Texas School District Initiates PADDLING for Misbehaving Students

Blacks in particular don’t care about suspensions or detentions when they misbehave. I’ve seen lot of videos where they simply punch out their teacher, resist the police (above), and just curse a lot.

Pain is the only thing blacks understand.

A heavily Mexican school district is initiating paddling of unruly students. Unfortunately, corporal punishment is outlawed in America’s northern states, where high concentrations of out of control Negros live in big cities.

Corpus Christi Caller

Three Rivers ISD administrators are going shopping for a paddle.

As part of a new policy approved by the board Tuesday, the paddle, likely to be wood, will be used to administer corporal punishment when a student misbehaves at school.

Corporal punishment is defined as the deliberate infliction of physical pain by hitting, paddling, spanking, slapping, or any other physical force used as a means of discipline.

Three Rivers Independent School District trustees voted 6-0 on the motion, with one trustee absent. The policy states only a campus’ behavior coordinator or principal can administer the disciplinary measure at their discretion. Three Rivers ISD students, whose parents have provided written and verbal consent, will receive one paddling for his or her infraction when they misbehave at school.

Three Rivers ISD CP Policy
Parents will be able to decide, upon registering their children for the upcoming school year, whether they want to opt in or out.

“If the parent is not comfortable with it, that’s the end of the discussion,” Three Rivers ISD Superintendent Mary Springs said.

Texas is among 15 states that specifically allow schools’ use of corporal punishment; eight other states have no laws or regulations against it, according to the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments, part of the U.S. Department of Education.

In November 2016, then Department of Education secretary John B. King Jr. sent a letter to state leaders urging them to end the use of corporal punishment in schools, citing the practice is linked to harmful short-term and long-term outcomes for students.

In the short term, students who are administered physical punishment for their actions at school show an increase in aggressive and defiant behavior, according to King’s letter. In the long term, students who are administered corporal punishment in school are more likely to later grapple with substance abuse and mental health issues, including depression, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress, according to the letter.

King was working under Obama. He’s full of it. He’s confusing correlation with causation. Obviously, those students (mostly with darkly tinted skin) who create problems in school are going to create problems later in life. What we need in America is judicial corporal punishment applied to adults as well as youths.

Three Rivers Elementary School’s campus behavior coordinator, Andrew Amaro, pitched the idea to district leaders earlier this year. Amaro, a Three Rivers native, said he hopes the new disciplinary measure will have a more immediate effect on students than do ISS (In School Suspension) or detention.

Prior to Tuesday, the district had a policy prohibiting the use of corporal punishment. It’s unclear what year the board adopted that policy, but Amaro recalls being disciplined with a paddle during his time as a Three Rivers ISD student.

“I believe it worked,” Amaro said. “It was an immediate response for me. I knew that if I got in trouble with a teacher and I was disrespectful, whatever the infraction was, I knew I was going to get a swat by the principal.”

Amaro said students will be paddled for minor infractions, such as being disobedient to teachers or not following rules in the classroom.

The Education Service Center for Region 2 oversees 41 independent school districts in South Texas. Of those, 13 had local policies in place in 2015 that prohibited the use of corporal punishment: Alice, Benavides, Corpus Christi, Driscoll, Flour Bluff, Kingsville, London, Port Aransas, Ricardo, San Diego, Santa Gertrudis, Sinton and Skidmore-Tynan.

As of 2015, 27 independent school districts in Region 2 had policies in place allowing corporal punishment to be used as a form of discipline: Agua Dulce, Aransas County, Aransas Pass, Banquete, Beeville, Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco, Bishop, Brooks County, Callalen, Freer, George West, Gregory-Portland, Igleside, Kenedy, La Gloria, Mathis, McMullen, Odem-Edroy, Orange Grove, Pawnee, Pettus, Premont, Riviera, Robstown, Taft, Tuloso-Midway, Three Rivers and West Oso.

All districts that allow corporal punishment require parental consent for such disciplinary measures to take place.

Parental permission should not be necessary. Historically, it was not required to administer paddlings.

High School Assignment To ‘Defend’ Holocaust Yanked Amid Outcry

The goyim must not be allowed to think for a moment about the Holocaust. Just accept it.

The more (((they))) fight the exploration of what really happened, the more doubt that intelligent people will have about the so-called Holocaust.

Jewish Forward

A homework assignment asking students in an upstate New York school district to argue for or against the Final Solution from the perspective of a Nazi official was withdrawn and will never be assigned again.

High school students in an advanced class in Oswego County were assigned a project to pretend they were members of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party in order to argue for or against the Holocaust’s Final Solution.

“This is an exercise on expanding your point of view by going outside your comfort zone,” according to the directions of the assignment.

Two students, Archer Shurtliff and Jordan April, complained and called for the teacher to apologize and for the school district to permanently ban the assignment, Syracuse.com reported. Neither of the students, both 17, is Jewish.

On Monday, New York State Education Department Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said the assignment has been permanently banned.

Evan Bernstein, the Anti-Defamation League’s New York regional director, praised the district and Elia after saying in a statement that “There is no assignment that could ever be given to students that even hints at a balanced perspective to the horrors of Nazi actions during the Holocaust …”

Voltaire supposedly never said the following, but whoever said it spoke the truth:

How Trump Can End Brainwashing on American College Campuses

An op-ed piece was published on Tuesday in the New York Post explaining how college students are turned into America-hating radical activists through courses paid for by the federal government.

I will add that white students are taught self-hatred, particularly white males. Nonwhites are also taught that whiteness needs to be exterminated like so many cockroaches.

When federal money dries up, and state legislatures understand what’s been happening and deny universities the freedom to push for the extinction of the white race, then we can move in and preach white pride.

New York Post

You might not have noticed but there are really two Republican parties: the gentlemen and the ruffians. It’s not about NAFTA or Russia. It’s about adhering to the rules.

The gentleman observes that the Democrats, being ruffians, have broken the rules, and he resolves never to do this when he comes to power. The Republican ruffian scoffs at the gentleman’s pretense of purity and happily answers the Democrats tit-for-tat when they break the rules.

You’ll see the difference in how the two sides look at a host of issues — Supreme Court precedents, use of the filibuster, executive orders.

You’ll also see it in how the two sides look at the Department of Education. The Republican gentleman thinks that education, including higher ed, is properly a matter for the states, and that all such federal grants should be zeroed out. But the Obama DOE has undertaken a massive effort to remake our politics and culture, and the ruffian thinks we should answer the Democrats in kind. If they’ve paid universities to teach contempt for America and American values, let’s sponsor a different set of programs that teach what’s right about America and admirable about our Constitution and culture.

A study by the National Association of Scholars, released on Tuesday, reveals how Obama’s ultra-liberal progressives have begun to turn American higher ed into a vehicle for left-wing activism and propaganda.

“Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics” shows how the Obama DOE has indoctrinated college students through progressive “New Civics” programs that seek to repurpose higher education away from the study of Western institutions, and even away from scholarship in general, in order to make little left-wing community organizers of our students.


The goal of the New Civics movement, concludes the NAS, is to teach students “that a good citizen is a radical activist,” putting “political activism at the center of everything that students do in college, including academic study, extra-curricular pursuits, and off-campus ventures.” Instead of a civics education that studies the foundations of American government, New Civics teaches students “how to organize protests, occupy buildings, and stage demonstrations.”

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Trump Picks A Protestant Woman Promoter of School Vouchers to Lead Dept of Education


It’s too early to say for sure, but a pattern may be emerging in Donald J. Trump’s cabinet picks.

So far, strong, powerful, take no prisoners males have been selected by the Donald to steer the ship of state through the treacherous waters of areas where conflict is expected to be the norm, in both domestic and international relations.

K-12 education is an area where women have always had a key role. The Donald looks to be appealing to Christian women and other concerned parents with his choice for Secretary of Education. Cleaning up the culture that prevails in today’s public schools that are riddled with cultural Marxist and anti-Christian thought is going to be a big job. Apparently, Mike Pence thought that Mrs. DeVos is up to it.

This is a good pick. Trump broadens his appeal to white women, mothers, and Christians. Traditionalists should be happy. However, anyone who was hoping that the Donald would try to eliminate the Department of Education must be disappointed. As a bonus, DeVos has a background in clean energy and in working with “inner cities” (black) improvement and Democrats.

Excerpt from Washington Post

Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he would nominate Betsy DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist with deep ties to the Christian Reformed community in Michigan, as his education secretary.

DeVos is politically known in Michigan for her push for private school voucher programs, a position that has been controversial within public education circles. But in religious circles, the DeVos name is synonymous with key philanthropic efforts in Christian communities. DeVos, 58, graduated from Calvin College, a Christian Reformed Church school that is named after the famed Protestant reformer John Calvin, where the DeVos name is well-known.

The DeVos family, heirs to the Amway Corp. fortune, are prolific donors in Michigan Republican and religious circles. DeVos is a former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman whose husband unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2006.

[Trump picks billionaire Betsy DeVos, school voucher advocate, as education secretary]

She is daughter of Edgar Prince, the founder of Prince Corp., an automobile parts supplier based in Holland, Mich. While her mother, Elsa, has supported anti-gay marriage efforts in the past, Betsy Devos has not been publicly involved in the same culture war issue and has focused primarily on education.

DeVos has been a member of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, which was formerly led by popular author Rob Bell. Former president of Fuller Seminary Rich Mouw said he served on a committee with her to replace Bell, and he said DeVos is heavily influenced by Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch writer and Calvinist theologian.

“It would be a mistake to put her in the Religious Right camp. That’s not who she is,” Koopman said, noting that Trump has drawn heavily from a business-minded crowd so far.

DeVos did not support Trump’s candidacy, telling the Washington Examiner in March that he “does not represent the Republican Party.” Her family foundation has donated between $10,000-$25,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

DeVos is like a mix between the philanthropic efforts of Melinda Gates and the business-mindedness of Mitt Romney, said Shirley Hoogstra, president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, an umbrella for Christian schools.

It’s unclear whether DeVos will fit in Trump’s other cabinet choice likes incoming White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“I don’t think whether you like people is relevant at the Cabinet level. It’s not like you’re at the PTA,” Hoogstra said. “I think that Betsy DeVos will bring her best intelligence and judgment and she will speak truth to power.”

Her policy positions on school vouchers appear to be motivated by her Christian faith. When her children were school-age, she visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. She told the Philanthropy Roundtable that parents “were doing everything in their power to have their kids in an environment that was safe, where they were learning, and where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” DeVos and her husband began supporting individual students, and that “grew into a larger commitment.”

Her appointment was met Wednesday with concern from Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, said her support for vouchers raise church-state concerns.

“Americans are always free to send their children to private schools and religious schools, but raiding the public treasury to subsidize private businesses and religious organizations runs against the public trust and the Constitution,” Moline said. “It suggests that he has little regard for our nation’s public schools or the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.”


Hmmm. Leave it to a Jew to drop a turd in the milk pail. Basically, the good Rabbi is saying that he doesn’t want to see an iota of traditional Christian morality imparted to today’s youth who are often forced by economic circumstances to attend public schools.

Learn more about Betsy DeVos at Wikipedia.

High School Girls Don’t Want Tranny in Locker Room

girls locker room

Simple rule: If you have a penis, you use the boy’s locker room, no matter your “gender.” If you have a vagina, you use the girl’s locker room.

Gender isn’t real. Anatomy is. Respect anatomy.

Excerpt from The Daily Signal

Speaking out, they knew, could make them the public face of a very private issue.

It could lead their classmates to call them “bigots,” “insensitive,” and “homophobes.”

But after seeing their high school back down to threats that the U.S. Department of Education would strip away federal funding, and watching school officials overrule their parents, a group of six high school girls in Cook County, Ill., decided to speak out.

On Dec. 7, before a crowded school board meeting packed with news media, they would tell the world why they don’t want a high school student who was born male, but identifies as a female, to use the girls’ locker room.

They would tell the world why allowing a transgender student to see them in a state of undress would be an invasion of their personal privacy.

They would explain why, at 15 and 16 years old, changing alongside biological women is already hard enough.

“It is unfair to infringe upon the rights of others to accommodate one person,” the six girls, in a joint statement, told an audience of at least 500.

“Although we will never fully understand your personal struggle,” they said, addressing the transgender student, “please understand that we, too, all are experiencing personal struggles that need to be respected.”

Liberals Tell DOE that Yik Yak App Leaves Women and Nonwhites Butt Hurt, Demand Legal Action

yik yak concept

Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) have found a new target upon which to unload, the social media app called Yik Yak, described by the image above.

Excerpt from Arstechnica

A large group of 72 women’s and civil rights groups have asked for the Department of Education’s help in protecting students and faculty from abusive speech and threats made on university campuses via the Yik Yak app. In a letter published this week, the organizations seek a formal “guidance” to colleges from the Department’s Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and hope to specifically put such online threats under the umbrella of federal gender and racial equality legislation.

The purportedly anonymous social network allows users to leave messages within a certain geographic area. While the company’s website doesn’t use the word “anonymous,” it does boast on its Features page that users can “keep their privacy” while on the app. In some cases, Yik Yak has handed over user data to law enforcement to prosecute people making violent threats.

yik yak hate

No one forces the eternally angry, always outraged SJWs to use Yik Yak. But will they butt out? Of course not. Their lives revolve around making adults kow tow to their ridiculous tyrannical agenda, which seeks to wipe out free speech.

butt hurt gif

British Government Closes Christian School, Branding Students as “bigots”


Britain will not allow even one pupil to escape the indoctrination into multiculturalism. That means that white British parents are going to have to teach their children the facts of life.

First, children must learn the truth about Muslims, leftists, sodomites, and all other manner of vile trash.

Then, children must be taught to avoid expressing these truths in public. It could be a matter of life and death to make sure that chilldren understand the necessity to go stealth.

Keep your beliefs to yourself until you’re older and in a good position to be able to freely express them.

Excerpt from Breitbart

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has confirmed that Durham Free School will be forced to close after inspectors accused the children there of being bigots for not knowing what a Muslim is. Other children at the Christian faith school, the majority of whom are under 12, were asked whether they were lesbians, whether they knew how babies were made, and what they would do if a Muslim came to the school. The Department of Education has confirmed that funding will be withdrawn at the end of March.

Durham Free School made headlines in January after pupils at the school were branded bigots after one child made a throwaway remark regarding terrorism when asked whether he knew what a Muslim was. In their report, the inspectors concluded: “Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain. Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

But teachers at the school argued that it was being unfairly targeted as a Christian faith school. Petrina Douglas, a parent governor, said “It feels like the school has been made a scapegoat. Durham is primarily white British so knowledge of other cultures is not as prevalent. But I don’t think the children are bigoted.”

The free school, which educates 94 pupils aged between 11 and 14 was praised by former Education Secretary Michael Gove when it opened in September 2013. But since then it has been verbally attacked in the House of Commons, with Pat Glass, the Labour MP for North West Durham, telling her colleagues that “the school had become a haven for every crap teacher in the North East.” She has since apologised for her “unparliamentary language”.