Former Heaviest Woman in the World Dead at 37


It’s doubtful that a truly obese person like Atti could be saved under any circumstances. Her family seem to be blaming her doctor for her death. That makes very little sense.

At least this whole situation stayed in the third world, rather than being dumped on the West as is the usual case.

Fox News

An Egyptian woman who once held the title of “world’s heaviest woman” died in a hospital in the United Arab Emirates, her doctors said. Eman Abdul Atti, who at one point reportedly weighed over 1,100 pounds, was 37.

Burjeel Hospital, which had a team of 20 doctors caring for Atti, said the woman died at 4:35 a.m. on Monday due to complications from her weight, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction. They blamed her weight issues on a thyroid condition.

Atti arrived at Burjeel Hospital from India in May, after she was airlifted from her home with the aid of a crane to undergo a weight loss procedure. She had not walked in 25 years but had reportedly lost more than 660 pounds after undergoing the bariatric procedure in March.

At the time, hospital officials told BBC News that Atti was dealing with cardiac issues, a bacterial infection and bed sores. Her former doctor at Saifee Hospital had clashed with the woman’s family during her hospitalization. Her sister accused the hospital of exaggerating her weight loss, and said she was suffering seizures and not stable enough to transfer hospitals.

There are no reports of Atti having children. That’s good news. Atti was a burden on scarce medical resources. Now they can be used to help someone who is more deserving.

Egyptian Knifeman Chatted Nicely in German with Two Women Tourists Before Killing Them


A Muslim knifeman repaid Angela Merkel’s kindness in allowing millions of Muslims to migrate to Germany by killing two German women in Egypt.

Is there anyone in Germany who abides by the principle of an eye for an eye?

End Islam before Islam ends the West.

In the meantime, stay out of Egypt, ladies.

Excerpt from ABC News

The Egyptian university graduate who stabbed two German women to death at a popular Red Sea resort first sat and spoke to them in fluent German before producing a large kitchen knife and attacking them, security officials said Saturday.

Leaving them for dead, 29-year-old Abdel-Rahman Shaaban fled the scene, chased by hotel workers and security guards. He rushed into the hotel next door where he attacked and wounded four female tourists who, according to local media reports, included two Armenians, one from Ukraine and another from the Czech Republic.

“Stay back, I am not after Egyptians,” Shaaban shouted in Arabic at his pursuers, according to the officials. They eventually caught up with him, disarmed and pinned him down and later handed him over to the police. Shaaban stabbed the women in the face, neck and feet, said the officials.

No group claimed responsibility for the Friday attack, but it appeared to have been inspired by recent calls made by the local affiliate of the extremist Islamic State group on its followers to attack Egypt’s minority Christians and foreign tourists.

The officials said Abdel-Rahman hails from the Nile Delta province of Kafr el-Sheikh where he attended the business school of the local branch of Al-Azhar University — the world’s foremost seat of learning of Sunni Islam and the target of mounting criticism in recent months over its alleged radical teachings and doctrinal rigidity.

Investigators were still trying to determine how Shaaban came to be in Hurghada, one of Egypt’s main Red Sea resorts, popular for its year-round sunny weather and diving.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

A statement by the national security prosecution’s office, which is questioning Shaaban in Cairo, said Saturday that his motives and ideological convictions remained unclear. “The characterization of the action committed by the culprit, whether it is an individual act, criminal or terrorist, is not clear to the prosecution at this time,” said the statement.

Police are meanwhile interviewing 15 hotel workers to piece together what happened.

Germany on Saturday gave the first official confirmation that the two tourists killed by Shaaban were German nationals, but gave no other information. Local German media reports, however, said the two were residing in Hurghada, not tourists.

In a statement, the German Foreign Ministry said: “According to everything that we know, this act was aimed at foreign tourists — a particularly perfidious and criminal act that leaves us sad, dismayed and angry.”

The attack on the tourists took place just hours after five policemen were killed in a shooting near some of Egypt’s most famous pyramids in the greater Cairo area. No group claimed responsibility for that attack, which bore the hallmarks of a militant group known as Hasm that has been behind similar attacks in recent months.

Authorities say Hasm is a splinter faction of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group that was outlawed and declared a terrorist organization several months after the military in July 2013 ousted Mohammed Morsi, a senior leader of the Brotherhood who was elected president in 2012.

Friday’s attacks are likely to further impact Egypt’s tourism industry — a backbone of the country’s economy that employs millions of people but which has been decimated by the political turmoil and lacking security roiling the country since the 2011 Arab Spring uprising.

On Saturday, tight security was in place at Hurghada, with additional checkpoints at the city’s entry and exit points and reinforced security at tourist sites, including where the attack took place.

Egypt has been rocked by deadly suicide bombings, drive-by shootings and other attacks since Morsi’s ouster four years ago. The violence has been concentrated in the northern Sinai Peninsula, but attacks have spread to the mainland, including the capital.

The last time tourists were attacked in Hurghada was in January 2016, when two Austrians and a Swede were stabbed by two suspected militants, also at a hotel. They were only lightly wounded. Security forces shot the attackers, killing one and wounding the other before arresting him.

Styx Has the Solution to the Refugee Crisis

President Trump should appoint Styxhexenhammer666 as Secretary of State. If that’s not possible, we need to smuggle Styx into the White House and get him together with Trump over lunch.

You see, Styx has figured out how to end the “refugee crisis.” You’ve probably figured it out, too. A lot of us common sense people have it figured out. Styx articulates it well. If only Trump would watch this video. (And Styx would stop cursing.)

The answer to the refugee crisis offered by Styx is presented in the first few minutes of this 20 minute video. After that, it’s just elaboration on the idea. I’ll give you a hint: Peace.

Styx’s plan would make us safer, save money, and allow the U.S. to claim the moral high ground.

Published on Jun 24, 2017

I didn’t create refugees but Obama and Hollande did.

Dey Wasn’t Kangs: New Study Shows Ancient Egyptians Were White, Not Black, and They Resisted Race Mixing for Over a Thousand Years

The ancient Egyptians were white and they stayed white during the early history of Egypt. Sometime in the intervening millenia, they were overcome by the black tide rising up out of darkest Africa. Thus, today’s Egyptian is a mixed race monstrosity. And Egypt will never regain her lost glory.

Excerpt from Science Daily

Date: May 30, 2017

Source: Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History

An international team has successfully recovered ancient DNA from Egyptian mummies dating from approximately 1400 BCE to 400 CE, including the first genome-wide nuclear data, establishing ancient Egyptian mummies as a reliable of ancient DNA. The study found that modern Egyptians share more ancestry with Sub-Saharan Africans than ancient Egyptians did.

Egypt is a promising location for the study of ancient populations. It has a rich and well-documented history, and its geographic location and many interactions with populations from surrounding areas, in Africa, Asia and Europe, make it a dynamic region. Recent advances in the study of ancient DNA present an intriguing opportunity to test existing understandings of Egyptian history using ancient genetic data.

The study found that ancient Egyptians were most closely related to ancient populations in the Levant, and were also closely related to Neolithic populations from the Anatolian Peninsula and Europe. “The genetics of the Abusir el-Meleq community did not undergo any major shifts during the 1,300 year timespan we studied, suggesting that the population remained genetically relatively unaffected by foreign conquest and rule,” says Wolfgang Haak, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. The data shows that modern Egyptians share approximately 8% more ancestry on the nuclear level with Sub-Saharan African populations than with ancient Egyptians. “This suggests that an increase in Sub-Saharan African gene flow into Egypt occurred within the last 1,500 years,” explains Stephan Schiffels, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History in Jena. Possible causal factors may have been improved mobility down the Nile River, increased long-distance trade between Sub-Saharan Africa and Egypt, and the trans-Saharan slave trade that began approximately 1,300 years ago.

Female Islamic Professor Says Allah Allows Muslims To Rape Non-Muslims In Order To Humiliate Them


In 2:48 Islam is revealed to be not the religion of peace, but the religion of insanity. You will hear a Muslim Egyptian woman explain that her “religion” (not really a religion) allows its men to rape non-Muslims. How insane is that?

As we know, it must be the case that Islam gives men permission to rape goats and camels too. There’s a lot of that going around, I hear.

What filthy scum are these horrific subhuman monsters! The more we learn about them, the more disgusted we grow.

Red ice Creations

A female professor from the renowned Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, says that Muslim men are allowed by Allah to rape non-Muslim women in order to “humiliate” them. Professor Suad Saleh made the bold claims while being interviewed on Al-Hayat TV. The professor says that the rape is allowed during times of “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies.

LiveLeak posted the startling video which shows the interview of the Islamic female professor Suad Saleh as she spoke on Al-Hayat TV. In the video, Suad Saleh is seemingly trying to discourage the purchase of slaves from Asian countries for sexual purposes. Instead, she says that Allah has given the Muslim men a way to have sexual relations with slave women that is “legitimate.” Saleh suggests that the only time it is acceptable for Muslim men to enslave a woman for sexual purposes is during a “legitimate war” between Muslims and their enemies such as that with Israel. Therefore, the female Islamic professor says that enslaving Israeli women and raping them would be entirely acceptable and encouraged.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Jan 12, 2016
Female Muslim “professor” preaches rapes of non-Muslims as slaves or prisoners of wars. Cairo Festival City, Egypt. Sep 12, 2014. “Professor” Suad Saleh of Al-Azhar University says Muslims may capture non-Muslims as slaves and rape them as spoils of war- “they become the property of the army commander, or of a Muslim, and he can have sex with them just like he has sex with his wives.”

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Grandpa Rapes 2-Year-Old Granddaughter, Muslim Mother Decides To “Fix It”

merfat and farage

Muzzie mom drowns her 2 year old daughter after grandpa rapes her.

I have confirmed this shocking story that reads like anti-Muslim propaganda. See International Business Times, a major news outlet. The story is told in some detail below.

A Muslim mother awoke one night to her screaming toddler being brutally raped by the child’s grandfather. In a sickening effort to preserve family honor, the mother decided that there was only one thing to do that would save them from “scandal” in their town.

Emirates 24|7 reports that after 23-year-old Merfat had put her child down for the night, she retired to her bedroom in the house she shared with her 59-year-old father, Faraj, in Sohag, Egypt. However, she soon awoke to the cries of her little girl, coming from her father’s room.

Merfat opened the door to find her daughter, 2-year-old Grace Ahmed, being violently raped by Faraj, the child’s own grandfather.

Instead of attacking her daughter’s rapist and saving her child, Merfat ran some bath water in a small tub, undressed the girl, and placed her terrified, bleeding baby inside. At the hands of her own mother, little Grace was held underwater until she drown.

According to Merfat, she murdered her own daughter to “avoid scandal” in the overwhelmingly Muslim town.

Chief Detective Ali Akhmim told Karama Press that the medical examiner found “traces of blood” in the child’s anus, revealing that the little girl suffered immensely before her death.

Police arrested Merfat and Farah, and charged them with murder and rape respectively.

Murdering the victims of rape is nothing new under Islam. In fact, honor killings and punishment under Sharia law are so common that rape is rarely reported in strict Islamic countries.

Under Sharia law, if a woman accuses a man of rape, she must produce four male witnesses to testify on her behalf. If she cannot, she is either lashed or put to death for extra-marital sex.

Because of this medieval Islamic law required by the prophet Muhammad, woman and children suffer sexual abuse in silence, fearing that their family will disown or murder them.

Mad World News recently reported that Muslim women and children are often given virginity tests upon marriage. If they are found to be “defiled,” the bride is in danger of several severe punishments.

The governments of the West demand that we the people welcome these stone age monsters into our communities. F*ck them.

Muslims are not us. They are them. The dune coons belong in their homelands where they can be among their own kind. The sight of them sickens me and should sicken anyone with any grounding in traditional morality.

Slut shaming? Why of course. The little two year old slut enticed granddad into having sex with her. It’s all her fault. Let’s drown the slut.

So tell me America and Britain. How do you deal with minds that work the way I just described? Why would you want them as a next door neighbor? Do you have a death wish for yourself or your family? Or are you just f*cking crazy.

Mr. Trump, make that Muslim ban PERMANENT.

Russia Reveals Passenger Jet Brought Down by Bomb: Putin Ready for TOTAL WAR


russian plane crash egypt

I’m impressed with readers of the Express. The comments are overwhelmingly pro-Putin. The world admires a man of decisive action, acting in accordance with morality.

ISIS militants sickeningly claimed ‘credit’ for the Metrojet A321 crash which killed all 224 people on board.

Today, Russia admitted it was terrorists who caused the Russian plane crash. It was discovered that traces of a 1kg homemade bomb have been found at the wreckage site.

Putin said he was ready to ramp up the fight against terrorists.

ISIS, which has established a base in Sinai province, tops the list of potential culprits.

The mass slaughter of Russian citizens by the extremist group threatens to escalate the war in Syria, where Vladimir Putin’s warplanes have been bombing for more than a month.

Russia has also shown solidarity to France and the West after the Paris terror attacks, with Moscow paying tributes to the victims.

Defence and security expert Raffaello Pantucci told ISIS involvement in the plane tragedy would “only harden Russian resolve that they need to do something stronger”.

putin explosion gif

I could have written this comment at the Express:

Without Putin Europe would be doomed as Hussain Obama and his helpers or rather lapdogs do nothing to stop CIA creation called ISAS and Alqueda. For the deaths of the French responsible are Merkel Hollande Cameron and Hussain Obama as it was those ones who invented ISAS and brought millions of jihadists into Europe

As regards the downed Russian jetliner:

Vladimir Putin has vowed to “find” and “punish” those responsible for the plane crash on the doomed Russian airliner after officials confirmed it was “a terrorist act”.

It comes as Egyptian authorities detained two employees of Sharm al-Sheikh airport in connection with the downing of the passenger jet, killing all 224 people on board.

Security officials said: “Seventeen people are being held, two of them are suspected of helping whoever planted the bomb on the plane at Sharm al-Sheikh airport.”

Russia’s shift in tone follows assertions by British and American officials that terrorism was likely the cause of the plane crash, which exploded shortly after it took off from the Egyptian resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Russian Federal Security Service chief Alexander Bortnikov said a homemade bomb had been planted on board the Kogalymavia jet, equivalent of up to 1kg of TNT.

Speaking during a meeting chaired by Putin, he said: “One can unequivocally say that it was a terrorist act.”

The doomed airliner blew up on October 31, shattering the plane mid-air, which explains “the wide dispersal of fuselage pieces”.

putin deal with it gif