Blacks Demand Principal Be Fired for Trying to Protect White Pupils from Evil, Violent, Dumb Negros


The nice white lady above, Christine Hoffman of Pinellas County Florida, showed a little mild racial solidarity.

Her “skool” is about 98 percent black. The handful of white kids must suffer horribly in such a place. It sounds like what she was trying to do was segregate the white kids in their own classroom.

The mini-spearchuckers’ parents are now feeling disrespected. You know what that means: White heads must roll.

Christine should be given a medal for her sensitivity to trying to help the white kids learn something in the middle of the chaos that is the black classroom.

Watch this one minute video on Liveleak to get a feel for the absolute lack of civilized behavior in black classrooms. The monkeys at the zoo are better behaved.

The principal at Campbell Park Elementary School has requested to transfer out of her job and into a role inside the school district headquarters because she says her actions “are a distraction to the school and learning atmosphere.”

Community members in St Petersburg are calling on the Pinellas County School District to fire Christine Hoffman for “racially insensitive comments.”

A handful of community members stood outside Campbell Park Elementary School Monday with signs stating “Principal Hoffman Must Go” and “End Racism in our schools”.

Principal Christine Hoffman held two parent meetings Monday to explain her actions.

Following the meeting, Principal Christine Hoffman asked to be transferred because of the “distraction she has caused to the school.” She will be working in the district offices, pending an investigation into why she made “racially insensitive” comments. The vice principal will step up in the meantime.

Hoffman has come under fire since she emailed her staff at Campbell Park Elementary last Tuesday instructions for next year’s classroom rosters.

Among the instructions, she wrote: ”white students should be in the same class.”

Campbell Park has 606 students, 49 of them are white, 20 are Hispanic students, 18 are multiracial and 3 are Asian.

Hoffman told parents she made the comment in an effort to “make students feel more comfortable.” Parents pressed the principal why she didn’t make the same rules for students of other races. Hoffman emailed her staff last week apologizing for her “poor judgment.”

She sent another letter to families explaining, “As a white woman leading a predominantly black school, I am approaching this as an opportunity to learn. This recent incident makes it clear that I need to seek additional opportunities to apply racial sensitivity and cultural competence in my work. The guidelines included a statement on assigning white students together, and I explained in the meeting that I was asking that there not be a class with only one white student. I was not asking that all white students in each grade be clustered, as that is not our practice in creating class lists. I understand how racially insensitive the guideline was.”

The Pinellas County School District says they are developing a corrective action plan and community members are calling for them to take it one step further and fire Hoffman.

Parents said Hoffman seemed unapologetic in Monday morning’s meeting, saying she stopped the meeting early to read the school announcements. They said she did not directly answer their questions and told parents she was “the best thing to happen to Campbell Park”, according to Tammie Jenkins, a community member who attended the meeting.

Jenkins, who doesn’t have students at the school but attended the meeting as a passionate community member added, “It seems an awful lot like segregation. I thought we were past this.”

David Jackson still hopes Hoffman leaves the district all together, “She’s wrong. She’s got to go.”

Delphine Abrams, whose grandson attends the school agrees, “We have come too far as a community and as a nation to go backwards.”


Police: Indiana State professor behind fake Muslim threats


Another anti-Muslim hoax has emerged in America.

A Muslim untenured professor of aviation (who should not have been in the United States to begin with in my opinion) is in trouble with the law and his school.

Azhar Hussain, pictured above, allegedly wrote anti-Muslim threats against himself and falsely reported to police that he was assaulted.


An Indiana State University professor was arrested for allegedly fabricating anti-Muslim email threats and an assault against himself on campus.

Azhar Hussain, 56, was arrested Friday and charged with felony obstruction of justice and misdemeanor harassment, the Tribune-Star reported.

Hussain, who worked as an assistant professor of aviation technology, has been suspended from teaching duties, according to a release sent out by the university.

The school says the charges originate from a series of emails with anti-Muslim messages and threats from what they thought was an unknown sender at the time, with Hussain as a target.

The first report of these emails occurred on March 8. On March 24, Hussain reported that someone attacked him from behind and threw him to the floor.

Police say after they investigated the claim and tracked down the computer where the emails came from, they discovered evidence that pointed to Hussain as the alleged letter writer.

“Based upon the investigation, it is our belief that Hussain was trying to gain sympathy by becoming a victim of anti-Muslim threats which he had created himself,” said the chief of ISU’s police department, Joseph Newport. “It is extremely unfortunate that this situation caused undue concern on other members of the ISU community.”

Newport said numerous campus crime alerts were sent out as a result of the email and the alleged assault.

University Provost Mike Licari told Law Newz that Hussain has not only been suspended from teaching and has been told he will not be teaching at the university beyond the 2017-18 year, but the university is also seeking to formally dismiss him.

Hussain is being held in Vigo County Jail on $10,000 bond. He is scheduled to appear in Vigo County Superior Court 6 on Monday.

The usual garbage about values that include inclusion, multiculturalism, and diversity are part of the ISU culture. Those are just bullsh*t words for white race replacement. ISU picked up a felon when it decided to include this incompetent nonwhite nut job. It serves them right that he’s now embarrassed them.

Try, convict, sentence, then after time served, deport.


Got it Indiana?

Oh, and never donate money to a university. It usually ends up in the greedy, grasping fingers of turds like Hussain.

Western Kentucky Students Demand Reparations for Blacks While Declaring Standardized Tests “a tool for white supremacy”


At many universities students are obsessed with football, keg parties, and Greek activities. The Student Government Association is usually populated with students who have an agenda of some kind, striving to make a name for themselves so they can go into politics for real later in life.

The backstory on how a group of students voted to give free tuition to blacks (meaning they would pay for themselves and the blacks since nothing is free) and to abolish standardized tests as racist would be an interesting story to know. Alas, we don’t know that story.

Apparently, a lifetime of indoctrination into antiwhiteness motivated them to make a crazy resolution and pass it. The school’s president, while mouthing all kinds of affirmative action nonsense, isn’t buying the student’s resolution.

Bowling Green Daily News

Western Kentucky University’s Student Government Association passed a resolution Tuesday supporting reparations for African-American students.

The resolution calls on WKU to create a task force to “assess the feasibility of test-optional admissions and geographically-weighted admissions,” citing research showing that using standardized test scores in the college admissions process “restricts the college opportunities for needy students, helping higher education perpetuate inequality.”

The resolution passed with a margin of 19-10, with one person declining to vote.

SGA senators Andrea Ambam and Brian Anderson wrote the resolution. Anderson said he and Ambam talked a lot about overcoming racial inequality as a society in drafting the resolution. He said they were inspired by a similar resolution endorsed by students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


WKU President Gary Ransdell responded to the resolution through a statement issued Thursday afternoon.

“Student success is an important ongoing discussion at Western Kentucky University, and the recruitment, persistence and success of underrepresented minority students is a daily focus across this institution,” Ransdell wrote.


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New York City Subway Attack on White Woman Results in Arrest of Retarded Looking Negro

One more reason why judicially administered corporal punishment should be legalized. The boob and vagina grabing Nigga turned really mean when his ape advances were met with resistance.

New York Daily News

Police busted a 24-year-old man Sunday they say groped a young actress on a Greenwich Village subway platform and then pushed her onto the tracks.

Cops charged Kimani Stephenson with attempted murder, assault and sex abuse Sunday about 3 a.m., a few hours after nabbing him at his home in the Lillian Wald Houses in the East Village.

Cops were led to his home by a tip after releasing surveillance photos of the suspect hours after the Friday attack on the F train platform at 14th St. followed by video early Saturday.

A woman speaking from behind the door of Stephenson’s apartment hours after his arrest told the Daily News she had no comment.

The victim, Bonnie Currie, was transferring to the No. 1 train when she was attacked.

He came up behind me and he grabbed one of my boobs with one hand and he grabbed my vagina,” Currie told the Daily News Friday. “I told him to f— off and he pushed me onto the train tracks.”

After three shocked fellow straphangers helped her back onto the platform, she was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital, where she underwent wrist surgery. She was also treated for a torn ligament in her left shoulder and a bruised femur.

“It’s that nightmare every woman has in New York — and it happened,” Currie, 22, said of the attack. “It was terrifying and unreal.”

Stephenson said nothing as he was led out of the 28th Precinct stationhouse after being charged Sunday. He was awaiting arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court Sunday evening.

Former Teacher At Muslim Private School: Student Called Boston Bombers ‘Jews’


There’s so much going on in this story that it should be read first before taking aim at the bad guys. It’s an example of how diversity is not a strength.

Daily Caller

A student at a private Muslim school in Queens, New York called the Boston Marathon bombers Jews, a former teacher says.

The New York Post reported Sunday that Nina Kossman, a former English teacher at the Razi School in Woodside, asked her students at one time: “Do you know what happens when people start hating each other for their differences?”

One student replied, “My parents said they [the Boston bombers] were bad people. They were Jews.”

The two Muslim brothers behind the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing were Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan was killed during a shootout with the Boston Police Department following the bombings and Dzhokar was convicted for his involvement and sentenced to death by a Boston-area jury on May 15, 2015. He now sits in prison at a Colorado maximum security facility.

“I was shocked,” said Koss­man. Kossman was removed from the private religious school last month after she told students the Adam and Eve story is a myth.

Kossman had angered the students’ parents by telling their children that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all share the same story and that it is “not real.” According to the Post, Kossman claimed by doing so she would “help build up tolerance” for other religions.

However, she displayed an image of a classical painting of Adam and Eve in the nude in the Garden of Eden.

A group of angry parents showed up at the school the next day to complain that she “discussed Jews with them and showed them pictures of naked people” Kossman said she was told by Imani Al-Amin, an assistant to the principal. Kossman was one of the school’s city paid teachers.

OK, start with the last sentence and ask yourself how in the hell a city is able to legally pay a teacher teaching in a private Muslim school. That is just so fuxated as to be beyond belief.

Second, why are Muslims such liars? Taquiyya urges Muslims to lie to defend the faith, but such an obvious lie as identifying the Boston bombers as Jews is ridiculous. Did a student really say that or is teacher Kossman (a Jew herself?) not telling the truth.

Finally, Kossman had no business telling students in any school that Adam and Eve are mythical figures. According to this report in the New York Post, the students were third graders. Kossman’s story is an interesting one. She migrated to the U.S. from Russia. She’s taught at 20 different religious schools and claimed never to have experienced trouble before. She’s currently still employed but not allowed to teach.

“Everything” Hurts: Disgraced Felon Doctor Dragged Off Plane Playing Up Injuries for Lawsuit?

In World War II it was called malingering.

A soldier would exaggerate the extent of his injuries in order to avoid returning to battle.

What it’s called today, I’m not sure. Insurance companies know what I’m talking about. A claimant exaggerates the extent of his injuries in order to get a larger settlement from the insurance company. Let’s just call it fraud.

The Vietnamese immigrant dragged off a United flight, a drug dealing faggot, is still hospitalized while claiming that “everything” was injured. People live through severe car wrecks with less damage than this liar. He’s clearly setting up United and the airport police for a big, big lawsuit.

New York Post

The Kentucky doctor who was violently dragged off a United Airlines plane is currently recovering in a Chicago hospital, according to a report Tuesday.

David Dao, 69, of Elizabethtown, Ky., told from his hospital bed that he was not doing well.

When asked what hurt, Dao replied, “Everything,” according to the TV news channel.

His loved ones said Dao was grateful for all the support he received after the now-viral video of the incident sparked major backlash against United on social media.

“The family of Dr. Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received,” his lawyer, Stephen Golan, wrote in a statement to CNBC.

The cop seen dragging off muh gook is a black man. Hey, I’m calling out all the criticism of the cop as anti-black racism. If the cop were not black, America wouldn’t have gotten twisted into a pretzel defending the Asian.

I stand with United and the blacks. I’m outnumbered for sure. The Telegraph reports that the black officer has been suspended. Yeah, blame the black man!

What say you?

Watch on youtube, if you prefer:

Daily Mail Exposes Chink Dr. Kicked Off Plane as Scumbag Trading Drugs for FAGGOT Sex with Patients


Thank God for the Daily Mail. Otherwise, nonwhites would get away with thousands of times more sh*t than they do. The DM actually publishes the things that the American media covers up.

Case in point: That Asian physician that drew massive sympathetic publicity when he was kicked off a United Airlines flight leaving Chicago. As you might guess, he got NO sympathy here, although one of the millions of white social justice warriors defending him tried to defend him on this site. We wiped out the SJW. Good work.

Within 24 hours of the story breaking across the world, the Daily Mail did what SJWs are calling a smear job on the doctor. It’s not a smear if it’s true.

Here are the facts. I think you’ll conclude that this disgusting piece of shit should never have been allowed to come to America, never been allowed to become a doctor because of his low IQ, and should have his sorry ass kicked out–not just out of a plane, but out of the USA.

Excerpt from Daily Mail

The troubled past of the doctor who was dragged off United Airlines in an incident which has plunged the company into crisis is revealed – including his felony conviction and need for ‘anger management’.

Dr David Dao has past of illicit gay sex with a patient, and tested positive for drugs, official documents reveal.

The medic, who specializes in lung disorders, was accused of refusing to give up his seat on Sunday’s United Express flight UA3411 flight from Chicago to Louisville for the airline’s staff.

Cellphone footage of the Vietnamese-born grandfather’s ejection has caused an uproar with critics claiming officers were heavy-handed in taking the senior from the flight.

The doctor spoke to WLKY and told them ‘everything’ was injured.
Dr Dao has not yet sued the airline but it is clear that if he did, the documents would be likely to be used by United in their attempt to defend their actions.

The row over its handling deepened on Tuesday as revealed how United told its staff that the doctor ‘tried to strike law enforcement’. That version of events is not apparently supported by videos taken by other passengers.

The disclosure of what they said to their own staff came after United’s CEO, Oscar Munoz, was accused of being ‘tone-deaf’ for his non-apology to the doctor.

United lost $800 million of its value as shared plunged on Wall Street in the wake of the PR disaster.

The father of five, who has won sympathy globally over the incident, was given a suspended jail sentence for illegally obtaining and trafficking controlled substances by fraud and deceit.

He was also found to have in engaged in sex with a male patient- Brian Case, who he knew from the church they both attended – and then supplied him with drugs, including Oxycontin, in exchange for sexual favors.

The sexual liaisons, which happened motel rooms, were recorded by undercover agents. He paid $200 in cash each time he met Case.

Case said he believed that Dr. Dao wanted to hook him on drugs so he would keep meeting him for gay sex.

Dr. Dao was arrested when Case agreed to go undercover. Even when he was caught with his shirt off and pants unbuckled, he denied he was there for gay sex with Case.

The secret sex and drugs life of the doctor first came to light in in July 2003 when police alerted the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure of the allegations against him.

In October 2003 he was indicted by a Jefferson County Grand Jury for ‘criminal acts of trafficking in a controlled substance, obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit, and unauthorized prescribing, dispensing or administering of controlled substances’.

His medical license was suspended later that month.

Dr Dao underwent intense scrutiny and re-training for several years after his convictions.

His wife Dr. Theresa Dao, who was with him on the ill-fated flight, has stood by him.

She first alerted the medical authorities about her suspicions of her husband’s involvement with a patient.

In 2015, his medical license was partially re-instated with restrictions placed on his access to patients.

The findings were revealed by the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure in June last year and stipulated that monitoring had to be continued of the doctor’s behavior.

The Hardin Memorial Hospital, where he worked, placed him on ‘ a corrective action plan by due to disruptive conduct’.

He was also referred to the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation for ‘evaluation and anger management’.

He was also tested positive for Ultram/framadol and had his doctor’s license suspended.

In November 2004 a jury convicted him on felony counts of Obtaining drugs by fraud and deceit. The jury recommended a sentence of two years and eight months on each felony count.

In January, 2005, Dao was sentenced in Jefferson Circuit Court to two years and eight months on each felony conviction. He was allowed a five year supervised probation.

From not knowing his medicine to being a habitual liar, the charges against this vermin just keep going at the Daily Mail.

Now do you see the argument we make here all the time? When you have a third world population, you get a third world country.