Negro Athlete’s Arrest on Sex Charges Involving 9 Year Old Girl Leads to Suicide Video Going Viral

Ex-UCLA basketball star Billy Knight left a suicide note in the form of the above video, which has been annotated by the publisher.

Knight admits to the usual failings of the Negro race–lying, cheating, stealing, etc.

Prior to killing himself he was facing 50 years in prison for sex with his girlfriend’s child.

The press calls his suicide video “heartbreaking.”

Not exactly.

I’d call it more attention seeking by a race of attention seekers.


Former UCLA basketball player Billy Knight — who was facing multiple charges for sexual abuse against a child— was found dead on a Phoenix roadway just days after he released a disturbing video where he expressed feeling remorse about having lived “a life of sin.”

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Body of Murdered Black Teen Displayed at Funeral Sitting, Playing Video Games


This post isn’t coming out the way that I thought it would.

I was going to mock black culture when I remembered that our ancient ancestors were often buried with their favorite material objects.

Of course, that was thousands of years ago. Whites have evolved since then. Blacks haven’t.

Anyway, the black youth in this story makes me feel bad for blacks, who murder each other over nothing.

The kid in this story was from New Orleans. He was reportedly a nice kid who was walking his dog when he was shot dead for his phone.

That’s a horrible nighmarish scenario. However, it’s a good example of why we had segregation and why we kept blacks under control by lynching and other means, such as the rubber hose used by police.

Blacks see us and want to be like us to a degree, but from an evolutionary standpoint they’re thousands of years (millions?) behind us.

The Independent

The family of an “avid gamer” who was murdered in New Orleans, displayed his body sitting upright in a chair with a Playstation controller in his hands, snacks at his side and wearing his favourite basketball jersey and flip-flops, in a unique memorial service.

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50s Heartthrob Who Kept his Faggotry Secret Dead at 86

Tab Hunter’s abnormal sexual attraction to men was an open secret back in the day. Women who fell for the good looking star probably were unaware that he had no interest in them when there was man meat to be had.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Hollywood heartthrob Tab Hunter, the beloved boy-next-door of 1950s Warner Brothers classics like Battle Cry, The Burning Hills and Damn Yankees, died Sunday at the age of 86.

The likeable Tab had a big hit record. Here he is singing on the Perry Como show in 1957.

Tab Hunter (not his real name) had a Jewish father and German mother, according to his Wikipedia page. That may explain partly his degenerate lifestyle.

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Outrage as Elderly Negress Dies After Electric Company Cuts Off Power from the Pole

Life is scary when you’re as retarded as the average Negro.

Rule #1: Blame whitey. For rules 2 through 10, see rule #1.


A New Jersey woman who relied on an oxygen tank died after her electricity was cut off—despite several warnings from her family to supplier Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), according to reports.

Linda Daniels, 68, died after suffering heart failure at her home in Newark, New Jersey—several hours after the electricity was cut around 10 a.m. on July 5, reports

There’s more than one side to this story. Read on.

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Two Brothers, One White and One Mystery Meat, Charged with Rape Murder of 16 Year Old All American Boy



Pure evil!

I suspect that one brother has Filipino or Mexican genes.

The mudshark who gave birth to these monsters will hopefully live to see them executed.

And where were the parents of the victim? They should have warned him that scummy mixed raced families are not your friend.


CHEHALIS, Wash. – Two brothers were charged Monday in the murder and rape of a 16-year-old Washington state boy whose body was found in a shallow grave last week.

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White Woman and Mystery Meat Boyfriend Charged in Murder of Her Mixed-Race Sprog


Mom Heather Barron has been a busy bitch.

Eight more children were removed from the household after she and her boyfriend were charged with homicide.

The boyfriend’s last name is Latin, but his first name is black or Muslim. Go figure what his f*cked up genes are like.


LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California woman and her boyfriend were charged Friday in the death of the woman’s 10-year-old son who had previously reported being beaten, locked up and not fed, prosecutors said.

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White Cop Charged with Killing Unarmed Black Teen Antwon Rose

Pittsburg has been in turmoil since a white police officer, now identified as Michael Rosfeld, opened fire on saintly future rocket scientist.

Three bullets struck Antwon Rose, who ran as the car in which he was a passenger came to a stop, killing him. Watch the video of the sprinter running, below.

While the young dindu has been praised by family members as an honors student who was going to college soon, he was one of three teens riding in the car involved in a drive-by shooting a few minutes earlier.

Initial police reports stated that an empty 9mm clip was found in his pocket.

Since Antwon wuz a good boi, dat clip wuz planted by da po-lice.


Officer Michael Rosfeld has been charged with one count of criminal homicide following the shooting death of 17-year-old Antwon Rose in East Pittsburgh on June 19.

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