New Starbucks Policy Officially Welcomes Homeless Naggers to Sit All Day Without Buying Anything

The liberals who patronize Starbucks coffee shops need to get up close and personal with diversity.

Thanks, Starbucks, for making it happen.


Starbucks announced a new policy Saturday that allows anyone to sit in its cafes or use its restrooms, even if they don’t buy anything.

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Negro Customer Asked to Prepay for Meal Awarded 10 Grand by Tribunal

When a Chinese restaurant in Canada asked a group of youthful, foreign Negros males to prepay, it was engaging in unlawful racial profiling, says the Canadian government in all its majesty.

That bit of race realism is costing the owner a cool $10 grand.


The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has ordered a Toronto restaurant to pay a black customer $10,000 Canadian dollars for racially discriminating against him and his friends.

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Sodomites and Dykes Raising a Stink Over New Oklahoma Adoption Law


Fags adopt children in order to rape them and/or screw them up so they’re as faggoty and miserable as their adoptive parents.

Moral adoption agencies would not participate in the destruction of children’s lives. However, LGBT advocates and the filthy perverts that they support are promising to challenge the legality of a new Oklahoma law signed by Governor Mary Fallin that seeks to preserve morality and protect children from disgusting dykes and butt reamers.

Huffington Post

A new “faith-based” adoption law signed by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday is raising red flags for LGBTQ groups.


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School District Allegedly Makes Queer Students Read Bible as Punishment

Fags are drama queens who enjoy creating small problems that lead to minor hysterics.

It’s reasonable to be skeptical of the claims made by sodomites that are featured in this story. These crazy people are probably looking for sympathy or just attention.


A school district in Oregon is accused of a disturbing pattern of intimidation and harassment against LGBTQ students. Among the allegations: Students were forced to read the Bible as punishment, and a teacher compared gay marriage to marrying a dog.

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Britain: Negress Cop’s Racism Lawsuit Claims Rejected by Tribunal


A British judge has shown that she’s not a worshiper of the negro gods. She did so by issuing a common sense statement about the propensity of the negro to constantly complain that every bad thing that happens to them is an example of WAYCISSSST white people conspiring against them.

The Sun

A FORMER MET police poster girl has lost a £144,000 race claim after a tribunal heard she complained of victimisation whenever she was unhappy at work.

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Britain’s Princess Michael of Kent Under Scrutiny for Naming Two Black SHEEP Venus and Serena


A true racist might name his pet monkeys Venus and Serena, but naming two black sheep after two very masculine looking black tennis players isn’t much to get excited over. Reasonable people would treat it as a joke, like how some people might name their dogs Bonnie and Clyde.

However, the news media is always anxious to push out more stories, so here this one is.

Fox News

Princess Michael of Kent, also commonly referred to as “Princess Pushy,” has raised royal controversy once again.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, an ex-boyfriend of the Princess of Kent’s daughter, Ella Windsor, opened up about his experience as an almost-royal family member and the unpopularity of Ella’s mother, who was known by some to be “perfectly ghastly,” due to her reported bigotry.

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Golf Club APOLOGIZES to Slow-Moving Negresses After Calling Police on Them

The particular situation in New York where a group of black female golfers were accused of being too slow offers an example of how blacks and whites are incompatible.

Why should white people always have to kowtow to the black way of doing things? Whites who set up the system of segregation knew what they were doing.

While researching this story I saw two comments bring up an issue that the press doesn’t. The group of blacks was made up of FIVE women. According to golfers, groups max out at four players.

Daily Mail

Five black women claim they were discriminated against by the white owner of a Pennsylvania golf course and his father, who called the police on the women because they were playing too slowly and refused to leave the course.

LOL. Are there any instances in the history of the universe where blacks quietly do as they are asked without making a stink!

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