Breaking: North Korea Threatens to Cancel Summit Meeting with Trump

There’s still a cat and mouse game being played on the Korean peninsula.

Today, the cat baited the mouse, recognizing that South Korea and its master, the United States, want a summit meeting very much.

For a dictator, Kim Jong Un recognizes the role that public pressure plays on Western politicians.

The wild card is Donald Trump, who will surely be reined in by his people from responding with threats directed at Little Rocket Man.

Fox News

North Korea announced it has canceled a high-level summit with South Korea and has threatened to cancel its meeting with the United States over American military drills with South Korea, Yonhap News said, citing KCNA.

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Trump Pulls Out of Iran Deal as Liberals Go All Out with Scare Tactics

The leftist narrative on Twitter is going great guns.

Trump is an evil bastard who is canceling the Iran deal, negotiated by the brilliant and charming Barack Obama and John Kerry.

War is now guaranteed and oh by the way, gas prices will go up too.

Since studies have shown that 90 percent of Trump’s press coverage is negative, it doesn’t matter much which news organization we look at. They’re going to be at it all day and longer in predicting dire consequences for Trump’s bold move.

The Chicago Trib, for your reading enjoyment.

Excerpt from the Chicago Tribune

President Donald Trump announced Tuesday the U.S. will pull out of the landmark nuclear accord with Iran, dealing a profound blow to U.S. allies and potentially deepening the president’s isolation on the world stage.

“Today, we have definitive proof that this Iranian promise was a lie,” Trump said in a televised address. “The fact is, this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made. It didn’t bring calm. It didn’t bring peace, and it never will.”

“The United States does not make empty threats,” he said.

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Terrorist Alek Manassian Drove a Rented White Van into a Toronto Crowd, Killing 10, Injuring 16


Jewish Breaking News identifies Alek Manassian as Armenian. Muslims are a small minority among the Armenian population. Minassian may have relative fair skin, but he’s not white. So don’t blame my people for this one, you Canadians.

As of this writing, there are no real clues to Manassian’s motivation to go on a terrorist rampage.

The press is calling today’s incident a “van attack,” trying to psych out the public into thinking that vans have minds of their own.

Good summary here:


Alek Minassian, 25, has been identified by CBS News sources as the person arrested on suspicion of driving a white Ryder van into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto, killing multiple people. Witnesses said the driver was traveling fast when he jumped a curb and hit “everything in his path.” When police arrested him after he fled the scene, he approached them with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. The motive in the crash is not yet known, but early reports indicate the driver hit the pedestrians deliberately.

It’s cool. The mayor says Toronto is inclusive. Move on, folks.

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Breaking! Doom On! Trump Unleashing Attack on Syria

It’s happening as I type these words.

We failed to stop Trump’s foolish risky use of allied military forces. Here’s his address to the world.

By the time you read this, it’s likely that a great deal more additional information will be available. I’ve put all the breaking news Tweets I could find as of 9:05 Central Time U.S. into this post. It appears, if the Tweeting is accurate, that multiple targets, including Damascus, are being hit by coalition missiles.

Breaking: As I was preparing to shut down, the American Generals showed up on TV to announce that the Syrian operation was over. It lasted about an hour.


Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump announced on Friday he ordered strikes on the Syrian regime in response to a chemical weapons attack last weekend.

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Breaking! Inspector General’s Report Highly Critical of Comey Crony, Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

Fired Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been taken down a notch. It’s going to be difficult for him to keep protesting his innocence now. Hopefully, he’ll out former Director James Comey for criminal acts now that he’s likely to be facing criminal charges.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz seems to be one of the few honest public servants in Washington.

It’s disturbing to think of all these creepy globalist shills that Trump has come down on.

It’s reassuring (a little bit anyway) to know that Horowitz is still working on a more general report on corruption within the FBI.

New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department inspector general delivered to Congress on Friday a highly critical report that accused Andrew G. McCabe, the former F.B.I. deputy director, of repeatedly misleading investigators.

I hope Comey hasn’t been left out of this report. We’ll know more later as it’s released to the public.

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Mueller Escalates War on Trump, Raids Trump’s Lawyer’s Office



Jews are at the heart of this astonishing development, which could well lead to a Constitutional crisis for America.

Jew Michael Cohen has been raided by the FBI, signed off on by Jew Rod Rosenstein. I assume that someone bothered to wake Jeff Sessions up and let him know what was going down.

Cohen’s materials relating to Trump’s alleged paramour were seized by the FBI at the behest of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office, prodded by Robert Mueller and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.


The FBI raided the office of Michael Cohen, a personal lawyer and confidant of President Donald Trump, Cohen’s attorney confirmed to CNN Monday.

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Breaking! Van Ploughs into Crowd in Germany, 3 Dead, 20 or More Injured

Sh*tposting liberals are already preparing their “We Stand with Muenster” signs.

The blood is on Angela Merkel and company’s hands.

Blame Merkel is the theme the alt-right must push.

The left will be pushing the theme that the West doesn’t do enough to integrate it’s newest citizens.

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