Trump: Dreamer Program “probably dead”

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Turning our attention to Trump, no one knows what kind of game he’s playing, maybe not even himself. What I think we can safely say is that his alleged “sh*thole” remark has opened the door wide for a significant cultural change.

All we need to do for now is spread photos like this one far and wide in order to trigger liberals and the (((other))) miscreants who defend the Haitian invasion of America.

Washington Post via NOLA

By The Washington Post

WASHINGTON – Prospects for a bipartisan agreement to protect young immigrants from deportation and prevent a government shutdown later this week faded Sunday as key lawmakers traded sharp accusations and President Donald Trump said hopes for a deal were “probably dead.”

Negotiators spent last week seeking a solution that would shield young immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children, including the roughly 800,000 who secured work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created under President Barack Obama.

But a tentative deal worked out Thursday by a small bipartisan group of senators crumbled in an Oval Office meeting in which, according to multiple people involved, an angry Trump asked them why the United States should accept immigrants from “shithole countries” such as Haiti, El Salvador and African nations over those from European countries such as Norway.

That Daily News meme above is weak in comparison to this simple Tweet.

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Facing Two Female Opponents, 85 Year Old Sheriff Joe Arpaio Jumps to Tie in AZ Republican Senate Race But Watch Out for the Democrat Woman

Arizona’s ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that he’s running for the Senate seat being vacated by disgusting RINO Jeff Flake.

Two strikes against Sheriff Joe are:

1. His age.

2. He’s a “racist.”

You might view that second strike as a positive, not a negative, especially if you simply care about the rule of law and the idea that a country must have borders if it is to exist.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to Sheriff’s Joe’s ascendancy to the Senate comes in the form of the two GIANT BREASTS of the lovely Democrat candidate, who is an excellent bullsh*tter for diversity and multiculturalism. With her, we’re all going to live in peace and harmony in that great rainbow coalition.


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Bannon Out at Breitbart, Future Uncertain

We’ve had high hopes for Steve Bannon since we first heard of him.

Now, because he’s made intolerable backstabbing statements aimed at the Trump family, his influence will never recover that I can see.

He can’t be trusted is the problem, no matter how smart or awake he is. If Breitbart decided to terminate him, where’s he going to find a niche?


Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s ex-chief strategist, has stepped down from the right-wing Breitbart News organisation where he built his reputation.

The move comes amid a furore over remarks he reportedly made about President Donald Trump’s son.

He described a meeting Donald Trump Jr held in New York with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 presidential election campaign as “treasonous”.

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Trump is the Trojan Horse Playing 8D Chess, Giving the Jews Enough Rope to Hang Themselves

During campaign 2016, candidate Donald Trump offered a fresh alternative to the American (((neocon))) vision of endless wars. He promised to “bomb the sh*t out of ISIS” and get us out of that Middle Eastern mess. He also promised a more peace-oriented American foreign policy.

On the issues quotes candidate Trump: “I would be slower to go to war than Hillary
I would be very, very cautious. I think I’d be a lot slower. She has a happy trigger. You look, she votes for the wars, she goes in Libya. I think it’s a tremendous burden. I think there is no greater burden that anybody could have.”

The only way to successfully extricate America from permanent war is to break Israel’s stranglehold on America. As many have said, the U.S. is so dominated by Israel that the country’s capital should be Tel Aviv rather than Washington, D. C.

The split among Jew-wise Americans has a large contingent claiming that Trump is a Jew tool, while others posit that something deeper is going on in his mind than simply kissing Bibi Netanyahu’s a**.

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Virtue Signaling Oprah Touted for POTUS 2020 Following Golden Globes Speech

Every major news organization is today publishing Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globes speech last night as if it’s something special. In fact, they’re all now promoting an Oprah for president movement.

Do you think this could have been planned?

NBC is being blasted for this Tweet:

The network has since deleted it, claiming it was a joke.

Yeah, right.

The thing is that Hollywood makes its money by promoting every sort of filthy degeneracy. Every single one of them has dirty hands. Yet they dare lecture us on their superior morality.

Oprah took an extremely sharp jab at white men during the speech, failing to even mention that most of those men called out for sexual harassment are JEWS.


Oprah Winfrey is “actively thinking” about running for president, two of her close friends told CNN Monday.

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Trump Responds to Critics Who Claim He’s Mentally Unfit for Presidency with “stable genius” Tweets

Fed up Americans didn’t elect Donald Trump because they wanted a humble, modest man in the White House, although that’s not a bad idea.

We elected him because of his stance on immigration, summarized as America First.

Trump will prove to be the pivotal cultural figure of the 21st century, assuming the world doesn’t blow up first or see the white race and Western civilization totally exterminated. Whatever qualities of uncouth or immodest behavior he exhibits are irrelevant from a cultural perspective. What’s important is that he’s made defending yourself from liberal clowns like Michael Moore and Sarah Silverman acceptable. He’s also made thinking politically incorrect thoughts about race and immigration discussion worthy.

Washington Times

President Trump defended his mental fitness for office Saturday in a series of unusual tweets describing himself as “really smart” and a “stable genius.”

Appearing to respond to allegations in a new book, Mr. Trump said accusations of his weak intellect are a result of Democrats failing to prove that his campaign colluded with Russia in 2016.

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Robert Kennedy’s Son Accuses (((Emmanuel))) of “Gentrification Plan” Designed to Remove Blacks from Chicongo


If a Jewish Democrat mayor can hatch a diabolical plan to move blacks out of Chicago, shouldn’t the POTUS be able to come up with a plan to move them back to Africa?

I’ll bet Donald Trump is working on it right now. If he’s not, we should suggest the idea to him.

Obviously, cities would be better off without blacks and the crime and disorder they foster. So why not use “gentrification” as the cover story?

Excerpt from Chicago Tribune

Democratic governor candidate Chris Kennedy on Wednesday accused Mayor Rahm Emanuel of leading a “strategic gentrification plan” aimed at forcing African-Americans and other minorities out of Chicago to make the city “whiter” and wealthier.


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