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Scientific Proof of Genetic Link to Criminality Making Egalitarians Nervous

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Blacks are overrepresented in prison relative to their numbers in the general population. Of course, our liberal friends say that’s because of white oppression and racism.

Scientists have a different take. And that is surely making the left nervous. Look for studies linking criminality to genes carried by blacks to be quashed before they get started.

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It’s a mathematical reality that the American criminal justice system disproportionately punishes poor people and black people.

But at the same time, the population of people who end up in prison do share some traits. And scientists have now traced one common criminal trait to specific genes.

Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) is wildly overrepresented in prisons. Take a crowd of 100 people of the street, and chances are just one to three of them will have ASPD. Take 100 people from a prison, and you can expect 40 to 70 of them to have the disorder.

That’s significant, because ASPD has been linked with aggression, irritability, disregard for rules, disregard for other people, and dishonesty.

It’s a controversial diagnosis — broad, ill-defined, and overlapping heavily with other disorders like psychopathy.

But there’s reason to take it seriously. Twin studies suggest that genetics explain about half of the variance in ASPD diagnoses, and environmental factors the other half. And a new study has begun the task of identifying which genes are most likely involved in ASPD, with significant success.

An international team of Finnish, American, British, and Swedish researchers examined data from the Finnish CRIME sample — a database of psychological tests and genetic material from 794 Finnish prisoners taken between 2010-2011.

The findings of this study cannot be implemented for any prediction purposes, or brought into courthouses to be given any legal weight.

Of the 794 prisoners, a full 568 screened positive for ASPD. By comparing that group’s genetic material to a large control sample from the general population, the researchers identified a number of genes that may play a role in at least some ASPD cases.

The study’s results are interesting in and of themselves — advancing our understanding of ASPD from Genetics seem to play a role to These genes seem to play a role. This seems to be the first time researchers have made this leap with a personality disorder.

But just as interesting are the concerns the researchers express about how their research might be misused.

“The findings of this study cannot be implemented for any prediction purposes, or brought into courthouses to be given any legal weight,” they write.

In the past, claims about specific genes and violence have been — in the researchers’ words — “misused” by prosecutors as evidence that defendants are violent. And as more studies like this one link specific genes to the potential for violence, that danger only grows.

There are valid, important reasons for scientists to deepen their understandings of disorders like ASPD, but also real dangers of people’s genes being used as evidence that they are criminals.

Our ancestors had it right when they recognized the importance of eugenics and acted on it by sterilizing the mentally defective. Although as a general principle I do not favor abortion, you might ask yourself if the world would be better off without ___________________ ever being born. Fill in the name of your favorite villain–Hitler, Stalin, Obama, Hillary, Lincoln, etc. Would your morality dictate that any of these people never have been born?

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There are several links at Yahoo, including this link to a ASPD factsheet.

“The Fourth Turning:” The Evil System is Collapsing, and Why We Must Be Patient

Kim Kardashian--her bottom is one of thousands of distractions that help keep the elites in power

Kim Kardashian–her bottom is one of thousands of distractions that help keep the elites in power

Our country, indeed the world, is in the throes of multiple crises. What can we expect of the future?

Finally, an analysis rooted in history that puts all the pieces together to explain what has happened, why it happened, and what will be happening in the future.

This article is outstanding. I’ve excerpted a piece and place a link to the whole article at the end of the sample.

Note that The Fourth Turning refers to a 1997 book by Strauss and Howe which predicted our current and future troubles. The coming time of troubles will be the fourth major crisis in American history.

Understanding what is happening will better allow us to prepare for the future.

Those in power need to sell their storyline of advancement, despite the overwhelming evidence of a societal implosion and economic regression for the 99.99%. They need to distract the masses with inconsequential emotional issues like gay marriage, mass murderers, climate change, party politics, racism, and phantom terror threats, so the masses don’t focus on how badly they are being screwed by the One Party invisible government. For those who have been too dumbed down by our government public education system to even comprehend anything beyond a third grade level, we have The Kardashians, Bridezilla, Duck Dynasty, I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, iGadgets, Twitter, Facebook, professional sports, Hollywood blockbusters, and toxic fast food paid for with your EBT card. Our world is besieged by triviality, plagued by idiocy, inundated with propaganda, and consumed with consumption.

In a country of 318 million people, the few believe they must mold the minds of the masses in order for society to function smoothly. Of course this is a huge lie. They need to mold those minds in order to retain their power, wealth, control. They are focused on the daily dose of lies, mistruths, disinformation, and distractions required to keep the masses anesthetized. They have ignored the lessons of history and the big picture driving the Crisis events which will change the world over the next fifteen years. Fourth Turnings don’t calm down, fizzle out, or revert to what happened in the prior twenty years, just as the unyielding harsh Winter cannot revert to the glorious days of Fall or the sweltering days of Summer. There is no escaping the dire, deadly and dangerous times directly ahead of us.

The author uses the analogy of a winter storm to describe our future.  Those prepared for the storm are better situated to survive.

The author uses the analogy of a winter storm to describe our future. Those prepared for the storm are better situated to survive.

The article presents history as repeating cyclically every 80 years. This argument is similar to the Kondratieff long cycle theory that I sometimes taught as an economics professor. There are charts and graphs to help the reader understand the arguments, but these are not terribly intrusive or difficult. Click here to read the whole article. The author claims we must be patient or risk making things worse than they otherwise will be. I’m not so sure of that, but you can read his argument and judge for yourself.