Heartbreaking: Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for His Dead Owner to Join Him


The unnamed stray dog in this story lives in Brazil, where a woman named Cristine Sardella took an interest in the pathetic creature and publicized its loyalty.

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They had no Idea their Dog was a Hero Until They Found the Note on His Collar

A tail wagging good story of dog altruism should lead everyone to say a little prayer of thanks that we are blessed with these amazing creatures.


This is Louis.

He lives with Marolyn Diver’s parents in New Zealand and although his family have always known that he’s an exceptionally good boy, they’ve only just found out how brave and noble he truly is.

At 12-years-old, he’s getting a bit old and slow so when he disappeared one day, his owners were a bit freaked out.

What they didn’t know was that he was out being a hero.

Eventually, he returned and his family found a note that had been tied onto his collar.

‘He looked so exhausted and had basically just collapsed,’ Marolyn told The Dodo.

‘We were concerned someone might have hurt him. But after reading the note I felt complete and utter relief, then my heart melted.’

The note said: ‘Louis is the hero of the day.

He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile. Cheers, Rob.’ Rob is a farmer who lives a mile away and Maddy is his dog.

Maddy had gone missing earlier that day and when Rob returned from running various errands, he found Louie on his property – demanding that Rob follow him.

Eventually, Rob gave in and was led out to a woodpile where Maddy had gotten stuck.

‘Rob said he was 100% sure that Louie knew what he was doing, and getting Rob to Maddy was his one pure focus,’ says Marolyn.

Once he found her, Louie helped Rob dig her out, pulling at branches, digging out the ground. Rob said the second she was free both dogs ran to a nearby pond and jumped into it exhausted and drinking water. He then gave Louie a huge handful of dog biscuits as a thank you. He knew Louie might get in trouble for being late home, so he thought he would write a small note to explain his absence.’

Louis was so drained after his big adventure that he collapsed as soon as he got home and his family were worried that he might not even make it through the night.

The next day, however, Rob turned up with Maddy in a basket and Louis suddenly perked up.

‘It’s changed the way I look at him,’ says Marolyn.

‘And I think my parents feel the same way. I’m so proud of him.’

There’s a hero inside every dog waiting for the right moment to show himself. Thanks, Louis, for your doggie altruism.

Those Who Abandoned Pets During Hurricane Irma Could Face Felony Charges

It may seem like good news to animal lovers to read that Florida intends to prosecute people who abandoned pets during Hurricane Irma.

There is a downside, however.

People living in storm-prone areas will be less likely to adopt pets in the future if they know that two conditions are present:

1. Hotels and shelters reject pets.

2. Leaving your animals behind in hopes that they will be OK will get you a criminal record.

America ought to have a better infrastructure in place so that dogs, cats, and other companion animals can be given better treatment every day and during emergencies. For example, a master list of out of state volunteers willing to take pets until conditions return to normalcy, in conjunction with transportation services, would be a great improvement in pet safety during emergencies.

Daily Mail

The owners of the pets who were abandoned as Hurricane Irma approached Florida could face felony charges, according to the state’s office of animal control.

Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control officers rescued 49 dogs in the days before the storm hit, all of whom were left outside to fend for themselves.

‘This is a prime example of animal cruelty,’ Palm Beach County state prosecutor Dave Aronberg told the New York Post.

‘We will find you, and we will prosecute you.’

Many of the animals rescued prior to Irma’s arrival were tied to poles or left outside in pens, authorities explained.

‘There is absolutely no excuse for doing that,’ agency director Dianne Suave told the Post.

She and Aronberg have vowed to come down hard on the animal owners.

Both have said they intend to file felony prosecutions against anyone who left their dogs outside during the storm, provided that they can gather enough evidence against those individuals.

The pair are also asking anyone who can to consider sheltering the animals they come across who were left out in the storm.

In addition to the pets rescued by the agency, Animal Care and Control also took in roughly 40 cats and dogs who were given up by their owners due to the impending storm.

Suave explained that surrenders are normal during storms, but the number was particularly high in the lead up to Irma.

‘It’s always disappointing,’ she told USA Today about the surrenders. ‘Our goal is to keep pets and people together.’

Relinquishing a pet to animal control or one of the two-pet friendly shelters in Palm Beach County means the individual gives up ownership of their animal and can’t get them back when the storm ends.

‘I feel torn about that at times,’ Suave said to USA Today.
‘But we’re not a boarding facility.’

Black Owners Condemned After Leaving Pit Bull to Drown in Hurricane Flooding


SPRING (CBSDFW.COM) – A dog owner accused of abandoning his dog found frightened and alone atop a car surrounded by rising Harvey flood waters wants him back.

CBS11 reporter J.D. Miles shared video of the pit bulls’ plight, which quickly went viral. People were outraged by the implication that his owners left their 3-year-old dog named “Blue” behind.

But Blue’s owner Charles Rogers says rescuers are the ones to blame – not him.


“My wife and I were thinking the rescuers were just going to go back and get him,” says Rogers, who feels like people are unfairly attacking him.

Rescuers gave the Rogers family only a few short minutes to evacuate their flooded neighborhood the day Blue was left behind.

“I just jumped into survival mode,” describes Rogers.

He says he grabbed one of his small dogs but agonized over leaving Blue.

Blue also jumped into survival mode and somehow found his way over an eight foot backyard fence, and atop the car where Miles found him, hunched over wearing a forlorn expression.

Blacks should not be allowed to own pit bulls. I hope that the rescuers fight to keep him until a new home can be found for Blue.

Memo to President Trump: I’m Not Supporting Any War to Defend South Korean Dog Eaters


Affection toward dogs seems to primarily be a Western characteristic. Perhaps early Euro man in the far north of the cold European climate found that dogs saved his life by providing warmth on cold winter nights and offered a good hunting companion during the day.

Western people call the canine “man’s best friend.” And rightly so.

Asians, however, view the dog as a source of food. As far as I’m concerned a race of people that eat dogs are a race of people I want no contact with whatsoever.

As tensions mount on the Korean peninsula and John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and others beat their war drums, I’m out of it.

If President Donald Trump succumbs to pressure to attack North Korea, he’ll get no support from me. No Americans should have their legs and arms blown off or die for a race of dog eaters.

Let the Koreans kill each other. Americans can work to evacuate dog refugees. Those are the only Asian refugees I care about. See photo above.


The consumption of dog meat in South Korea, where it is known as “Gaegogi” (Korean: 개고기), has a long history originating during Three Kingdoms of Korea, AD C. 57.[1] In recent years, it has been controversial both in South Korea and around the world, due to animal rights and sanitary concerns. Dog meat is also consumed in North Korea, but the extent or form of this activity is unclear.

Although 5 to 30% of South Koreans have eaten dog meat at least once in their lifetime,[citation needed] only a small percentage of the population eats it regularly. There is a large group of Korean people that are against the practice of eating dog meat.[7] There is also a large population of people in South Korea that do not eat or enjoy the meat, but do feel strongly that it is the right of others to do so.[7] There is a smaller group of pro-dog cuisine people in South Korea who want to popularize the consumption of dog in Korea and the rest of the world,[7] considering it to be part of the traditional culture of Korea with a long history worth preserving.

The BBC claims that in 2003, approximately 4,000–6,000 restaurants served soups made from dog meat in Korea.[8] The soups cost about US$10 while dishes of steamed dog meat with rice cost about US$25. The BBC claims that 8,500 tons of dog meat are consumed per year, with another 93,600 tons used to produce a medicinal tonic called Gaesoju (개소주).[8]

n 2010, the Korean Statistics Information Service reported there were 892,820 dogs in 100,191 farms.[15]
The majority of dogs are slaughtered by electrocution, hanging and being beaten over the head before exsanguination.[15]

Since 1988, international animal welfare activists – most notably, French actress Brigitte Bardot – have campaigned against dog meat consumption in South Korea. However, Korean nationalists on the internet have defended the consumption of dog meat, accusing animal welfare activists of forcing “Westernization” on Korea.[28] A 2007 survey by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture showed that 59% of Koreans aged under 30 would not eat dog. Some 62% of the same age group said they regard dogs as pets, not food.[33] Many young Koreans think those who eat dog are anachronists.[34]

Dog in Need of Help Got Help Thanks to Her

While on vacation in Turkey, a British family find a starving street dog and want to rescue it. The local Muslims laugh and mock them for their empathy toward man’s best friend.

Here’s a heartwarming story of the European’s love for animals, highlighting racial differences toward kindness to out four legged friends.

The Dodo

When Nicky Holden and her family booked their first holiday abroad last year, they had no idea that they’d be returning with an extra family member.

They spent their first few days in Turkey laying by the pool and swimming in the sea. But on day three, Holden decided to head to a local market in Fethiye with her partner, her daughter and her brother-in-law for some shopping.

“We were looking at the stalls and exploring the market when we turned a corner and I saw this black mass on the floor. It looked like a pile of rubbish, but I knew it was a dog,” Holden told The Dodo.

“She was laid there on the ground and everyone was just stepping over her,” she said. “It was shocking to see a living creature in such a state, needing help, and hundreds of people just walking past, paying her no attention.”

“As we got to her, she looked up at us and wagged her tail,” Holden said. “She was so skinny and could barely lift her head.”

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Dog sobs when she sees rescuer coming to save her

I’ve noticed that Hindus and Europeans worldwide are the only groups that consistently show kindness toward animals. Thus, it’s one reason I rarely criticize the Hindu people.

The dog isn’t actually sobbing, but doing her best to speak in words that humans would understand. Dogs communicate hundreds of messages, if you’re willing to listen.

The video is very popular with over 3 million views so far.

Published on Aug 11, 2016

We got a call that a dog had fallen into a deep well in a village outside of Udaipur. When we arrived we found a heartbroken dog desperate to be helped. Watch her amazing rescue!

There’s a link on youtube for anyone wanting to donate to the rescue group.

Warning: Some commenters claim the video is fake, with the rescuers putting the dog in the well.