifa will cut them no slack. To the left a Nazi and a Trump supporter are one in the same–a target for violent assault when the police aren’t around.

Black Website The Root Cleverly Distorts the Meaning of Richard Spencer and His Message

The article at the center of this post was penned by one Michael Harriot, whose photo shows a Negro. The piece itself reads like Jew Spew.

The title is Richard Spencer’s Racist Little Secret.

What is the secret the writer claims to reveal? That Spencer has no followers.

I think they said pretty much the same about Donald Trump a couple of years ago.

But even if Spencer has no followers, so what? Jesus had 12 and look what happened.

When they can’t fight your logic with logic of their own, they smear you. The writing here is very clever, but it’s not intended to do anything other than fill up space.

White Nationalism is a grievance movement. Whites have honest grievances. It is also a movement with a positive vision–a white homeland. Being cut off from parasiting from us scares the hell out of the black and the left. When whites have their homeland, the left will be exposed as economically, politically, and morally bankrupt. It will be fun to watch blacks turn on them.

The Root

On Tuesday, Richard Spencer—who is the actual throw-up in the back of your mouth—visited Auburn University in Alabama to spew his white nationalist rhetoric. Following the donnybrook that happened in Berkeley, Calif., last week, every media outlet prepared for another showdown between his supposed legion of neofascists and students opposed to his nonsense. I even went to bear witness to the expected tumult.

After his appearance, headlines everywhere documented the thousands of protesters, the brief skirmishes and the First Amendment legal battle that paved the way for his speech. There is one thing they all failed to mention about the brouhaha that ensued:

No one really cared.

That’s right. The whole “celebrity founder of a nationwide ‘alt-right’ movement” narrative is a scam. Richard Spencer is simply an overhyped, racist, Kardashian-like curiosity. He is a media-driven drama queen starring in a reality show that no one cares to watch. He has very few fans and almost no devotees. Richard Spencer is a hoax.

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