France’s Macron Proclaims that Europe Shares Destiny with Africa, Awarded Charlemagne Prize


French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in resigned tones in mid April about the invasion of Europe by African negros.

On May 10 he received the Charlemagne Prize for contributions to “European unity.”

If you look more closely at the Charlemagne Prize, you’ll discover that it’s really the Codenhave-Kalergi Prize to encourage the genocide of the European.

Macron is widely viewed as a globalist shill, but is he playing a game with the Jews who would destroy the European race?

I don’t know for sure the answer to the question, but Macron is replacing Angela Merkel as the leader of a unified Europe. But unified in a good or bad way?

Defend Evropa

The French president claimed that due to immense population growth in Africa, Europe needs to prepare for an “unprecedented” wave of mass migration, “that is there and will last”, implying that the destiny of the two continents is intertwined.

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Allahu Snackbar Knifeman Leaves 1 Dead, 4 Injured in Paris


Paris has experienced violence at the hands of a raghead again.

ISIS claims to have put a Muslim up to stabbing people. Doesn’t Israel control ISIS in its own interests?

Just asking.

CBS News

Authorities say a knife-wielding man stabbed several people in Paris on Saturday before he was shot and killed by police. The incident took place near the city’s famous opera house.

I found this short video of the attack on Twitter. An hour and a half youtube video is embedded following the story.

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Claim: Racist, Antisemite FDR Had Secret Plan to Resettle Jews After WW II


FDR’s secret Project M aimed to spread Jews thinly across the planet, according to the article featured in this post. Presumably, he was aware of the Jewish propensity to take control of a country’s agenda and use their power to promote their interests at the expense of the host country.

In short, FDR is presented as an antisemite here. He wanted Jews anywhere except in the United States. It’s also claimed that he viewed some races as superior to others, wanting only the finest racial stock to be allowed into the United States.

If his plans hadn’t been rejected by integrationist fool Harry Truman, the USA would be a totally different country today.

Jewish Tablet

A new exhibition at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, Americans and the Holocaust, explores Americans’ knowledge of and responses to Nazism, war, and genocide. An unstated question runs through the photographs, films, and artifacts: What explains FDR’s apparent indifference to the plight of the Jews? If he’d had complete freedom to act without concern for the political consequences, what would he have done? Visitors leave the museum without answers.

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German Police Raid Shelter Housing Black Savages Following Attacks on Deportation Officers

The black parasites are giving the Germans trouble.

Send them to Angela Merkel’s house and let her cook a good German meal for them and they’ll be model Germans in no time at all.

Reuters via Yahoo

BERLIN (Reuters) – German police launched a raid on a migrant shelter on Thursday where three days ago 150 asylum seekers clashed with police and prevented the deportation of a 23-year-old man from Togo.

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Belgium’s Ex-PM Accused of Antisemitism for “Antwerp diamond dealers” phrase


Here’s a new code for Jews on sites that won’t allow the word Jew: Antwerp diamond dealers.

In American news, Belgium is overshadowed by Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, and Italy. However, nothing much good is going on there as it seems diversity is taking its toll. Google just told me that almost two-thirds of Brussels is foreign born. Turks and Moroccans are the largest groups of foreign born, according to World Population Review.

Times of Israel

Belgium’s previous prime minister faced accusations of anti-Semitism after complaining in an interview that the kingdom has become a country “of Antwerp diamond dealers.”

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Unsolved Mystery: Macron’s White House Tree is Missing

As someone who planted dozens of trees when I lived on my acre-sized lot, trees are important to me. Privacy, wind breaks, shade and a cooling effect are great. So is the beauty of a tree. Plus they attract birds and squirrels as a bonus.

Perhaps one day the mystery of the disappearing oak planted by President Trump and Emmanuel Macron will be explained.

NBC News

The gift was a symbol of the French-American bond — an oak sapling from a World War I battle site where the France and the United States fought the Germans.

French President Emmanuel Macron brought it during his White House visit last week and, with cameras clicking, planted it with President Donald Trump on the South Lawn on Monday. But by the end of the week, photographs appeared to show that the tree had vanished.

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Black African Defence League: “Africans in Europe, have 5 children instead of 3!”


250 million Africans in 1950

1 billion Africans today

2 billion by 2040

And what exactly have they added to the world bar more mouths to feed and pressure on scarce resources.

And hundreds of millions of them will want to come to Europe – and there are only 600 million of us!

Diversity Macht Frei


Africans living in Europe, especially France: “Don’t have three, but five children. We are going to be the colonisers*, if we don’t have the right in Africa as Emmanual Macron explains because we don’t have the resources to support their needs well let’s do it here only. You are the future!”


*The French word here is colonisés which I would say means “colonised” but that doesn’t really make sense in context. I think he meant “colonisateurs”, colonisers. It’s possible the French of these Africans isn’t very good. Alternatively, he could have meant that Africans would be colonised by Europe if they didn’t have the means to support more children in Africa, but that strikes me as a less plausible interpretation.

The Black African Defence League, incidentally, is involved in a campaign to get a doxxed Generated Identity member sacked. Romain Espino participated in the mountain border campaign a few…

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