Columbus Police Chief Investigating Cops Who Arrested Stormy Daniels


When checking Twitter a few hours ago, it was clear the left was outraged over the arrest of Stormy Daniels for illegal touching in a Columbus, Ohio, strip club.

It was, according to them, Trump’s revenge and more reason to impeach the president. The evil cop bastards who arrested Stormy should be hung by the balls until their d*cks drop off, they implied.

The media conveniently does not mention that two other “exotic dancers” were also arrested.

A good, old-fashioned tough guy police chief is hard to find these days. They’re generally affirmative action negros and dykes. It’s clear that the purpose is to drive white males out of police work.

Columbus’s dyke chief is probably jealous that Stormy didn’t rub her grotesque tits against her. She’s launched an investigation into the male and female cops, whom I assume are white, whose sting operation lead to Stormy’s arrest.

Washington Times

The police chief in Ohio’s capital city says the actions of officers who arrested porn star Stormy Daniels will be reviewed.

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Jewish DA Drops Charges Against Stormy in Record Time and She Hightails it Out of Town


Criminal charges are sometimes dropped, but the speed with which the charges lodged against Stormy were thrown out by a Jewish DA is suspicious.

I’ll bet the charges against the two other strippers arrested at the same time haven’t been dropped.

And what’s this about a human trafficking investigation?

There’s an allegation that Stormy’s heavily tatted genital area is covering up a brand by a sex cult. Photos below.


Prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday dropped all criminal charges against porn star Stormy Daniels, hours after police arrested her for alleged illegal physical contact with patrons at a local strip club during a performance there.

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Soros: “everything that could go wrong has gone wrong”

If you’re against Donald Trump, you have something in common with George Soros. In a Thursday interview, Soros opined that Trump is “willing to destroy the world.”

Soros is willing to destroy the white race and white countries, so it could be that he’s simply projecting his own values on Trump.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Liberal billionaire George Soros blamed the Trump administration for the current woes in society, adding that ‘everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.’

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Evil Bitch Hit and Run Driver KILLS Ducklings at McDonald’s Drive-Thru

Where I live there’s a river park road next to the river where ducks were introduced some time ago.

When the ducks cross the road, motorists brake. However, once in a while, like today, one of the ducks will get hit by a car and killed.

Ducks (and the park’s geese) come in an amazing variety of sizes and colors. They add a lot to life for the townsfolk.

A woman in Britain apparently has no appreciation for the lives of baby ducks.

Here’s a wish that she be arrested and charged with animal cruelty or whatever charge is appropriate.

A mother and her two children were left angry and upset when an ‘evil’ driver ran over two ducklings on the road at a McDonald’s drive-thru.

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Race Alignment Infographic

Click on the infographic to enlarge it.

Seen at imgur

Discussion at GLP

Evil Bastard McCain Bans Trump from His Funeral, says NYT

American Senator John McCain is going out the way he lived–full of arrogance and spite.

When he finally kicks the bucket, steel yourself for all the praise for him that will be forthcoming.

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Teen Mom Stabs BF in Chest During Sex While Dressed as a CLOWN, Claims Men Should be Used as “human sacrifices”


As best as can be made out of the facts of this story of attempted murder, Zoe Adams is either a Satanist or is possessed by demons.

Her 17 year old sometime boyfriend is lucky to be alive after being stabbed twice in the chest in a premeditated attempt at a human sacrifice.

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