Four Nagger Women Prison Guards Arrested, Fired for Sex with Prisoners, Other Offenses

The Louisiana State Penitentiary is widely known in the state as “Angola” for the town where it’s located.

It’s reputation is that of a mean and nasty place filled with dumb, violent Negro criminals.

Sheboon guards at the prison are in the news today for giving aid and comfort to their fellow chimps.

The Advocate

Following investigations into misconduct at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, four officers were arrested and resigned, and two have been administratively sanctioned since Saturday, said Department of Corrections spokesman Ken Pastorick.



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Uber Driver Behind Wheel of Self-Driving Car Involved in Pedestrian Fatality is Latina Ex-Con Convicted of Attempted Robbery


An Uber driverless car hit a pedestrian in Arizona over the weekend. Both the driver and the victim were moral degenerates.

Uber drivers are known for their criminality. The female driver involved in the accident looks more like a man than a woman.

Hmmm. Tranny, or just a dyke?

New York Post

The operator of a self-driving Uber vehicle that fatally struck a woman in Arizona was a convicted felon who served almost four years in the slammer for attempted armed robbery, according to a report.

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“Kids” in Philly Injected a Pit Bull Pup with Cocaine, Leaving Her to Die

I’m calling the “kids” in the CBS headline niggers.

They constantly prove that they are unfit to live among people of other races, who practice higher standards of behavior ON AVERAGE.

Peanut the pit bull pup almost died from cocaine and marijuana poisoning.

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Yellowman Shooter Targets White Women at Veteran’s Home: Three Dead


There’s no way the (((globalists))) can convince anyone that woman- killer Albert Wong is white, so this story isn’t going to remain at the top of the news for long.

Fox News

The three women who dedicated their lives to treating military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress were described as “brave woman” after they were gunned down by an ex-patient of the treatment program they worked in.

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Map Shows the 50 Most Violent Cities in the World


And in reply to Beagle, we have:

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Among the sites covering this story are the Daily Mail, the Express,
and The Sun.

CNN Confirms Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz is on Medication

The focus of CNN’s article is NOT on Nikolas Cruz’s medication.

That is dropped into the story in a tidbit that many wouldn’t even notice.

The thrust of the article is on how Cruz is doing in jail. The fact that he’s on meds isn’t discussed at all. It would be useful to know exactly what meds he’s on, but I think we can guess.

Excerpt from CNN

February 21
Another day in which deputies described Cruz as “unremarkable” and “relaxed” as he sat in his cell.

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OMG! Heather Locklear Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence and Assaulting a Cop

Three quick thoughts about Heather Locklear’s arrest.

1. As a young male, I thought Heather was an angel, with angelic qualities. That’s before I learned that women can be violent, mean, aggressive, cruel, etc. just like men.

2. Heather’s drug abuse is like a metaphor for America. Drugs have grabbed ahold of so many people, both famous and not. Rody Duerte is executing drug dealers in the Philippines. It’s what America needs to do, as well.

A third thought follows the story.

New York Post Page Six

Heather Locklear was arrested Sunday night for felony domestic violence and battery on a police officer.

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