Happy Days Star, Erin “Joanie” Moran Dead at 56

The Daily Mail reports the cause of death to be a suspected heroin overdose.

Excerpt from the Hollywood Reporter

The actress was best known for her role as Ron Howard’s little sister on the ’70s sitcom.

Erin Moran, best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham on the sitcoms Happy Days and its spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi, has died.

Moran was found by Harrison County dispatch officers in Indiana responding to an “unresponsive female” report. Upon arriving at the scene, officers identified Moran and she pronounced dead at the scene, a Harrison County Sheriff official confirmed.

Moran rose to stardom on the 1970s sitcom Happy Days, in which she played the younger sister to Ron Howard’s Richie Cunningham. She later went on to star in her own spinoff show centered around her character’s relationship with Chachi Arcola (Scott Baio).

Other credits on Moran’s resume include a series regular role on the ’80s romantic series The Love Boat, as well as appearances on Murder, She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder.

She was remembered on Twitter by Happy Days costars Ron Howard and Henry Winkler. “OH Erin… now you will finally have the peace you wanted so badly here on earth …Rest In It serenely now.. too soon,” Winkler tweeted.

“Such sad news. RIP Erin. I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens,” Howard wrote.

CNN reports that an autopsy is pending.

The Daily Mail reported in 2012 that the former actress was homeless.


She was reportedly evicted from her mother-in-law’s trailer for “hard partying.”

British PM Teresa May: London Attack “not Islamic”


Simple new rule for Teresa May and the huge number of cucks in Parliament: If it’s a Muslim attacker, then it’s Islamic terrorism.

Anything less than that simple statement is a lie.

History will record Teresa May as a liar.

The Independent

The Prime Minister has said it is “wrong” to describe the terror attack on Westminster Bridge and Parliament on Wednesday as “Islamic terrorism”.

Following her statement in the House of Commons on Thursday morning Theresa May was asked by Conservative MP Michael Tomlinson whether she agreed that the term was inappropriate.

He asked her: “It is reported that what happened yesterday was an act of ‘Islamic terror’.

“Will the Prime Minister agree with me that what happened was not Islamic, just as the murder of Airey Neave was not Christian, and that in fact both are perversions of religion?”

Ms May replied that she believed it was not right to use the term, suggesting that such ideology was “perversion”.

“I absolutely agree, and it is wrong to describe this as ‘Islamic terrorism’,” she said.

“It is ‘Islamist terrorism’, it is a perversion of a great faith.”

Mr Tomlinson’s question referred to the killing of a Conservative MP by the Irish National Liberation Army in 1979 by car bomb attack at the House of Commons.

In making her statement Ms May appeared to correct her Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, who this morning said there was a working assumption that the attack was linked to “Islamic terrorism”.

“It was no accident that this attack was on Westminster, because it is at Westminster that we debate differences, very sharp differences, very freely and respectfully between us, and this kind of Islamic terrorism doesn’t respect those differences, so it is no accident that there was an attack here,” he had said in a statement.

Breaking: Terrorist Attacks British Parliament–at Least one Dead, Others Suffer “catastrophic” Injuries




Reports are saying a car attacker used his vehicle as a weapon, hitting people before fleeing into the Old Palace before he was shot at least three times by police. Three police were injured. Three of the injured are reportedly French students. There’s no word yet on whether Americans or Canadians were injured.

Today is the anniversary of the attack on Brussels, Belgium, which was carried out by Muslims. There’s no indication from anyone about the identity of today’s attacker. It’s also unclear how many people participated in the attack.

Prime Minister Teresa May is expected to make a public statement soon.

National Post live updates

LONDON — Britain’s Parliament was locked down Wednesday after an attacker stabbed an officer and was then shot by police. London police said they were treating the attack as a “terrorist incident until we know otherwise.”

A doctor at St Thomas’ Hospital says a female pedestrian has died and about a dozen people are hurt, some with “catastrophic” injuries, after a vehicle apparently hit pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, near Parliament.

“There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic,” Colleen Anderson said. “Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries.”

She said there might be a dozen injured in all.

The threat level for international terrorism in the UK was listed at severe. The city was also on alert for the Thursday funeral of Martin McGuinness, former IRA commander.

Dennis Burns, who was just entering Parliament for a meeting, told the Press Association he heard a radio message saying an officer had been stabbed. Police and security rushed outside as he was going in.

“When I got inside I was wondering what the hell was going on and I saw dozens of panicked people running down the street,” he said. “The first stream was around 30 people and the second stream was 70 people.

Sky News live stream–London terror attack:

The Guardian live updates:

Here is an extract from the statement from the Metropolitan police commander, BJ Harrington.

Although we remain open-minded to the motive, a full counter-terrorism investigation is already under way. This is led by the Met counter-terrorism command.

At this stage I will confirm what we know has happened but I will not speculate. We received a number of different reports which included a person in the river, a car in collision with pedestrians and a man armed with a knife. Officers were already in that location as part of routine policing but immediately additional officers were sent to the scene and that included firearms officers. We are working closely with the London ambulance service and the London fire brigade …

We know there are a number of casualties, including police officers, but at this stage we cannot confirm numbers or the nature of these injuries …

The acting commissioner, Craig Mackey, is being treated as a significant witness as he was at the scene when the incident started. Whilst he is not injured, it would be inappropriate for him to be here to talk about this incident at this stage.

Our thoughts and his thoughts are with all those involved and responding to that incident this evening. I would stress that if anyone has information about today’s incident they are urged to call 0800789321 and I want to stress that if the public have any information or see anything suspicious to dial 999 immediately.

Injured being treated on Westminister Bridge:

Link to Daily Mail story

The Mail’s headline reads this way:

BREAKING NEWS: At least two dead and a dozen hurt – some with ‘catastrophic injuries’ – after car driven by ‘Asian’ knifeman mows down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before he is shot attacking police in grounds of Parliament

In British speak, “Asian” generally means Muslim.

More later as developments warrant.

White (Faggot?) Charged with Quebec Mosque Shooting as Police Claim Arrested Moroccan a “witness”


In nearly every Muslim country the Muzzies kill fags on sight. Yet somehow when these same bigoted fag-haters are imported into Western countries the media and politicians would have us believe they become tolerant and inclusive.

That’s doubtful. Look at the Muzzie who took out 50 fags at the Pulse night club in Orlando last year.

That said by way of introduction, the white college student charged with the Quebec City mosque attack last night looks like a sodomite to me. His name is Alexandre Bissonnette.

If I’m right, the press is going to conceal his sexual identity, calling him a Nazi or white supremacist, but the truth is, in my opinion, that he’s a fag getting some sweet fag revenge against an anti-fag mosque.

While I’m spinning a conspiracy theory, let’s go even further down he rabbit hole.

I suspect that the Moroccan who was also arrested last night is the sex partner of Bissonnette. I speculate that the Moroccan was disrespected for his faggotry, possibly kicked out of the Islamic Center. Then the white man decided to take action. The Moroccan, Mohamed Khadir, is now being called a witness. Strange. Last night he was a shooter, but today he’s a witness. Something stinks.

The story as reported by the DM is vague on motives and sexual orientations. Not much is known about Bissonnette with certainty. He’s being called a TRUMP SUPPORTER, but that’s not at all clear. Nothing is being reported about Khadir. Nothing at all. Strange again.

Daily Mail

White university student Alexandre Bissonnette has been named as the sole suspect accused of killing six men at a Quebec City mosque.

Bissonnette, 27, was arrested alongside Moroccan-Canadian Mohamed el Khadir on Sunday night after six men were slaughtered at the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center during evening prayers.

On Monday afternoon, Sûreté du Québec, the local police force, confirmed one of the men was no longer facing charges.

A source later told Reuters police were looking at Bissonnette as a ‘lone wolf’.

The political sciences and anthropology student, who is from the affluent Quebec City suburb Cap Rouge, will appear in court sometime on Monday or Tuesday.

Six men aged between 39 and 60 were killed at the mosque and five remain in a critical condition in intensive care at the city’s Hôpital de l’Enfant-Jésus after the killings on Sunday night.

Twelve others had less serious injuries and another 39 escaped from the mosque unharmed. Among the victims is a government IT worker, the mosque’s concierge, a halal butcher who worked next door and a professor from the university where Bissonnette is enrolled.

El Khadir was picked up by police at the mosque but Bissonnette fled in his Mitsubishi and was arrested in nearby Ile d’Orleans around 20 minutes later after calling 911, Le Soleil reports. Police found two rifles and an AK-47 in the car.

Court clerk Isabelle Ferland earlier identified the pair as the two men arrested in connection with the shooting. Police are not seeking anyone else in connection with the attack which was is being treated as an act of terror.

A friend of the student’s told DailyMail.com that Bissonnette was pro-Donald Trump and that they had engaged in political arguments about him.

‘Based on the conversations that I had with him during the American presidential campaign, it’s true he is pro-Trump,’ the student, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

He added that he Bissonnette had ‘never demonstrated’ a diolent side.

‘Yes, he was conservative in the political sense but despite the profound differences between us, he never showed or suggested that political violence or terrorism was something he was capable of.’

Laval University’s rector said he would would assist authorities in any way he could but has not yet confirmed Bissonnette’s enrollment.

Neither he nor el Khadir was known to police before Sunday night’s atrocity.

Police searched Bissonnette’s home in Cap Rouge overnight. They were seen searching el Khadir’s apartment which is less than a kilometer from the mosque on Monday, TVA reports.

Heavy reports on the contents of Bissonnette’s Facebook page. There’s nothing there to suggest that my theory is correct, but “witness” Mohamed Khadir is also a student at the same university, for what that’s worth.

There are lots of contradictions in the official storyline that we are being fed today. Original reports said there were two or three shooters. Now there’s just one.

Reports say the masked shooters yelled “Allahu Akbar.” Is that something that Bissonnette would do? I don’t think so, although I could picture him yelling “Allahu akbar, motherf*ckers” or something similar.

Heavy has also put together a photo album of all the pictures of the suspect.

Until we hear more about the background and motivation for the mosque massacre, this is still a developing story. The political agenda of multiculturalism and “Whites are evil” should not get in the way of the truth, whatever it is.

Told Ya! What We Know So Far About the Quebec Mosque Massacre–Gunman is MORROCAN

Once again I have to go to the Daily Mail to find out the racial angle on a crime. Just prior to finding the story at the Mail, I had been reading the Mirror’s coverage of the story. Their version blames Donald Trump for the massacre at the mosque.

The truth is that Muslims have been on rampage against the West for at least 40 years. If a white man were to fight back and kill Muslims, my response would be “Why not?”

But the specific truth in this case is that inbred Muslims, always violent to each other and everyone else, apparently carried out the Quebec mosque massacre. The media and Canada’s PM Justin Truedeau would love to see a white supremacist group arrested for the attack, but that’s not going to happen. So screw Trudeau.

Syrian? Moroccan? What difference does it make?

Excerpt from Daily Mail

Police have arrested two students – one ‘of Moroccan origin’ – over the murder of six people shot dead in the Quebec City mosque carnage a day after Canada’s Prime Minister condemned Donald Trump’s immigration ban.

Gunmen opened fire on worshippers as they prayed at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center at around 8pm last night in an attack branded ‘cowardly’ and ‘barbaric’.

Witnesses claimed the masked killers shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ in what sounded like a Quebecois accent as they went on the rampage, killing six and leaving eight injured.

Police have arrested two people with one said to be ‘of Moroccan origin’ and both understood to be students from Quebec’s Université Laval.

The shooting unfolded after a weekend which has seen US President Donald Trump’s divisive and controversial ‘Muslim immigration ban’ spark widespread protests across America. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said that his country remains open to all immigration, insisting ‘diversity is our strength’.

One attack suspect was detained at the mosque and the other was caught after a chase that ended near l’île d’Orléans around 15 miles from the scene. There are reports this morning that one suspect called emergency services to ‘confess to his crime’ because he ‘felt bad’ about the atrocity and wanted to shoot himself.

According to Le Soleil, the 27-year-old’s Mitsubishi was pursued towards Félix-Leclerc highway before he stopped the vehicle himself. He is said to have had at least one handgun and two weapons ‘that resembled AK-47s’ on his back seat. The same website says searches have since taken place at two addresses in the city.

The actual names of the shooters are still the subject of speculation, which sometimes conflicts:

What is important is that once again, we can say “The Muslims did it.” Which is truth. While the liars say “Trump did it.”

face of islam muslims

heston gif

Quebec City Mosque Attackers Allegedly Shouted “Allahu Akbar:” Trump Vindicated Again

flashing red light gif

Pussy Boy Justin Trudeau was quick to jump into the fray and agree to take all people that President Donald Trump’s TEMPORARY ban on people from seven countries had affected.

Pussy Boy, it seems you’ve just gotten bitten in the a**.

As I wrote in my earlier post, the press is going to blame President Trump.

RT is reporting that at least one of the two or three shooters yelled “Allahu Akbar.”

There are also UNCONFIRMED, UNOFFICIAL reports that have surfaced in the last few minutes naming the shooters.

Again, to emphasize, the information we’re seeing is not from official sources, who are remaining strangely quiet.

Developing …