Spot the Hidden Pooch in the Garden

Let’s take a break from the serious news and have a little fun.

Can you spot the dog in the photo above?

It took me about 5 to 10 seconds to spot the rascal. But I know dogs. He’s there. See if you can spot him. Clicking on the picture on my computer makes it fill the screen, which might might him easier to spot for you.

Press the continue reading button to see where he’s hiding.

There are also two more photos showing the handsome fellow.

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Evil White Woman Arrested for Dumping Dog on Road



Watch the viral Facebook video of Hope chasing after the vehicle from which she was dumped. It’s at the bottom of this post.

Kudos to Deputy Turner for tracking down Hope and giving her some water.

USA Today

SPRINGFIELD, Missouri — An arrest was made following the release of a surveillance video that shows a woman dumping a dog Tuesday morning east of Springfield, Missouri. The video, which shows the dog chasing the vehicle as it drives away, has gained more than 1.1 million views.

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Amazing! Dog Saves Fellow Canine that Fell into Pool (Video)

40 seconds of doggie heroics. The quick thinking by the hero dog is really amazing. What a blessing dogs are!

JetBlue Crew Saves Distressed French Bulldog with Oxygen Mask


If French bulldog Darcy had been in the cargo hold, no one would have known that she was having trouble breathing. She might have died.

But she appears to have had her own seat on a JetBlue flight, which helped save her life.

Kudos to the crew members who had the sense to put an oxygen mask on the doggo’s snout. Breathing pure oxygen led to a tail waggin’ happy ending to this story.

ABC News

Plane passengers rarely describe air travel as a breath of fresh air, but it was literally that for one family’s bulldog on a recent JetBlue flight.

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“I’m walking!” Adorable 4 Year Old Maya, who has Cerebral Palsy, Takes First Steps

Rejoice in the powers of Euro man’s medical knowledge.

One of the things that caught my attention was how happy Maya’s dog is that she’s able to take her first steps, following surgery. The big poodle loves her as much as her human fam.

Watch on Twitter, if you prefer.

Excerpt from ABC News

A 4-year-old with cerebral palsy in Michigan stole the hearts of countless people recently when her family posted video of her gleefully taking her very first independent steps.

With her parents, older brother and pet dog close by and urging her on softly, Maya Tisdale, beaming from ear to ear, rises from a blue bench in their Traverse City home and takes a few steps. In the video, she then sits back down but not before celebrating the major milestone.

“I’m walking! … I’m walking!” Maya says in the video posted to social media Sunday. “I’m walking! Yes! … I even took a big step.”

Dindu Female Who Left Pupster in Car that Got Towed Arrested for Animal Cruelty


Josha Silk, the former owner of the Yorkie Jack, now removed from her custody, is a 22 year old black female who works as an independent contractor, selling cosmetics from what I can tell.

Leaving Jack in her illegally parked car (she’s from out of town) was a mistake since it got towed with Jack still inside.

No one’s going to convince me that the tow truck driver, also assuredly black, didn’t notice the little fellow inside the car. Jack would have been barking his fool head off.

Jack was rescued by police from the impound lot in time.

The Washington Insider

Police are warning pet owners to be vigilant this summer after freeing a panting Yorkie from a scorching hot vehicle in Washington, D.C.

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Dog Who Played Duke in Bush’s Beans Commercials Has Died

Sad news for all dog lovers.

USA Today

As millions of Americans gather for grill-outs this Independence Day, they might well ladle an extra helping of Bush’s baked beans for Duke — or the furry actor who played him, to be precise.

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