Did This Musloid Doctor Shot Dead by Cops in Rural Kentucky Inspire the Nearby Tennessee Wildfire Arsonists?



It’s 139 miles from Harlan, Kentucky to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Earlier this year, a Muslim doctor in Harlan was killed by police while trying to escape after being charged with planting explosive devices in the woods.

I sense that Sawaf’s schemes may have something to do with the arson in the nearby Great Smoky Mountains that burned up all-white Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

This story is dated August 12, 2016.


Man in custody killed trying to escape during officers’ search for explosives in woods

A man shot and killed during a confrontation with authorities Thursday night in Harlan County was previously accused of concealing explosives in trail cameras and putting them in the woods.

Mark Sawaf, 39, of Harlan had been indicted by a federal grand jury in July and was scheduled to go to trial on Sept. 13, according to court documents. He was ordered to remain in custody until trial and was indicted on eight charges, including owning and making unregistered destructive devices.

Lexington Fire Department investigator Capt. Brad Dobrzynski shot Sawaf during the altercation, which occurred after Sawaf tried to escape, state police said. ATF Special Agent Todd Tremaine and Lt. Matt Greathouse of the Lexington Police Department hazardous devices unit were also involved in the altercation that broke out on a hill above Woodland Hills subdivision about 6:50 p.m.

ATF had received information that Sawaf had placed more explosives in the woods and had gone with him to find them, Kentucky State Police Trooper Shane Jacobs said Friday. ATF asked Lexington police and fire officials for help because of “an expanded area” that needed to be searched and the scale of the operation, state police said. The state police hazardous devices unit was also asked to assist.

Sawaf died at the scene, according to state police and the Harlan County coroner’s office.

The group had found several trail cameras in the woods before the shooting, and bomb technicians searched the area Friday for more explosives, Jacobs said. Trail cameras are usually affixed to trees and are motion-activated to take photos of deer and other animals, but Sawaf allegedly had modified some with explosive material.

Apparently, Sawaf had a taste for hot blondes.

Although I have no information on Sawaf’s relationship to the blonde in the photos, she appears to be a wife or girlfriend. I’ve noticed that Middle Eastern males assimilate in the West to the extent of going after white women, especially blondes.

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Anti-Immigration “Reclaim Australia” Leader Arrested, Charged with Plotting Terrorism

philip galea

You might think that Australian police interested in preventing terrorist attacks would be raiding mosques.

But no.

A series of police raids on Australia’s patriot movement has resulted in the arrest of Philip Galea.

Daily Mail

The leader of extreme right-wing group Reclaim Australia has been charged with plotting a terrorist act.

Phillip Gallea, 31, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Sunday charged with one count of collecting or making documents likely to facilitate a terrorist act and one count of preparing for or planning a terrorist act.

He told magistrate Robert Kumar: ‘I will be fighting these charges and they are part of a conspiracy against the patriot movement,’ reported The Age.

He was refused bail and will next appear in court on August 9.
Galea was arrested in anti-terrorism raids at his home in Braybrook, in Melbourne’s west, on Saturday as police launched a series of raids across Victoria, The Herald Sun reported.

Galea was jailed last year just days before an anti-mosque rally after a court decided he had weapons ready for an ‘aggressive attack’.

After a series of anti-terrorism raids across Melbourne on Saturday, police escorted Galea from his home in Braybrook just before 4pm, Fairfax reported.

Victorian Police Assistant Commissioner Ross Guenther told reporters that the arrested man, who he didn’t name, had posed an escalating threat to the Victorian community.

‘The individual in custody has a number of affiliations to different organisations,’ Mr Guenther said.

Following the arrest, ‘there is no ongoing risk that we are aware for the Victorian community,’ he said.

He is now being questioned by the Australian Federal Police.

Last year police found a small bottle of mercury at Galea’s home which weighed about 360 grams and The Anarchist Cookbook, which has recipes for explosives.

Police said at the time the mercury was more than 3000 times the legal amount a person could have.

Galea’s computer also revealed extreme right-wing political material.

The justification for the police raids on four properties is not properly expressed by them. Perhaps that’s because there was no justification.

Regarding Galea’s possession of The Anarchist Cookbook, my brief research on the subject shows that there are better books for would-be terrorists to learn from than that one.

Wikipedia mentions the White Resistance Manual as an alternative. Yet, there’s no mention of that book in the charges against Galea.

If I were plotting a terror attack, which I’m not, I would familiarize myself with the range of literature available to help me plan the assault on our (((globalist))) government.

As to the possession of excess amounts of mercury, that small amount would be easy for the police to plant on Galea. Even if it wasn’t planted, did he have a bomb making lab in his home? Let’s see the pictures, you lying cops. I’ll bet there was no lab.

A 2015 article from news.com.au describes Galea’s arrest in the fall of that year.

Police allegedly found tasers in his home, which are illegal by Australian law, but certainly not by natural law.

POLICE have uncovered the infamous Anarchist Cookbook along with five Tasers at the Melbourne home of a member of a far-right anti-Islam and anti-immigration group.

Phillip Galea, 31, said he is a member of the United Patriot Front — who describe themselves as “opposing left-wing treason and the spread of Islamism.”

He has been charged with possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing a precursor substance.

He was denied bail in an out of sessions court hearing last night.
Detectives from the Arson and Explosive Squad searched Mr Galea’s Braybrook home in the city’s western suburbs yesterday, finding the Tasers, which are a prohibited weapon.

The repeated arrests of Philip Galea will go a long way to convince the Australian sheeple that the danger to public safety comes from patriotic white males who refuse to stand around with their fingers up their a**es while their country is destroyed by diversity and multiculturalism.

Galea is either a planted government stooge placed into the patriot movement to discredit it, or he’s been the victim of planted evidence.

Meanwhile, the flood of nonwhites buries Australia, ending that country’s first world status forever, and ultimately resulting in the extermination of the white population.

Oh, for the good old days.

white australia

Police Backpedal on Claims that White Guy was Going to Shoot Up LA Pride Parade

james howell arrest

Lying cops!

James Howell has no public record of hostility toward queers. He does have an arrest record for intimidation by pointing a weapon at someone. He also seems to be a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Maybe he thought the poofter parade was a Donald Trump rally?

Excerpt from the Associated Press

Santa Monica’s police chief says she was incorrect when she said a heavily armed Indiana man told investigators he was headed to a gay pride parade in order to do harm.

Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said in a tweet to The Associated Press that her earlier statement on James Howell was inaccurate. The chief said Howell had only told police that he was going to the event known as LA Pride, and he did not say what he intended to do there.

Police say the 20-year-old Howell was arrested on Sunday morning in Santa Monica with three assault rifles, ammunition, and chemicals that can be used to make explosives.

The arrest came just a few hours after at least 50 people were shot and killed at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

The alleged explosive is probably gasoline or a solvent of some type that can be bought at Walmart. It’s not that unusual to have a gas can in your vehicle. That’s where the guns were found too.

Howell may be a queer himself, simply going to meet some other butt bandits for anal action. On the other hand, perhaps he was set up to be a patsy in a shooting at the parade, but the cops arrested him too soon.

Whatever, this story will be forgotten, except for the implication that white males want to kill queers just like Muslims do.

The whole narrative on this story is utter and complete tripe.

heston gif

Video: BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version)

jews did 911

Yes, George W. Bush was a bit of an idiot.

Excerpt from the youtube information box:

See and hear it for yourself straight from the horse’s ass, oops . . . I mean mouth, at the white house. After Obama took office this footage was wiped from the White House website. This is the only known existing record recovered from our own archive. In the video Bush says this, “For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high — a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.”

It sounds eerily like what happened at the WTC on 9/11. Was he referring that the “terrorists” planted explosives in the towers or that foiled plots had planned to use that tactic? Or was he referring to the WTC? this (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. 9/11 attacks an “inside job” received one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious prizes on Sunday, for “service to”. On September 11, 2001, Baker was at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington DC, for the annual investor conference of the Carlyle Group. Also present with Baker was Carlucci, “representatives of the bin Laden family,” and George H. W. Bush.[19] Carlyle had been doing business with the bin Laden family since the early 1990s.

Sample youtube comments:

Bush talked about explosives but not the “planes”??? Need I say more?! Did you guys know also that Israel had a hand in it too?

911 was planned way before Bush took office, it was the Clinton Administration or organized the whole thing. Remember Bush had been in office for only few months before the attack. It takes years of planning before executing such and attack, it was Clinton responsible these attacks.

Wait people. Listen carefully. He is rattled by the text. He apparently did not get to read it first. Watch him.

Fuck this Zionist Whore and other Zionist pimps ! ISIS-ISIL-TALIBAN-KGB-MOSSAD-UN-World Bank-Gold Control-Petrol Dollar- Oil Control = Zionist aka Satan Aka Devil Aka Anti-Christ Aka Dajjal regime !! Fckin ignorant and brainwashed sheeps wake up.

What is the importance of the guy @0:35 in the audience? You know, the one with the hook shaped nose.

Alleged Trump Supporter Arrested Over Supposed Obama Death Threat

john martin roos

This story is a strange one. Perhaps John Martin Roos doesn’t exist. Of if he does exist, is he a paid FBI shill whose intention is to smear the supporters of Donald Trump?

Huffington Post

A fanatical Donald Trump supporter, who was arrested by the FBI in Oregon this week after repeatedly threatening to kill President Barack Obama and federal agents, had multiple pipe bombs in his home, authorities alleged in court on Friday.

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Viral Video: Homemade Thermite Cannon Might Come in Handy During Civil Unrest (Plus Bonus Video)

One of these devices would surely give one an edge in times of civil unrest. If nothing else, it should scare the urban “teens” out maurauding, looting, and raping during a disturbance. The problem I see is that this device lacks range. It need more distance.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Mar 31, 2016
Woo Hoo furze does not simply place thermite, he launches it with his super steampunk style launcher, what a device.

See part 1 here https://youtu.be/9XAnx5x8E-8

See part 2 here https://youtu.be/uDm3is3PDc0

Check out more crazy Furze projects on my channel and subscribe

Music is by “March to the Grave” and the song called “stamford Stomp” check it here https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album…

Read the story at the Daily Mail.

Bonus Video: Apocalyptic Underground Bunker Viral Video

NYC to Increase “Vapor Dog” Subway Patrols After Brussels Attack

sniffer vapor dog

Although dogs have great noses and natural talent for sniffing, they still have to be trained. More sniffer dogs are needed in the U.S. and Europe because of the evil terrorist threat that hangs over our heads every day.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

New York City is looking to up its number of vapor dogs in order to prevent an attack from ISIS on its subway system – the largest in the country – like the one that killed at least 34 people in Brussels.

Authorities have used sniffer dogs to pick up the scent of explosives and drugs in crowded areas for years.

But because ISIS extremists use small devices in crowded areas, as seen in the Brussels attack, New York City is looking to use the dogs to defend its 400 subway stations used by millions of riders.
And a dog’s nose is better equipped for detecting illegal devices and substances than any man-made tool so far.

They outperform both men and machines,’ James Waters, chief of the New York City Police Department’s counterterrorism unit, told CBS News.

This week, Waters’ counterterroism unit graduated its latest squad of dogs capable of following the vapor from explosives such as the terrorist bomb-making material of the moment, TATP, according to CBS.

Vapor dogs on their way to being one of the strongest tools in an arsenal to defend against terrorism, the issue is there aren’t enough dogs to deploy everywhere they’re needed.

About 130 dogs have received the patented training nationwide since it was developed nearly ten years ago.

And with Europe on high alert since Brussels the EU needs more than the lone dog it currently has trained.

The dogs who graduated this week underwent 15 months of rigorous training to sniff out explosive particles in the body heat left by humans as they walk through a crowd.

They then were taught how to follow the scent to the source.
Traditional bomb-sniffing dogs are only trained to smell a stationary object.

It isn’t cheap to train the dogs – $49,000 per canine. And after a year the dogs are retrained to account possible new tactics.

clapping gif