Nigger Charged with Throwing Chihuahua Off 7 Story Garage Had Been Arrested 40 Times Before


It’s rare that I will use the word Nigger in a post, but sometimes it’s the only word that fits.

Animal lovers in San Francisco want to see the dog murdering monster get the maximum penalty allowed by law. I believe they will stay with this case and get justice for Dunky, the Chihuahua.

ABC7 News

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The auto burglary suspect who hurled a chihuahua off the seventh floor of a San Francisco garage is no stranger to the law.

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White Female Letter Carrier Arrested for Feeding Dogs Meatballs Laced with NAILS



When my dogs were alive I often worried about some sicko trying to harm them. An Alabama man has lived the nightmare, which came his dog’s way via a woman who delivered the mail to his home.


MADISON COUNTY, Ala.- A Madison County mail carrier is charged in an animal cruelty case.

Madison County Sheriff’s deputies charged Susanna Burhans, 47, with aggravated animal cruelty after they say she fed meaty treats with dangerous ingredients to dogs along her route.

Ed Glover tells WHNT News 19 Burhans was his mail carrier.

He found one of the meatballs on the ground by his mailbox at his New Hope home, and discovered that the meatball was filled with nails. He believes the mail carrier had already fed one to his dog, Missy.

He became worried about Missy, and tells us he took her to the veterinarian. Glover showed us x-rays he says were taken that day, and nails are clearly visible inside the dog’s stomach.


Glover showed WHNT News 19 the x-ray he said was taken the day he found the meatball

Glover is happy Burhans was charged Thursday. He said he wants the system to do what is right, so no other pets can be harmed. He hopes Burhans does not return to her job as a mail carrier.

Burhans is released from the Madison County Jail on a $2500 bond. reports that Burhans is facing up to 10 years in prison, if convicted.

If she harmed my dog, she would have more than prison to worry about.

Since the hottest days of summer are approaching, here is a pet safety reminder:

And another safety tip:

Finally, always be a slave to your dog, like this guy:

Youths Shoot, Mutilate, Set Fire Killing Dog that Strayed from Loving Owner’s Home

There’s not much that can be said here. Because of the age of the dog murderers nothing real will happen to them.


Graphic and disturbing video has surfaced online showing young people central Texas repeatedly shooting a dog before shoving firecrackers inside its body and watching it burn.

Police are investigating after a cell phone recording of Snapchat video was posted on Facebook – and a trail of tips led authorities to a town outside Waco
“I have no idea how the dog died or who this kid is, but since he found it so funny and cool to post it on his snapchat, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I shared it with facebook,” wrote Serena Kristiana Teakell when she shared the chilling content on social media.

“I hope you’re embarrassed of yourself.”

It’s not clear when the dog died.

The shocking footage went viral and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

In a follow-up post, Teakell explained why she felt the need to publicize the graphic footage.

“I posted it because, as it goes with all things, when the public is outraged they can not turn a blind eye to the subject,” she wrote.

“At the very least, he will be shamed publicly and at the very least, everyone will be aware of his deep seeded psychological issues.”

She went on to identify the teen shown in the video, calling him a “bratty sadistic child.”

“He needs punishment and therapy,” she said.

Afterward, the dog’s owner, James Plant, came forward to identify his beloved furry friend and share his heartbroken reaction in an interview with NBC affiliate KCEN-TV.

Plant only found out about the tragedy after he saw the video circulating on social media – and recognized his pup’s face from her mismatched eyes. Ellie had one blue eye and one brown eye.

“I froze up,” he said, recalling the first time he saw the footage. “I was definitely horrified to say the least.”

Ellie went missing about a week earlier after she broke free and ran off, he explained in an emotional interview.

“I’m really mad at myself now,” he said, faulting himself for not finding his dog right away.

Now, he wants to see the perpetrator brought to justice.

“I want to see him be charged with the criminal act it was,” he said.

Initially, Hewitt police launched an investigation Friday evening, after several members of the public recognized one of the suspects shown as a Hewitt resident, according to police press release Saturday.

During the course of their investigation, police found out the gruesome incident actually took place outside city limits, in the jurisdiction of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department near China Spring.

The sheriff’s office confirmed its ongoing investigation online.

“I can assure you our Criminal Investigation Division is working on this right now and any and all charges that apply to this incident will be filed and we will push for prosecution to the fullest extent,” sheriffs wrote in a Facebook post.

“If you have any information that may assist in this investigation, please contact dispatch at 254-757-5222.”

In the aftermath, friends of the dog’s owner started a GoFundMe page to help fund civil litigation against the parties involved.

In Texas if the dog’s owner wins a lawsuit, he won’t be easily able to collect.

Latino Filth Kills Girlfriend’s Chihuahua Because He Didn’t Want to Walk It

chihuahua killed

The “mom” of the deceased dog in this story is a well-known mystery meat model (Hispanic?) with a large number of images on Google.

Her fame and fortune could not protect her baby from an abusive Latino boyfriend. No one can tell me that the piece of sh*t had not already abused other animals and women.

Throw the book at him. Do to him exactly what he did to Honey.

Excerpt from the New York Daily News

A Queens man killed his fashion-model girlfriend’s Chihuahua, tearing the pooch from her arms and slamming her to the floor while her horrified 11-year-old daughter heard in the next room, prosecutors charged Monday.

“He knew I was really close to the dog. He knew how important the dog was to me. He never liked my dog,” said a devastated Karem Belalcazar, 30, in an interview with the Daily News Monday night.

Belalcazar said her boyfriend, Carlos Hernandez, 32, killed Honey, her 3-year-old Chihuahua, during an argument inside her Forest Hills apartment Sunday afternoon. She said she started dating Hernandez — who she knew from high school — in June, but the relationship soured after the start of the new year.

On Sunday, she told him they were through, and she wanted him out of the apartment, she said. Hernandez yanked the diminutive dog from his Belalcazar‘s arms, then threw it to the floor, prosecutors said. Honey started bleeding from the ears and died about 15 minutes later.

Belalcazar said her daughter didn’t see what happened, and she blocked the girl from entering the room.

stop animal abuse