Hoax? Racial Slurs on Negro Activist’s Truck Under Police Investigation


What white person spells “white pride” as “wite pride?”


When Hubert Roberts woke up Tuesday morning at his home in Clio, Mich., he was planning to follow his usual morning routine as a mentor in the community.

He was planning on taking two boys to get haircuts. But those plans abruptly ended when Roberts walked out of his house and the morning became “unbelievable.”

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Rabid Group of Leftard Women and Soy Boys Disrupt DHS Secretary’s MEXICAN Dinner

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kristjen Nielsen needed some security herself on Tuesday.

That’s when a group of unwashed, deranged “socialists” marched into the Mexican restaurant where she was eating and began chanting … crap. You can watch 10 minutes of the protest by activating the Facebook video below.

Lovely Kristjen was supporting the Mexican people by eating at one of their restaurants. How presumptuous of the socialist scum to disrupt a Latino’s business. Don’t those protesters claim to care about Mexicans!

CBS News

A group of protesters disrupted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner Tuesday evening at MXDC, a Mexican restaurant near the White House. The Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America claimed responsibility for the protest and wrote in a statement that they would not let Nielsen “dine in peace.”

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Viral Facebook Campaign Raises $3.5 Million Fast to Get Illegals Out of Detention Centers


Scroll down to the middle of this post to see two photos of the libtards who’ve had huge success with a Facebook fund raising effort that’s aimed at freeing illegal border jumpers, putting them on the streets of America, with their children (or somebody’s children) in tow.

The silicon valley types who are behind this nonsense want illegals and legals alike for their cheap labor. Silicon Valley does not have clean hands when it comes to the issues of immigration.

Mercury News

A Silicon Valley couple, horrified at the images of immigrant children being separated from their parents, are marshaling their vast connections in the tech community and beyond to raise $3.5 million — and counting — to “Reunite an immigrant parent with their child.”

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Police Dog Dan Recovering from Injuries Inflicted by Gang Member Hiding in Attic

K-9 Officer Dan is a rookie, having been introduced to the council in March of this year as began his job, as seen in the one minute video above.

Dan, a German Shepherd born in Hungary, has learned that the bad guys really are bad. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured as his help proved crucial in making the arrest of a wanted gang member hiding in an attic.

There’s a pleasant, funny surprise in this story. Keep reading.

The News Tribune

An attic floor gave way Wednesday as a gang member hiding in a Spanaway home was arrested and the handcuffed fugitive fell through the hole.

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Passing Dog Decides to Give Firefighters a Helping Hand (Video)

When firemen tried to pull down a tree with a rope, the tree proved uncooperative. Then a dog came along and decided to give them a helping hand.

The video offers 30 seconds of funny doggo behavior.

The dog looks like a boxer or pit bull.

The video went viral with 15 million views.

Jewish Princess Arrested on NJ Beach Goes on Media Tour Defending Herself


Emily speaks to a very sympathetic interviewer:

The comments seen at the source site say that Emily Weinman’s effort to convince the public that she’s not an entitled JAP have failed.

The police bodycam video clearly show her refusing to comply with lawful requests, followed by spitting and kicking when police tried to arrest her.

Let’s chalk up her media appearances as another example of Jewish chutzpah.

Excerpt from NJ.com

The 20-year-old woman who was punched in the head and wrestled to the ground by Wildwood police during a Memorial Day weekend arrest isn’t offering any apologies and says she suffered neck, back and emotional injuries.

The interview came a day after a prosecutor announced officers involved in the violent confrontation would not be charged.

Here’s the video that initially sparked outrage toward the police:

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Iceland Blasted by Retarded SJWs for “Aryan white power” World Cup Video

Although most Americans don’t follow the World Cup, race conscious white people who are proud to be white might want to make an exception and root for Iceland this year.


An official video promoting Iceland’s historic bid to win this year’s World Cup has been blasted for its white power imagery and for portraying the players as ‘inhuman’.

The video depicts Iceland’s squad as viking-type warriors in an animated illustration.

Here’s the so-called offensive video on Facebook:

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