Syracuse University Suspends Fraternity After Racist Video Surfaces


Trying to suppress natural impulses is impossible.

White youths observe their dumb affirmative action classmates getting free rides at their schools and they respond in a natural human way, using impolite taboo words.

The latest white youths (or Jewish perhaps) punished for so-called racism are members of a fraternity at Syracuse University.

Watch a minute of the nagger protest. Niggababble:

NBC News

An engineering fraternity at Syracuse University has been suspended after videos posted to a private Facebook group appeared to show members using racial slurs and mocking certain groups of people.

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Hidden College Crisis: 36 Percent of Students Don’t Get Enough to Eat, Says Study


Diversity is hungry.

Hungry is not exactly a strength. But, you say, diversity is our strength.

Welcome to a new alleged crisis created by egalitarianism. One that white taxpayers will be expected to solve by forking over more of their earnings to Uncle Sam.

How can a mixed race Marxist learn the language of cultural Marxism when he or she is hungry? A full belly is required to learn the ins and outs of white oppression, the patriarchy, gender fluidity, and so forth.

Blacks and Latinos have little to no ability to budget or plan ahead. The more they dominate campus student populations, the worse the “problem” is going to be.

But don’t worry, kids. Whitey will fix it. You’ll all get free college, free rooms, and free meals. We’ll even throw in a membership in gym to help with the problem of FAT students. And you’ll each get your own personal surrogate mother to remind you to eat.

Washington Post via Tampa Bay Times

Caleb Torres lost seven pounds his freshman year of college — and not because he didn’t like the food in the dining hall. A first-generation college student, barely covering tuition, Torres ran out of grocery money halfway through the year and began skipping meals as a result.

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HS Science Fair Project on Race and IQ Sparks Outrage, is Removed by School

The author of the controversial science fair project is an Asian male student. Rather than rewarding him for a great science project, the school authorities quickly removed it when complaints came in, presumably from blacks.

Sacramento Bee

Students, parents and staff at C.K. McClatchy High School are upset over a science fair project by a student in its elite magnet program that questioned whether certain races of people lack the intelligence to handle the program’s academically challenging coursework.

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Jewish Princeton Professor Under Fire for Repeated Use of “Nigger” in Class


I think Prof. Rosen enjoys saying “Nigger” AND getting paid to do it.

He’s been doing it for years, motivated he says by his liberalism, with no complaints. Apparently, having Donald Trump in the White House has led to an increase in people complaining about racism.

New York Post

An anthropology professor at Princeton University allegedly used the n-word multiple times during a lecture this week, prompting several students to walk out as well as an expletive-laced in-class confrontation.

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Mystery Meat Woman NCO in Uniform Calls Out N*ggers in the Military in Viral Video

This isn’t going to go well for the woman in the short video, but the truth is that blacks bring their entitled mentality along with their incompetence into the American military.

Neither blacks nor women should be allowed in the military, except possibly as was the case during World War II when they had their own branches of the services.

Europe: ‘Even refugees with a university degree have an IQ of only 93′

We know the migrants lack intelligence and that they are parasites.

In a way that’s not the issue. The real issue is miscegenation and the extinction of the race that created European civilization.

Talk of migrant job readiness is just a diversion, although the powers that be don’t care for the obvious truth.

Voice of Europe

The EU and mainstream media said Europe’s ageing population needed migrants to rejuvenate its workforce.

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Iceland Goes Full Feminist Retard by Outlawing Pay Differences Between Men and Women


Egalitarianism has triumphed over merit in Iceland, according to a widely reported story.

Although Iceland has had equal pay mandated by law since 1970, the new law requires that the 16 percent pay gap between men and women be closed in the next few years.

The goal appears to be to have women, on average, earn exactly the same as men. Differences in abilities and interests, expressed in occupational choices, can no longer be reflected in pay differences. Even if women work 30 hours a week and men work 40 hours, then when all is said and done, women must by law be paid the same as men in order to eliminate the pay gap.


In other words, the law does not mandate equal opportunity, but rather equal outcomes.

I wonder if Iceland has a law mandating that blacks and other nonwhites in Iceland (how many blacks are even in Iceland?) receive the same pay as whites.


Equal outcomes is a Marxist interference with a free market in labor. in simple terms, it’s a cost of doing business that makes a country less competitive. I’m not sure that matters much to Iceland, which doesn’t seem to compete much on international markets anyway.

A European country has become the first in the world to make it illegal to pay men more than women.

In Iceland, firms that employ more than 25 people must now obtain a government certificate demonstrating pay equality, under new rules that kicked in on 1 January.

Those who fail to show equality will face penalty fines, according to broadcaster Al Jazeera.


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