Smiley Mugshot for Fatal DUI Sparks Victim’s Family’s Outrage

Attractive middle-aged white woman Angenette Welk is in bad trouble.

Driving while intoxicated is never a good idea. In Angenette’s case she rear ended a Korean made tin can of a car, which resulted in the death of a 60 year old mother of two. The woman’s children are understandably displeased with Angenette. All the more so because her mugshot shows a certain “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude.

I did some extra research and discovered that Angenette also has a nonsmiling mugshot. Do police take more than one?

The serious Angenette can be seen below.

CBS News

A Florida woman flashed a wide smile in her mugshot – despite driving drunk and causing a crash that killed a woman and injured her daughter, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. CBS affiliate WKMG reports that Angenette Marie Welk may face a DUI manslaughter charge after the accident in Marion County last week.

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Perpetually Drunk Judge Leticia Astacio Pushes Back on Facebook While Enjoying Huge Raise, but Dick’s Wouldn’t Sell Her a SHOTGUN Yesterday


The legal system hasn’t allowed fat ugly darkie beaner Judge Leticia Astacio to hear cases for a year, but she continues to be paid and even got a raise.

Her annual salary was $175,000 but with her $11,000 raise, that comes to $186,000 now.

The swamp needs draining bad, but this is New York State, which is Democrat controlled.

Naturally, her darkie voters put this crook back on the bench for another 10 year term, ignoring her numerous alleged crimes.

According to the judge, she dindu nuffins, said with a beaner accent. She’s upset that the people are upset with her. She now has a new reason to whine. Dick’s, a chain of sporting goods stores, refused to sell her a shotgun yesterday and reported her to the police.

Excerpt from Democrat and Chronicle

Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio took to Facebook Monday to complain about being the subject of harassment online and relentless media coverage.

Muh darkie has trouble following the terms of her probation.

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White Woman Killed by Elderly Drunk Negro Pastor Driving in Wrong Lane


Shock. Jenna’s husband heard she was killed on a police scanner before the police notified him of her death.

Excerpt from CBS News

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. — Authorities say a Minneapolis 911 dispatcher was killed while driving to work when she was hit head-on by a drunken driver in Brooklyn Park – and her husband heard the call while monitoring emergency dispatch audio at home. The other driver was a retired minister, reports CBS Minnesota.

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Drunk Illegal Mestizo Crashes into Ambulance Carrying Toddler and Mom, Killing Boy


Typical Mestizo: In the U.S. illegally, drunk, never had a driver’s license, and tried to RUN after the crash.

The alt-right is still waiting for President Trump to undertake the kind of massive deportations that would greatly reduce the deaths of innocent Americans at “Que sera, sera” Mestizos, whose culture is incompatible with WASP culture.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A toddler who was being transported to hospital in an ambulance has died after a drunk driver struck the vehicle.

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Awesome White Guy Finds Dindu Employee Asleep at Waffle House So Cooks His Own Burger




A hungry, slightly inebriated man knew just what to do when he stopped by a South Carolina Waffle House early Thursday only to find the restaurant’s staff snoozing: He cooked up his own meal, snapping selfies along the way.

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Alex Bowen said in a Facebook post that he stopped by a Waffle House in West Columbia because he couldn’t sleep.

The restaurant’s employees apparently did not have the same problem.

“I walked back outside to my car to look for employees,” Bowen told WIS. “No one in sight.”

It wasn’t until he walked back inside the restaurant that he noticed an employee snoozing in a corner booth.

“Then it was go time,” Bowen told WIS. “(I) got hot on the grill with a double Texas bacon cheesesteak with extra pickles. When I was done I cleaned the grill, collected my ill-gotten sandwich and rolled out.”

He told WIS that he wouldn’t normally have gotten behind the grill.

“I give all the credit to my old friend vodka,” Bowen said.

He said he returned later to pay for the sandwich. As proof, he posted a photo on Facebook of himself smiling with a Waffle House employee.

In a statement released to WIS, a Waffle House spokesperson said employees reached out to Bowen to apologize and that the employee photographed by Bowen while sleeping in one of the restaurant’s booths had been suspended for a week.

“For safety reasons, our customers should never have to go behind the counter,” the statement said. “Rather they should get a quality experience delivered by friendly associates. We are reviewing this incident and will take appropriate disciplinary action.”

Quite a few comments on this story say Alex should be arrested for drunk driving. Actually, while admits to drinking, there is nothing to indicate that he was driving drunk.

Florida Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving While Riding a Horse


Yes, to answer the question above the photo, riding a horse while drunk is a crime if you’re on a public street.

There’s also a potential case of animal abuse involved.

As a matter of everyone’s safety, horses should not be ridden on streets.


A Florida woman was arrested for alleged drunken driving – on a horse, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday (Nov. 3).

Polk County sheriff’s deputies arrested Donna Byrne, 53, after a caller reported seeing a woman appearing confused and riding a horse on a road Thursday in the central Florida town of Lakeland, the report said.

Byrne, of Lakeland, smelled of alcohol, staggered and had red watery eyes when deputies pulled her over, authorities told the Sentinel.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said the woman’s breath alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit, according to the story. Byrne also was booked with animal neglect.

The horse, named Boduke, was hitched to a deputy’s patrol car and ate grass until being taken to the Polk County Sheriff’s Animal Control livestock facility, the report said.

Picking up the rest of the story from the Sentinel:

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said it takes the situation seriously.

“Ms. Byrne was obviously not in any condition to be on the road. She not only put herself and the horse in danger, but also anyone who was driving on the road, which is typically very busy,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

She has previously been arrested on five felony and 10 misdemeanor charges, including cruelty to animals and drug possession, Bruchey said.

Boduke will most likely be returned to Byrne, he said. However, the sheriff could fight to keep her from getting Boduke back.

Judd is embroiled in a court battle to prevent another owner charged with animal cruelty from getting their animals back, Bruchey said.

In Texas lingo, poor Donna looks like she’s been rode hard and hung out to dry. Exactly how a white person ends up like her is not clear, but in yesteryear she might have been placed in a mental hospital, locked up away from temptation. We’d all be better off if that were to happen to her now.

Driving While Distracted: Smartphones are Killing Americans, Experts Say

If the bad news about smartphones is true, I believe that it would be possible to design a vehicle or a phone so that the phone is inoperative in a moving vehicle.

Where I live when you exit store parking lots there’s a sign that says something to the effect of “Hands free devices only.”

I suppose that means that texting while driving is already a crime. Apparently, it’s a law no one pays attention to.

Excerpt from MSN

Over the past two years, after decades of declining deaths on the road, U.S. traffic fatalities surged by 14.4 percent. In 2016 alone, more than 100 people died every day in or near vehicles in America, the first time the country has passed that grim toll in a decade. Regulators, meanwhile, still have no good idea why crash-related deaths are spiking: People are driving longer distances but not tremendously so; total miles were up just 2.2 percent last year. Collectively, we seemed to be speeding and drinking a little more, but not much more than usual. Together, experts say these upticks don’t explain the surge in road deaths.

There are however three big clues, and they don’t rest along the highway. One, as you may have guessed, is the substantial increase in smartphone use by U.S. drivers as they drive. From 2014 to 2016, the share of Americans who owned an iPhone, Android phone, or something comparable rose from 75 percent to 81 percent.

The second is the changing way in which Americans use their phones while they drive. These days, we’re pretty much done talking. Texting, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the order of the day—all activities that require far more attention than simply holding a gadget to your ear or responding to a disembodied voice. By 2015, almost 70 percent of Americans were using their phones to share photos and follow news events via social media. In just two additional years, that figure has jumped to 80 percent.

Finally, the increase in fatalities has been largely among bicyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians—all of whom are easier to miss from the driver’s seat than, say, a 4,000-pound SUV—especially if you’re glancing up from your phone rather than concentrating on the road. Last year, 5,987 pedestrians were killed by cars in the U.S., almost 1,100 more than in 2014—that’s a 22 percent increase in just two years.

Safety regulators and law enforcement officials certainly understand the danger of taking—or making—a phone call while operating a piece of heavy machinery. They still, however, have no idea just how dangerous it is, because the data just isn’t easily obtained. And as mobile phone traffic continues to shift away from simple voice calls and texts to encrypted social networks, officials increasingly have less of a clue than ever before.

Out of NHTSA’s full 2015 dataset, only 448 deaths were linked to mobile phones—that’s just 1.4 percent of all traffic fatalities. By that measure, drunk driving is 23 times more deadly than using a phone while driving, though studies have shown that both activities behind the wheel constitute (on average) a similar level of impairment. NHTSA has yet to fully crunch its 2016 data, but the agency said deaths tied to distraction actually declined last year.
There are many reasons to believe mobile phones are far deadlier than NHTSA spreadsheets suggest. Some of the biggest indicators are within the data itself. In more than half of 2015 fatal crashes, motorists were simply going straight down the road—no crossing traffic, rainstorms, or blowouts. Meanwhile, drivers involved in accidents increasingly mowed down things smaller than a Honda Accord, such as pedestrians or cyclists, many of whom occupy the side of the road or the sidewalk next to it. Fatalities increased inordinately among motorcyclists (up 6.2 percent in 2016) and pedestrians (up 9 percent).

“Honestly, I think the real number of fatalities tied to cell phones is at least three times the federal figure,” Jennifer Smith said. “We’re all addicted and the scale of this is unheard of.”

Don’t forget the role that recent immigrants, especially illegal ones, might play in the increase in fatalities. White people are the best drivers. Mexicans are crazy behind the wheel. And Asian drivers are legendary for their poor driving habits.