Deputy Mayor Resigns After Describing Immigrants as “rabid, messy, mean racoons,” While Claiming Trump Would Exterminate Them


Never resign. Make them fire you.

Deputy Mayor Rick Blood of Mendham Township is one clever wordsmith, even if he was too quick to resign.

He avoided the usual taboo word, the N-word. He avoided the old nickname for Negros that we don’t hear much anymore–coons.

Raccoons still upset enough people that he threw in the towel though.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The deputy mayor of a New Jersey town has stepped down after a shocking Facebook post comparing illegal immigrants to ‘rabid, messy, mean raccoons’.

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Google and Facebook Conspire to Destroy Heterosexuality with New Dating Policy

Women want men to “chase” them to prove that they’re really interested and not just after a sexual encounter.

Thus, women will say “no” to an interesting male as enthusiastically as they’ll say no to a guy they don’t find attractive.

Google and Facebook have banned male persistence. This change has implications for race and sexual orientation.

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Negro Featured in Viral Facebook Child Porn Video Arrested


Alabamans, living in close proximity to the Negro, understood that without being kept in line, the Negro would devolve into what he’s become today, a feral race of lazy, shiftless, parasites multiplying at an alarming rate.

The story of the viral Facebook child porn video was widely reported. None of the stories identified the adult who was seen having sex with an underage minor as a black.

The media always tries to cover for these scumbags because it really doesn’t want white people thinking too deeply about just how depraved the Negroid race is.

CBS News

MILLBROOK, Ala. — Authorities in Alabama say a man wanted for a child porn video being shared around the world has been arrested.

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FBI Warns Against Watching Disgusting Pedophile Video Gone Viral on Facebook

The FBI warns it’s illegal to watch, much less to share.

That raises the interesting legal issue related to accidental viewing of a video on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. In general, we often don’t know for sure what’s coming up when we begin to watch a video.

People who accidentally watch an isolated child porn video should not be treated as a sexual deviant, placed on trial, and forced to register as a sex offender.

It’s easy to see how “politically incorrect” people could be set up by the Deep State under the current law.

Fox 5

The FBI and local enforcement agencies across the country have issued warnings about a disturbing video circulating on Facebook and other social media networks. The bottom line: sharing the video, and even viewing, is a crime.

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Trump’s Chief of Staff Kelly: Spic Teacher who Ripped Military Can “go to hell”



White House chief of staff John Kelly on Wednesday tore into a California high school teacher who derided military officials as “the lowest of our low.”

“I think the guy ought to go to hell,” Kelly said in response to the remarks during an interview on Fox News Radio. “I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.”

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Mystery Meat Woman NCO in Uniform Calls Out N*ggers in the Military in Viral Video

This isn’t going to go well for the woman in the short video, but the truth is that blacks bring their entitled mentality along with their incompetence into the American military.

Neither blacks nor women should be allowed in the military, except possibly as was the case during World War II when they had their own branches of the services.

Apes Send Chairs Flying During NJ Denny’s Brawl (Video)

The subhumans decided to destroy rather than continue eating.

Maybe it was time to pay the check?

A brief story about the “fun” had by the apes can be read here.