Obama Classmate Identifies Lying Obama as Foreign Faggot Who Butt Banged Old White Dudes for Cocaine

Pastor David Manning gets the goods on Obama, who was a “pathological liar” even in high school according to his classmate in the video.

Let’s not ever forget how stupid Americans were for voting this piece of sh*t into the White House.

5 stars out of 5 stars!

From the youtube information box:

Published on Nov 6, 2013

Mia Marie Pope, who was a high school friend of Barack Obama (aka Barry Soetoro) in Hawaii during the 1970s, says that Obama identified himself as a foreigner in high school and was known as a crack-smoking homosexual.

Media and Government Silent as Muslim Bakeries in Michigan Refuse to Make Cake for Sodomite Wedding (Video)

A hidden camera captures Muzzies practicing their religious beliefs, a privilege denied Christians in America.

Let the ACLU explain why they won’t represent the sodomites wanting their cake.

Fags, Trannies, Feminists, Blacks, Muds Unite in Hatred of Trump at Giant North Carolina “MORAL MARCH”


RALEIGH, N.C. — Thousands of people attended an annual civil rights march Saturday in Raleigh that in recent years has focused on fighting the conservative-leaning agenda in North Carolina state government.

But Saturday’s 11th annual “Moral March on Raleigh” led by the state NAACP included speakers focused on opposition to actions by President Donald Trump, particularly on immigration. Other rallies held in Raleigh this year have been critical of Trump.

“There’s too much going on in the world to keep staying silent,” Tiffany Newkirk said.

Many said the current political climate — arguably one of the most contentious in recent history — is what drove them to come out and speak up.

“I’m here today just because silence is being content with the status quo,” Erin Newkirk said. “All my life I’ve kind of been reserved and shy. And introverts are out.”

Saturday’s protesters planned to push for the repeal of House Bill 2, which limits LGBT rights and which bathrooms transgender people can use. Other topics included opposition to gerrymandering in redistricting and to the repeal of former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul as well as how they feel about the current administration.

The march began near Raleigh’s Memorial Auditorium and ended near the old Capitol Building.

No, NAACP, not the New South, but the New Left. You nogs are being used to advance the interests of everyone but yourselves. The (((powers that be))) have already relegated you to the bottom of the totem pole, after LGBT, Mexicans, and Muslims. Wake up, dummies.

Now let’s see some Twitter truth about the Moral March (good propagandizing with the name, which should be called the Immoral March):

We are all Nazis Now


The lunatic left isn’t just calling everyone who disagrees with its insane lies by the smear word “Nazi,” but is also successfully assaulting people and destroying property, without any arrests being made by police.

Meanwhile, the incitement to assassinate President Trump has come from a significant number of very visible people in Hollywood and elsewhere.

Where will it end? When the president employs the weapons at his disposal to stop it. And when the white man says ENOUGH.

Excerpt from Takimag.com

I guess calling everyone a “racist” doesn’t work anymore. If it did, Trump would have lost.

As a result, we are all Nazis now.

Milo Yiannapoulos is a gay Jew who can’t seem to go more than five minutes without mentioning that he loves sucking black cock. He has openly and repeatedly disavowed white nationalism, especially the “14/88” crowd.

Doesn’t matter. Posters preceding his recent appearance in Denver tagged him as a “Nazi” and encouraged punching him.

When he attempted to speak last week at UC Berkeley—which abandoned any pretense of supporting free speech long ago—a violent riot erupted, and authorities canceled the speech. Fires were set, windows were smashed, a female Trump supporter was maced while doing a TV interview, and Trump supporters were beaten unconscious in the streets. There was a million dollars in property damage yet only one arrest—for misdemeanor failure to disperse rather than, you know, felony assault or felony rioting.

While condemning the riots, California’s Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom smeared Milo as a “white supremacist.”

As of February 3, at least 12,000 calls to assassinate Trump had been logged on Twitter. So far, the Secret Service has visited a grand total of two people over the threats. London Times columnist India Knight has openly called for Trump’s assassination. So has Ted Kornblum, CEO of a guitar amplifier company. Last week an Irish magazine called Village featured a cover with crosshairs focused on Trump’s temple and the headline “Why Not.” Rapper Big Sean recently cut a track where he talks of murdering Donald Trump with an icepick. The publisher of Germany’s Die Zeit suggested “Murder in the White House; as an effective method of taking out Trump. CNN produced a fantasy video where Trump gets assassinated.

There is a peculiar sadism at the very root of the leftist mindset, one made all the more foul because it’s buried underneath a fraudulent veneer of compassion and tolerance. There has been next to zero violence coming from the right, but leftists are justifying all their mob violence by saying Nazis want to exterminate everyone, so they’re just preemptively preventing another genocide. That’s a transparently false excuse, and they’d be hard-pressed to point to a single person they’ve attacked who advocates violence, but I realized only a few years ago that truth and facts simply do not matter to these cultists. But when it comes to violence, they should be very careful what they ask for.

There are laws against rioting. There are RICO laws. There are laws against assault. There are laws against destroying property. There are laws against blocking someone’s forward progress. There are laws against sedition and domestic terrorism. I hope the Trump Administration bulldozes these assholes with those laws. He even suggested defunding UC Berkeley, which currently milks federal funds for more than half of their revenue.

In contrast to Berkeley’s “stand down” orders to police during the riots, 231 people were charged with felony rioting in DC on Inauguration Day. If found guilty, I would like to see these “black bloc” assholes put away, where they’ll be forced to deal with a “black bloc” who hates their guts merely for their skin color. I would love to be a fly on the wall when a scrawny rich white “anarchist” inmate tries explaining to his cellmate, a member of the Black Guerrilla Family, about how he empathizes with his cause and has been fighting racism all his life.

Is Super Bowl Quarterback Tom Brady a Tranny?


The New York Daily News has a snarky article on Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady. Since it’s devoid of much in the way of information, there’s no need to quote it. It basically says it’s OK for men to kiss other men on the lips.

Although the article is stupid junk, it dovetails into an interesting video I saw last night that claims that Tom Brady and his wife are Illuminati trannies.

The video purports to show how to identify a tranny by looking carefully at the curvature of the body around the pelvic area. I’ve embedded it below. Not so much because I believe Brady is a tranny, but because of the theories regarding pelvic structure in males vs females.

I once knew a male-to-female tranny who told me that “her” boyfriend did not know he was having sex with someone born a man. Although I never saw her naked, in her fully clothed self she appeared to be a woman. “She” projected a very strong sexual interest in all men, including me. At today’s inclusive university, you meet all kinds. She apparently had her penis surgically converted into a vagina, although I never pursued that line of conversation. It’s rather distasteful.

Probably the most popular tranny in America today calls herself Ms. Blaire White. Here are several pictures of her/him. Lots of heterosexual males find her attractive. I’ve never paid much attention to her, but I believe she has a large following of males on youtube.

Here’s the Tom Brady video. Whether Brady is a tranny or not, there’s a goodly number of claims on the Internet regarding his alleged homosexuality. You might check out this 10 minute video with an open mind, if the subject of identifying trannies interests you.

For single males who are in the dating scene, you ought to think about this issue unless you want to find yourself in a romantic relationship with a male. Lots of guys have been fooled.

Muslim Gay Nightclub Shooter’s Widow Knew His Plans say Prosecutors

noor-salman mateen family

mirror cover orlando shooting pulse


OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – The widow of the gunman behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history knew he was planning an attack and concocted a cover story for him, federal prosecutors said in a California court on Wednesday.

Prosecutors revealed new details about their case against Noor Salman, 30, as they argued she should remain jailed on charges stemming from the June 2016 shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu did not immediately rule, instead ordering psychiatric and psychological tests for Salman.

Salman was arrested earlier this month in the San Francisco Bay Area on federal charges of obstructing justice and aiding her late husband, Omar Mateen, in his attempt to provide material support to a terrorist organization.

She admitted knowing Mateen left their house with a firearm and a backpack full of ammunition before the Pulse nightclub shooting, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Sweeney told a federal judge in Oakland.

Sweeney also said Salman devised a cover story, directing Mateen to tell his parents, if asked, that he was at dinner with a friend.

“Noor aided and abetted her husband and repeatedly lied to the government,” Sweeney said, calling her a “very calculating and callous person” who should be detained until her trial in Florida.

“Salman knew her husband was leaving to commit an attack and her actions contributed to the deaths of 49 people,” she added.

Sweeney also alleged Salman accompanied Mateen on “casing” trips to two other locations, including Downtown Disney in Orlando, in the days before the shooting.

The prosecutor said Mateen asked Salman whether she thought people would be more upset by an attack on Downtown Disney or a club. Sweeney did not say whether Salman answered or specify her role in those trips.

Defense attorney Charles Swift said Salman’s alleged admissions occurred after 18 hours in police custody, during which she was interrogated without a lawyer. Prosecutors have yet to provide written or recorded evidence of Salman’s alleged admissions, Swift noted.

“She’s alive and Omar Mateen is dead. So she’s the only person they can charge,” said Swift, describing Salman as a battered spouse who had learning disabilities in high school.

Salman’s attorneys want her released to her family, saying she poses no threat to the public and requires mental health services not available in jail. They said she was asleep at home with the couple’s 3-year-old son during the attack.

Ahh, the old battered wife excuse. Who could have seen that coming?

If Salman is found guilty and serves her sentence, which should be life with no parole, then deport her. Actually, Florida has the death penalty. She should get it.

White (Faggot?) Charged with Quebec Mosque Shooting as Police Claim Arrested Moroccan a “witness”


In nearly every Muslim country the Muzzies kill fags on sight. Yet somehow when these same bigoted fag-haters are imported into Western countries the media and politicians would have us believe they become tolerant and inclusive.

That’s doubtful. Look at the Muzzie who took out 50 fags at the Pulse night club in Orlando last year.

That said by way of introduction, the white college student charged with the Quebec City mosque attack last night looks like a sodomite to me. His name is Alexandre Bissonnette.

If I’m right, the press is going to conceal his sexual identity, calling him a Nazi or white supremacist, but the truth is, in my opinion, that he’s a fag getting some sweet fag revenge against an anti-fag mosque.

While I’m spinning a conspiracy theory, let’s go even further down he rabbit hole.

I suspect that the Moroccan who was also arrested last night is the sex partner of Bissonnette. I speculate that the Moroccan was disrespected for his faggotry, possibly kicked out of the Islamic Center. Then the white man decided to take action. The Moroccan, Mohamed Khadir, is now being called a witness. Strange. Last night he was a shooter, but today he’s a witness. Something stinks.

The story as reported by the DM is vague on motives and sexual orientations. Not much is known about Bissonnette with certainty. He’s being called a TRUMP SUPPORTER, but that’s not at all clear. Nothing is being reported about Khadir. Nothing at all. Strange again.

Daily Mail

White university student Alexandre Bissonnette has been named as the sole suspect accused of killing six men at a Quebec City mosque.

Bissonnette, 27, was arrested alongside Moroccan-Canadian Mohamed el Khadir on Sunday night after six men were slaughtered at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center during evening prayers.

On Monday afternoon, Sûreté du Québec, the local police force, confirmed one of the men was no longer facing charges.

A source later told Reuters police were looking at Bissonnette as a ‘lone wolf’.

The political sciences and anthropology student, who is from the affluent Quebec City suburb Cap Rouge, will appear in court sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

Six men aged between 39 and 60 were killed at the mosque and five remain in a critical condition in intensive care at the city’s Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus after the killings on Sunday night.

Twelve others had less serious injuries and another 39 escaped from the mosque unharmed. Among the victims is a government IT worker, the mosque’s concierge, a halal butcher who worked next door and a professor from the university where Bissonnette is enrolled.

El Khadir was picked up by police at the mosque but Bissonnette fled in his Mitsubishi and was arrested in nearby Ile d’Orleans around 20 minutes later after calling 911, Le Soleil reports. Police found two rifles and an AK-47 in the car.

Court clerk Isabelle Ferland earlier identified the pair as the two men arrested in connection with the shooting. Police are not seeking anyone else in connection with the attack which was is being treated as an act of terror.

A friend of the student’s told DailyMail.com that Bissonnette was pro-Donald Trump and that they had engaged in political arguments about him.

‘Based on the conversations that I had with him during the American presidential campaign, it’s true he is pro-Trump,’ the student, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

He added that he Bissonnette had ‘never demonstrated’ a diolent side.

‘Yes, he was conservative in the political sense but despite the profound differences between us, he never showed or suggested that political violence or terrorism was something he was capable of.’

Laval University’s rector said he would would assist authorities in any way he could but has not yet confirmed Bissonnette’s enrollment.

Neither he nor el Khadir was known to police before Sunday night’s atrocity.

Police searched Bissonnette’s home in Cap Rouge overnight. They were seen searching el Khadir’s apartment which is less than a kilometer from the mosque on Monday, TVA reports.

Heavy reports on the contents of Bissonnette’s Facebook page. There’s nothing there to suggest that my theory is correct, but “witness” Mohamed Khadir is also a student at the same university, for what that’s worth.

There are lots of contradictions in the official storyline that we are being fed today. Original reports said there were two or three shooters. Now there’s just one.

Reports say the masked shooters yelled “Allahu Akbar.” Is that something that Bissonnette would do? I don’t think so, although I could picture him yelling “Allahu akbar, motherf*ckers” or something similar.

Heavy has also put together a photo album of all the pictures of the suspect.

Until we hear more about the background and motivation for the mosque massacre, this is still a developing story. The political agenda of multiculturalism and “Whites are evil” should not get in the way of the truth, whatever it is.