Britain: John Lewis 2017 Christmas Ad Features White Woman with Black Man and Mulatto Sprog

I won’t be running the John Lewis ad this year as part of my annual celebration of Christmas. Moz the Monster isn’t enough to make up for a despicable propaganda campaign urging white women to mate with black scum.

I guess when the woman in the video is found dead, they can blame Moz the Monster.

I’ll run the 2016 ad featuring Buster the Boxer instead:

Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog (Video)

A foul mouthed woman mocks those who work for a living. Less than two minutes.


Published on Nov 14, 2017

I buy lobster with my EBT card and feed it to my dog. I brag about how it is better to collect food stamps than work minimum wage and pay taxes. I mock the minimum wage workers for paying for my food stamps. I show my free Obama phone next to my normal smart phone. I mention how I am on Social Security for depression.

Anybody who has a problem with this can go to work with their morals and pride while I sit on Youtube. You can have keep your morals while you pay taxes my benefit.

To all the people bitching in the comments you are just jealous:
If you want to confront me don’t be a text bitch. Come do it in voice here:

Here are a few random comments from youtube:

one day your tit will deflate then you’re going to be up shit creek!

I really hope her black boyfriend beats the shit out of her.

Goddamn you’re stacked.

Pure trash.

I think this video is fake as shit, meant to troll.

Nothing wrong with her that half a roll of duct tape wouldn’t fix.

With those cow tits you could probably make good money stripping. You would need to keep your mouth shut, though, because that voice is about as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. I feel like I’m listening to a shitty remake of My Cousin Vinny.

Ghetto white bitch with a brotha recording it all.

This Dog Faked Being Sick So His Owners Could Take the Day Off Work

Dogs are sneaky and they love attention.

Sully figured out that if he pretended to be sick that his owners would not go to work, but would stay home to take care of him.

At least that’s what the owners think and I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.

As long as there’s a dog around to match wits with, life isn’t all bad.


Dogs are becoming more and more like their owners every day. For example, one dog from Utah faked being sick in order to get his parents to stay home from work. Sully started acting up on Thursday, which made his owners — Kennady Longhurst and Alex Salsberry — a little worried.

Longhurst reported that she stopped home for lunch and started hearing Sully make an alarming noise. It sounded like a mix between coughing and choking, which made her call her husband to help investigate. Both were worried about the noise, with Longhurst trying to look online for dog CPR techniques. However, aside from the cough, Sully wasn’t acting any different than normal. In fact, he seemed pretty happy.

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As Sully’s cough subsided, Longhurst and Salsberry decided to wait it out. The rest of the night, he appeared fine. Then it came back in a big way the next morning, right as the two were getting ready to go to work. Interesting timing, right?

The couple, being a solid pair of pet owners, didn’t want to chance it and decided to take Sully straight to the vet for some answers. While the vet had some suggestions — like kennel cough, which is pretty common among dogs were are in close proximity with each other — nothing big came up.

As it turns out, their dog faked being sick for attention.

“After $85 our vet told us OUR DOG WAS FAKE COUGHING FOR ATTENTION. (And it worked)” Longhurst wrote on Instagram.

“We’re pretty sure he knows that we know he was faking it,” Longhurst said to Buzzfeed. “So he is just a naughty faker who wanted some extra attention, and boy did he get it. We baby him so much he probably learned that if he acted weird or different someone would spend the day with him.”

Haha. Those big sad eyes are saying “Love me, mom and dad.”

Hateful Gook Arrested for Pouring Scalding Hot Water on Caged Dog

The cruel Chink arrested for repeatedly pouring boiling water on a dog doesn’t even speak f*cking English!

We need to make it our mission to see that he’s deported from the People’s Republic of California, where Gooks can do no wrong, to his home country, where they probably eat dogs.


Daily Bulletin

Two teens at a Chino Valley park called sheriff’s officials after they watched and recorded a man at a nearby apartment building pouring scalding water on a caged dog Tuesday evening, according to San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials.

“You could hear the horror in the girl’s voice when she said, ‘Oh my god, is that boiling water?’ ” said Deputy Dan Renear on Wednesday.

The teens were in Pinehurst Park around 5 p.m. when Renear said they heard a dog whimpering. The 17-year-old boy and girl looked around and spotted the caged dog on the third-story balcony of a nearby apartment building. That’s when Renear said the pair saw a man, later identified as 22-year-old Enping Qu, use a tea kettle to pour water over his girlfriend’s dog.

Renear and a trainee, Dominic Ramirez, tracked down the right unit at the apartment in the 16000 block of Butterfield Ranch Road.

Qu, who spoke very limited English, allowed the deputies into the apartment, where they found the dog, still wet and warm, in the cage in the balcony.

Using Google translator on their phones, deputies learned the dog belonged to Qu’s girlfriend, who was at school, Renear said.

As Ramirez spoke to Qu, Renear spotted an electric tea kettle on a warming plate that had been turned off.

“But when I touched it, that thing was still scorching hot. I couldn’t even put my hand on it,” he said.

Because the complex is fairly new and doesn’t show up on all maps, Renear said it took Inland Valley Humane Society officers a little more than an hour to arrive at the complex.

“But even after an hour and a half or an hour and 15 minutes, when they tested the water — even after all that time — it was 129 degrees,” Renear said.

Detectives learned Qu poured hot water on the dog five times, according to a sheriff’s statement.

Qu was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and animal control officers took possession of the dog. It’s unclear if the dog will be returned to its owner, Renear said.

Records indicate Qu was released on bail.

“I’m a dog-lover and it makes you angry,” Renear said. “It was a very sweet and loving little dog.”

The case is still under investigation. Authorities ask anyone with information to call the Chino Hills sheriff’s station at 909-364-2000.

That dog better not be returned to its owner. I’m contacting someone about this case. We’re going to try to put Qu in prison and then get his sorry ass out of the USA.

Stupid Woman Who Got Her Dog’s Paw Prints Tattooed on Her Breasts Regrets It


They’re being removed.

The tats, not Adele’s boobs.

I appreciate her devotion to her dog Max, but tats are not the way to show that love.

Adele is now older and wiser. She’s looking for a man. It would be hard for any man to compete with the memory of a beloved canine friend.

Back in 2007, when a then 18-year-old Adele got paw prints tattooed on her breasts in homage to her beloved family dog Max, she thought she’d love them forever.

Newfoundland Max had just turned eight which is the average life expectancy for his breed, and Adele wanted a permanent reminder of her furry friend, ready for when the inevitable happened.

So got a large paw print tattooed above each breast – each eight inches wide and three inches tall.

Then student Adele popped along to a local tattoo studio in her hometown of Leicester clutching an image of a paw print she’d printed off the internet, along with a tracing of Max’s giant paw print.

She spent an hour perfecting the design with the tattoo artist and left feeling pretty chuffed, after handing over £100.

Despite her nan saying she hoped the tattoos would ‘rub off’, Adele was initially really pleased with them.

The inking was supposed to be a permanent reminder of her beloved pooch

‘I went to university in Portsmouth where everyone noticed my tattoo, which I loved,’ she recalls.

‘I was in the buzz of freshers, always getting my boobs out and showing my tattoos off.

I guess it became my “thing”.’ But her feeling of elation only lasted a year, when people started making snide remarks.

‘I started getting negative comments and being called names like “Paw Tits”.

They were the first thing that everyone noticed,’ Adele says.

‘Everything became about my boobs and the tattoos, and not about me.

‘Even if they were slightly on show and someone noticed, I’d shudder and want the ground to swallow me up.’

The now 28-year-old charity worker said she completely changed her style to cover up her tattoos.

‘I hated my boobs and what I’d done to myself,’ she remembers. ‘I started wearing high-neck tops, even in summer.

I’d be sweating just so I could cover them up.’

Adele says her love life has been affected by her paw prints, saying her ‘self confidence has been shattered by them’. ‘I’m sure that’s why I haven’t had many relationships lasting for more than a month in 10 years,’ she reveals. ‘Blokes get the wrong idea about me. They think I’m easy which is not what I am like at all.’

Adele has now started laser treatment at the a clinic in Leicester, which uses the technique to remove 20,000 tattoos every year.

She’s understandably quite excited. ‘I can’t wait to have my paw prints removed,’ she says.

‘The clinic does it by allowing the light produced by the laser to pass through the skin and break up the tattoo ink into tiny particles, which are disposed of through the body’s immune system.

‘It’s going to take 18 months and costs £1,000, but it will be worth it if it means I can be happy in my own skin.’

Dog Friendship with Duck Stops Traffic


The next time you’re in tiny Strout, Minnesota (population 25), be sure to stop and have your picture taken with local celebrities Max and Quackers.

Their adorable friendship has spawned several stories in the media the last few days. It’s a happy love story of a type that you’re not going to see every day.

CBS Local Minnesota

Max and Quackers belong to Patrick and Kirsten Riley. Max is a 12-year-old Huskie, Quackers is a 4-year-old duck — and the two are inseparable.

For the 25 people that live in tiny Strout, Minnesota, the story of Max and Quackers is already legendary.

“Sometimes on my way home I actually hope they’re out there because they’re just too precious to look at,” said neighbor Alisa Godejahn.

On any given day, rain or shine, the pair can be found sitting along Highway 28, looking like a greeting card just waiting for a caption.

It’s a lonely country roadway, and in some ways that’s symbolic of how this unlikely pair came to be.

“Initially he was very energetic. He was everywhere,” Patrick said.

Laid-back Max was 5 when the Rileys adopted him. He became friends with Sasha, another Huskie they had at the time. But when Sasha passed away, Max was alone — until the Rileys got Quackers the duckling. He too had lost a couple buddies along the way.

“He was without any friends, and so Max would sit next to his pen all the time and I think they just kind of bonded that way,” Patrick said. “After we let him out, they just never left each other’s side.”

You could say that Quackers took to Max as a duck takes to water. But the feeling was mutual. Alone no longer, they now do everything together — everything.

“They sleep together, they eat together, they drink together, they go for walks together down the road. Everything is together,” Kirsten said.

They share carpeted sleeping quarters in the garage, and it’s not unusual to hear the sound of webbed feet and paws bright and early in the morning — sometimes even a quack and a bark.

“It’s enough to get anyone driving by to do a double-take,” Patrick said.

“We see people stopping over there all the time. The traffic gets clogged up over there sometimes because of all the pictures getting taken,” Alisa said.

Pictures that they will send to the Rileys.

“They love it. They say it brightens their day. They’re so happy to see this different friendship and love,” Kirsten said.

The Rileys know Max is no longer a young pup. He’s 84 in dog years, but if you measure your journey through life by being a good friend to someone else, then these two have put on a lot of miles together.

After all, if a dog and duck can put aside their obvious differences, why can’t the rest of us?

“Some people have said that a duck will find a mate, a companion, and once they have that companion they’re set,” Kirsten said. “And that’s what Quackers found with Max.”

The Rileys say Max and Quackers will sit along the road in their favorite spot, but they spend more time closer to the house in the winter.

Patrick does go duck hunting, and Max likes to sniff the birds he brings home, but he obviously doesn’t look at Quackers as that kind of duck.

The only thing I’ve ever said in complaining about dogs is that they don’t live long enough. When Euro man created the dog from the wolf some 15,000 years ago, he forget to breed for longevity.

Max is old. I hope Quackers finds a new canine friend to usher him into his old age, just as he’s been a blessing for Max.

God bless both of them.

Why We Empathize with Abused Dogs


The little white girl above is a volunteer at an animal shelter, helping to put out food for the dogs. Her reward is obvious from the photo–a heaping helping of puppy love.

So why do little girls volunteer to help man’s best friend? Science knows.

Daily Mail

It seems humans are more moved by the suffering of dogs than people, according to a study.

In new research, scientists described a report about an attack ‘with a baseball bat by an unknown assailant’ and each time the victim changed.

The study found we are moved the most by the suffering of puppies and children, but battered dogs elicited more empathy than abused humans.

Scientists say this may be because animals are more helpless than humans and less able to defend themselves.

Professor Jack Levin and Professor Arnold Arluke, from Northeastern University in Boston examined the opinions of 240 people who received one of four fictional news articles.

‘Arriving on the scene a few minutes after the attack, a police officer found the victim with one broken leg, multiple lacerations, and unconscious. No arrests have been made in the case’, the police report read.

In each example the victim changed.

One concerned the beating of a one-year-old child and a second an adult in his 30s.

The other two were about a puppy or a six-year-old dog being abused.

The difference in empathy between child and puppy was ‘statistically non-significant’, but the dog garnered more feeling than the adult, researchers found.

‘Respondents were significantly less distressed when adult humans were victimised’, researchers wrote.

The findings suggest people really do see their dogs as members of the family.

This research is backed up by a 2015 charity campaign.

The campaign asked; ‘Would you give £5 to save Harrison from a slow, painful death?’, in one version Harrison was a human and in the other he was a dog.

The pooch version of the advert attracted significantly more attention – suggesting we really do find it easier to empathise with our four-legged friends.

Professor Levin told the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association: ‘The fact adult human crime victims receive less empathy than do child, puppy, and full-grown dog victims suggests adult dogs are regarded as dependent and vulnerable not unlike their younger canine counterparts and kids.

‘In addition, it appears that adult humans are viewed as capable of protecting themselves while full-grown dogs are just seen as larger puppies.’

Professor Levin reckoned findings would be similar for cats.

He said: ‘These are animals to which many individuals attribute human characteristics.’

The experiment also showed that our levels of empathy are related to how helpless the victim is, writes The Times.

Adults getting beaten up might make us less sympathetic because we tend to partly blame the victim in such attacks.

I speculate that women human victims receive more sympathy than male victims. I also speculate that white female victims receive more sympathy than black ones.

I don’t have to speculate about dogs. A little short-legged mixed breed fellow strains at the leash to greet me every time he sees me. I’ve never given him so much as a bite of food but he relishes my head pats and friendly words of greeting. His enthusiasm is one reason why we love dogs.