Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr.

The rumor is that Vanessa wants her money (via a probable pre-nup) before Special Counsel Robert Mueller strips the Trump family of their wealth via his investigation into their finances.

Setting aside rumor, Vanessa was hospitalized recently after receiving a white powder in the mail, a hoax assassination attempt.

Perhaps she wants to take the five little Trumps and go someplace out of the spotlight.

New York Post

Vanessa Trump filed for divorce against her husband Donald Trump Jr. late Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

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Negress Starts Massive Fire After Losing Home in Divorce, then Walks to Walmart with her Cats

Here’s a good reason to prefer not to live in the same neighborhood with a jigaboo family.


PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. – State fire investigators said a Paulding County woman set her house on fire, causing the flames to spread to 19 other houses, including Auzalea Godfrey’s.

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Divorce: Selective Shaming by the Left Used to Destroy Traditional Morality

Yesterday, one of the featured news stories here was the effort by local authorities to force semi-nude coffee girls in Everett, Washington to cover up.

We discussed the sleezy baristas and their sleezy customers in the context of the law.

What surely disturbs some of us is the lack of society’s disapproval of naked coffee stands.

Shaming by leftists rarely extends to sexual behavior by women, but only by men. This selective shaming is unhealthy. Baring your surgically enhanced breasts to sell a cup of coffee to some horny fool isn’t “empowering” no matter what feminists say.

The following excerpt covers a chunk of a wider discussion on shaming as a tactic to discourage sleezy or harmful behavior. The focus in the excerpt is on divorce. However, shaming (and shunning) is a tactic that ought to be widely applied in our “anything goes” culture. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are not the only ones who deserve to be shamed.

Excerpt from The Federalist

Sociologists such as W. Bradford Wilcox at the University of Virginia for decades have noted the tremendous damage divorce — another project of the sexual revolution — has done to America’s social fabric. Children exposed to divorce are more likely than their peers in intact marriages to suffer from serious social or psychological pathologies. Adolescents with divorced parents are more likely to drop out of high school when compared to children from intact families. Adolescent girls with divorced parents are three times more likely to become teen mothers, while their male counterparts are twice as likely to spend time in prison.

The effects of divorce are a huge drain on our nation’s wealth and resources. If the United States enjoyed the same level of family stability today as it did in 1960, one sociologist has estimated that the nation would have 750,000 fewer children repeating grades, 1.2 million fewer school suspensions, approximately 500,000 fewer acts of teenage delinquency, about 600,000 fewer kids receiving therapy, and about 70,000 fewer suicide attempts every year. Wilcox’s research has found similar detrimental effects caused by cohabitation.

Yet our culture, media, and dominant institutions have not only abandoned any kind of shame attached to divorce, cohabitation, or other deleterious side-effects of the sexual revolution (e.g. abortion on demand, pornography); we promote them as an intrinsic part of our freedom to pursue our own life goals and self-actualization.

Curiously, the only elements of the sexual revolution mainstream culture seems focused on attacking are those perceived to violate consent — harassment, rape, etc. Even here the hypocrisy runs deep: children from divorced families don’t consent to broken homes; the approximately 650,000 American babies aborted every year don’t consent to their conception or subsequent murder; and most parents have not consented to a culture where children are exposed on average to pornography at the age of 11.

Burgo’s article goes on to provide a methodology for appropriately applying shame. It must not only humiliate, “it should leave room for those who have violated our standards to experience remorse and then to make amends.” The ultimate goal is to “ease the shaming” and allow violators of our culture’s mores to reintegrate into society. Shame, public penance, forgiveness, and reintegration. This also should sound familiar.

Prior to the secularization and atomization of Western society, this is the way our communities, either through the judicial system or churches, dealt with crimes against society. As First Things contributor Marc Barnes notes, citing Cambridge University historian Helen Mary Carrel, the majority of medieval punishments “were administered by small communities who took responsibility for their own criminals. Shaming punishments — like shaving the head of an adulteress or dunking a crooked merchant in the river — worked, and they worked because a person really could be shamed to have broken the peace of an actual community of neighbors.”

Today our public shaming methods obviously need not be identical to these, but can at least include other more modernly acceptable methods of expressing disapproval. Moreover, for many centuries, those who violated church rules were expected to publicly confess their sins and do penance, then were ultimately reintegrated into the Christian community.

Ironically enough, far removed from the Enlightenment and its attempts to remove the shackles of institutional religion’s influence on society, modern experts are (seemingly unknowingly) taking their cues from the tactics of pre-modern Christian societies. Forms of shame — both public and internal — are now good and useful. So is public penance and ultimately, forgiveness (although one wonders why darlings of the Left like Al Franken are being forgiven so quickly). If only liberals had a principled means of applying shame, we might actually be able to cooperate on a vision of the common good for all Americans.

Disgraced Pervert Jew Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, Heads to Prison

He’s going to be getting five day a week sex addiction therapy in prison. LOL.

Will the Jew headshrinkers be able to cure the Jew patient of a Jewish inborn quality?

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode when Carlos Danger is released from prison.

New York Post

Perverted ex-pol Anthony Weiner is headed to prison Monday for sexting with a 15-year-old girl — a crime he called his “rock bottom” after years of career-killing online antics.

The disgraced Democrat spent his Sunday holed up in his Union Square apartment, where a source in the building spotted Weiner’s dad, Morton, getting Starbucks at around 11 a.m.

Father and son then spent about five hours together ahead of Weiner’s trip to the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Mass., where’s he’s under orders to arrive for his 21-month sentence no later than 2 p.m.

The lockup — on a former Army base about 40 miles northwest of Boston — is just one of two sites that offer residential treatment for sex offenders, who share a common housing unit and undergo therapy five days a week.

Other infamous inmates include inside trader Raj Rajaratnam, who suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, and Peter Madoff, a reported cancer survivor who helped older brother Bernie Madoff scam $20 billion from investors through his epic Ponzi scheme.

Weiner, 53, twice broke down in tears when he was sentenced in September, following earlier scandals that forced him from Congress in 2011 and sank a comeback bid that saw him leading the 2013 mayoral race before he was exposed as X-rated cyber-sexter “Carlos Danger.”

“Hot Felon” Turned Model Jeremy Meeks Earns $1,000,000 A MONTH Says Mudshark Wife in Bitter Divorce Battle



It’s always a pleasure to see your enemies making a mess of their lives.

Here we have a Jewess, a mudshark, and a worthless mulatto criminal involved in a scandalous divorce battle.

The best outcome, from a purely fantasy perspective, would be if the so-called hot felon were to take out his wealthy girlfriend when she ditches him and then off himself.

Meeks is a globalist psy op. He’s not there to sell products, but rather to encourage white women to mudshark. Hell, most women would probably not be aware that Chloe Green is a Jew, a member of a group of mixed race people with light skin.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks makes a million dollars a month, claims his estranged wife Melissa as their bitter divorce battle continues on.

Melissa is now seeking spousal and child support from Jeremy, 33, and, according to new documents seen by TMZ, has declared her income and estimated her ex’s.

The website reports Melissa’s million dollar figure was estimated off of her ex’s modelling contracts.

TMZ points out, however, that it’s not certain if Melissa had even seen her ex’s documents as she produced the figure.

Melissa says she makes $10,000 a month as a registered nurse in the Bay Area.

The couple have been going from strength to strength since then, and Chloe has even met Melissa and Jeremy’s seven-year-old son, Jeremy Jr.

Melissa is seeking sole legal and physical custody of Jeremy Jr.

In court documents seen by TMZ in which she applied for child support and spousal support, Melissa claimed her ‘hot felon’ ex ‘basically lives as a playboy with a rich girlfriend’.

Melissa claims her ex drives a $150,000 car and now has lots of pricey jewelry.

She also said fame had ‘gone to his head’ and that Meeks sees their son ‘maybe 2 days a month.’

But while Chloe, 26, is a multi-millionairess, thanks to businessman dad Philip Green, Meeks has only intermittently been working.

The prisoner turned model made his debut on the catwalk at New York fashion Week, and has been seen taking part in various photoshoots.


Single mother Melissa says, whatever his income, it is surely more substantial than her wages as a nurse at a young offenders institute.

She writes in the documents: ‘I am not yet sure of his income, but I am sure it is more than mine.’

In a interview with Inside Edition, Melissa said she was ‘in shock’ when asked how she felt about being ditched by her man for his new billionaire girlfriend.

‘I didn’t really know what to do’ a saddened Melissa said.

Melissa should have expected it. Meeks is a felon. He doesn’t play by the rules.

She may be glad he left when she gets a phone call one day telling her that he’s been arrested for murdering Chloe or some other meal ticket.

It’s why there’s a saying, “Avoid the groid.”


FAIL! Dumb Professor Explains Why Men Don’t Get Married

Zowie! I never knew that men have just learned to masturbate and that’s a good substitute for marriage. But I don’t read academic papers written by professors anymore, so I’m in the stupid zone, I guess.

Or maybe the feminist libtard professor has it wrong. Maybe there’s more to it that the professor doesn’t want to talk about.

Karl Denninger’s Market-Ticker

This is truly laugh-worthy, and late — because frankly, it didn’t deserve any digital ink at the time.

But when one gets bored….

Thanks to cheap sex, marriage may be doomed.

The share of Americans ages 25-34 who are married dropped 13 percentage points from 2000 to 2014. A new book by sociologist Mark Regnerus blames this declining rate on how easy it is for men to get off.

Regnerus calls it “cheap sex,” an economic term meant to describe sex that has very little cost in terms of time or emotional investment, giving it little value.

He goes on to “credit”….. masturbation, as if that’s some new thing.

I think he’s got a few screws missing — never mind a few timelines.

What this clownface refuses to acknowledge is the changes in legal environment for marriage. Previous to the so-called sexual revolution once you said “yes” to marriage you were mostly stuck. Oh sure, you could walk off, but you couldn’t get a divorce without showing fault, which was mostly defined as terrible cruelty, alcoholism, abuse and similar offenses. “I don’t love you anymore” didn’t cut it, and more to the point if you took off and ran as a woman you didn’t get either the kids or the money.

Now there were certainly severe problems with this arrangement, not the least of which was that men could run off with the money, but not the kids — and they sometimes did. That left both the woman and children in terrible circumstances. But those cads couldn’t get an actual divorce without fault either, so remarriage was out of the question (on pain of a bigamy charge, which was and still is a real thing.) This kept the serial cads mostly at bay simply because you could only play the game once.

The problem today is that while there has been plenty done to allegedly address the issue of a man running off and abandoning his children (at least financially) statistically speaking what it has led to is an enormous number of women who run off without any cruelty or evil involved in their marriage and take both the kids and the money. So we went from an injustice a modest part of the time with an inhibiting factor remaining for serial abusers to the opposite injustice a great majority of the time and removed the inhibiting factor as well so those of both sex who wish to serially abuse the other sex — and the kids — can now do so!

Men have figured risk out and have been left with exactly zero options available to them to mitigate it Many have simply decided not to go down that road because the outcome is completely out of their control. Add to it the so-called “gender studies” crowd that likes to proclaim that all sex is rape and has managed to get the view that men can consent to sex when drunk, but women cannot ensconced in extra-judicial career and life-destroying punishments meted out in colleges (which would never pass muster in an actual court of law) and it’s not hard to figure out why a larger and larger percentage of men have said “**** that” and refused to entertain the option.

“In the domain of sex and relationships, men will act as nobly as women collectively demand,” he writes.


No demand will carry any weight when lefty and righty are available and “good enough.”

See, that’s the problem when you get down to it, which this clown doesn’t want to deal with: For interpersonal sex to “win”, especially on a “bonded” basis, it has to offer more to both parties.

Remember that lefty never complains about a headache, it can’t claim******the next morning if you had a couple of drinks and it has a zero set of odds of destroying you both mentally and financially.

Maybe, just maybe, a bit of a more-honest look at the situation is called for, and perhaps one should consider that the “total package” has to be more attractive on balance than the alternatives — which of course include no partner at all.

Click on the link to Market-Ticker to read quite a few good comments written by men telling their tales of woe. They are as informative as the article.

Breaking: Pervert Anthony Weiner to Do 21 Months in Prison for Underage Sexting


The Congressman who couldn’t keep it in his pants will be going to prison. He’d better keep it in his pants there.

The Daily Beast

Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in prison Monday on federal charges of sending pornography and sexually explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl.

“Transmitting obscenity to a minor to induce her to engage in sexually explicit conduct by video chat and photo—is far from mere ‘sexting,’” prosecutors implored the judge.

Weiner pleaded guilty to sending obscene material to a minor in May, with prosecutors recommending a sentence of 27 months in prison. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Weiner, 53, resigned from Congress after tweeting an explicit photo from his account in 2011. Two years later, sexting revelations derailed his mayoral bid in New York. He continued his reckless behavior even after encountering a high-school student, and sexted with a Trump supporter while wife Huma Abedin was on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton.

At the time, Abedin said she had forgiven her husband, and that the couple was “moving forward” with their young son.

Abedin finally filed for divorce after his guilty plea.

“Weiner, a grown man, a father, and a former lawmaker, willfully and knowingly asked a 15-year-old girl to display her body and engage in sexually explicit conduct for him online,” prosecutors wrote. “Such conduct warrants a meaningful sentence of incarceration.”

His lawyers asked the judge for leniency.

“Anthony had already repeatedly been ruined by scandals in which his ‘confidential’ adult counterparts reported their explicit encounters to the tabloids,” his lawyers pleaded. “He responded as a weak man, at the bottom of a self-destructive spiral, and with an addict’s self-serving delusion that the communications were all just Internet fantasy.”

In a letter to the court, Paul Kelly, a psychotherapist who said he’s been treating Weiner for nine months, said he suffers from “sexual compulsivity problems, sometimes referred to as ‘sex addiction.’”

“In Anthony’s case, his negative sexual behavior has revolved around sexually explicit communications with strangers on the internet,” the counselor, Paul Kelly, wrote. “For him, communication and affirmation are his goals, not actual physical sexual contact, and the communications he has sought have consistently been with consenting adults. The exchange he had which crossed legal boundaries was an anomaly.”

The New York Post earlier this month ran the story and a video of the teen girl that Weiner sexted. You can read the story and watch the video here.