31 Year Old San Francisco White Woman Gets Sterilized to SAVE THE PLANET


Selfish Gwynn Mackellen is surely a racist.

Her decision to disable her female birth parts means that there will be fewer white children in the future to slave away to pay for the gibs that billions of Africans will be wanting.

Hasn’t Gwynn seen the graphs showing the African population explosion? The world is going to need more white slaves to work their fingers to the bone to pay to keep all those Africans from starving.


Yes, Gwynn is a racist. All she thought of was an abstraction: “Save the planet.”

Well, you selfish white lady, blacks are part of the planet and they need white bodies and brains to keep them fed, housed, and medicated.

Daily Mail

A woman has revealed why she decided to get sterilised at the age of just 31 – to help save the planet.

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Evil Racist Bastard AZ Legislator Condemned for “not enough white kids” Remarks


The Phoenix New Times reports that Arizona legislator David Stringer has been asked to resign by the Arizona Republican party and the Chamber of Commerce.

Rep. Stringer is NOT apologizing, much less resigning.

We need more evil, racist bastards like him, willing to speak taboo truths.

The Hill

A Republican Arizona state lawmaker is drawing attention after calling immigration an “existential threat” to the U.S.

“If we don’t do something about immigration very, very soon, the demographics of our country will be irrevocably changed and we will be a very different country,” state Rep. David Stringer (R) said at the Yavapai County Republican Men’s Forum on Monday, according to video posted on social media.

Stringer charged that “there aren’t enough white kids to go around” in Arizona schools, and that it will be reflected in the voting booth in 10 to 15 years.

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Black African Defence League: “Africans in Europe, have 5 children instead of 3!”


250 million Africans in 1950

1 billion Africans today

2 billion by 2040

And what exactly have they added to the world bar more mouths to feed and pressure on scarce resources.

And hundreds of millions of them will want to come to Europe – and there are only 600 million of us!

Diversity Macht Frei


Africans living in Europe, especially France: “Don’t have three, but five children. We are going to be the colonisers*, if we don’t have the right in Africa as Emmanual Macron explains because we don’t have the resources to support their needs well let’s do it here only. You are the future!”


*The French word here is colonisés which I would say means “colonised” but that doesn’t really make sense in context. I think he meant “colonisateurs”, colonisers. It’s possible the French of these Africans isn’t very good. Alternatively, he could have meant that Africans would be colonised by Europe if they didn’t have the means to support more children in Africa, but that strikes me as a less plausible interpretation.

The Black African Defence League, incidentally, is involved in a campaign to get a doxxed Generated Identity member sacked. Romain Espino participated in the mountain border campaign a few…

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70 Million Black Africans Plan to Move to the West in the Next Five Years

70 million Negroid peoples plan to move to the United States or to Europe in the next five years. That 70 million is actually only counting Nigerians. Negroids from other African countries would add millions more to the total.

Africans hate Africa even more than they hate the so-called racist white people who live in the West.

Pew Research via Excerpt from Unz with Steve Sailer’s Comments in Bold

From Pew Research Center:

However, the idea of migrating is on the minds of many Africans living south of the Sahara. According to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey in six sub-Saharan countries that have supplied many of the region’s migrants to the U.S. and Europe, many say they would move to another country if the means and opportunity presented themselves. And in Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria, more than a third say they actually plan to migrate in the next five years. Of those who plan to move, more individuals plan to move to the U.S. than to Europe in most countries surveyed. …

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Sanctuary, Crime, Liberal Dipsh*ts: San Francisco #1 in U.S. Outmigration


The Kate Steinle effect? The last straw for normal people who don’t like to see naked fags fornicating in the streets?

Or maybe it’s high taxes and high housing prices.

Whatever it is, we don’t want you San Francisco types infesting the real, traditional America.

All you’ll do is turn our lands into similar big government, high taxes, immigrant-infested sh*tholes.

CBS Local San Francisco

SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – The number of people packing up and moving out of the Bay Area just hit its highest level in more than a decade.

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Negress Edges White Woman in Atlanta Mayoral Race, Recount Looms



Atlanta, Georgia is a metro area of almost 6 million people. It’s had a black mayor for some 40 odd years and unless a recount changes the election results this year, the tradition of black rule will continue.

A white candidate had a chance to rule the south’s premier black city this go-round because of gentrification. I’ve added to ABC’s tepid analysis of the election results by bring in some demographic data.

Don’t leave the LGBT folks out of your thinking about big city politics. Atlanta is one of most faggotized cities in America, with almost 13 percent of the population identifying as a sexual degenerate. Fags are unlikely to vote for a white Republican.

To add to the mix, almost three quarters of a million are foreign born. They too seem to harbor smouldering resentments against whites.

This is where diversity leads and it ain’t pretty.

ABC News

Atlanta voters woke up to deja vu Wednesday in the racially polarized contest to choose the city’s next mayor, with one candidate laying claim to City Hall while the other vowed to seek a recount over a margin of just 759 votes.


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