Blaze Bernstein’s Alt-Right “Racist” Friend Arrested for His Homicide


Blaze Bernstein’s friend’s story was as stupid as the stories concocted by many of the Dindus featured here over the years. It’s no surprise that he has been arrested.

What’s still missing is the motive.

Unfortunately, as I feared, the alleged killer is alt-right, as reported by Heavy. I don’t think there’s enough on Woodward to portray him as a full-blown Nazi though.

Excerpt from Los Angeles Times

Three days after the body of a missing teenager was found buried in a shallow grave in an Orange County park, detectives announced Friday that they had arrested a former high school classmate in the slaying.

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Body of Missing Jewish College Student Blaze Bernstein Found as Police Suspect Homicide


A Jewish college student has been found dead in a park after going missing while allegedly becoming separated from a friend in the park.

Red flags are strong with this case.

Jewish privilege has kicked in and police are pulling out all stops to find a solution to the mystery.

I just hope that a false flag doesn’t result, with a so-called Nazi being made the patsy in some sort of antisemitism narrative.

Following the story, I’ll offer a theory about how a nice Jewish kid ended up on a slab in the morgue. You can do the same if you like.


The body of a 19-year-old college student was found on Tuesday in California about a week after he disappeared — and police are investigating whether his death was a homicide, PEOPLE confirms.

“Based off what they found at the scene they are considering it a homicide,” Carrie Braun, a spokeswoman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, tells PEOPLE.

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Mexican Thugs Have Been Practicing Their Lynching Skills in Los Cabos Resort


Viva Mexico! A wild and crazy pinata party got out of hand down Muh-he-co way. Instead of hanging pinatas, they hung people.

Those crazy Mexicans. No wonder we love them so much.

Fox News

Six bodies were found dangling from three different bridges near a popular tourist resort in Mexico on Wednesday, a grisly discovery that prompted a Mexican governor to condemn the acts of “expression of violence.”

The bodies of two men were discovered hanging on a bridge above a busy highway near Los Cabos International Airport, Reuters reported. The four other bodies were found on two separate bridges between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, according to local prosecutors.

The identities of the men have not been released and no further details were given, but drug gangs are known to hang the people who they murder from bridges as an intimidation tactic on their enemies.

However, it’s unusual for the bodies to be found near Los Cabos’ tourist region, the BBC reported.

Carlos Mendoza Davis, the governor of the state of Baja California Sur, tweeted an investigation is being conducted on the incident and condemned the incident.

“I condemn these acts and any expression of violence,” Davis tweeted. “Today more than ever [Baja California Sur] must be united to overcome this regrettable situation.”

Homicides in the Baja California Sur have more than doubled this year, jumping from 192 people killed in 2016 to 409 murders recorded between January and October 2017, Reuters reported. Mexico is also on track to have the deadliest year recorded in modern history.

Our gregarious, friendly Mexicans meant to hang this little guy. Oh well. Too much tequila, I suppose.

Famed NYC Jew Restaurant Owner Allegedly Had Rape Room in Trendy Eatery


Ken Friedman’s restaurants attract quite the A-list celebrities. One of them is called the Spotted Pig. Friedman’s “rape room” suggests he’s the pig the eatery was named after.

The girls that I dated back in the day who had been waitressing told me that the restaurant industry is characterized by after work drugs, sex, and “partying.” I doubt that anything (((Friedman))) is accused of isn’t common. It’s still sleezy. In today’s moral panic, Friedman could end up facing sexual assault charges.

New York Post

The owner of one of the city’s most famous celeb hangouts, the Spotted Pig, has been accused of routinely groping female employees and demanding sex and nude photos from them — while allowing his buddies to molest them too, a new report says.

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Speeding Crackhead N*gger Big Rig Driver Convicted in 2016 Death of Elderly Woman


This Dindu pulled some sh*t behind the wheel in 1993. So why was he still allowed to drive a deadly weapon like his big rig?

Niggers are f*cking crazy.

Don’t believe me? Read this.

Belleville News Democrat

A truck driver has been convicted of aggravated driving under the influence and reckless homicide for driving his tractor-trailer at a high rate of speed with crack cocaine in his system, running a red light and killing a Summerfield woman in 2016.

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Love, Latino Style: (((Bette Middler))) Says Jew-Rican (((Geraldo))) Drugged, Groped Her in 70s


Before Fox News Geraldo Rivera used the term “flirty” yesterday in defending men against charges of sexual harassment, I had defended workplace flirtations myself. The word “flirt” and it’s variations needs to be brought into the conversation that America is having these days about men and women and sex in the workplace.

Flirting and consensual sex was certainly the norm at my university. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same in many workplaces.

As I’ve said and will continue to say, right now the standard of proof to ruin a man is simply the accusation (unless you’re Al Franken). We’re in a moral panic that bears no resemblance to anything in history that I can recall other than the Salem witch trials.

Enjoy watching the mighty fall. Double your enjoyment because most of them are Jewish degenerates, perverts, and homosexuals. But be wary that every man in America is soon going to be under indictment by the public for the sins of the few.

Exactly how employers are going to be changing the workplace is unclear. Look for more women executives. Look for more sexual harassment training. Look for empowered women to make more false accusations.

This is the USSA and you’re just a peasant ready to be accused and sent to Siberia for any reason or no reason.

Daily Mail

Fox News has responded with a stern statement in response to comments Geraldo Rivera made on Twitter, seeming to defend Matt Lauer.

After the Today show host was sacked on Wednesday for sexual harassment, Rivera came to Lauer’s defense on Twitter, calling him a ‘great guy’ and ‘a real gentleman’.

‘News is a flirty business & it seems like current epidemic of #SexHarassmentAllegations may be criminalizing courtship & conflating it w predation,’ Rivera said.

He went on to say that he thinks sexual harassment allegations should be made in a ‘timely fashion’ and include evidence like written communications or witnesses in order for them to be taken seriously.

‘With [cash] settlements in the multi-millions slight chance exists some victims are motivated by more than justice,’ he said.

Rivera’s company, Fox News, which has had its own sexual harassment scandals with former CEO Roger Ailes and anchor Bill O’Reilly, issued a stern response to Rivera’s comments.

‘Geraldo’s tweets do not reflect the views of FOX News or its management. We were troubled by his comments and are addressing them with him,’ the company said.

Rivera’s comments sparked a 1991 interview with Bette Midler to surface, in which she accused Rivera of groping her in the early 1970s.

In the Middler interview with Barbra Walters, the legendary singer and actress recounts her first time meeting Rivera , and says the meeting was ‘not funny,’ and that she might get in ‘trouble’ for the story of what happened when they met, but tells it anyway.

‘Geraldo and his producer came to do an interview with me, in the ’70s, in the early ’70s. This was when he was very hot,’ she explained.

‘He and his producer left the crew in the other room, they pushed me into my bathroom, they pushed two poppers under my nose, and proceeded to grope me. I did not offer myself up on the altar of Geraldo Rivera. He was unseemly.’

Four and a half minutes of Mark Dice commentary:

Two final thoughts: First, Geraldo might be laying the groundwork for a flood of accusations that he expects will be coming his way. His reputation as a womanizer is legendary. Somewhere along the way, he surely acted like a “jerk” with a woman or two.

Secondly, we are at the point in polite society where everything a woman says MUST be believed. If you challenge any story told by any woman, you’re going to be demonized and probably fired from your job. Sean Hannity’s common sense defense of Roy Moore offers an example.

Hopefully, we’re at peak political correctness right now and within five years today will seem like a distant nightmare never to be relived.

The Atlantic Profiles Andrew Anglin in “The Making of an American Nazi”

Andrew Anglin, publisher of the Daily Stormer, is either completely nuts or he’s been smeared and libeled by The Atlantic.

A journalist named Luke O’Brien has put together the story of Andrew’s life or at least what he says is Andrew’s life.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Anglin responds.

The piece is too long for me to condense, so I’m going to excerpt around a thousand words out of what must be 10,000 words or more.

The excerpt covers part of Anglin’s high school days in Columbus, Ohio, where he was born and raised.

The Atlantic

When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’s “hippie” high school, as a freshman in 1999, other students found him a quiet, insecure kid who craved attention and wanted to fit in. A declared atheist, he styled his reddish hair in dreadlocks and favored jeans with 50-inch leg openings. He often wore a hoodie with a large fuck racism patch on the back.

Anglin was one of only two vegans at Linworth, and before long he began dating the other, a brunette named Alison in the class ahead of him, whom he wooed by baking vegan cookies. She was a popular girl who introduced him to a diverse and edgy clique of kids. To them, Anglin seemed sweet and funny, if a little too eager to latch on to causes. Alison was deeply into animal rights. Suddenly, he was too.

He also got deeply into drugs, according to half a dozen people who knew him at the time. He did LSD at school or while wandering through the scenic Highbanks Metro Park, north of the city. He took ketamine, ate psychedelic mushrooms, and snorted cocaine on weekends. He chugged Robitussin, and “robo tripped” so much that he damaged his stomach and would vomit into trash cans at school.

At home, Anglin spent hours in his parents’ basement downloading music and visiting early Flash-animation sites. According to Cameron Loomis, a former friend, Anglin’s favorite online destination was, which collected images of mangled corpses, deformities, and sexual perversions.

Anglin set up his own website, for a fake record label called “Andy Sucks! Records” that he used to dupe bands into sending him demo tapes. Here, his leftist leanings were on full display: He wrote posts encouraging people to send the Westboro Baptist Church death threats from untraceable accounts, and he mocked the Ku Klux Klan and other racist organizations. He wasn’t so different, back then, from the antifascist activists who would one day protest outside his dad’s office.

But people who knew Anglin in high school told me that, for reasons that were unclear, his behavior became erratic and frightening sometime around the beginning of his sophomore year at Linworth. Visitors to his house saw holes in his bedroom walls, and they knew that when he was upset, he would smash his head into things. Several recall an episode at a party: Anglin burst out crying after Alison drunkenly kissed someone else, then ran outside and bashed his head on the sidewalk over and over.

He harmed himself in other ways, too. He tried to tattoo the name of his favorite band, Modest Mouse, on his upper arm but gave up after two and a half letters, leaving him with moi etched on his skin. He stretched his earlobes by jamming thick marker caps into piercing holes until they dripped blood. He claimed to feel no pain and used lighters to melt the flesh on the inside of his forearms. He provoked people into assaulting him but never fought back, instead laughing as the blows fell. Two kids beat him into a gutter once. Anglin just lay there until they stopped, out of pity and confusion.

Former friends recall that Anglin’s parents seemed blind to their son’s alarming behavior. And while he could be tender toward his younger siblings, Chelsey and Mitch, and loyal to his friends, he also had a sadistic side. Alison (who asked that her last name be withheld from this article) told me that during Anglin’s sophomore year, she called him, distraught: She said she’d passed out at a party and been raped by a friend’s older brother. She needed compassion and support, but Anglin just laughed and broke up with her.

“You’re a slut,” she remembers him saying.

Several girls Anglin had gotten to know at another high school began calling her house at all hours of the night, according to Alison and other sources. “You deserved it,” they’d say. “You slut.” Alison says the abuse went on for weeks, as Anglin showed friends a video he’d made of them having sex.

After the breakup, Dan Newman, another friend at the time, remembers Anglin once bashing his head into the walls of his bedroom in such a frenzy that his mother had to call the police. Several classmates told me that Anglin didn’t date again in high school and sometimes tried to kiss other boys, including one black student he especially liked. Whether this behavior was authentic experimentation or just for shock value, it’s notable in light of the extreme homophobia Anglin has since expressed on The Daily Stormer and elsewhere. He has advocated, for instance, throwing gays off buildings, isis-style.

The time that Anglin spent in the Philippines pursuing Filipina girls is equally as interesting as his high school years. According to O’Brien, Anglin had a conspiracy website modeled after Alex Jones while he lived there. His behavior was also erratic, as at one point he disappeared into the jungle for months in pursuit of what he considered to be life in paradise.

As I’m finishing up this post I don’t see anything posted on the Daily Stormer responding to this mini-biography.

Anglin is supposed to be in court in December to answer Tanya Gersh’s lawsuit. Her attorneys will have the opportunity to ask Anglin relevant questions.

His answers will hopefully pull back the layers of mystery surrounding him.