Conspiracy or Accident? CIA Files on Oswald Missing from JFK Documents

There must be 100 different theories about who killed JFK. That works to the advantage of the real killers, whoever they may be.

Whatever the truth is, the evidence shows that the Deep State has long done its best to keep the public in the dark by promoting the lone nut gunman theory.

Alternet via Salon

All of the U.S. government’s files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are supposed to be released by October 26. But one batch of CIA records on suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald has gone missing.

The records were part of a seven-volume file on Oswald held by the agency’s Office of Security. The OS is responsible for protecting CIA property and vetting agency personnel, and maintains a file system independent of the CIA’s Central File Registry. Declassified CIA records show that Volume 5 of the file records existed as recently as 1978.

The disappearance of the records, discovered by JFK researcher Malcolm Blunt, is significant because the Office of Security was the first component of the CIA to open a file on Oswald, an ex-Marine who defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959 and was later charged with killing JFK in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

The official story that Oswald acted alone is widely disbelieved. President Lyndon Johnson, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, French president Charles DeGaulle, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro all privately concluded that JFK was killed by his political enemies, not by a lone assassin.

As a result, conspiracy theories have proliferated over the years, including President Trump’s bogus claim that Ted Cruz’s father was involved.

New JFK files

The disappearing Oswald file is the latest in a series of remarkable revelations that news organizations have found in long-secret JFK assassination files made public for the first time by the National Archives in July.

WhoWhatWhy reported on documents showing that the mayor of Dallas at the time of JFK’s assassination, Earle Cabell, was a CIA asset in the 1950s. His brother, Charles Cabell, was a high-ranking CIA official until 1962.

While the documents don’t show that Earle or Charles Cabell had any connection to JFK’s assassination, they do illuminate that the CIA’s extraordinary penetration of domestic American institutions extended to the city where JFK was killed. If anyone had said over the last 50 years that the mayor of Dallas in 1963 was a CIA asset, they would been derided as a conspiracy theorist. Now we know for a fact that he was.

Ian Shapira of the Washington Post plumbed the new records to recount the secret interrogation of Yuri Nosenko, a KGB intelligence officer who defected to the United States in 1964. Nosenko was detained without charges for four years in what would now be called a CIA black site.

The Nosenko affair (celebrated by HBO) was a key chapter in the CIA’s reaction to JFK’s assassination. James Angleton, the powerful chief of counterintelligence, suspected Nosenko had been dispatched by the KGB to conceal the Soviet ties to Oswald and the assassination. The interrogation of the “foul traitor” Nosenko failed to confirm Angleton’s conspiracy theory, according to the Post.

Writing for Politico, professor Larry Sabato and journalist Philip Shenon reported that one new CIA file showed that in the mid-1970s, one of Angleton’s top lieutenants came to doubt the Warren Commission’s finding that JFK was killed by Oswald, alone and unaided. Sabato and Shenon argue that the JFK investigation was “botched” and the possibility of a Cuban government involvement was ignored.

On AlterNet, I quoted extensively from the same records to show that the JFK investigation was not so much botched as “controlled’ by top CIA officials, including Angleton. The CIA made at least four false statements to investigators. The effect of these statements was to conceal what top CIA officers, including Angleton, knew of Oswald while JFK was still alive.

Collectively, the new JFK files pour more cold water on the “KGB did it” conspiracy theory, while encouraging questions about the “Castro done it” theory. Mostly, the new files illuminate how the CIA resisted investigation of Oswald after JFK was killed, and why the public, and CIA officials themselves, came to reject the official story of a lone gunman.

Officials of the National Archives have told AlterNet they will release thousands of pages of additional secret JFK records before October 26.

It Took 11 Clintonistas to Write ONE TWEET for Hillary

hillary dr evil

The more documents that Wikileaks dumps the more the stupidity and incompetence of Hillary Rodham Clinton is revealed.

What an absolute mess this dingbat’s life has been. She wants to leave her fingerprints on everything, which she does, thereby with her magical fingers turning the thing touched into s**t.

How many people does it take to compose one tweet for Hillary Clinton? The answer is a modest 11, all things considered. The latest WikiLeaks dump reveals how a tweet about committing to helping Puerto Rico was forged.
The revelation comes from the publication of a cache of emails circulated between Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, and various advisers and staff, some of which address concerns about how to best word a tweet arguing that Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is everyone’s problem.

“HRC wants to do a tweet on Puerto Rico regarding the debt crisis,” Clinton’s advisor, Ann O’Leary, said in an email with nine other people copied in.

“Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is not theirs alone. We must partner to find > smart solutions to stabilize & grow PR’s economy and help people thrive,” she suggested.

“Our goal,” she explains, “is to be empathetic to Puerto Ricans, make clear we are in this together b/c [because] their health and well-being is our and b/c many Americans hold PR municipal bonds as part of their retirement portfolios. We don’t want to suggest a bailout, but we do want to suggest that we should partner to solve the problem.”

She then adds her suggested tweet, “in need of Lauren’s magic and 3 characters over,” referring to another staffer. This is what it looked like: “Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is not theirs alone. We must partner to find smart solutions to stabilize & grow PR’s economy and help people thrive.”

The tweet then went to Amanda Renteria, who suggested that Clinton should upstage the other candidates, including Jeb Bush by putting more emphasis on “compassion.”“Just make sure we consult with our PR people,” replies Jake Sullivan. Renteria then adds that “One thing missing is that there’s a sense of the ‘underlying problems.’” Another staffer, Robbie Mook, then chimes in, before Podesta himself offers a version.

“How about: Puerto Rico debt crisis affects all Americans. We must…”

A dozen emails later, the campaign staff finally dedides on the following 134-symbol tweet (without Clinton’s signature).

Here’s the magic Tweet that it took 11 people to write:

Given that Hillary has already been widely accused of being too distant from everyday Americans, this newest WikiLeaks revelation is likely to prompt even more speculation as to what part of what she says publicly actually comes from her?

Ah, but that Tweet is clearly brilliant. In the entire history of the world, no other writing of this quality has ever been seen. For the next 10,000 years that Tweet will be discussed and worshiped wherever mankind gathers.

Thank you, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for all you do for us. I don’t see how humanity survived before you came along.

Breaking: Guccifer 2.0 Claims to Have Hacked Clinton Foundation, Exposing “Pay-to-Play” Folder

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hillary nuts

Will the FBI and Justice Department act to imprison Bill and Hillary now? Don’t hold your breath.

Daily Caller

The hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 claims to have hacked into the Clinton Foundation’s computer servers.

“I hacked the Clinton Foundation server and downloaded hundreds of thousands of docs and donors’ databases,” the hacker said in a statement posted online Tuesday.

Believed to be affiliated with the Russian government, Guccifer 2.0 released a screen shot of a list of files said to be from the Clinton non-profit’s servers. A massive 820 megabyte file was also released on the site as well as links to several databases containing donor information.

The legitimacy of the documents has not been independently verified.

More on this developing story later as events unfold.

ASSANGE : The next leak will lead to the arrest of Hillary CLINTON (Video)

The future of the existence of European/American civilization rests on the shoulders of one man–Julian Assaunge. My God! How can any American worker step into a voting booth and deliberately vote for the Satanic evil shitstain that is called Hillary Clinton? What must we as a people be to even contemplate such a thing as a Clinton administration!

Even our canine friends can’t help expressing their negative opinion about Hillary.


Unfortunately, the good work by Fido may be for naught. Assange is canceling the Tuesday announcement out of what is said are security concerns.

Fox News

Wikileaks has abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement on Tuesday, according to NBC News. The announcement had been expected to be founder Julian Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton.

NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez reported that the Tuesday announcement — which was to come from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary for years – was canceled due to “security concerns”.

Wikileaks has not said when it will now make its “announcement.”

Assange appeared on Fox News last month, repeating his assertion that Wikileaks has damaging documents on Clinton and suggested WikiLeaks may soon release “teasers.” More than three weeks later, that release has yet to take place.

Clinton’s more fervent opponents have hoped for weeks that the promised document dump would be an “October surprise” – damaging and revelatory emails or the like — and inflict a mortal wound on her campaign. There’s no evidence however that such damaging information even exists.

There is this cryptic announcement from Roger Stone, offering hope to us Hillary haters.

Stay safe, everyone. The Clinton body count is already too high.