The War on the Sexes


A partially awake American living in Europe laments the globalists efforts to eradicate the distinction between male and female.

He never quite gets to the point of recognizing which (((tribe))) is behind the effort to destroy Western civilization. It’s pretty simple. That tribe hates white Europeans.

Lew Rockwell

Writes an ex-pat friend:

It appears that all over Europe, a massive effort is being made in the schools to obscure the distinction between man and woman, indeed, an effort to create a new kind of “uni-sex” human. Being a man or a woman no longer has anything to do with biology, but is a matter of choice. And all previously held truths about men and women were simply social constructs.

It is now 100% clear that the crazies are in charge.

If their effort on this front is successful, my question is — in what exact ways will this contribute to the destruction of civilisation in the countries where this is taking place? (By civilisation I mean the entire architecture of human existence, as established over hundreds and hundreds of years.)

There has been talk about going back to feudalism, and perhaps that is correct regarding the economic model, but this attempt to eradicate the distinction between man and woman is really not going back to anything (in the planet’s history), since when in the entire history of this planet have you had people, groups of people, etc. who were hell-bent on altering the natural order of things to this extent? This is not Orwellian (which has more to do with the police/national security state), but has more in common to what was put forth by Huxley in his Brave New World, as we are to be sure talking about a new world here.

My feeling is that such a world cannot long survive.

Through most of history, it seems, man has followed a course that had to do with survival of the species.

I believe I am correct in thinking that most of what is being advocated in the west (by the globalists) these days is intended to accomplish what amounts to the very opposite of survival — it all seems intent upon the irreversible destruction of civilisation and along with that, our planet (have they already set up shop on another planet or something??)

Do the people who are doing this actually have any idea of what it is that they are doing? If they actually know what they are doing and where this is headed, then I am wondering who actually are these people?

Easy. Jews. Nation wreckers.

Jews pollute Western culture

Anti-White State Farm Pedophila Ad Made by Jews


Ad Age

DDB Chicago Wins Idea Pitch for State Farm Brand Refresh
Move Could Result in the End of ‘Get to a Better State’

State Farm late last year asked its roster agencies to pitch ideas for a brand refresh.
Now, according to people familiar with the matter, the marketer has chosen DDB Chicago’s brand refresh idea. These people said that the company has been calling it a brand “reframe,” and while it’s not immediately clear what DDB’s idea is, it will most likely involve a move away from the “Get to a Better State” positioning.


Photo Essay: Girls Who Have PENIS TATTOOS (NSFW)

I happened upon the stupid photo above when looking for images to use in a post on the Will Smith murder. He’s the ex-NFL star murdered by a fellow black in a road rage incident in New Orleans earlier this year.

Anyway, it got me to wondering how many girls are degenerate enough to get a penis tat. In the above photo, the wife is pictured. She allegedly doesn’t like hubby’s tat.

Here are some really stupid women:

I think this one is a woman, but I can’t be sure:

These two tats aren’t of male members, but they’re equally crazy:

And let it not be thought that penis tats are a white thing only:

We have a lot of work to do to clean up our culture.

Modern Liberal America Captured in One Perfect, Poetic Picture


Trash everywhere, a foreign street shitter shitting on the sidewalk, graffiti on the walls, fat ugly, tatted celebrity (((Lena Dunham))) representing the modern woman. The only thing missing is a tranny giving somebody a BJ.

This picture of Weimerica represents what white America voted against on November 8, 2016. It represents perfectly the diversity that liberals fervently embrace.

Tranny with Large Adam’s Apple: Your Preferences are Discriminatory

Will you date a girl with a penis? Why should that one body part turn you off from dating her?

The tranny in this video suggests you need to be educated to accept a chick with a dick as your girlfriend.

This dude is borderline clinically insane.

He/she/it tries to guilt trip the male into making the world a “more loving place for everyone.” That means that you, white man, must date and love a tranny like the one in the video.

Heavily downvoted on youtube!

If Hillary had won, it would be a hate crime to turn down a tranny who asked you for a date!

Weimerica: Covergirl Makeup Picks First Coverboy


As I understand the term, Weimerica describes the USA in its current sexual degeneracy mode. You know, males kissing on soap operas, naked gay pride parades with simulated anal intercourse, and chicks with d*cks in the girls locker rooms. The word combines the German Weimar Republic, known for its corrupt, unnatural sexuality, with the word America–Wei and merica.

In the overall context of American culture, queer James Charles becoming the new face of Covergirl brand makeup is only a minor milestone in the nation’s plunge into the gutter.

If you can’t tell, the boy with two first names (real or his celebrity name?) is very effeminate. I suppose that due to genetics or hormones that some men are naturally effeminate while some women are naturally masculine.

A society which celebrates the oddity and tries to present it as normal is the problem here.

My position on queers is still evolving, but at this point in the game, I believe it would be best for society to put them into work camps and let them enjoy hard work, fresh air, and sunshine. Others might argue that they should be confined to reservations. Still others might say “Gas the queers.”

It certainly wouldn’t be asking too much of large corporations to stop glamorizing the queer and his lifestyle, which often involves anal reconstruction, disease, suicide, and an early grave.

USA Today

James Charles is poppin’.

We know it, his 441,000 Instagram followers know it and now, CoverGirl is making sure everyone else knows it.

On Tuesday, CoverGirl ambassador Katy Perry took to Instagram to break the news that the beauty behemoth had signed the 17-year-old New York-based makeup artist. “Just wrapped another great CoverGirl shoot. Honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first CoverBoy, James Charles!” the pop artist captioned a photo of herself posing alongside Charles in all his contoured glory.

Charles — who first began documenting his work on Instagram a year ago and went viral last month following his fierce yearbook shoot — will continue the partnership through the year and star in CoverGirl’s new mascara campaign, “So Lashy,” which goes live later this month.

james charles makeup

“I am so honored and excited to be working with such an iconic brand,” he wrote on his personal Instagram. “I started my Instagram one year ago to inspire others and as an artistic outlet to challenge myself creatively. I truly hope that this shows that anyone and everyone can wear makeup and can do anything if you work hard.”

Because, as any MUA will tell you, perfecting that highlight isn’t easy.

This sort of puff piece is obviously intended to keep the brain dead American woman in her current brain dead state. Are those heavy eyebrows really going to sell her makeup? Do American women want to look like an overly made up faggot?


America 2024 Post Hillary–The Most Frightening Thing You’ll Ever Read

From Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Barack Obama to the total destruction of Christianity to the selling off of America’s assets to China, The New America of Hillary Clinton would have no connection to the country created by the Founding Fathers.

The writer of this piece left out the death camps that Hillary is sure to create, but other than that, this piece is spot on.

Hillary must be stopped, no matter the means or the cost.

Excerpt from Real True News

The America of 2024 (Yes, She’ll Get Two Terms)
Here is what Actual Science shows America will be like if Hillary wins. Pay attention and tell your friends. Make them read this before it is too late.

Hillary’s Vision has five major pillars (like a certain religion we could name).
Dismantle the Government
Take Over Child-Care
Neutralize Religion
Sell Off The United States To Make Trillions In Profit For Private Entities
Erode Moral Values

The Government Takeover: The supreme Kangaroo Court

Hillary’s first point of attack is the Constitution and the Government of the United States. She will use her power as the Chief Executive to establish a “beach-head” and then seize the whole thing.

It will start with the Supreme Court in her first year. Justice Thomas will retire. Then, surprisingly, Chief Justice Roberts–no one saw that coming except those paying attention to his Obamacare decisions. Hillary has leverage. She will use it. Appointments: Obama and Anita Hill. These two will create an over-powering hyper-liberal court. A Kangaroo Court.

hillary gallows

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