Warped, Ugly Skank Pleads Guilty to Whipped Cream Sex with DOG!

Suzy Cairnes, pictured above, has been revealed as one of the Western World’s greatest degenerates.

Her sexual attraction to her dog is so far from being natural or normal, it makes a person wonder how anyone could end up as screwed up as she.

Besides recording herself having sex with her dog, the fat monster had over a hundred child porn images on her cell phone.

Fox News

A woman in Scotland who shot cellphone video of herself in a sex act involving her pet dog and whipped cream has pleaded guilty to two counts of possessing pornography.

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K9 Officer Bronx Given Hero’s Retirement Sendoff as He’s Adopted by His Human Partner


White culture on fine display in Bakersfield, California.

Daily Mail

This is the touching moment Belgian Malinois, ‘Bronx’, is given a guard of honour after eight years service with the force.

Bronx leaves the police station in Bakersfield, California for the last time to a round of applause from his human colleagues.

The nine-year-old dog is accompanied by his handler Senior Officer Chris Dalton as he finishes his final shift.

‘He is one of the longest serving K9s our agency has ever had.

‘Chris and Bronx have been partners since January 2010, and have served on the SWAT Team since 2014.

‘Bronx has done numerous demos for schools and tour groups at our department, and has been awarded many awards throughout the years for his dedication, skills, and work.

‘Thank you for being a loyal K9 all these years, Bronx.’

Blacks Shoot Heroic Dog Protecting Its Owner During Home Invasion


I know of someone who puts his and his wife’s dogs into doggie day care while they work simply because when their home was broken into, they were lucky the two Corgis weren’t injured. That’s $25 a day in costs that the local Mexicans impose on them.

What happened in this story is their worst nightmare.

McComb Daily

A Macomb County man and his alleged accomplice are in the Wayne County Jail after they were charged with home invasion where they shot the homeowner’s dog.

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White Utah Deputy Dives into Frozen Pond to Rescue Boy Who Had Fallen Through Ice

And so once again we honor a white male hero with a post.

Unlike in (((Hollywood movies))) where the hero is a 95 pound feminist or a Negro, in real life heroes turn out to be white men most of the time.


A Washington County, Utah Sheriff’s deputy is being hailed a hero after rescuing a boy who fell into a frozen pond on Christmas Day.

Sgt. Aaron Thompson was the first on the scene after the boy chasing his dog ran out about 25 feet before falling through the ice on the pond at 3100 East 2500 South in New Harmony around 5 p.m., according to KUTV.

Thompson, who damaged nerves in his arms during the rescue, told reporters at a news conference Tuesday that he was just doing what needed to be done.

When a job needs doing, who ya gonna call? A white guy, of course.


“I knew exactly what I was getting into when I got in that water,” he said. “I went out a few feet where I knew I was going to be about my waist before I started stomping on the ice to do the initial breakthrough.”

The deputy broke through about 25 feet of ice and slush before he got to the spot the boy was last seen going under water.

“I couldn’t touch the bottom but I could feel weeds touching against my feet … so I knew I had a real good chance if I just stayed in that search area,” he said.

Thompson soon found the boy’s body about five feet down the pond and lifted him out and brought him to EMTs at the scene.

The boy was airlifted to a St. George hospital and had vitals leaving the scene but was not conscious or alert.

The dog was not hurt in the incident.

Thompson suffered from hypothermia and sustained lacerations on his arms and hands from cutting through the ice. He was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center for treatment.

I saw no report on the boy’s condition, other than that everyone is hopeful.

Andrew Anglin Advocates Pit Bull Genocide


I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I’m coping with my lack of Internet to keep posting until I get my own Internet access after New Years. Yesterday was just too cold to work on the patio of the public library. I can handle temps in the 50s, but not a high of 46 degrees and damp.

Now on to the first post-Christmas post, which offers a response to the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin’s insulting, inaccurate condemnation of my favorite dog breed, the pit bull.

It’s obvious that Anglin never spent any time around pit bulls.

I have. My “98 percent pure pit bull” that I found abandoned in 1999 spent 12 years with me. Every night he would fall asleep on my chest or neck. He never met a person he didn’t like. Especially children. He did bite me once. That was as he was in the middle of his stroke that left him permanently blinded in one eye and temporarily paralyzed.

This pit bull could be a twin to mine, whom I named Pup:

The bite was just a nip. The skin was not broken. He was in horrific pain. Any dog will bite when in pain as the vet will tell you.

My fox terriors and cocker spaniel bit me so many times or threatened to bite me that I lost track.

Excerpt from the Daily Stormer

Pit bulls are the niggers of the dog realm.

They even have evil, niggerlike faces.


Why are these horrible animals still legal?


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Police Bloodhound Found Safe After Going Missing in Woods


It’s hard to know who was happiest, Texas’ human handler or Texas!

Fox News

A police bloodhound has been found alive 36 hours after he was reported missing in the Connecticut woods.

The massive search for K-9 Texas spanned Wednesday evening to Friday morning and included volunteers on foot and horseback, a police chopper and drone, Connecticut State Police said.

“That dog is one of us, it’s not just a dog,” Capt. David Delvecchia said, according to Fox 61 Hartford.

Texas got loose as he caught the scent of a missing man near Wooster Mountain and his handler lost his footing on the steep terrain, the station reported.

Another bloodhound located the missing man.

Homeland Security Special Agent Jeff Kehlenbech found Texas, whose leash had gotten ensnared in a fence near an unoccupied home, three miles away from where he was last seen.

Kehlenbech canceled a trip in order to help look for the dog, state police said.

“I just heard this howling behind me from up the hill,” he said, according to Fox 61. “I searched lakes and ponds for the unfortunate scenario of him falling in.”

Delvecchia said the safe reunion has made this holiday season that much better.

“It truly is a wish come true for Christmas and it’s just really great to have him home,” he said.

When my dogs would get loose, they too would get ensnared in something. They always knew that I would find them though. Never give up looking for your lost dog.

I’m sure it was cold in Connecticut and that Texas is happy to be someplace warm for Christmas. Picture him at home dozing away in front of a fireplace.

Merry Christmas, Texas.

Woman Veterinarian Allegedly Shoots, Kills Neighbor’s Dog Because It was Barking too Much



This story has all the makings of a story that goes viral. A New Orleans area woman vet, pledged to make animal lives better, is charged with killing a neighbor’s dog via a bullet to the creature’s head. Police also found narcotics in her home when it was searched.

The story is rapidly drawing a large number of comments on the source site.


The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a Harahan veterinarian accused of fatally shooting her neighbor’s dog because of constant barking, authorities said.

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