Crazy Hillary Vows to Help Democrats Take Over Congress Via Midterm Elections

Watch the brief Twitter video embedded at the bottom of this post and then see if you can make the case that Hillary Clinton is an asset to her party.

As ass, yes, but an asset, no, methinks.

Excerpt from WTOP

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) — Hillary Clinton is not going away.

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Meghan Markel’s Next Goal is to Become President of the United States, says Daily Mail

How many celebrity negros are talking about becoming president now?

Quite a few of them, but I can’t name them because I have little patience for idiots.

If Meghan the manipulator could weasel her way into a palace in Britain, it’s conceivable that she could convince dumb Americans to elect her to the presidency.

She’ll have to ditch Harry first and make it seem like he’s the bad guy in order to keep up a positive public image.

Don’t laugh. It could happen.

Daily Mail

Who would have thought just a couple of years ago that Prince Harry would marry a minor actress from the U.S. television series Suits?

Yet I hear the Royal Wedding could be just the start of an even bigger Anglo-American drama.

Meghan Markle is said to have told a former close associate that her ultimate ambition is to be president of the U.S. The conversation apparently took place after Meghan began her romance with Prince Harry.


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Media Crowing that Gentlelady of Color Could Be the First Black Female Governor in the U.S.

Georgia Democrats voted heavily in favor of the creature pictured above, Stacey Abrams. The American press, indeed the world press, is aflame with hopes that a negro female might become governor of Georgia. Unlike Kamala Harris (whatever the hell ethnicity she is), Stacey is fat and ugly. The Democrat party is like that.

Stacey Abrams is like the second coming of Hillary, only darker. I’ve seen no compelling reason that white women would be as excited about Stacey as about Hillary. Georgia whispers say Stacey is a lesbian, but if she is, she’s still in the closet.


A former Georgia lawmaker and author has taken a major step towards becoming the first ever African-American female governor of a US state.

Stacey Abrams won the Democratic party primary on Tuesday, telling voters that trying to “convert” Republicans into Democrats has previously failed.

Race based voting showed Georgia Democrats soundly rejecting Stacey Evans, below, who garnered just 25 percent of the vote.

The Democrat party is shaping up to be the party comprised almost exclusively of nonwhites, who of course kowtow to the Jewish string pullers behind the curtains.

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Hackers Stream Faggot Porn During California Democrat Internet Debate

Liberals love sodomite marriage and sodomite sex so trolling them with a display of some butt banditry seems like a good idea to me.

There’s a backstory to this incident that everyone has missed.

The incumbent, Republican Doug LaMalfa has been labeled as one of the most anti-LGBT people in Congress.

Thus, it was probably queers, not the alt-right, who disrupted the debate. If the queers were trying to embarrass Lamalfa, they failed because he wasn’t there.


REDDING, Calif. — An online forum featuring two candidates for California’s 1st District U.S. Congressional seat was interrupted when the internet feed was hacked during the live conference.

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Felony Charges Involving Sordid Adulterous Affair by Jewish Missouri Governor Dropped by Prosecutors


The woman that Governor Eric Grietens admits to having an adulterous sexual relationship with claims that her Jewish lover took nude photos of her without permission in order to blackmail her into silence.

Doesn’t everybody do that?

I guess not because there’s been a movement afoot for a while now to impeach the governor.

If Greitens was pals with Trump’s lawyer MIchael Cohen then he might have paid her off to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


Attorneys representing the state of Missouri announced Monday they will drop a felony invasion of privacy charge against Gov. Eric Greitens, after the attorney prosecuting the case was named as a witness in the trial.

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Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Undergoes Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer

Republican in name only, the dying John McCain sends best wishes to Harry Reid:

McCain going, going, gone!

Harry Reid next?

Hurry up, Hillary and Soros and get with the program and die soon.


Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer Monday, according to a statement from Reid’s family.

Remember the very suspicious “accidental” eye injury that at least some people at the time viewed as a warning from the Jewish Mafia to shape up.

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Leftists Put Out Ridiculous, Anti-Trump “Happy Mother’s Day” Video

Less than one minute of lefty nonsense. NOT SATIRE.

Alcoholic mom downs a martini while lamenting that her son is a Republican.