White Woman Under Fire for Calling Police on Niglet Who Dindu Nuffins

Calling the police is rarely race-related.

Where I live, white people ignore Mexicans in their neighborhoods 99.9 percent of the time because Mexicans are there working.

Almost no one has made a hobby of calling the police for fun either. Who wants to get involved in talking to cops? No one I’ve ever met.

When people call the police, it’s because they’ve observed some suspicious activity.

A niglet is being called a victim of white racism, the worst thing in the world, even though he admits he was acting suspiciously.

So far, the presumably white woman who called the police to report the suspicious activity hasn’t been doxed, but the left is probably trying really hard to get her name and photo on social media so they can destroy her life.

San Diego Union Tribune

A fledgling paperboy working alongside his mother in suburban Columbus, Ohio, came face-to-face with a cop after a neighbor thought he was up to no good.

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Whataburger Teen Whose MAGA Hat was Stolen Reported to be Hard Core Nazi Racist Who Wants All Blacks, Jews, and Mexicans DEAD


The left and their dumb dark followers believe that it’s OK to assault someone who’s a racist.

Anyone wearing Donald Trump merchandise fits the profile.

The press, in an effort to excuse their darkie destroyer of hats, began publishing stories that the white lad is a racist. The only thing is that local station KENS TV pulled the accusations from their website, citing doubts about the truthfulness of the alleged witness.

However, the national New York Post still has its smear job up without any updates or corrections.

New York Post

An attack on a teenage Trump supporter that was caught in a viral video may have been motivated by vile racial slurs, a report said Friday.

NY Post writer Natalie O’Neill wrote this garbage. That’s her below:

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Defiant Trump Allegedly Refuses Mayor’s Request to Lower Flags for Newspaper Shooting Victims

Trump has called the press the enemy of the people.

You don’t honor the people’s enemy. At best you forgive them.

As we reported, one of these so-called journalists even falsely claimed the newspaper shooter was wearing a MAGA hat.

The five dead Annapolis journalists weren’t killed for political reasons. They are dead because of a personal vendetta. If Trump lowered the flag for them, then he’s have to do the same for every other murder victim.

Washington Times

President Trump reportedly refused the mayor of Annapolis’s request to lower U.S. flags to mark the fatal shooting of five workers at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Maryland’s capital last week.

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Reporter Who Falsely Claimed Newspaper Shooter Wore MAGA Hat Resigns

In general, I don’t believe anyone should ever be fired for any social media post that is merely offensive to some, but not threatening.

However, reporters should be held to a different standard when on company time and reporting the news. .

Conor Berry was right to resign for his despicable misleading Tweet.

Daily Caller

A reporter at a Massachusetts-based newspaper resigned Friday after falsely claiming in a tweet Thursday that the man who killed five employees at the Capital Gazzete newspaper left a “Make America Great Again” hat at the crime scene.


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I was “locked out” of Twitter on Friday because …

… I don’t why.

Twitter doesn’t tell you why they lock you out.

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Paypal and Venmo Ban Milo as He Threatens to Sue the NY Observer Over Claims He Advocated the Murder of Journalists

There is zero evidence that anything Milo Yiannopoulos has ever said or done motivated Jarrod Ramos to open fire at the offices of the Capital Gazette newspaper, killing five people.

However, a private reply to two journalists that they took public has created more rage directed at the self-described “dangerous faggot.” What Milo wrote when they contacted him was: ‘I can’t wait for vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.’

What is happening now is an effort to permanently silence the conservative who dares to say outrageous things. Neither his faggotry nor his love of naggers (he’s married to one) matter to the left. The only thing that matters is that he’s vulnerable to being driven out of the marketplace of ideas.

Venmo is apparently similar to Paypal, allowing Milo to raise money.

Daily Mail

Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos had cheered the idea of journalists being murdered just days before a gunman shot dead five people at Maryland’s Capital Gazette newspaper.

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Lying Leftist Social Media: Jarrod Ramos is Portuguese

“non-Hispanic white”


I’m seeing that the name Ramos is Portuguese on social media. Many local Mexicans in south Texas are named Ramos, as are many Puerto Ricans.


Falsely claiming that white males commit crimes committed by other races is soft white genocide.