White Guy Suspended by Facebook for Advocating Refugee Status for Gorillas Over Somali

Race realists would accept Koko the gorilla’s kin over the truly stupid, violent, and dirty Somali.

Here’s the Facebook post that got him suspended:

Image of Facebook post seen at Will Wescott’s Twitter.

Cute Mystery Meat Female Jogger Detained by Border Patrol for “accidentally” Crossing Canada’s Border with U.S.


Neither her cuteness, her tears, or her youth (age 19) kept Cedella Roman from being “separated from her family” under President Trump’s zero tolerance policy.

Cedella says she didn’t know that she crossed the border into the U.S., which is entirely plausible, but the law makes no excuse for ignorance.


A visitor from France says she was jogging along the beach south of White Rock, B.C., when she crossed the U.S. border without realizing it. So began a two-week nightmare that landed her in a prison jumpsuit.


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U.K. Teen ‘traumatized’ after classmates write racist slurs on his shirt on last day of school

A darkie snowflake has been “traumatized.”

Those are his feelings. He’s responsible for them, not the kids who wrote a taboo word on his class farewell t-shirt, pictured above.

Fox thinks we can’t handle the word, so they’ve blurred it out.


Fox News

A mother in the United Kingdom said her teenage son was “distraught” after he discovered his classmates had written racist slurs on the back of his T-shirt on the last day of school.


It’s just a word.

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

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Britain: Nonwhite Doctor Who DECAPITATED BABY Allowed to Return to Work


That doctor that you may have read about because she decapitated a baby during delivery qualified to become a doctor in India.

She’s now practicing her craft in Britain. National Health Service authorities have cleared her to go back to work following an incident in which she pulled a baby’s body off its head, presumably to kill more babies.

The Asian Parent

Grisly news about a decapitated baby recently made the rounds across social media. According to the report, a breech baby was decapitated when the child was delivered through a normal delivery.

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Darkie Female (Tranny?) Attacks Darkie Female on NYC Subway

The joys of diversity in two minutes. This one’s gone viral with almost 300K views.

The hideous creature who goes on a cursing rant is surely a tranny. The rant is evidence that these genetic defectives are mental. My recommendation would be humane euthanasia for the damn thing.

A sane society would do some ethnic cleansing.

7 Horny Pajeets Working Together Arrested for Groping Underage Girls at California Waterpark

Parents in Roseville, California, must be doing something right.

When diversity, in the form of a coordinated gang of street sh*tters, smiled and approached girls under age 14, the girls knew that the sh*t skins were up to no good.

The parents and cops were having none of the H1-b visitors messing with children.

After putting together this post, a surprise development took place. Don’t miss it. I’ve added the HUGE SURPRISE at the bottom of the post.

Fox News

Police arrested seven men Monday for allegedly inappropriately touching underage girls at the Golfland Sunsplash water park in Roseville, Calif.

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LOL! Savage Negro Attacks Dog–Watch What Happens

Dogs don’t like blacks. I ran this a couple of years ago, I think it was, but it’s fun to watch, so here it is again.