Politics? Delta Boots Ann Coulter from Reserved Seat

It’s easy to believe that a far-left employee at Delta Airlines decided to punish leggy conservative Ann Coulter for her conservative political and social views. In fact, I’ll bet the scalawag who did the dirty deed is a sodomite male. This is exactly the kind of dirty trick those freaks like to play.

New York Post

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter flew into a fit of fury Saturday after Delta Airlines booted her from her reserved “Comfort+’’ seat — which comes with 3 additional inches of legroom — and gave it to another passenger.

In a two-hour tweeting tantrum,she quoted her exchange with a flight attendant: “Why are you taking me out of the extra room seat I specifically booked?’’ she asked.

Their answer, she said, was “I don’t know.’’

The 6-foot-tall Coulter, who is 55, tweeted a picture of the woman who got her aisle seat on the flight from LaGuardia to Florida, noting, “Delta didn’t give my extra room seat to an air marshal or tall person.’’

A Delta spokesman said it appeared Coulter was in the same extra-room row, just in a different seat. But he promised to look into it.

One Twitter user, clearly not a fan of the columnist, wrote. “Ann Coulter is having a bad day which makes my day better. Thanks Delta.”

Breaking: All Delta Airlines Flights Worldwide Grounded Due to System Malfunction

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Delta is blaming a system malfunction for the grounding of all flights worldwide, with no other explanation nor a timetable for restoring service. Long lines of people are piling up at airports.

Am I the only one thinking that terrorist hackers did it? Not to give anyone any ideas, but this would be a great time for terrorists to strike at airports.

Here’s what I found taking a quick look for more information.

Authorities: Gay slur carved into Utah man’s arm was staged (Video)

rick jones clean

Another fake “hate crime.”

People with common sense knew that when certain classes of people are singled out for special protection that they’ll invent hate crimes to make themselves feel special.

Gays are narcissistic and infantile. This one should spend some time in jail, but because he’s a homosexual he must be forgiven. Or else you’re homophobic!


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A man who reported someone beat him and carved a homophobic slur into his arm staged the attacks, authorities in rural Utah said Tuesday.

Millard County Sheriff Robert Dekker said Rick Jones, 21, could face charges after officers investigating the series of reported attacks found inconsistencies in the evidence. The Delta man eventually acknowledged faking the harassment, Dekker said.

Brett Tolman, an attorney for Jones, said the reports were a cry for help initially directed toward people close to him, and Jones didn’t realize how much attention they would get.

“I think it’s such good evidence of the difficulties members of the gay community deal with, and some make better choices than others,” Tolman said.

Jones has since begun mental health treatment, the lawyer said.

The purported attacks began with a beating at his family’s pizza business in April that left Jones with head and facial bruising.

Five days later, the family’s home was found spray-painted with a homophobic slur. On June 10, a rock and a molotov cocktail were thrown through the window of the home. That same day, the business was spray-painted, broken into and robbed of $1,000.

Jones told KSL-TV earlier this month he believed he was targeted because he is gay.

Dekker said prosecutors are considering possible charges including filing a false report and reckless burning.

Tolman said Jones didn’t have any criminal intent and the outpouring of support after the allegations became public was a good message.

Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox publicly declared his support after the allegations were reported. Cox said Tuesday that he’s relieved that the troubling allegations weren’t authentic, but he’s concerned for Jones and his family and hopes they find “peace and healing.”


Published on Jun 12, 2015
Gay man Rick Jones was beaten, robbed, forced to drink bleach and had the words, “Die Fag”, carved into his arm in a Utah hate crime. Weeks later a molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of his house in Delta, Utah. Police have currently have no suspects in the torture or bombing cases. We discuss the series of crimes more on The Lip News with Margaret J. Howell and Nik Zecevic.