White Male Cops Risk Lives to Pull Zonked Out, Uncooperative Druggie Out of Burning Car (Video)

I think this one minute video is going to go viral since it’s being featured on several news websites.

The unidentified man rescued is either white or a light mestizo. Since the place is New Joisy, my money is on Latino. As usual, the heroes are white males. Speculation is rampant on youtube that he’s on drugs. The story plays down that angle.

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Snake Wandered into Fire Station to Say Hello, Curled Up in Firefighter’s Boots

A Louisiana fire department issued a warning to be on the lookout for snakes when it published the photo above.

The snake pictured is harmless to humans (unless you count fear as harm) and was captured and released in nearby woods.

Read the story at NOLA.

11-Year-Old Boy Hit by Truck During David Hogg’s Anti-Gun School Walkout Dies

Liberal sh*tstain David Hogg can take at least partial credit for killing a kid.

The kid’s school can also take some of the blame.

Schools across America emptied out on Friday as students protested the right to keep and bear arms. The walkout was part of a movement created by despicable rat-faced David Hogg.

Eleven year olds have no business leaving the classroom to protest guns in America. The issues are too complex for the young minds of mush to understand.


EL PASO, Texas – University Medical Center has announced a memorial for the Parkland Middle School student struck and killed Friday.

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UPDATE–SPLASHDOWN: Chinese Space Station About to Reenter Earth’s Atmosphere


Will the left blame Trump if a black American city is hit?

Short video explanation:

Live tracker:

Space.com has the reentry covered.

Zerohedge offers a couple of links to live trackers.

Private Family Autopsy Allegedly Shows Unarmed Negro Felon Stephon Clark Shot in Back by Police


The doctor, using the term loosely, that conducted the autopsy on Stephon Clark is a sketchy Negro named Bennet Omalu. Will Smith played him in the movie, Concussion.

Luckily for patients, Dr. Omalu practices on dead people, not live ones.

The shooting of Clark ranks up there with the shootings of Mike Brown and St. Trayvon Martin in the annals of “dindu nuffins” gunned down while doing something.

Wikipedia reports that police are confident that Clark was the individual who had gone on a spree breaking car windows. That hasn’t stopped the continuous bleating from darkies whose lives revolve around explaining away their personal failures as due to white oppression.

This is how the Sacramento city council emergency meeting to calm blacks was disrupted:

ABC News

Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man who was fatally shot by police in his grandmother’s backyard, was struck eight times — including six bullets in the back, according to a private autopsy commissioned by the family.

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Parents of 7 Year-Old White Girl Remove Her from School Because She Played a Racist Character in an Anti-Racist School Play Populated with Blacks Only


There’s been so much news today, it’s proven hard to get to all of it. Maybe tomorrow we can talk about Trump’s sanctions on Russia, his blaming Russia for the spy poisoning, and Stormy Daniels continued attention seeking.

For today’s final post, let’s look at the seven year old white girl whose parents are hard to figure out.

Before going into the story of the seven year old and the school play, let’s ponder the question of what seven year olds are doing in a classroom performing in a play about the evils of segregationists.

Children that young have no ability to conceptualize the issues involved in racial issues except in a very shallow way.

The play itself is child abuse perpetrated by a black teacher.

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

A seven-year-old girl’s parents have pulled their daughter out of her Georgia elementary school after they watched her play a racist character in a student play.

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Map Shows the 50 Most Violent Cities in the World


And in reply to Beagle, we have:

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Among the sites covering this story are the Daily Mail, the Express,
and The Sun.