“Born to Kill:” Leftist Loner Son of Greek Immigrant Named as Texas School Shooter Who Killed 10, Injured 10

Accused Texas school shooter Dimitrio Pagourtzis made sure that the pin showed up nicely in his photo posting seen above.

That pin is a bisexual pride pin. See below.

Assuming that nobody but queers wear bi pride pins, the press is going to bury the fact of his sexual orientation. But we know, as sex realists, how f*cked up the minds of queers are.

The press is trying to sell the narrative that Dimetrios is a Nazi white supremacist because of an Iron Cross pin that he attached to a coat or jacket. See below. However, he also pinned his jacket with a Communist symbol too, as well as a Japanese symbol and a Satanic symbol.

Sky News

Ten people have been killed and the same number wounded after a gunman opened fire at a high school in Texas.

The suspect, 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, has been charged with capital murder, Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset said.

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Family Suspects Foul Play in Death of 18-Year-Old Model in Pajeet Doctor’s Home

You know that your country is fuxated when the two people involved in a mysterious death are both foreigners. The dodgy male is one of the ugliest Hindu types you’ll ever see. His claim of consensual sex with the dead girl in the story only rings true because the POS dope dealing Pajeet is a wealthy doctor.

Indiawest reports that aspiring model Olya Langille was a Russian from Arkhangelsk. Someone should have warned her about drugs and darkies. Since she was adopted as a child by an American couple in Jew Jersey, someone did have the chance to warn her. Maybe she didn’t listen.

Miami Herald

A night of alcohol, drugs and sex ended with an 18-year-old woman dying in the Fort Lauderdale apartment of a Broward Health doctor, NBC6 has reported.

To be honest I have a negative opinion of Russian females who come to the States. I had a couple of sisters from Russia in my class at the university who were cheaters. Since then, I’ve read many stories and comments on what lying whores these Russian women are.

This one partied hard and died young.

I’d like to see the POS Pajeet who allegedly supplied her with drugs go to prison for life. Actually, putting him to death would be preferable, but not allowed under American law.

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Chinese Zoo PEACOCKS INJURED When Chinks Pull Out Their FEATHERS

Even though I”m not a hater, it’s difficult not to hate the Chinese race if you care about animals.

Just last week a crowd of zoo goers stoned a kangaroo to death to try to make it hop, a story posted here.

Now it’s peacocks that the slants have harmed.

Whatever good qualities the inscrutable Oriental may have, respect for animal life isn’t one of them.

New Straits Times

HONG KONG: Tourists have plucked the tail feathers from four live peacocks at a zoo in eastern China, according to a newspaper report.

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Terrorist Alek Manassian Drove a Rented White Van into a Toronto Crowd, Killing 10, Injuring 16


Jewish Breaking News identifies Alek Manassian as Armenian. Muslims are a small minority among the Armenian population. Minassian may have relative fair skin, but he’s not white. So don’t blame my people for this one, you Canadians.

As of this writing, there are no real clues to Manassian’s motivation to go on a terrorist rampage.

The press is calling today’s incident a “van attack,” trying to psych out the public into thinking that vans have minds of their own.

Good summary here:


Alek Minassian, 25, has been identified by CBS News sources as the person arrested on suspicion of driving a white Ryder van into a crowd of pedestrians in Toronto, killing multiple people. Witnesses said the driver was traveling fast when he jumped a curb and hit “everything in his path.” When police arrested him after he fled the scene, he approached them with what appeared to be a gun in his hand. The motive in the crash is not yet known, but early reports indicate the driver hit the pedestrians deliberately.

It’s cool. The mayor says Toronto is inclusive. Move on, folks.

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LOL! Waffle House Victims Include “brilliant” Negro College Student and Aspiring Rapper


Every dead negro recently shot by police or a white man has been a damn future rocket scientist or an “aspiring” rapper.

What about a negro aspiring to be a “kangz?” Dey wuz kangz so why not aspire to that role: King Shitavious I.

Since negro worship is America’s new religion, just aspire to be a god. “I beez a gawd and an all dat sheeeeit.”

Fox News

Four people who were killed Sunday after a gunman opened fire at a Waffle House in Tennessee have been identified as a manhunt for the suspect continues. The victims included a worker at the restaurant, a college student and a rapper.

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Dirty, No-Good Chinks Stone Zoo Kangaroo to Death Because It Wouldn’t Hop

I saw the headline on Friday saying that a kangaroo had been stoned to death and guessed that the stone throwing evil bastards were Chinese.

The chinks are among the worst ethnic groups in the world in the way they treat animals.

Sure there are exceptional Chinese who care about wildlife, but it’s not part of their genetic makeup.

I honestly don’t like the Chinese so much that I hate owning anything made in China. I try to buy older products made in the USA at thrift stores when I can find them. Having to touch something made by a chink gives me the creeps.

Huffington Post

One kangaroo was killed and another injured at a zoo in southeast China after visitors to their enclosure pelted the animals with rocks and other objects in an apparent attempt to get the kangaroos to hop around. The abuse has sparked fury online and prompted renewed scrutiny into the mistreatment of animals at Chinese zoos, several of which have gained notoriety in recent years for cramped and cruel conditions.

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Breaking! Wife and Mom to Presidents, Barbara Bush, Dead at 92

Whatever Barbara Bush knew about the Kennedy assassination and about the World Trade Center has died with her. Not that she would have talked anyway so long as she was in her right mind. Given the type of dominant personality she had, she probably knew a lot. Maybe even things about aliens and UFOs too.

She couldn’t be all bad since she wrote a book about Millie the dog and was touted as a dog lover.

Excerpt from ABC News

Former first lady Barbara Bush died Tuesday. She was 92.

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