Leftist Antifa Expert Draws Dartmouth Faculty Support for Allegedly Advocating Violence Against “Nazis”


Die Nazi Scum.

We’re seen the signs at so-called counterprotests held by the Antifa. We’ve also seen them attack people they consider to Nazis, which is anyone who disagrees with them.

Since the Anitfa petition went viral and caught everyone’s attention, I wonder if the faculty who supported the Antifa feel any embarrassment. The press moved from support to condemnation of the Communist/anarchists in a flash when it became expedient to do so. Professors haven’t been coming out against the Antifa that I know of.

Mark Bray should be fired for advocating violence, if that accusation is true. It’s one thing to hold political opinions, but entirely another thing to use the bully pulpit of the classroom and the TV interview to push others to go out and violate the law by attacking people with bike locks and baseball bats.

The New American

On August 21, Dartmouth College president Philip J. Hanlon issued a relatively mild public statement disavowing recent comments by one of the college’s lecturers in support of the violent actions of the anarcho-communist group Antifa. Now, more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members have signed a letter in support of the lecturer, Dr. Mark Bray, and are calling upon Dr. Hanlon to retract his statement.

Dr. Bray is the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, and since the deadly battle in Charlottseville, Virginia, between Antifa cadres and neo-Nazis on August 12, he has shot to stardom, thanks to friendly interviews with NPR, CNN, NBC, Slate, Vox, Vice, and more.

As we noted in our August 29 article, Liberal Media: Cheerleaders for “Antifa” Communist Thugs, the violent Antifa extremists have been generously showered with sympathetic coverage by much of the media. On August 14, for example, Yahoo! News posted a story titled, “As neo-Nazis grow bolder, the ‘antifa’ has emerged to fight them.” Like many similar reports in the “mainstream” media, the article paid an obligatory nod to objectivity by quoting Antifa critics, but the upshot for many readers will be: “Finally, someone is standing up to the Nazi-KKK bullies!”

The masked, black-clad Antifa radicals scored a big media boost from NBC shortly after Charlottesville when Meet The Press featured a powderpuff interview by Chuck Todd of Mark Bray on August 16. Todd then brought Bray back for another friendly gabfest on August 20. Bray, a longtime militant activist and a visiting lecturer in Gender Studies at Dartmouth College, publicly let it be known that he is a supporter of Antifa. In other words, he is not coming under criticism merely because he is a scholar who has written a book about a subject he has researched. He has not, as far as we know, publicly admitted to taking part in violent and illegal Antifa activities, but he vocally endorses their actions and is viewed by both supporters and opponents as the chief theoretician and “public intellectual” of the militant movement. Bray previously wrote a sympathetic book promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement, which provided the training ground where the Antifa leaders recruited many of their activists, refined their Marxist-Leninist rhetoric, and honed their violent communist tactics.

Media Research Center (MRC) president Brent Bozell condemned the NBC whitewash of Antifa. “Violent leftists have broken into the mainstream and Chuck Todd is guilty of aiding and abetting,” Bozell charged. “It is abhorrent that NBC and Todd believe it acceptable to normalize extremist groups like Antifa which use terror to silence their opposition.”

Bozell continued: “After the initial interview with Bray, Chuck Todd had the opportunity to correct his mistake but instead chose to again allow a radical to promote domestic terrorism with little push back. Can you imagine Chuck Todd inviting a member of a militant right-wing group on his show to rationalize violence against the left? NBC must cease giving legitimacy to supporters of this violent left-wing movement immediately.”

A letter to President Hanlon defending Bray, reportedly signed by more than 100 Dartmouth faculty members, goes a long way to confirming charges (as if more confirmation were necessary) that much of academia has become totally dominated by the far-left. Bray’s Dartmouth comrades see no problem with his support for Antifa’s violent approach to shutting down speech of opponents. Antifa violence, of course, is not only limited to censoring speech, nor is it directed only at genuine fascists and racists. As we have seen repeatedly (and as we will show presently) the black-clad goons broadly apply the “fascist” label and viciously attack anyone who stands in the way of their radical anarchist-communist agenda.

The Dartmouth supporters cite the cornucopia of media attention Bray has received as evidence of his importance as a scholar, and then note that even more media glory is on the way with his upcoming nationwide book tour. “With the appearance last week of his new book on the subject — which has already sold 10,000 copies and been reviewed in the New Yorker–he is embarking on a 30-city book tour,” the faculty letter breathlessly relates. “He is speaking by invitation at campuses like Duke, NYU, and Colby. In short, his historical expertise is in demand around the country and internationally.”

Neurosurgeon to attempt world’s first head transplant–a black head on a white body???!!!

head transplant

OK, so as I understand this story, the doctors are going to cut off a 30 year old Russian man’s head and attach it to a body that is healthier than his wasted body.

OK, I guess that means that the doctors will need a body that is about the same age, dead, but dead because of a severe head injury.

Libturds tell us that we are all one race, the human race, that race is a social construct, and that we all bleed red.

I’ll bet the medical team here doesn’t believe that horse manure. The body and the head are going to need to be a close genetic match if this surgery is to succeed. Putting a Negro head on a white body would present all manner of medical difficulties, just as putting a white head on a Negro body would do the same.

If this head transplant actually takes place, it will offer an opportunity for race realists to once again proclaim loudly, “Racial differences are real and they matter.”

So, NO! No black heads on white bodies or vice versa!!!


An Italian neurosurgeon has unveiled plans to perform the first human head transplant by the end of 2017.

Dr Sergio Canavero announced his plan at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons in the US state of Maryland on Friday, saying he believes he has a 90 percent chance of success.

He said his patient will be a 30-year-old Russian man, Valery Spiridonov, who has the muscle-wasting disease, Werdnig-Hoffmann.
“Of course there is a margin of risk, I cannot deny that,” Canavero said.

“I made the announcement only when I was pretty sure I could do it.”
Both men, who have been in regular contact through video chats, believe the controversial procedure is Spiridonov’s best hope, the Reuters news agency reported.

“If it goes good, I think I will get rid of the limits which I have today and I will be more independent and this will much improve my life,” Spiridonov said.

“We are making a huge step forward in science and I hope it will be OK.”

Canavero is quick to point out that few with Werdnig-Hoffmann disease reach adulthood.

“He is a brave man and he is in horrible condition. You have to understand – for him, Western medicine has nothing to offer. Western medicine has failed.”

Surgical team of 100
Canavero will need the support of his peers in order to move forward on the operation which could cost around $15m.

Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr Raymond Dieter, a former president of the International College Of Surgeons, said one of the biggest concerns with the procedure was keeping the brain alive during the surgery.
“When you think you are doing a heart transplant, or a kidney transplant, or a liver transplant, you have to cool those organs to give you a longer period of … surgical time before you reconnect all the vessels and you start reperfusion,” Dieter said.

“We’ve seen several professors criticising Dr Canavero’s work but you know, there was criticism for the first heart transplant as well and now it’s commonplace.”

The operation, which would require a team of more than 100 medical workers and could take 36 hours to complete, could take place in the US or China.

Canavero plans to carry out the procedure in December 2017.

“I prepared myself not only scientifically, but also psychologically which is equally important in order to tackle all of these attacks from several fronts, in order to justify what you want to do, why you want to do, you have to prepare yourself,” Canavero said.

“This is a frontier, the final frontier. It’s not space. This is it because it has implications that go well beyond religion, culture, the future, everything.”

man with two heads

Ebola: Treating A Scurvy-Like Illness with Vitamin C

Dr. David Brownstein

Dr. David Brownstein

I’m not a doctor and I’ve never played one on TV, so I’m not qualified to give medical advice. However, Dr. Brownstein (I know he’s a Jew!!!) seems sincere and he’s been interviewed by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, which is endorsement of sorts.

So, this post is presented for your consideration without my opinion. I’ll add that whatever ultimate treatment for Ebola is developed, it is going to make a lot of money for Big Pharma.

Dr. Brownstein’s Blog

Scurvy is a condition of severe vitamin C deficiency. Symptoms of scurvy include diarrhea, fever paralysis and bleeding. All of these symptoms occur in an Ebola infection. Perhaps the Ebola infection is causing a scurvy-like syndrome as the body’s store of vitamin C is used up fighting the infection. Remember, we cannot manufacture vitamin C–we must ingest it from our diet. Acute scurvy-like illnesses have been described in other infectious cases.

If I had only one therapy to prescribe to Ebola patients, it would be vitamin C. It is too bad that most (>99%) doctors have no clue on how to use vitamin C both orally and intravenously to enhance the immune system as well as to fight an infection. However, most doctors are skilled at prescribing toxic drug therapies that do not aid the immune system’s ability to fight back against infection.

For over 20 years, I have been giving IV vitamin C (along with other nutrient IV’s) to sick patients. IV vitamin C is a remarkable treatment for many conditons, especially viral infections. I say, give the populations in West Africa oral vitamin C and treat sick Ebola patients with both IV and oral forms of vitamin C. The same treatment should be used anywhere Ebola is being treated.

There are other nutrients that may synergistically work with vitamin C such as vitamins A and D as well as iodine. Ultimately, to win any battle against a viral infection, a strong immune response is required. This can only be achieved by supplying the immune system with the essential nutrients it requires.

How much vitamin C should you take? If you tolerate it, 3-5,000 mg/day should be the minimum. During acute infections, the body’s need for vitamin C increases. In these situations, vitamin C can be taken orally to bowel tolerance. IV vitamin C can be used from 5,000-75,000mg increments in the hands of a skilled health care practitioner.