White Teen with Mestizo Fiance Who Falsely Claimed 3 Blacks Gang Raped Her to be Sentenced


According to police, there’s still no understanding of why slut Breana Harmon appeared at a church, bloodied and partly nude, claiming that that three blacks gang raped her.

Maybe she’s just an attention whore?

Since the above photo was taken, she’s had a giant tattoo put on her arm. That’s never a good sign of mental stability.

Daily Mail

A North Texas woman will be sentenced on March 20 after pleading guilty to falsely claiming that three black men kidnapped and sexually assaulted her.

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Race-Mixing Coed Accused of Lying about Rape Claims Mental Illness


In previous posts about the shifting stories told by Nikki Yovino, the press has been quoted as saying that Nikki admitted to police that her group sex session with two Negroid football players was consensual, after filing a police report claiming that she was raped.

Her lawyer is doing what any good defense attorney is doing–trying to get his client off.

fox News

A former university student accused of lying about being raped by two university football players is seeking to have the charges against her dismissed.

The Connecticut Post reports former Sacred Heart University student Nikki Yovino filed an application in court Friday saying she’s suffering from a psychiatric disability.

The 19-year-old South Setauket, New York, native will undergo a psychological evaluation. A judge will decide whether she qualifies for a pretrial diversionary program. If she qualifies and completes that program she could have the charges dismissed.

Prosecutors say they’ll contest Yovino’s request. They previously offered her a plea deal with a two-year prison sentence.

Yovino accused two Sacred Heart football players of sexually assaulting her during an October party. The players said the sex was consensual. Police say Yovino later admitted making up the allegations.

Police allege Yovino lied because she was worried another student would lose romantic interest in her when it became known she had sex with the two players.

Her lawyer said last month she stood by her account that the two players from the university in Fairfield sexually assaulted her in a bathroom during an off-campus party.

The New York Post picks up the backstory that Fox omits.

Police said Yovino told them on Oct. 15 that she attended a Sacred Heart football club party and claimed two men took her into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her.

“I don’t want to be in here, I don’t want to do anything,” she claimed to have told the men. “My friends are waiting for me outside, let me go outside.”

Both men admitted having sex with Yovino, but claimed it was consensual. Witnesses also told police that it appeared the teen went into the bathroom willingly with the men.

“She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against (the football players) because it was the first thing that came to mind and she didn’t want to lose (another male student) as a friend and potential boyfriend,” according to the affidavit. “She stated that she believed when (the other male student) heard the allegation it would make him angry and sympathetic to her.”

There’s a good bit of writing on the Internet sympathetic to the Negroid football players. I don’t care about them. They need to be taught to keep their paws off white women.

But Yovino does deserve jail time and then shunning by the white community. She crossed the color line in a quickie group sex setting.
Actually, in the recent past that would have been enough to see her tarred and feathered and run out of town. Since that’s not politically correct anymore, let’s see her do hard prison time.

Beautiful White Girl Has Consensual Sex with Two Negro Footballers, Then Claims Rape to Gain Sympathy from Cucked Boyfriend

As a school party raged on, 18 year old Nikki Yovino allegedly invited two Negro football players at her school to go into a tiny, dirty bathroon and **** her brains out.

Negros, never ones to turn down white *****, eagerly complied with her request. I suppose we had a case of double penetration here.

After the sordid encounter things took an interesting turn, a turn that could put her sorry *** in prison for five years.

If the story you are about to read is true, then let Nikki Yovino start a new campus organization upon her release from prison. We can call it Black D*cks Matter.

CT Post

BRIDGEPORT — It was another harrowing case of an alleged rape occurring at an off-campus drinking party of underage college students.

In this instance, a teen claimed she was repeatedly raped by two Sacred Heart University football players in a tiny basement bathroom while the party raged on.

But months after the players were dismissed from the team and had withdrawn from the school 18-year-old Nikki Yovino confessed she had made the rape allegations up to gain the sympathy of a prospective boyfriend, police said.

On Wednesday, Yovino, of South Setauket, N.Y., was charged with second-degree false reporting of an incident and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

The tampering charge is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.

After surrendering to police here, Yovino was released after posting $150,000 bond. She is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court on March 3.

“She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against (the football players) because it was the first thing that came to mind and she didn’t want to lose (another male student) as a friend and potential boyfriend,” the police arrest warrant affidavit states. “She stated that she believed when (the other male student) heard the allegation, it would make him angry and sympathetic to her.”

Yovino’s lawyer, Mark Sherman, of Stamford, said he hadn’t seen the arrest warrant affidavit but continued, “My client denies the allegations and stands by her original story.”

In the arrest affidavit, Detective Walberto Cotto Jr. said that last October a university official told him both players had been academically suspended by SHU because of the sexual assault allegation.

Cotto also wrote in the affidavit that one of the players “lost a year of NCAA sports eligibility and his Division 1 NCAA football scholarship.” A source with knowledge of investigation told Hearst Connecticut Media that the other player also lost his scholarship.
Sacred Heart University disputed some of those assertions.

“The federal Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act prevents us from providing information about specific students. However, I can say that some of the early information that was released is inaccurate,” SHU communications director Deb Noack said in the statement. “Sacred Heart never expelled the two students nor was any student stripped of scholarships because of any allegations.

“Whenever there is any kind of incident at Sacred Heart University, we go to great lengths to ensure due process for all parties involved,” Noack said. “The way that this particular case is playing out certainly demonstrates the validity of our procedures.”

The names of the two students, one of whom has since returned to SHU, are being withheld by Hearst Connecticut Media. The lawyer for one of the students said his client does not want to comment on Yovino’s arrest and wants to put the incident behind him.

According to the arrest affidavit, when police Detective Walberto Cotto Jr. pressed Yovino about inconsistencies in her original statement, she admitted she had made up the allegations against the two young men in the hope of gaining sympathy from a prospective boyfriend.

On Oct. 15, police were dispatched to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for a sexual assault complaint. Police said Yovino told them she had attended a Sacred Heart football club party the night before at a house at Lakeside Drive here.

Police said the girl claimed the two men pulled her into a bathroom in the basement of the house.

“I don’t want to be in here, I don’t want to do anything. My friends are waiting for me outside, let me go outside,” police said she claims she told the men.

Police said Yovino told them they held her down and each took a turn sexually assaulting her.

Police said both men admitted having sex with Yovino in the bathroom, but said it was consensual. Both students agreed to withdraw from the university after they were stripped of their scholarships and as they were about to go before a disciplinary hearing.

Cotto later questioned Yovino again after others students told them it appeared Yovino had gone willingly into the bathroom with the men. One student said he had overheard Yovino telling the men she wanted to have sex with them, the affidavit said.

So, tell me this: How is a decent young white man supposed to find a good wife and start a family in this sick, sick, sick American culture?

Burn the coal, pay the toll. Another mudshark coming to a bad end. I just hope no white male is stupid enough to marry her.

Exposed: Trump Rape Accuser Made It All Up


Katie Johnson’s demonstrably false rape accusation doesn’t do anything to help women who were really raped. It does, along with numerous other high profile cases, show that the hatred of men by some women will cause them to make false rape claims.

Trump should file a lawsuit against this woman to teach her and other women who make false rape claims that you can’t do that.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The woman who alleged that Donald Trump raped her at age 13 at one of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘sex parties’ fabricated the story, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively.

When the civil suit was initially filed last April, Trump’s legal team branded the allegations ‘disgusting at the highest level’ and a ‘hoax’ clearly framed to ‘solicit media attention or, perhaps… simply politically motivated’.

Clinton supporters had seized on the story as a possible knock out blow.

Then, last Wednesday, Katie Johnson suddenly cancelled a packed press conference at which she was set to reveal herself for the first time, saying she was ‘too afraid’ following a series of ‘threats’ against her.

On Friday, six months after legal papers were filed, the civil lawsuit was dramatically dropped.

Social media erupted with claims that the woman had been paid off by Trump or was so terrified by threats to her life from Trump supporters that she was forced to withdraw her claims.

But DailyMail.com has learned that the real reason the suit was dropped is because the claims were simply NOT true.

The woman first sued Trump and Jeffrey Epstein under the name Katie Johnson – a name we know not to be her real identity – on April 26 in California federal court and filed an amended complaint in New York federal court in October, claiming she was subject to rape, criminal sexual acts, assault, battery and false imprisonment.

The court papers offered no corroborative evidence that her claims were true.


News that the allegations were dropped dismayed Hillary supporters who had hoped the claims would be the knock out blow for Trump’s election campaign – already rocked in recent weeks by a string of sex assault claims.

Thousands of loyal Hillary followers had opened a discussion about the rape claims on Twitter and other social media networks hoping to damage Trump’s push for the White House.

The Huffington Post jumped on the bandwagon of anti-Trump sentiment after she made her claims, asking: ‘Donald Trump Is Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old. Why Haven’t The Media Covered It?’

The rest of the article goes on to discuss the woman’s troubled history.

Would it surprise anyone if ultimately she’s tied to the DNC and/or Hillary Clinton?


This Powerful Ann Coulter Column Exposes Media Hypocrisy About Sex (It’s only bad if Trump does it.)

pussy grab

Ann Coulter predicts that the media and the Clinton campaign will be encouraging women to bring false sexual harassment and rape claims against Donald Trump. Anita Hill is the woman who allegedly made false claims against Clarence Thomas during his confirmation hearing to become a Supreme Court Justice.

Excerpt from Ann Coulter

October 12, 2016

*Please note graphic language throughout the column.*

Donald Trump is the only hope to save America, so the media have gone to war to stop him.

They don’t care about being exposed as lying, hypocritical swine — I’d describe them more fully, but it would require locker room talk. They’ll win the public back later. Right now, all that matters is stopping Trump.

The same media that are pretending to consider the use of a bad word equivalent to rape don’t give a fig about real rape, real sexual assault, real whoring, even real homicide, depending on who did it.

JFK was an STD-infected drug addict who cavorted with whores at the White House, but the media ferociously hid all this from the public, publishing fairy-tale versions of his presidency as “Camelot.”

And what happened to the 11-year rule? Trump said the word “p*ssy” 11 years ago, in a secretly recorded conversation. Eleven years before Sen. Teddy Kennedy ran for president, he killed a girl — but he ran, not only without apology, but, indeed, as the Conscience of the Democratic Party.

Throughout 2009, good, decent Americans who happened to oppose Obamacare were called the name of a gay sex act hundreds of times on TV — and that was just on MSNBC. CNN’s Anderson Cooper made the reference explicit when he giggled, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.”

Among the people using this sexual slur were distinguished members of Congress such as U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Barney Frank. Were they fit to hold office?

Going way, way, way back to a few weeks ago, the same media gasping in horror at “p*ssy” sure didn’t mind my being called a c*nt repeatedly on a Comedy Central broadcast. And when I say “didn’t mind,” I mean they thought it was awesome.

But saying “p*ssy” 11 years ago is over the line.

Cut the crap, media.

Perhaps realizing their Victorian virgin act wasn’t cutting it, the media turned to their Pretend We Don’t Understand English method of argument, and claimed that Trump was confessing to having committed a “sexual assault”!

Trump said: “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do any of that. (Laughter.)” Journalists turned this into “sexual assault” by being literal on the “grab” part, non-figurative on the “you” part — and on the “they let you do it” part? Stone, cold deaf.

If “they let you do it,” it’s not an assault.

Like most of Trump’s bragging, his loutish boast was not intended to be taken seriously, nor was it. Far from whipping out his pencil and carefully taking notes, “Access Hollywood”‘s Billy Bush laughed. The gist of what Trump was saying is that — hold onto your hats! — women like to sleep with celebrities! I don’t know if you’ve heard that before.

At least we’re back to the media pretending to care about sexual assault — until further notice.

This is the same media that ran interference for an actual sexual predator in the White House, ignoring Bill Clinton’s serial pants-dropping, groping and raping for nearly a decade, while gleefully vilifying his accusers, and would have been happy to continue if Bill Richardson had become president. Clinton talking about p*ssy was one of his more dignified moments, proudly attested to by his friend Vernon Jordan in a nationally broadcast interview with Mike Wallace.

Poor Billy Bush has to be fired from NBC’s “Today” show so the media can pretend that Trump’s using bawdy language is a very, very serious offense.

Meanwhile, Billy’s ex-president uncle and cousin openly fraternize with the rapist. The second President Bush calls Bill Clinton his “brother from another mother” and praises Clinton’s “character” — something even Clinton’s defenders never did with a straight face.

Now the networks are holding casting calls for some loon willing to falsely accuse Trump of sexual assault, so they can hype it like the Duke lacrosse case, Mattress Girl and Rolling Stone’s fraternity rape. Unfortunately — for us, fortunately for the media — by the time the truth comes out, the election will be over.

Britain: 20-Year-Old Woman ADMITS Making False Rape Accusations Against Two Soldiers

nicole richess

I’ve recently written about one of my students at the university who sought out group sex, but only with men in uniform. Now, here’s a criminal case against a young British woman who falsely claimed two soldiers had attempted to rape her when her boyfriend questioned her about what had been going on. The fair sex sure does like a man in uniform.

Women like Nicole Richess make it more difficult for real rape victims to be believed. Thus, not only is she no friend of men, she’s also no friend of women. Not to mention that she’s now branded a liar, a stigma that won’t easily go away.

I have no idea if this loon has an interest in finding a husband, but I think she can safely rule that idea out too.

Group sex with strangers? Just what every man wants in a …er…wife.

Bournemouth Echo

A BOURNEMOUTH woman has admitted making a false allegation of attempted rape against two soldiers.

Nicole Richess, 20, was due to stand trial at Bournemouth Crown Court yesterday on one count of perverting the course of justice, but changed her plea to guilty that afternoon.

The court heard Richess had met the two soldiers, now aged 23 and 24, on a night out in November 2012. At the time she was 18 years old.

She alleged the pair attempted to rape her, but when questioned by police the soldiers said they had gone to her home and had consensual sexual intercourse.

Representing Richess, Isabelle Gillard said rumours had circulated after the incident and her client’s then-boyfriend of three years had asked her about what happened. She told him the false tale and he advised her to report it to the police.

“He says he put some pressure on her to tell the police,” she said.

“When he raised with her what had happened, what the rumours were, she said he hadn’t had sexual intercourse with the soldiers.

“What had happened was not something she had consented to.”

Prosecutor Fern Russell said there had been a considerable impact on the two soldiers who had seen their careers interrupted through Army disciplinary proceedings.

Speaking to the Daily Echo after her conviction, the victims, who are now based in Germany and wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, said they were very relieved not to have to go through a trial.

“I have never been so scared in my life, this could have ruined not just my life but that of my family, my friends, my colleagues,” said one.

“It is a big weight off our shoulders today.”

The other said: “There is a stigma attached to you the whole time, but it feels like it is all done now. Hopefully she will get what she deserves.”

The pair said the Army had supported them through the two-year process of the case.

Richess, of Helyar Road, was released on unconditional bail to return to court for sentencing on March 26. She was told a custodial sentence would be considered.

Obama’s Endorsement of False Rape Charges and the Demonization of the White Male on Campus


By now, everyone has heard of the false rape accusation at UVA, the Duke Lacrosse team false rape accusation, and Lena Dunham’s false rape accusation against a white conservative, Republican male.

The excerpt below shows how universities encourage these false accusations (but only against white males), and deny the accused male due process.

This issue is important to me because I was falsely accused of rape (including raping children) by a vile lesbian, Mexican, antiwhite administrator and then fired from a job I held for 30 years with a clean record.

In my case the story is long and complex, but in regard to this aspect of it, I had described six different female students and employees on campus as “attractive.” That’s the exact word I used. I never said anything about having sex with any of them. In fact, some of them I had simply seen around and thought they were attractive.

That was too much for feminists. It was taken as proof that surely I had raped someone. The administration sent the police to interview them, as far as I can tell. I was never told for sure what the police did. But I think the police were sent out to “encourage” them to file false rape accusations. No one did. No one ever actually said, “He raped me.”

Instead, the university claimed that finding females in their late teens through their 30s attractive meant that surely I had raped someone. They just couldn’t say who I had raped. LOL.

By the way, I was replaced by a lesbian Mexican who was undoubtedly recruited to be the sex partner of the lesbian Mexican administrator who made this sh*t up. My replacement didn’t take over my old office.


I was accused of raping I didn't know and had never met because I had said one time that I thought she was "attractive."  This woman says a man can rape a woman without touching her.  It's a common attitude among administrators on campus today.

I was accused of raping women I didn’t know and had never met because I had said one time that I thought she was “attractive.” This woman says a man can rape a woman without touching her. It’s a common attitude among administrators on campus today.

Lew Rockwell

…President Obama, the U.S. Department of Education and almost all of the American media, along with college officials, want us to embrace the false notion that women on U.S. college and university campuses are raped at the same rate as women in the Congo and that the experiences are identical. To put it another way, Barack Obama wants us to believe that the campus is one of the most dangerous places for women in the entire world and certainly in the United States.

In a speech last September calling attention to his administration’s initiatives to deal with what the president claims is a serious problem, Barack Obama declared: “An estimated one in five women has been sexually assaulted during her college years—one in five.” Others (including the president of the university where I teach) have used a one-in-four standard when making public statements, thus saying the rate of forcible rape on college campuses equals that of the Congo.

College campuses today tend to be hotbeds of this-and-that radicalism, but there have been no louder voices than those of the feminists, and especially the “anti-rape” advocates, and they have been able to partner not only with the government, but also the media. About the time Obama was equating American higher education institutions with the actions of drunken and brutal soldiers in Africa, Time Magazine was trumpeting the same thing in a cover story:

The college town of Missoula, Montana, saw at least 80 reported rapes over three years, earning it the name “America’s Rape Capital.” But the nickname has it wrong. Missoula isn’t special; it is fairly average

Practically overnight, Missoula went from being the home of one of the nation’s most respected public universities to a place where young women were victimized in horrible, violent attacks—or, as news coverage began describing it, “America’s rape capital.”

The nickname, however, has it wrong. Calling Missoula the rape capital is as misleading as it is ugly. The University of Montana isn’t a bizarre sexual-assault outlier in higher education. Instead, it is fairly average. The truth is, for young women, particularly those who are 18 or 19 years old, just beginning their college experience, America’s campuses are hazardous places. Recent research shows that 1 in 5 women is the victim of an attempted or completed sexual assault during college.

In reading Time or listening to other journalists, activists, and college officials, one would think that women are being attacked on campus, dragged off into the bushes, and raped. That is not the case, however. The so-called rape epidemic in higher education comes about in social situations and in the aftermath of parties where there is likely to be a lot of alcohol consumption. But, as Emily Yoffe points out in her thoughtful piece on the current hysteria, there also are the new dormitory arrangements in which men and women life on the same floors.

One case involved two students at the University of Michigan who lived on the same floor. Yoffe recounts how a female student (called CB) climbed into bed with one of the males, Drew Sterrett:

They talked quietly, started kissing, and then things escalated, as they often do when two teenagers are in bed together. When it became clear they were going to have intercourse, CB asked Sterrett about a condom, and he retrieved one from a drawer. Their sex became so loud and went on for so long that Sterrett’s roommate, unable to sleep in the upper bunk, sent Sterrett a Facebook message around 3 a.m.: “Dude, you and [CB] are being abnoxtiously [sic] loud and inconsiderate, so expect to pay back in full tomorrow …”

Both Sterrett and CB agreed to keep the tryst quiet and there were no more such incidents the rest of the school year, but the two seemingly remained friends. That summer, however, CB’s mother found her daughter’s diary and was shocked by some things that she read, and she prevailed upon CB to have Sterrett charged with rape. Michigan officials conducted what only can be seen as a kangaroo court, complete with a report that claimed Sterrett’s roommate had slept through the entire thing and, thus, could not be in a situation to claim that the sex was consensual. Sterrett was kicked out of Michigan and now has not been able to enroll elsewhere because the university has branded him a “rapist.”

Yoffe’s account provides an excellent window into the kind of Alice-in-Wonderland atmosphere that the Obama administration has demanded be created on the college campus. Beginning with the “Dear Colleague” letter sent in 2011 from the Office for Civil Rights of the DOE to all colleges and universities receiving any form of federal assistance (which means almost all higher educations institutions), the government mandated that institutions employ procedures in complaints about sexual assault that essentially did away with any due process for the accused. Any college or university that failed to meet the new “standards” stood to lose its federal money.

false rape accusation virgin