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Rat Infestation Plagues America’s Cities

Enjoy the famous “Pizza Rat” video embedded above.

The Black Plague referred to in this story has nothing to do with the Negroid race. They are a different form of black plague.

Fox News

Many of our country’s major cities have severe infrastructure and housing challenges. This has led not only to poor living conditions but also places individuals’ health in grave danger. In New York City, among our many housing woes, we have a rat infestation epidemic. Rats have become so common to our residents that the media celebrated a rat carrying a pizza from the subway, and even gave it a name. An important message gets lost in the hoopla over something like “Pizza Rat,” and it’s about the danger that rodents pose to humans and our health.

Remember the Black Death? It was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history that swept through Europe in the 1300s claiming upwards of 100 million lives. The cause was the bubonic plague, which is an infectious disease caused by the Yersinia pestis bacteria that humans can get through either infected flea bites or direct contact with an infected animal. Human-to-human transmission is rare, but an infected person can transmit plague pneumonia to another through cough droplets in the air.

Plague can be successfully treated with antibiotics, but a suspected case requires immediate medical attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), patients must be given antibiotics as soon as possible to avoid death. The most common vector of the disease during Black Death was rats.

And here we are, in 2017, in danger of another bacterial disease linked to rats called leptospirosis. Already in New York’s Bronx borough, the disease has killed one person and left two others clinging to life. Sure, the city’s deputy commissioner of the Health Department wants you to be encouraged by the two patients’ recovery, but what you should be is concerned that these three people were infected because of where they live. All three cases came from a one-block radius over the past two months.

Leptospira bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments, and most human cases are associated with exposure to rats or rodent-infested environments. Disturbingly, humans can become infected through contact with rat urine or water, soil or food that has been contaminated by the urine.

Doctors want anyone with suspected symptoms to report them to the health department and seek immediate medical attention. You could experience a wide range of symptoms, like fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and other awful ailments, or you may experience nothing at all. If you’re in the latter category, how would you know to seek treatment? Without treatment you could suffer kidney damage, meningitis, liver failure, respiratory distress or even death. Infection during pregnancy may result in severe fetal and maternal morbidity or mortality.

I know I talk a lot about the importance of disease prevention like getting vaccines and keeping up with routine care, but this time, we can only blame city officials.

How did they let the rat infestation get this out of control? How could they not have known during routine health inspections that rat infestations could lead to death? I’m well aware that in a budget crunch, things like pest control are the first to be cut, but we are talking about the hygiene of our city.

There’s no money for rat control when you have blacks running America’s cities, looting the treasury to pay for welfare and such.

Sex Differences are Real and They Matter: Viruses Affect Men and Women Differently

Men and women evolved differently. You already knew that.

But here we have a surprise explanation for why women sometimes seem to weather illnesses better than men.

Excerpt from New Scientist

Is man-flu a quirk of viral evolution? Some viruses might cause weaker symptoms in women than in men because it makes them more likely to spread.

Many infections cause more severe illness in men than women. Men infected with tuberculosis are 1.5 times more likely to die than women; men infected with human papillomavirus are five times more likely to develop cancer than women; and men infected with Epstein-Barr virus are at least twice as likely to develop Hodgkin’s lymphoma as women.

Many think this pattern is because of differences between the sexes’ immune systems. But another explanation is that women are more valuable hosts. Women can pass infections to their children during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, so there’s an evolutionary pressure on viruses to be less harmful to them, say Francisco Úbeda and Vincent Jansen at Royal Holloway University of London.

Mother to child
In order for a virus to infect others, it needs to produce more copies of itself in the body. Making their host ill is an unavoidable consequence of this. “That’s not something a pathogen particularly sets out to do because it’s shooting itself in the foot, should it have one,” says Jansen.

The researchers used mathematical modelling to show that, for pathogens that affect both sexes, natural selection in theory should favour those that cause less illness in women – as long as they can be transmitted from mother to child.

This evolutionary pressure, they argue, could explain a longstanding puzzle: why human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) progresses to leukaemia much more commonly in Japanese men than Japanese women, but affects both sexes equally in the Caribbean. They argue that this discrepancy is because women breastfeed their babies more commonly and for longer in Japan – giving the virus more opportunity to enter another host.

For this to be the case, though, the virus would have to be able to detect whether it’s inside a man or a woman. We don’t yet know how it would do this, but it’s not impossible, says Jansen. “There are all sorts of hormonal and other pathways that are slightly different between men and women,” he says.

If we were to identify a mechanism, that would open the possibility of manipulating it. “We could try to make the virus think it’s in a female body rather than a male body and therefore take a different course of action,” says Jansen.

Sex differences
The study emphasises the need to conduct clinical trials in both sexes, rather than predominantly in men as is often the case, says David Duneau, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Toulouse, France. “The parasites themselves are behaving differently in males and females, so we need to know what they do in both sexes,” he says.

The Historical Truth About the Civil War (Video)

This (((Steve Pieczenik))) video offers a critical look at Abraham Lincoln. In Steve’s eyes Lincoln is NOT a great president, but a terrible one. I think the video offers some truth, but not all of it.

To get at more of the truth, I’ve embedded a youtube comment that focuses on the role of (((bankers))) as the cause of the American civil war.

Published on Nov 17, 2016

Abraham Lincoln was gay. The Civil War was not about freeing the slaves. Lincoln was actually quoted as being abhorrently racist. Get the truth about the Civil War in this episode of Historic Truths w/ Steve R. Pieczenik.

An alternate view to that presented by Pieczenik is offered in this youtube comment:

Pieczenik, this is not accurate. It is true that “freeing the slaves” was not the primary casus belli, although modern court historians give it undeserved attention. If freeing the slaves were the cause for the war, the North would have simply purchased the slaves from their owners at market value, and banned slavery thereafter. This would have been orders of magnitude cheaper than war. That this wasn’t done is all one needs to know in order to understand that slavery was not the war’s cause, although it made (and still makes) for great propaganda.

Fundamentally it was a currency war, as most wars are. The United States was not under a Rothschild owned central bank, but had freed itself during the revolutionary war from just that. Few people today know that the Revolutionary War was fought primarily to free the colonies from the British central bank, and not as a “tax revolt,” although the taxes themselves would have never been necessary if the British currency was not a representation of private debt.

The Rothschild dynasty viewed the free colonies as a threat, and sought to Balkanize the country to make it more manageable and more susceptible to coercion. Luckily for the US, Czarist Russia, themselves an enemy of the Rothschild dynasty and who had quelled multiple Rothschild funded pseudo-communist rebellions in their own country, aligned with Lincoln and gave the North victory primarily through the means of the Russian fleet. This fleet effectively prevented the Rothschilds from exerting their desired influence in order to bolster the South. Balkanization was prevented.

Further exacerbating the war was Lincoln’s decision to fund it with Federal Dollars, rather than borrowing from Rothschild banks. Lincoln’s aim for the war was, above all else, the centralization of Federal power and the coalescence of the states into one unified nation. He felt that the notion that individual states were sovereign participants in a union from which they could freely depart had to be destroyed or else the country would be swept away by its foes.

Was 600,000 (mostly white) deaths worth it? We’ll never know. We do know that, regardless of the Civil War, the United States was later co-opted by the banking dynasties via the Federal Reserve. These are all facts that our good friends like (((Pieczenik))) prefer not to mention.

Shocking Case of Head Lice Stuns Hairdresser in MEXICO (Video)

head lice

OK, I’m warning you. Don’t watch this video. To keep you from watching it, if you’ve come to this post on the homepage, you’ll have to click on the “continue reading” button to see it.

I watched for about five seconds and then had to stop.

Mexicans have lots of children but their standards of parenting are not up to Western standards. In every store in San Antonio, there are signs up warning parents (in Spanish and English) to watch their children, who have a tendency to run wild. Their standards of cleanliness are also very poor.

These are the children who are entering American schools by the millions now: unruly, unintelligent, and diseased. This is just a small sample of the problems that turd world creatures create for us in the West.

You’ll need eyewash if you watch. You’ve been warned.

eyewash gif

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Walmart Scooter Seat Allegedly Loaded with BEDBUGS


I strongly suspect that the invasion of America by illegals is also bringing an invasion of bedbugs and other nasty critters.

This story unfolds in Phoenix, Arizona, a city fuxated by illegals.

AOL News

Sometimes, it can be harder than you’d imagine to not let the bed bugs bite.

Jose Avalos de Leon and his wife, Lupita Cruz, were shopping at a Phoenix-area Walmart last weekend when de Leon, who has an injured toe, noticed something very wrong with one of the store’s electronic chairs.

Cruz took to Facebook on September 12 to warn others about the ordeal.

“As we are driving through the store he feels that his back is itchy,” she wrote. “As hes going through the store a little more he notices its getting worse. We stop by the restrooms and he gets up to check the chair, the chair was full of bed bugs and his whole back was bit.”

Cruz called Walmart “filthy” in her post, which has since been shared over 15,000 times, and also lamented the way the store handled the situation.

“A manager was called and he had told me that he didnt see any on it when it was clearly on there!” she wrote. “I took pictures and i have proof that they where there.”

Charles Crowson, senior manager of corporate communications for Walmart, issued the following statement to KNXV about the incident:

The carts have been pulled from public use, and we’re awaiting a team to arrive at the store for testing.

Bedbugs want your blood!

Hillary’s Lastest Coughing Fit Lasted for Over Four Minutes, Blames Allergy to Trump

cat hairball cough

LOL. Sickness has never been visited on anyone more deserving than Hillary. What’s the Clinton body count? At least 50.

Here she blames thinking about Trump for triggering her allegeric cough.

Most illnesses are organic. Somehow, Hillary’s seem the result of Karma or the work of God.

Read the story at the Gateway Pundit.