Black Cop Who Dumped His Emaciated Dog in Trash Arrested


Blacks seem to commit animal abuse at a much higher rate than the general population. It’s another form of cultural enrichment that diversity brings to your town and mine.

Inside Edition

A police officer who allegedly dumped his emaciated dog in a trash bag in a Philadelphia park has been arrested.

Michael Long, an 11-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is accused of leaving the pit bull for dead in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park last November. Long, 33, surrendered to police on Thursday.

A dog walker alerted the SPCA after seeing the pup’s nose sticking out from a trash bag. Photos taken shortly after she was found show her cowering on the ground, with her rib bones visible through her fur.

The SPCA took in the 3-year-old dog, who has been renamed Cranberry.

They learned she had a microchip, which they say led them to Long.

Following months of treatment, Cranberry was adopted, the SPCA told

“Cranberry is doing wonderfully now,” spokesperson Gillian Kocher said. “She is in her new forever home, has recovered completely physically and has the same sweet and loving personality that she has always had.”

She was adopted by a man who followed her story on the news, Kocher said.

“He was so touched by her story that he came in to make a donation and met her,” she said. “He returned twice while she was recovering, and when she was ready to go home, he made it official.”

Following the investigation by the SPCA, Long surrendered himself to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit on Thursday.

He is charged with two misdemeanors for animal cruelty, one misdemeanor for possession of an instrument of crime, and a summary charge of animal cruelty, police said.

“He has not acknowledged any wrong doing in this case as of this time,” Kocher said.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross has suspended Long for 30 days with the intent to dismiss at the end of the 30 days, police said in a statement. He was assigned to the 18th District.

This story was posted on the web about a month ago. Long should be gone soon.

Victory for the Dogs! Negro Who Taped Dog’s Muzzle Shut Sentenced to 5 Years

I swear I try not to make everything about race. If April the giraffe ever has her baby, you’ll read about it here. That’s not racial. I wish it wasn’t necessary to be realistic about race so much.

When I saw the good news headline about a man sentenced for duct taping a dog’s muzzle shut, I recalled the dog but not the man.

Lo and behold as I put this post together, there’s a picture of another jigaboo perpetrator of a heinous crime involving what looks like a pit bull.

As far as I know there’s no data base that breaks down animal cruelty convictions by race, but observation alone suggests the Negroid race places no value of the lives of our canine and feline friends.

Which to my mind means that blacks should not be allowed to own pets.

Fox News

CHARLESTON, S.C. – A South Carolina man who wrapped electrical tape around a dog’s muzzle to stop her from barking has been sentenced to five years in prison.

Media outlets report William Dodson’s sentence Friday represented the state’s maximum for animal cruelty. However, it will run simultaneously with a 15-year sentence on a federal gun charge. Dodson’s treatment of Caitlyn won’t extend his prison time.

Judge Markley Dennis told the 43-year-old North Charleston man, “I wish I could give you more.”

Charleston Animal Society director Aldwin Roman says the sentence still sends a message that animal cruelty won’t be tolerated.

Caitlyn was found in critical condition. The tape cut off blood flow to her tongue.

The case sparked international outrage after photos of Caitlyn’s tightly bound snout spread on social media.



The last two photos were sourced from the Daily Mail. A group of shirtless firemen posed with animals for a calendar benefiting charity. Caitlyn still has a scar across her snout, which will not go away. The scar is seen in some of the DM photos.

Negroid Devil Arrested for DOG MURDER Released from Prison Four Days Earlier


The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office has charged a River Rouge man with setting the family dog on fire, as well as obstructing police.

David Westly Didlake, 27, was charged Friday with animals – killing/torturing; assaulting/resisting/obstructing a police officer; and abandoning/cruelty resulting in death of one animal.

At approximately 9 p.m. Nov. 29, police were sent to a house in the 80 block of East James Street to investigate a dead white dog that was observed to be burned near a bottle of accelerant.

As a result of the investigation, Didlake was arrested after it is alleged he resisted police.

He was arraigned in 25th District Court in Lincoln Park and received a $75,000 cash/surety bond.

A probable cause conference has been scheduled Dec. 13 and a preliminary examination of the evidence against him set for Dec. 20, both at 25th District Court.

Officials did not provide a possible reason as to why Didlake allegedly set his girlfriend’s Shih Tzu on fire. Contrary to an early media report, River Rouge police said Didlake did not do it in anger over the dog biting his young child.

Researching this ape revealed his release from prison on 11/28/2016. His 2014 crime is listed as Assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

According to a post on Facebook, the dog was his girlfriend’s Shih Tzu.

Didlake is an extremely dangerous creature. A sane society would quickly and humanely execute him with a bullet to the back of the head.

Since America is no where close to sane, regular readers know that my punishment would involve a good lashing and/or caning. Make him feel pain. It’s a deterrent. It would make him think twice about having more violent outbursts.

More on this case can be read here.

Youths Shoot, Mutilate, Set Fire Killing Dog that Strayed from Loving Owner’s Home

There’s not much that can be said here. Because of the age of the dog murderers nothing real will happen to them.


Graphic and disturbing video has surfaced online showing young people central Texas repeatedly shooting a dog before shoving firecrackers inside its body and watching it burn.

Police are investigating after a cell phone recording of Snapchat video was posted on Facebook – and a trail of tips led authorities to a town outside Waco
“I have no idea how the dog died or who this kid is, but since he found it so funny and cool to post it on his snapchat, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I shared it with facebook,” wrote Serena Kristiana Teakell when she shared the chilling content on social media.

“I hope you’re embarrassed of yourself.”

It’s not clear when the dog died.

The shocking footage went viral and has been viewed more than 2 million times.

In a follow-up post, Teakell explained why she felt the need to publicize the graphic footage.

“I posted it because, as it goes with all things, when the public is outraged they can not turn a blind eye to the subject,” she wrote.

“At the very least, he will be shamed publicly and at the very least, everyone will be aware of his deep seeded psychological issues.”

She went on to identify the teen shown in the video, calling him a “bratty sadistic child.”

“He needs punishment and therapy,” she said.

Afterward, the dog’s owner, James Plant, came forward to identify his beloved furry friend and share his heartbroken reaction in an interview with NBC affiliate KCEN-TV.

Plant only found out about the tragedy after he saw the video circulating on social media – and recognized his pup’s face from her mismatched eyes. Ellie had one blue eye and one brown eye.

“I froze up,” he said, recalling the first time he saw the footage. “I was definitely horrified to say the least.”

Ellie went missing about a week earlier after she broke free and ran off, he explained in an emotional interview.

“I’m really mad at myself now,” he said, faulting himself for not finding his dog right away.

Now, he wants to see the perpetrator brought to justice.

“I want to see him be charged with the criminal act it was,” he said.

Initially, Hewitt police launched an investigation Friday evening, after several members of the public recognized one of the suspects shown as a Hewitt resident, according to police press release Saturday.

During the course of their investigation, police found out the gruesome incident actually took place outside city limits, in the jurisdiction of the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department near China Spring.

The sheriff’s office confirmed its ongoing investigation online.

“I can assure you our Criminal Investigation Division is working on this right now and any and all charges that apply to this incident will be filed and we will push for prosecution to the fullest extent,” sheriffs wrote in a Facebook post.

“If you have any information that may assist in this investigation, please contact dispatch at 254-757-5222.”

In the aftermath, friends of the dog’s owner started a GoFundMe page to help fund civil litigation against the parties involved.

In Texas if the dog’s owner wins a lawsuit, he won’t be easily able to collect.

Disgusting Fort Bragg Soldier Ordered to Carry Picture of Puppy He Drowned

John Garrett Burrow is a psychopath.

He tied up his lab puppy and threw it in a pond where the poor creature drowned.

He’s apparently still in the American military. This demon spawned by his father Lucifer should never be allowed to carry a gun. If the military wants to keep him, that fine organization should send him on a suicide mission in Afghanistan.

His wife, pictured, was an accessory to his crime. This barbarian loving woman may ultimately receive punishment enough just by being married to him. If I were her, I would sleep with one eye open.

Army Times

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A judge has ordered a Fort Bragg soldier to keep a picture of the puppy that he drowned in his wallet while he’s on probation, along with other punishments.

Multiple media outlets report Spc. John Garrett Burrow, 24, was ordered Tuesday to keep a photo of 8-month-old Riley, a Lab mix that drowned in November 2014. Burrow had pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty for tying Riley’s feet to his snout with military parachute cord and tossing the dog into a pond.

Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons sentenced Burrow to 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service. He must carry Riley’s photo in his wallet for two years, WTVD reported.

Burrow apologized in court, saying he has no excuse for killing Riley. A charge of accessory after the fact is pending against his wife, Kelsey.

“I’m sorry,” Burrow said, according to a report in the Fayetteville Observer. “So very sorry, and sorry to Riley. I did love Riley. I did love that dog. I have no excuse.”


Burrow, the slimy lying maggot, should also be banned from ever owning a dog again. All you social justice warriors could actually do something useful by tracking his movements and reporting him if he ever does acquire ANY animal–dog, cat, parakeet, or anything else.

One more thing. “Thank you for your service, asshole.”

Baylor U. Football Player Shown in Horrific Acts of DOG ABUSE in Snapchat Video


Nothing to see here, folks. Just TNB. It’s only a dog. Nobody cares. The sacred race rules over all creatures.

The NFL is going to love this shitskin’s mean, nasty attitude.


A video exclusively obtained by News Channel 25 shows yet another ugly side to Baylor University football.

In late June, a video of Ishmael Zamora, a wide receiver for the Bears, was shared on another Baylor player’s Snapchat. The video shows Zamora abusing his dog.

Viewers can hear Zamora’s dog yelp as Zamora hits the dog with a belt. The player then kicks, yells and curses at the dog.

Former Baylor student, Shelby Ball, said she knew she had to do something as soon as she saw the video.

“I went to authorities probably about two hours after I saw the video,” Ball said. “Dogs can’t speak for themselves… I felt like something needed to be done.”

Police documents show that Ball initially went to Animal Control and the Baylor Police Department with the video of Zamora. The documents show that the school’s athletic department knew about it.

Documents add that Zamora said he was only trying to discipline his dog and not harm him.

Zamora expressed that same sentiment in a statement he released to News Channel 25.

“I lost my temper trying to discipline him,” Zamora said. “I’ve been through training with a dog trainer to help me learn new potty training tips.”

But Ball said she doesn’t think trying to discipline the dog is a good enough excuse.

“I can’t imagine anybody who loves their dog and treats their dog well, hitting their dog against the face because they had an accident in the house,” she said.

This gentleman of color was fined $500 for his TNB.

Two points must be made:

1. A paltry $500 fine is nothing. Muh Nigga ought to be sentenced to a hundred hours of community service, plus a much larger fine. And then jailed if he does not comply.

2. The poor creature must be taken away from him and his family and then a good home found for the dog. You abuse animals, you don’t get to keep one.

Oh, one more thing.

The so-called Christians at Baylor University must expel his sorry African ass. Permanently.

Shelby Ball, a young lady of color, the color white, is to be commended for her quick action in notifying authorities. In general, with a few exceptions, white people do not tolerate animal abuse.

Asslete worship must end!

MASSACRE: Dozens of Bomb Sniffing German Shepherds MURDERED in Kuwait

dead dogs kuwait

Please help save the lives of the remaining 91 dogs still alive by spreading this information far and wide.

Miami Herald

Dozens of American-trained dogs were killed by a Kuwaiti-based company last week, according to multiple reports, though there are conflicting explanations for the deaths.

An Instagram post by the Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit showed the dogs’ bodies piled on top of each other in a narrow hallway and called the action by Eastern Securities of Kuwait a “horrifying animal abuse/massacre.”

“Due to their contract being revoked, they slaughtered 24 of their US K9 dogs whom were trained by USK9 dog training facility which is located in Louisiana, USA,” the post reads. “This security company is an American company which worked with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). KNPC paid 3000KD (equivalent of $9900)/month) to the security company for each dog.”

But the Eastern Securities of Kuwait said the animals were euthanized due to ongoing health issues, not because of the failed contract.

“These dogs were suffering in the condition they were in,” an anonymous employee told the Arab Times. “In my opinion, this should have been done a year ago.”

He said all the dogs had to be put down either due to aggressive tendencies or medical conditions that included tumors, cataracts, chronic diarrhea and hip dysplasia. He said they had planned to euthanize the dogs in smaller groups but that a member of the kennel staff “jumped the gun,” and has since been fired.

The Kuwait National Petroleum Company said Tuesday that it took no part in the killing of the dogs and expressed regret. A spokesman for the company said they canceled the contract because a third party tested the dogs’ ability to detect hidden explosives at oil rigs and the dogs did not pass the tests.

Exhibit 1 from Instagram:

There was an extremely sad and horrifying animal abuse/massacre incident at a security company based in Kuwait on June 17, 2016 in Kuwait. Due to their contract being revoked, they slaughtered 24 of their US K9 dogs whom were trained by USK9 dog training facility which is located in Louisiana, USA. This security company is an American company which worked with Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC). KNPC paid 3000KD (equivalent of $9900)/month to the security company for each dog. Early this morning, a brave lawer, Esmail Al Misri, representing the workers from Nepal at the security company and an avid animal lover, advocate, and rescuer, Mimi Maamoun, went to file a complain at Mina Abdullha police station against the security company. The environment police and municipality registered the case. There are another 91 dogs remaining at the security company. While they abused the dogs by having them on duty for 24 hours without rest, their foreign workers would not dare to speak up and raise any issues with the company as they were also being mistreated and abused. At this point, we as animal lovers in kuwait, USA, and other countries, we need to advocate all the animals by spreading the news and be the voice for these poor animals. We must help save the remaining animals! PLEASE NO DONATION IS NEEDED from/to any individuals or organizations. I will keep you posted as soon as I obtain further information.

Exhibit 2 from Facebook: