Parents of 7 Year-Old White Girl Remove Her from School Because She Played a Racist Character in an Anti-Racist School Play Populated with Blacks Only


There’s been so much news today, it’s proven hard to get to all of it. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about Trump’s sanctions on Russia, his blaming Russia for the spy poisoning, and Stormy Daniels continued attention seeking.

For today’s final post, let’s look at the seven year old white girl whose parents are hard to figure out.

Before going into the story of the seven year old and the school play, let’s ponder the question of what seven year olds are doing in a classroom performing in a play about the evils of segregationists.

Children that young have no ability to conceptualize the issues involved in racial issues except in a very shallow way.

The play itself is child abuse perpetrated by a black teacher.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A seven-year-old girl’s parents have pulled their daughter out of her Georgia elementary school after they watched her play a racist character in a student play.

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Map Shows the 50 Most Violent Cities in the World


And in reply to Beagle, we have:

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Among the sites covering this story are the Daily Mail, the Express,
and The Sun.

White Guy Tattoos Entire Body BLACK, Even His Eyeballs


The motivation to do what you see in the photo above is beyond my ability to comprehend.

If I had to make a guess, I would say there’s some very deep self-loathing going on, along with a strong desire for attention.

Maybe it can viewed as a cry for help.

While legal theory may claim that people own their own bodies and can do with what they wish, we should outlaw extreme body modifications, including gender reassignment surgery.

The Sun

A MAN has gone to ink-redible lengths to cover his entire body in black tattoos, including his eyeballs and the inside of his lips.

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Katie Hopkins ‘detained by passport control in South Africa for spreading racial hatred’

One of our favorites, Britain’s Katie Hopkins, is in possible trouble in South Africa. She traveled to that sh*thole in order to gather material exposing the mass white genocide taking place.

The black-run, white-hating government doesn’t like that idea the least bit. Katie is famous enough that I believe she will be safe and not raped or murdered by the savages who run South Africa. The British government better get involved quickly, though, demanding her release.

Katie Hopkins has claimed she has been detained in South Africa for ‘spreading racial hatred’.

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Identity Evropa Hangs “Danger” Sign at Tunnel Entrance to San Franciso

The dummies at CBS News use the SPLC as their source of identifying information about Identity Evorpa. That means the reporting here is a mix of fact and fiction

Is San Francisco dangerous because it’s a so-called sanctuary city?

I think we know what Kate Steinle would say if she were alive to answer the question.

CBS Local San Franciso

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A neo-Nazi activist organization claimed credit online for a sign mocking San Francisco’s policy on undocumented immigrants which was hung over the Yerba Buena Island tunnel on Sunday morning.

The sign, reading “Danger Sanctuary City Ahead,” greeted westbound motorists heading into the city on the Bay Bridge.

It was apparently placed by “Identity Evropa,” which has been identified as a white supremacist organization and is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

Identity Evropa posted photos of the sign on its Twitter account.

Caltrans removed the sign mid-morning. It was not clear what agency, if any, would investigate the incident.

It doesn’t matter that the sign was removed. The story got picked up by the press. It shows the power of a couple of people with guts, a sheet, and markers to write on the sheet.

I’m signing out for the next few hours in order to work on my moving project. I spent 12 hours lifting and moving boxes on Saturday and another 10 hours on Sunday, so I’m hoping to get by with just four or five hours today.

Scooby the Camel Returned to Owners After Getting Loose

Here’s a story with a happy ending. We don’t hear much about pet camels in the United States, so any camel story is an oddity.

Scooby looks like a fine specimen of a camel. Kudos to the police for not shooting him.

Now its up to his owner to figure out how to keep him from running loose again.

Toledo Blade

For an hour and a half, Scooby the camel was free to explore Springfield Township.

The adorable, friendly 1 1/2-year-old camel left his owner’s nearby property Friday afternoon and walked on Dorr Street near North McCord Road. He slowed traffic, but passing motorists seemed more concerned with snapping his picture.

And in the end, it was a neighbor studying animal welfare at Stautzenberger College who reported his escape to law enforcement. Lucas County sheriff’s deputies were on scene about 3 p.m.

Nicole Heffner, 21, was coming home from work when she saw cars backing up. He’s a friendly camel who loves his owner, she said.

“All of a sudden, I was like, ‘Camel’s out!’ ” she said.

The neighbors helped corral Scooby and return him home.

Owner Nabil Shaheen, 54, happily walked with Scooby back to the property. He was outside the county when he learned of the camel’s status.

“I was in Woodville, I got a call, ‘Your camel is loose.’ How, I have no idea. It’s all fenced in,” Mr. Shaheen said.

It was a frightening situation, Mr. Shaheen said, and he is glad no one was hurt. He purchased Scooby as a baby.

Mr. Shaheen praised Ms. Heffner for calling immediately as well as sheriff’s deputies for their help.

“They were awesome. They’re here for us,” Mr. Shaheen said.

Fake Uber driver picks up intoxicated women and rapes them



KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City, Mo. Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating a suspect in multiple rape cases.

Antwan T. Crosby, 33, is wanted on aggravated rape charges. He has been named in numerous sexual assault cases throughout the city.

Police said he is known to pick up intoxicated women in Westport and Power & Light District, and may be posing as an Uber driver.

A spokesperson for Uber, Kayla Whaling, said Crosby is not an Uber driver and has never been registered in their system. Uber has posted these tips and safety features on their website for anyone using the app.

FOX 4’s Shannon O’Brien went to Crosby’s address listed in the court documents. A woman inside the apartment would only yell at the FOX 4 crew through the door.

“He don’t live here. Would you get away from my door?” the woman said, adding, “Yeah, I knew him but he don’t live here… Get away from my door. No more questions.”

Court records state that the car used in the rapes was a red Pontiac Grand Prix registered to a woman Crosby knows. That car matches the description of one we found sitting outside of Crosby’s Lenexa apartment.

“Stop taking pictures of that car,” the woman inside the apartment demanded. When asked if that is the car that was used int he alleged rape, she replied, “no, get away from that car.”

People we spoke to in Westport are scared about sexual predators lurking around Kansas City’s entertainment districts, waiting to pounce on their victims who are not in a position to protect themselves.

“I feel like if I were that inebriated, I don’t think I would have that sense of weariness. I think I would just go with it,” said Arielle Kelly.

“I think it is a tricky situation, especially the more we become reliant on convenience I think it puts everyone in a dangerous spot,” Jess Bonniwell said.

If you have information on Crosby’s whereabouts, contact Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.

Information leading to an arrest and/or charges could be eligible for a reward up to $2,000. All information is anonymous.