Woman Arrested for Painting Racial Slurs on Nearby House


A neighbor’s security camera caught a woman on tape doing a little spray painting to help fix up another neighbor’s house.

Warning: Don’t spray paint in daylight. Wait until dark.


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Toledo police arrested Patricia Edelen for spray painting racial slurs on her neighbor’s home Friday night.



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Basketball-Americans Turn Game into Brawl, Attacking White Ref (Viral Video)

A good sized brawl at a youth basketball game in the Atlanta area has started to be noticed on the Internet.

According to the black coach of one of the teams, his boys dindu nuffins. The brawl, you see, was started when a white referee attacked his boys.


Yahoo Sports

A massive brawl erupted at a youth basketball game between R.A.W. Athletics from Chicago and the Houston Raptors in the Atlanta area on Sunday morning between both teams and the officials running the game.

In a pair of videos, first posted by Doug Jones on Twitter, one can see a trio of players attacking an official lying on the ground near the 3-point line on the court.

Watch the videos on Twitter below, or on youtube. Some white people forgot to avoid the groid (and his punches and kicks).

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America’s “Soft” Civil War Has Already Begun, Hot Civil War Expected by 1 in 3 Americans


Seeing very far down the road is difficult, but it’s easy to see that right now, right where we are, the divisions between left and right are not going to easily be overcome.

USA Today

Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kirstjen Nielsen experiences at restaurants suggest a ‘soft’ civil war is well underway. It will get worse unless we learn to stop hating each other.

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Georgia Cop RESIGNS after Police Brutality Complaint Over Dragging Defiant 65-Year-Old Negress from Car

Basically, the American nagger has learned that fighting cops during a traffic stop will get them arrested, but soon after a white cop will be fired, the nagger groveled to, and possibly a city payout will be made to the aggrieved nagger. It’s a big win for the nagger, who is treated sympathetically by the press.

Everyone else loses. The public is made less safe and a good cop becomes unemployable.

The police officer in this case may have resigned, but he’s outspoken about the righteousness of his arrest and the the despicable system of Negro worship that’s taken hold in the U.S.

Alpharetta is in the Atlanta area. You can watch the arrest and decide for yourself the fairness of it. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the minute it takes to bring the situation under control.

NBC News

A Georgia police officer has resigned following the arrest of a woman whose routine traffic stop escalated into a heated confrontation.

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White Man Found GUILTY of Assault on Violent Black Agitator in Charlottesville Sentenced to 10 Years, $200,000 Fine

So, let’s see if I get this right.

A group of white people travel to Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of a statue of General Lee. The police stand down on the Jewish mayor’s orders and actually herd the white people toward a larger group of violent antifa leftists and garden variety black thugs, wanting violence to break out.

When the whites are attacked, they’re the ones arrested and convicted by stupid sh*ts sitting on a jury in Charlottesville.

Is that about it?

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Attractive White Nurse Fired for Writing Stephon Clark Deserved to be Shot by Police


I guess if you support your local police, you’re going to be fired now.

And demonized to the point where you’ll likely never work again.

In firing Linthicum, Kaiser Permanent groveled to the nagger gods in Sacramento in a very demeaning manner. In fact, their words of apology to the nogs are offensive and disgusting, much more so than the words of Faith Linthicum.

New York Daily News

A Sacramento hospital parted ways with a nurse after she wrote on Facebook that Stephon Clark — an unarmed black man who was shot dead by police — “deserved it.”

Bow to your Negro gods, you scumbag white woman.


Faith Linthicum, a labor and delivery nurse at Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center in California, commented on a Facebook post about Clark’s death, the Sacramento Bee first reported.

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Wakanda: Comic Book Country Created by Jews Gives Blacks a Spiritual Homeland

Black Panther–the movie that wants you to feel guilty, white man. Also the movie that proves to blacks that “We wuz kangs.”

Paul Kersey weighs in at Amren on the highly publicized film.

As far as I can recall, the only similar cultural phenomena took place in the mid-50s when Disney gave white America a comic book version of the life of Davy Crockett, complete with a tall, dashing new star, Fess Parker.

With white Americans like Davy, America could never fail. At least, Davy was rooted in the reality of a real person.

Wakanda is total Jewish fiction.

Condensed from American Renaissance

Wakanda represents a spiritual homeland for blacks everywhere, a fantastical balm designed to soothe black self-esteem and emotionally support a people alienated from the world whites created.

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