Steve Bannon Calls for Brexit Supporters to Take Up Arms and Fight to Take Back the U.K.

There are still people who want to hear what Steve Bannon has to say, even if he’s on the outs with Trump and Breitbart News.

Excerpt from Haaretz

British Prime Minister Theresa May warned her divided party on Sunday that there may be “no Brexit at all” if they wrecked her plan to forge a close relationship with the European Union after leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc.

Bannon, the Rebel Rouser, is making a comeback! He enters the story about half way through, after Teresa May’s woes are brought up.

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Trump Takes British PM Teresa May to the Woodshed During London Visit

U.S. President Donald Trump unleashed the inner Trump that ordinary working class Americans love during his U.K. visit.

Establishment politicians in Europe must rue the day that Americans went to the polls and choose Trump over New World Order shill Hillary Clinton.

American liberals are disgusted with truth-teller Trump:

Excerpt from The Sun

DONALD Trump today accuses the PM of wrecking Brexit — and warns she may have killed off any chance of a vital US trade deal.

The US President delivers his incendiary verdict on her negotiating strategy in a world exclusive interview with The Sun.

In an extraordinary intervention timed to coincide with his UK visit, Mr Trump said Theresa May ignored his advice by opting for a soft Brexit strategy.

And he warned her any attempts to maintain close ties with the EU would make a lucrative US trade deal very unlikely.

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Trump: Germany Totally Controlled by Russia


Russia isn’t attacking Europe.

Israel, via it’s policies toward its neighbors, is sending millions of sand niggers and black Africans into Europe in a massive invasion unlike anything seen in history.

If Europe is going to allow itself to be invaded by filthy darkies, I’d rather see it invaded and ruled over by Russia. Under the Russians, the continent might at least have a shot at remaining white.

American president Donald Trump stands out when you see him in a group with European leaders. Unlike Obama who went along to get along, Trump not only stands out physically, but also he’s mentally dominating the rest of them.


BRUSSELS (AP) — In a combative start to his NATO visit, President Donald Trump asserted Wednesday that a pipeline project has made Germany “totally controlled” by and “captive to Russia” and blasted allies’ defense spending, opening what was expected to be a fraught summit with a list of grievances involving American allies.

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Europe Bound Boat Full of Illegal Darkies Sinks Off Coast of Libya; 100 Missing

No thanks to Hillary Clinton, who destroyed Libya, it looks like the Libyans are acting with Europe’s interests in mind.

Libya’s coast guard was only able to rescue 20 people or less from the Mediterranean Sea as a boat with approximately 125 black Africans sank.

Man! Doncha know that’s racist!!!

The Libyans also intercepted three other boats before they could reach Europe.

Meanwhile, the EU has come up with a new plan to control the entry of illegals into Europe.

The Telegraph

The bodies of three babies were recovered and around 100 people were missing after a migrant boat sank off the coast of Libya on Friday, survivors and the coastguard said.

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U.S. and Russia Agree on Trump-Putin Summit Meeting

President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton has met with President Vladimir Putin and set up a meeting between the two leaders that will probably take place in July. In breaking news as this post is being written, Fox is reporting that the meeting will take place in Helsinki, Finland.

The surprise element that accompanied Trump’s meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is not present this go round. Everyone expected the two leaders to meet, it being a question of where and when.

Like with the Trump-Kim summit, liberals are not happy.

Goldenberg: Oy vey!

Dworking: More Trump Derangement Syndrome.

If the Jews are against it, you know it’s right for America and the world.


President Trump is planning to hold a summit meeting in the near future with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Migrant Rescue Vessel with 200 Black Invaders Aboard Given Permission to Dock in Malta

A so-called rescue ship has docked in Malta after being forced to remain at sea for five days.

It would be more accurate to call the Lifeline a garbage scow since the material on board, plucked from the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, are black as coal Africa parasites.

It’s about damn time that a “final solution” is worked out to solve the problem of black and brown invaders.

The captain of a German humanitarian ship that spent nearly a week searching for safe harbour before being allowed to bring 234 migrants rescued at sea to Malta on Wednesday declared during the odyssey: “Saving people is not a crime.”

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Hungarian Foreign Minister Shuts Down Enraged Jewess BBC Reporter Over EU Migration

My Jewdar went off when I saw the above photo of the clash between Hungary’s Foreign Minister and BBC reporter Emily Maitlis.

Confirmed! Emily Maitlis is a Jew.

Who else would lose it because Hungary wants to stay Hungarian.

Watch the Twitter video of the clash between common sense and Jewish degeneracy at the bottom of this post.

Muh Jewess gets shut down with one short sentence.

Excerpt from Zerohedge

The newly emboldened populist wave sweeping Europe has begun to clash with establishment EU “open border” advocates, as governments opposed to illegal mass migration dig their heels in and resist the influx of mostly North African migrants.

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