Italy’s Salvini Vows to DEPORT 100,000 Illegal Migrants Quickly


Wishful thinking?

The press says that Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini can’t achieve his goal of deporting 100,000 illegal migrants from Africa.

That may be wishful thinking on the part of the liberal press. Or it may that Salvini has failed to reckon with the difficulties of kicking out the parasites who are bleeding Italy dry.

It’s getting interesting. We’ll keep watch and pray for Salvini’s success.

Excerpt from Yahoo

ROME (AP) — Barely a week in office, Italy’s populist interior minister lost no time in bringing home his message: His government will make good on a campaign pledge to swiftly deport 100,000 migrants from the Mediterranean nation.


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SPLC Settles Lawsuit with Organization Falsely Labeled as “Extremist”


It’s always good news when the SPLC is cut down a notch or two.

I’d rather see David Duke or Jared Taylor get their Jewish money, but I’ll still celebrate the Muslim’s victory over the SPLC slimeballs.


he Southern Poverty Law Center apologized and agreed Monday to a settlement of $3.375 million to Maajid Nawaz’s Quilliam Foundation after admitting to falsely labeling his advocacy organization as “extremist.”

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Spain Agrees to Take African Boat Monkeys After Italy Closes Ports to Rescue Boats

Instead of refusing to accept a boatload full of black as coal Africans, Spain and Malta have cucked and are now going to help the darkies become residents of Europe.

This action negates the refusal of Italy to take them. In the initial story about the rescue ship Aquarius, it appeared that the mayor of Palermo was going to allow the ship to dock in Italy. Apparently, he’s out of the picture and somehow Spain (and Malta) became involved.

This treason cannot be allowed to stand.

Excerpt from The Sun

SPAIN and Malta have opened their doors to offer a safe port for a rescue ship currently stranded in the Mediterranean with 629 migrants on board.

The vessel, which has 120 children and seven pregnant women on board, was left sitting in the sea for two days after Italy refused permission for it to dock at its ports.


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Busted! Media’s Belittling of Trump’s Jobs Tweet Another Example of FAKE NEWS

There’s enough bull manure in the press’s condemnation of President Trump’s Friday jobs Tweet to fertilize all the corn fields in Iowa.

Excerpt from Politico

President Donald Trump moved markets and busted norms on Friday morning with a tweet about the May employment report more than an hour before the numbers came out.

The post appeared to skirt strict rules on government employees not commenting on the highly sensitive economic data until an hour after its public release at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time.

That the press would blast Trump over this Tweet is just another example of them digging their own graves that much deeper.

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Black Harvard Prof Whose Research Shows Discrimination a MYTH is Hit with Sexual Misconduct Charges


Universities salivate when they get the chance to hire and promote a black professor.

Unless that professor is a black race traitor.

Blacks hate Professor Roland Fryer of Harvard because his academic research shows that racism toward blacks is not the pervasive problem that the black establishment says it is. In other words, he’s an honest black man who is not critical of white people.

This story is from The Root, which is a black news website that hates white people. It’s biased and misleading, written by a black writer who hates Dr. Fryer and misrepresents his academic research.

The Root

The Harvard professor whose false and misleading research is routinely cited by white people now says that a sexual-misconduct investigation by Harvard University and the state of Massachusetts is based on false and misleading evidence.

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That 30 Year Old Evicted by Parents Gets Job Offer

Here’s an attention-grabbing publicity stunt by a goombah who’s offering that lazy guy kicked out of his parent’s home, Michael Rotondo, a job.

Good luck to both parties should this deal become finalized.

If Rotondo fails to get his life moving forward he should take my suggestion and become a black woman so he can go on welfare for the rest of his life.

CBS News

A 30-year-old New York man who’s being evicted from his parents’ home may finally have some luck coming his way. After hearing about Michael Rotondo’s personal woes, one national pizza chain decided to offer him a job.

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Google’s Doodle Today Finally Features a Historically Significant White Male


Mathemagic is useful. We owe a debt of gratitude to the German genius pictured above.

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