Inspirational Proverb of the Day: One from Australian Aboriginals

I sometimes think that kindly intentioned white people make up proverbs to make nonwhites look good. Am I wrong?

Inspirational Quote of the Day: A Reminder for Satan

matthew 25 41

Matthew 25:41English Standard Version (ESV)

41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

satan flames

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One About Heaven

heaven quote stars

An inspiring thought to think about as you go through your day.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One From A Russian Writer

mikhail bulgakov quote

Learn more about Mikahil Bulgakov at Wikipedia.

Regarding his greatest work, The Master and the Margarita, Wikipedia tells us:

The novel begins with Satan visiting Moscow in the 1930s, joining a conversation between a critic and a poet debating the existence of Jesus Christ and the Devil. It develops into an all-embracing indictment of the corruption, greed, narrow-mindedness, and widespread paranoia of Soviet Russia. Published more than 25 years after Bulgakov’s death, and more than ten years after Stalin’s, the novel firmly secured Bulgakov’s place among the pantheon of great Russian writers[citation needed].

A story within the story portrays the interrogation of Jesus Christ by Pontius Pilate and the Crucifixion.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Christian Writer C. S. Lewis Explains His Desires

c s lewis quote

C. S. Lewis is best known for The Chronicles of Narnia.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: “If people looked at the stars … “

stars quote

Gaze into the heavens and see what you’ve been missing.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Remember What True Love Is


A thought to keep in mind as Black Friday keeps us focused on money and enslaves us in debt.