Outrage in New Zealand: Cops Shoot, Kill Airport Security Dog That was Delaying Flights

The outrage is growing over the shooting death of Grizz, an airport sniffer dog who got loose and thus delayed some flights.

The name Grizz will live forever with the name Harambe as a testament to man’s stupidity and cruelty.

Excerpt from stuff.co.nz

Firing a tranquiliser gun to stop a dog running loose on Auckland Airport tarmac was “implausible”, an expert vet says.

Grizz, an Aviation Security dog, was shot early on Friday morning after escaping from his handlers.

His escape caused lengthy delays for more than a dozen flights.

Airport staff spent three hours trying to catch him without any success, and eventually asked police to shoot him so that flights could resume.

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His death has shocked commentators, including TVNZ’s Hilary Barry, who suggested authorities should have tranquilised the dog instead of killing him.

But Callum Irvine, head of vet services at the New Zealand Veterinary Association, has poured cold water on those claims, saying they were unrealistic.

“There just isn’t ready access to tranquiliser guns and darts in New Zealand, and even if authorities did manage to get their hands on one in time, there are so many other factors to take into consideration, like how close the animal is, the animal’s weight, age, and how much adrenaline was also running through the body.”

Irvine, a vet of 19 years, said although vets have access to sedative drugs as part of routine practice, most wouldn’t carry tranquiliser darts or guns because there isn’t usually much need for them.

“The bottom line is that probably no vet clinic in the country actually has or uses tranquiliser guns or darts anymore.

“The only place that you might see a tranquiliser gun used is in a wildlife park or in a zoo, and even then, very rarely – it’s a fairly crude form of delivery of sedation.”

He said guns and darts are designed for animals that are already enclosed, so the shooter would have to get quite close to the animal in order to hit it.

“We don’t know the circumstances under which the dog was shot this morning – but the reality is that it administering sedative to an animal on the loose can be very difficult.”

There was also no guarantee the animal was going to respond in a certain way.

“If it’s not done right, a partially sedated animal can become even more distressed, and fearful and difficult to manage – and become even more of a danger to those around it.”

Grizz’s handler said he was “very upset” after the dog was shot dead.

Nicky Thorburn posted on Facebook, saying that his father was the Avsec handler in charge of Grizz at the time.

“It was a last resort, my dad is very upset about this,” he said.

“I’m reading disgusting comments . . . and people need to understand how traumatising and upsetting this was for him.

“Please have compassion.”

Thorburn said his father, Noel Thorburn, had worked in customs and aviation security for more than thirty years, and was considered one of the best at what he did.

Airport spokeswoman Lisa Mulitalo said Grizz was only killed as a last resort.

Britain: Tranny is Going to a MALE Prison for Rape of Underage Girl When She was Still a He

davina ayrton

Davina Aryton is a freak. Not many decades ago he/she/it would have found work in a traveling carnival as the half man/half woman sideshow attraction.

Well, maybe not. There is no feminine half to this degenerate.

I’ll call he/she/it a he since his male equipment is still intact and he’s taken no hormones to soften that harsh, masculine, ugly mug of his.

Excerpt from The Guardian

A transgender woman, convicted of carrying out a rape when she was a man, has been remanded to a male prison.

The decision to send Davina Ayrton, who changed her name from David three years ago, to Winchester jail comes amid a Ministry of Justice (MoJ) review over where to place transgender prisoners for their own and other inmates’ safety.

Shortly before Christmas two transgender women who had been sent to men’s prisons are believed to have taken their own lives.

Vicky Thompson, 21, was found dead in her cell in November at Armley, a category B men’s prison in Leeds. She had told friends she would kill herself if sent to a male prison.

feels bad man pink dress

Joanne Latham, 38, from Nottingham, died in Woodhill prison in Milton Keynes this month after apparently taking her own life. She had been held in the close supervision centre (CSC) unit, reserved for the most dangerous and vulnerable prisoners.

Ayrton, 34, was found guilty on Friday of raping a 15-year-old girl in the autumn of 2004. The week-long trial at Portsmouth crown court heard that she had attempted to kill herself last summer.

Judge Ian Pearson remanded Ayrton in custody for her safety and said it was likely she would be held in Winchester prison until sentencing on 4 March.

Ayrton, who was said to have learning difficulties, has been living at the Heywood Sumner House care home in nearby Fordingbridge . She has not undergone any physical modifications or taken medication as part of her gender change.

crying man gif

My Hero: Beautiful Blonde Prosecutor Who Called for Shooting Baltimore Rioters “Voluntarily” Resigns Amid “Controversy”

teana walsh blue dress

Blogger Viking Bitch has organized many of her writings around the theme of the hatred of the blonde white woman by nonwhites, and by some whites for that matter.

Well, that hatred came out loud and clear when beautiful assistant prosecutor for Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit), Teana Walsh posted this comment on the Internet:

teana comment

News sources are calling her resignation voluntary. Sure it is.

We can be certain that Teana was threatened with a very unpleasant life in the prosecutor’s office had she remained on the job. Bad performance reviews, shunning, work overloads, an office in a broom closet, the elders in any operation can make life miserable for the underlings, if they so desire.

Really, Teana was fired. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


My Fox Detroit

A Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor who ignited a firestorm on Facebook and online Thursday after a controversial post has resigned, FOX 2 has learned.

The Wayne County’s Prosecutor’s Office announced Friday that Teana Walsh called Prosecutor Kym Worthy to voluntarily resign. Worthy accepted her resignation.


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