Standing Ovations from U.S. Congress as Macron Calls for 21st Century World Order, Rejects Trumpism

It’s been on my mind to write a complementary piece about maverick French president Emmanuel Macron.

I’d better qualify that “maverick” word. It’s commonly believed that Macron was sponsored by the Rothschild family. If so, the maverick side of him may be fake. I have to bring up in his defense that he’s the only world leader who’s called for population control in Africa. Apparently, he sees the danger in a billion Africans flooding France over the next century.

My good feelings toward Macron are tempered by his address to a joint session of Congress earlier today.

NBC News

WASHINGTON — French President Emmanuel Macron, in an address to a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday, laid out a couple of key areas where he differs with President Donald Trump — the Iran nuclear deal and the Paris climate accords.

Watch for 21 seconds as Macron calls for a 21st century world order.

Washington Examiner

Macron warned that the United States and France must avoid isolationism and “closing the door to the world,” in the face of threats and called on the United States to create “a new breed of multilateralism” that stops the spread of nationalism.

“We can build the 21st Century world order, based on a new breed of multilateralism, based on a more effective, accountable and results-oriented multilateralism, a strong multilateralism,” Macron said.

Macron also called for the U.S. to be the world’s policeman.

I wonder if Trump is canceling his Macron Bromance now.

Continuing with NBC’s coverage of today’s speech …

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Israel Deporting It’s Blacks–NOT Back to Africa, but to White Countries


No matter how much you want to like Jews …

AP News

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday canceled the planned expulsions of tens of thousands of African migrants, saying it reached a deal with the United Nations to resettle half of them in Western nations and allow the rest to remain in the country.

Half to remain in Israel? I predict not for long. The Jews will get rid of the blacks one way or another.

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Hot War or Cold War? Trump Expels 60 Russian Diplomats, Orders Seattle Consulate Closed as Europe Follows Suit


The Jews and their lackeys who pull the strings at the White House, 10 Downing Street, and throughout the American empire are on board to provoke another war in which white people engage in the mass killing of other white people living under a different flag.

The average person probably believes that Russia, Putin in particular, kills people in such a way that the West immediately traces the murder back to the Russians. Believing in false flags is nothing new, but this time that belief is being directed toward support for war with Russia instead of gun control.

John Bolton’s appointment as Trump’s national security adviser is evidence. He’s a vile warmonger who’s never met a war for Israel that he didn’t beat the drums for. As laid out below, there’s a real chance that the American military, now inferior to Russia’s in at least some ways, would be devastated in a conventional war. So, does Bolton then advise Trump to push the nuclear button?

The solidarity that Boris Johnson brags about is not a good thing, but rather evidence that Europe is made up of vassal states that do the bidding of the Jews. These countries are closer to Russia than the U.S. If war comes, they will be easy targets, but vassals have long been used as cannon fodder by those who pull the levers of power.

From Zerohedge, here’s the list of countries expelling Russian diplomats.

So far today, the number of Russian diplomats being expelled:

US – 60

Ukraine – 13

France – 4

Germany – 4

Poland – 4

Canada – 4

Lithuania – 3 (targets 21)

Czech Republic – 3

Holland – 2

Denmark – 2

Italy – 2

Spain – 2

Australia – 2

Latvia – 1

Sweden – 1

Estonia – 1

Romania – 1

Finland – 1

Croatia – 1

Norway – 1

For now, the following EU nations have not said they’ll expel Russian diplomats: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

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Female Ruled Norway Sees the Rise of Angry White Men


For thousands of years, men and women were equal partners in the creation of civilization.

Each party had an implicit understanding of its role in perpetuating human life.

Each party specialized in his or her areas of expertise.

Then along came the Jewish conspiracy to upend Western civilization, led by Jewish feminists such as Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, and the angry bra-burners who followed them.

Excerpt from National Post

Political power in Norway is dominated by women. They hold the office of the prime minister, the finance minister, the foreign minister and the speaker of parliament.

“It’s not a female conspiracy,” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

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Tommy Robinson Attacked by Masked Leftists Outside London McDonald’s

Tommy Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley, attracts unwanted attention for his unorthodox views about politics, religion, and race. Yesterday, we saw him punch an aggressive black migrant in Italy. Today’s new video shows a gang of thugs attacking him.

At the bottom of this post is the video showing Robinson’s latest scrap, followed by the worthless response by the British police. His woman cameraperson was also attacked. While I was spending the four minutes watching the attack, the number of views exploded from 12,000 to 19,000. This one’s going viral.

EDL founder Tommy Robinson claims he was “violently attacked by left wing extremists” outside a McDonald’s on a retail park in London.

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Tommy Robinson Punches Pesky Subhuman While in Rome Investigating Migrant Crisis (Viral Video)

Youtube title: ITALY: Attacked for Filming in a No-Go Zone

Watch Tommy Robinson deliver a punch to a harassing African while investigating the Italian migrant crisis in Rome.

Very satisfying to see.

Four and a half minutes. Published March 9, 2018. Almost 400,000 views already.

The punch happens at 3:04.

There are over 6,000 racist comments on youtube. So when is this video coming down and Tommy banned?!

Read more at Tommy Robinson Online.

Merkel’s Germany: Scumbag Sand Nogs Claim They Were Underage When They GANG RAPED 56 Year Old Woman

Pictures of the accused are not available, so at the bottom of this post I’ve embedded a few photos of typical Eritrean males.

They look like black Africans mixed with a little Arab.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

Four Eritrean asylum seekers have claimed they were juveniles when they allegedly gang raped a 56-year-old woman in Germany and filmed the attack.

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