Weird Ugly Jew Ticket Scalper Claims No Demand for Trump Inauguration Tickets

I looked up Yossi Rosenberg, pictured above, after reading his claim that no one wants to buy tickets to the Donald’s inauguration.

He’s an attention whore, famous for trying to get a date via unconventional means. Attention whore is actually being pretty kind. He’s somewhere close to being clinically insane. That hat he’s wearing represents his idea of how to get a date with a woman.

This story is another example of the media’s fake news intended to delegitimize the Trump presidency.

Excerpt from

HE THOUGHT it would be an easy money spinner.
But Yossi Rosenberg appears to have made the wrong call when he forked out $937 ($US700) for two tickets to Donald Trump’s inauguration, in the hopes of making a profit.

The New Yorker, who is a Democrat, has resigned himself to the possibility of attending the event himself — although he admits that he, like a long list of VIPs who have boycotted the event, has “no desire to go”.

Mr Rosenberg bought tickets to the Washington DC event, which is on Friday, from a woman on Craigslist and thought he could double his money based on initial interest.

“I put out feelers on Thursday and said I had tickets even though I didn’t, and I got two people saying they would buy them for double,” he told

“But by the time I picked them up, the people who were interested in purchasing tickets, their deals fell through.”

Although they were handed out by congressional offices for free, only a limited number of tickets were issued and some offices used a lottery system to assign tickets.

Tickets for prime positions were reportedly listed for sale online last month for as much as $19,681 ($US14,700), but demand for the tickets has dropped.

Mr Rosenberg hasn’t been able to find a buyer despite posting to “all the Donald Trump groups on Facebook” and making a video that was shared more than 2000 times.

Fake News: Jew College Student Threatens to Cut Off Penis if Trump Builds Wall

trump wall drones

The story featured in this post is on at least half a dozen so-called alt-right and/or conservative news sites. I find ZERO independent confirmation for it. It is my opinion that the story is fake, made up by sites looking for clicks.

There’s 400 plus comments at the source site. I suspect those are fake too.

This nonsense is either someone’s idea of a joke, or more likely an effort to harm Trump’s support by making us look foolish for falling for a stupid story.

In a bizarre form of protest, University of California freshman Seth Greenberg has promised to publicly remove his penis (he did not specify the method of removal) if Donald Trump begins project work on the US Mexican border wall.

“I’m so confident that Trump is full of shit, that I will cut my dick off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” stated Greenberg in an on the street interview, where he was simultaneously protesting prayer in public school.

When pressed about the validity of his claim, Greenberg promised that “I will really do this. I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

Yournewswire and Everyjoe are among the other sites running this story. Yournewswire even published a picture of a Jewish looking youth to go with the story.

I did find a Jewish gentleman named Seth Greenberg, but he’s in his 50s, not a UC freshman.

With the news that Mike Enoch, one of the leaders of the alt-right, has a Jewish wife, we have to be careful about our sources. I generally use only large news organizations for my sources and then frame an opinion-based narrative around a story. You can then add to or disagree with the my narrative.

We wuz kangs: Shakespeare was a Negress

Even Snopes calls this one false.

Given all the black geniuses that allegedly existed in the past, the question of why so many of them are retards today needs to be raised.

Maybe they were never geniuses? Just a thought.

Facebook Hate A Problem for (((Mark Zuckerberg)))

I’m lost.

Other than Walmart, the list of the 12 most hated companies in America is comprised of companies I don’t do business with.

People with no common sense may think that Facebook is great because it’s free, as if Jews like Zuck are philanthropists. The bigger fools they.

New York Post

Mark Zuckerberg will be grappling with a growing problem in 2017: Facebook hate.

The social-networking giant has landed on a list of “America’s Most Hated Companies,” with users hacked off over its handling of everything from fake news to privacy concerns.

“Facebook has been a boon for shareholders, financial news blog 24/7 Wall St. noted as it published its ignominious list. “However, not everyone is pleased with the social media platform.”

Facebook’s name ended up in sixth place behind Comcast, Bank of America, Mylan, McDonald’s and Wells Fargo.

Trailing Facebook on the miserable list of 12 were the slightly less-hated Spirit Airlines, Dish Network, Sears, Sprint, Walmart and Charter Communications.

“In recent years, [Facebook] has drawn significant criticism over its privacy policies and the mass data collection of its users,” 24/7 Wall St. said.

“According the company’s statements, Facebook collects data on nearly anything it can, including who its users communicate with, users’ financial transactions, and the types of devices users are connecting with.”

More recently, Facebook has faced “sharp criticism for not doing enough to curb the spread of fake news leading up to the US presidential election,” the blog said.

Zuckerberg — who, according to recent disclosures has harbored aspirations for public service — was forced to react to complaints over fake news after initially dismissing them as “crazy.”

His decision to hire left-leaning sites to do the job, however, has drawn the ire of conservatives.

It always seemed to me that if the Deep State tried as hard as possible it could not come up with a much better spying tool than Facebook.

This site doesn’t get many visitors directly from Facebook. But if it did, the “fake news” tag might get put on the site. For one thing, I’m going to tag this story with the words “kike” and “yid” to increase it’s visibility on search engines. That would probably get the site flagged by Facebooks’ censors.

Just as Gab offers an alternative to the PC Twitter, so Russia’s VK offers an alternative to Fakebook. According to Wikipedia, V K is the fourth most popular website in the world. Sounds good.

Buzzfeed Publishes Staff Note Re Golden Showers Story: Anticipating Trump Lawsuit?

Haha. Libturds have been made to look like fools up and down the line. This evening is almost as good as election night.

Sourced from Reddit’s the Donald subreddit.

Breaking: 4 Chan Trolls Planted Fake Trump Golden Showers Story to Utterly Destroy Trump Haters in Media and CIA (#fakenews)



All the intense warfare taking place tonight between liberal sh*ts and the alt-right community of Trump supporters is being fought on Twitter and 4 Chan.

The mainstream press is hours behind, as liberals fell for a prank perpetrated on one Rick Wilson, a libtardass who hates Donald Trump.

The evidence is in the Tweet below:

Get it? 4 Chan trolls made up a ridiculous story about Trump in October I believe, fed it to Trump hater Rick Wilson who ran with it, and who then turned it over to the CIA, which included it as evidence that Trump was controlled by the Russians.

Microchip weighed in before his next suspension from Twitter celebrating how the CIA and several Trump haters have been made to look like fools:

As folks with common sense are noting, if the CIA can be successfully trolled by 4 chan “Nazi” types, then the CIA needs to be totally dismantled and rebuilt from scratch.

Link to relevant 4 chan thread

You can’t stump the Trump.

smiling pepe the frog

These latest Tweets from Trump show that he hasn’t been informed yet that the cat is out of the bag. He’s still playing defense. After he learns the real story, he should follow Microchip’s advice and sue the hell out of buzzfeed.

FBI Refuses to Say if It’s Investigating Trump’s Golden Showers Blackmail by Russia



Sputnik News

FBI director James Comey raised the specter of a new political scandal in Washington DC after refusing to answer a question from Oregon Senator Ron Wyden on whether the President-elect is under investigation over reports of his ‘Russian ties.’

During a Senate hearing on alleged ‘Russian hacking’ of the recent US election, the Oregon Democrat brought up media reports claiming that the incoming Trump administration has extensive ties with Moscow, and directly addressed the FBI director. “My question for you, Mr. Comey, is, has the FBI investigated these reported relationships, and if so, what are the FBI’s findings?” Wyden said sternly at the beginning of the exchange. “I would never comment on investigations, whether we have one or not, in an open forum. So I can’t really answer it one way or another,” Comey responded shortly. Wyden seemed unfazed that Comey dodged the question and quickly moved on to the next line of inquiry. “Will you provide an unclassified response to these questions and release it to the American people prior to January 20?” the senator said. “I’m sorry, will I?” a shaken Director Comey said, requesting clarification of the question. Upon elaboration of the question, Comey provided no color of the situation. “The answer will be the same as I just gave you, I can’t talk about it.” With the same persistence and determination displayed during the 2013 hearing, Wyden pressed on. “I think the American people have a right to know this,” he said at a noticeably elevated volume. “If there is delay in declassifying this information and releasing it to the American people and it doesn’t happen by January 20, I’m not sure it’s going to happen.”

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