Mexican Authorities Appear to be Trying to Cover Up the Murder of a Gifted White American College Student

Americans who visit Mexico need to be on constant guard. Living near the border myself, you see news reports that the rest of America doesn’t.

Mexico is dangerous. Visiting the place is playing Russian roulette.

The authorities are far too often on the take. They will try to cover up the crimes of Mexicans against tourists.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

When Andrew Dorogi rang his mom Jonetta to say he was about to board a flight home from Mexico City she had no reason to doubt her 21-year-old college football player son.

But Dorogi, a gifted student at the private Amherst College with a prestigious job lined up in investment banking, would never return from his 2018 spring break.

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Mystery Meat Lesbian Calls Killing of CHEATING WIFE a “mistake”

Atteraka Scotland, the alleged wife killer pictured above, is so manly she almost redefines the meaning of the word “dyke.”

She also almost redefines the meaning of the word “stupid.” Tiffany Scotland, the deceased “wife” had stab wounds. You’re not going to believe how Atteraka explains those knife wounds away.

I don’t think the police believe it either.

CBS News

REDMOND, Wash. – A Washington woman accused of killing her wife and leaving her beneath a carpet in their shared bedroom told police it was a “mistake.” Aterraka Scotland, 27, was arrested on Thursday for the murder of Tiffany Scotland, 26.

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Breaking! Van Ploughs into Crowd in Germany, 3 Dead, 20 or More Injured

Sh*tposting liberals are already preparing their “We Stand with Muenster” signs.

The blood is on Angela Merkel and company’s hands.

Blame Merkel is the theme the alt-right must push.

The left will be pushing the theme that the West doesn’t do enough to integrate it’s newest citizens.

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Deep State Hit? Broward County Deputy Critical of David Hogg Dies


Warning: We may be getting trolled with this story, but it’s worth bringing up just to try to clear the air.

All I have to work with are a few cryptic Tweets. Hopefully, the alt-right will work diligently to clear up any mystery surrounding the untimely death of Deputy Jason Fitzsimons of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department.

At this point, only Laura Loomer is bringing up this mystery as far as I know.

Criticizing this young crisis actor seems to be unhealthy for one’s career.

Evil Necklace Lady Winnie Mandela Dead at 81

Since I’m not a cruel person or a hater, seeing blacks left disfigured by Winnie Mandela’s “necklacing” campaign leaves me with a bad feeling. Not just for the dead and disfigured blacks, but also for what it portends for civilization in general and white people in South Africa in particular.

The Western press is lionizing Winnie as an “anti-apartheid” activist.


South African anti-apartheid campaigner Winnie Madikizela-Mandela has died aged 81, her personal assistant says.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was the former wife of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela.

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Dutch Teen in Malaysian Threesome Before Fatal Plunge That Family is Calling Murder


There are several threads to be explored in the case of the teen model, identified by the press as Dutch, who fell to her death in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. The alleged accident occurred following what has been said to be a night of drinking, drugs, and sex.

There’s the wealthy hedonist couple into swinging thread that ought to spark discussions of morality, marital fidelity, and so forth.

There’s the competence of Asian officials in determining the cause of death.

There’s also a bribery angle to think about.

The police have ruled Smit’s death an accident, but not everyone agrees.

The Sun

A TYCOON and his glamorous wife have reportedly admitted to having a threesome with a teen model shortly before she was found dead.

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Eight Dead: Dyke Couple Adopt and Abuse Children, Drive Off Cliff When Investigation Opened

The friends of two dykes married to each other mourned the loss of the women by noting that they were great parents and social justice warriors.

These two odd balls clearly preferred dark children over children of their own race. Maybe the ladies were secret KKK members who had a fetish for abusing nogs, but probably not.

There were probably just crazy.

Crazy enough to drive off a cliff, killing everyone in the photo above.

Fox News

A family of eight killed this week when their SUV plunged off a California highway had a visit from Child Protective Services just days before the deadly crash, the sheriff’s office said, as neighbors described other troubling incidents.

That’s a real carload of niggers these two loons adopted.

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