Murdered Police Officer Sean Gannon Can RIP as His Beloved K9 Partner Nero is Released from Hospital

K9 Officer Nero, who was shot when his human partner was killed, was released from the hospital yesterday.

Yesterday was also the day of the funeral for his partner, Sean Gannon.

It turns out that Officer Gannon had an earlier encounter with the man who killed him. This post covers both stories.

Providence Journal

Nero, the wounded K-9 partner of slain Yarmouth police Sgt. Sean Gannon, was released from a veterinary hospital Wednesday and taken home in the cruiser assigned to Gannon, according to a post on the Yarmouth Police Department’s Facebook page.

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White Man Arrested for Theft of Gus the Skateboarding Dog Who’s Still Missing

Our ancestors hung horse thieves. We should hang dog thieves.

Gus the bulldog gave so many people so much pleasure. It’s frightening to think about why he’s still missing now that the alleged perp is in custody.


An Indiana man has been accused of stealing a missing English bulldog whose skateboarding videos earned him online celebrity.


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Little Hero Dog Fights Off and Chases Violent Robber Attacking 86-Year-Old Woman Owner


Good boy. Our newest canine hero.

A great-grandmother who was allegedly violently attacked by a robber in her own back garden has claimed her heroic dog fought the thug off and chased him away.

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Tearful Farewell Marks Passing of K-9 Officer Daisy Mae

Every dog deserves to be honored with a funeral ceremony. Daisy Mae not only solved crimes, but also brought joy to the lives of those who knew and loved her.

Daily Mail

Decorated K-9 officer Daisy Mae has been remembered for her successes in tracking people during a funeral in New Hampshire, where her handler gave a tearful eulogy.

Daisy died in February due to medical complications from the tick-borne disease anaplasmosis, which causes joint pain, fever, lethargy, and lack of appetite.

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Kebab Shoots Colorado White Man in Head Five Times in Dispute Over Roaming Dog


Another white man would be alive today if only the United States had sane immigration laws.

Middle Easterners are volatile. At my university, many employees were afraid of a Palestinian professor because he was so scarily loud and unpredictable. I wonder how many white, Asian, and black people live in constant fear of a Middle Eastern neighbor or co-workers. The number must be huge.

Police say they can’t figure out a motive for the murder of Dustin Schmidt. The police are stupid or lying. A Middle Eastern male needs no motive. They’re mentally unstable and dangerous, but don’t expect the police to tell the truth about it.

Excerpt from Fox News

A Colorado man shot and killed his neighbor Tuesday after an argument about how the victim disciplined his dog, the victim’s fiancée said.

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Airport Dog to Chase Birds from Runway, Preventing Dangerous Bird Strikes


As President Donald Trump sends the military to guard the Mexican border, let’s not forget that our canine friends will be there working side by side with their human soldiers to help make us safer.

An airport in West Virginia has a dog too. It’s job comes naturally to the dog, no training needed–chase birds.

Fox News

Yeager Airport in West Virginia has added a helpful new member to the team, an 18-month-old border collie named Hercules.

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63 Pit Bulls Rescued When Nagger Dogfighting Ring Broken Up

Instead of fighting their pit bulls, which I assume involves gambling on winners, good owners treat the dogs to some fun through springpole training.

Pit bulls are high energy creatures who like to keep their minds and bodies occupied. Springpole training seems to do the trick. The pit bull above, Damien, doesn’t understand the “Release!” command or else he does understand and he just wants to keep playing.

Sixty-three pit bulls in Georgia were lucky enough to have been rescued from the black savages who taught them to fight instead of play. Photos of the perps below show some real niggy Negros.

Sixty-three pit bulls were rescued from a large-scale dogfighting ring in Dodge County.

Pit bull puppies (and adults) like to smile.

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