“Australia is at a crossroads …”: Police Issue Warning to Protesters Ahead of Lauren Southern’s Perth Speech

If you found this post by scrolling down the homepage, you’ll see that it appears before two other posts on Lauren Southern’s Australian events.

The two other posts deal with video of protests inside the hall where Lauren was speaking on Friday and with what went down outside the hall as Antifa tried to stop people from attending her presentation.

On Sunday she and Stefan Molyneux are presenting in Perth, Western Australia. It appears that the police are serious about stopping violence by leftist protesters, unlike the Portland, Oregon police in America, who let the left run wild.

WA Today

WA Police have urged protesters to keep demonstrations peaceful ahead of controversial commentator Lauren Southern’s planned speaking engagement in Perth on Sunday evening.

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Videos: Antifa Disrupt Lauren Southern’s Melbourne Speech

It sounds like the Aussie Tweeter above thinks there should be no go zones for white people with a point of view in Australia.

Screw him.

Being able to speak criticism of Muslim immigrants legitimizes that criticism.

Scroll past the story and the two Twitter videos taken inside the speaking hall for my criticism of Lauren’s alt-light approach to immigration.

Daily Wire

On Friday night in Australia, an “anti-fascist” protester rushed the stage in attempt to attack Canadian right-wing commentator and activist Lauren Southern, but was instead scooped up by security guards and carried off the premises.

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“Nazis” Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux Met by Protesters Battling Police in Melbourne

The press and protesters seem to be ignoring Stefan.

There’s nothing like a pretty face to sell clicks, I suppose. I put his name in my title since he’s supposed to be speaking with Lauren.

Anyway, the good news is that Lauren Southern was able to say a few words against immigration of nonwhites into Australia without being stopped or run out of town by hard-core leftist thugs.

Radio New Zealand

More than 100 protesters blocked the Hume Highway outside Somerton’s La Mirage Reception and Convention Centre ahead of Ms Southern’s Friday night event.

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Australian Public Agrees: We Should KILL Lauren Southern (Video)

Less than seven minutes of man on the steet interviews by Lauren herself, pretending to be an anti-fashist interviewer. Not everyone agreed that Lauren should be killed, but plenty enough did agree.

The video may shock as you see how nonwhites dominate in Oz now.

Sample youtube comments:

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Oz Reverses Course, Approves Lauren Southern’s Visa

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern will have the opportunity to talk to Aussies later this month, now that the government has approved their visas.

It should be fun, but watch out for Jihadis, Lauren.

Daily Mail

Just one day after her visa was rejected, a far-right activist has had her Australian visa approved ahead of a controversial speaking tour.

The press insists on calling Lauren “far-right” when a better term might be far-light, or alt-light or something similar.

He song seems to have only one verse: Muslims are bad.

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White Apartment Manager FIRED After She Demanded Black Boy Not Put His Sock Clad Feet in Pool


Pools are the battleground for Black Lives Matter this long, hot summer.

Blacks are invading pools, they’re breaking into pools (and drowning), and they’re refusing to abide by reasonable requests.

This incident in the War on White People is called the Socks in the Pool Incident.

Again, the outcome is one step closer to African chaos for America and a white woman now unemployed and unlikely to ever be able to find another job.

Let’s call this what it is: soft white genocide.


A Tennessee woman says she and her boyfriend were racially discriminated against while hanging out at her apartment building’s pool on July Fourth, according to KTLA sister station WREG in Memphis.

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Couple Captured on Video Having Sex on Silver Airlines Flight to Mexico

Most of the comments I’ve seen on this story nervously try to make a joke out of people having sex in passenger seats on airliners.

Where would they draw the line, if any?

Is it OK to have sex in the terminal? A restaurant? A college classroom?

There are many reasons why public sex is illegal. If I have to explain them to you, you’re probably too stupid to understand.

Watch the video is you care to. It’s embedded at the bottom of this post.

Hollywood Life

This couple clearly has no shame in their game! A mother and father witnessed something you don’t see everyday while taking a Silver Airways flight to Mexico. Just two rows behind the pair, another couple was having sex in their seat just feet away from other passengers who had an up close and personal view of the X-Rated act. The couple who witnessed the happening took a video and sent it to their daughter, who put it online.

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