Totally DUMB Liberal Press Owned By Andrew Anglin’s Trolling After NYC Sword Murder of Negro by “White Supremacist”


A Jewish journalist wrote the following piece, which makes the trolling all that much more delicious and delightful.

New York Daily News

White supremacists lament backlash after fatal NYC sword attack

A white supremacist and neo-Nazi website condemned the racially-motivated sword slaying of a black man in New York City, with the admitted racists lamenting they will now be “unfairly discriminated against.”

Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin wrote in a letter posted Thursday that alleged killer James Jackson “does not represent White Supremacy.”

Jackson, a white Army veteran, is accused of plunging his 26-inch sword into 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in Midtown on Monday night.


“White Supremacy is a religion of peace, and the overwhelming majority of White Supremacists are peaceful members of society who do not agree with stabbing random black people with swords,” Anglin wrote. “The attack has nothing at all to do with the religion of White Supremacy, and white supremacists are under no obligation to apologize for this attack.”

Anglin whined in Thursday’s post that white supremacists will now “be subject to unfair scrutiny and prejudice.” He wrote that people with swastika tattoos, Skrewdriver T-shirts and shaved heads “will be unfairly discriminated against.”

The Daily Stormer founder also said that “society” should now rally around white supremacists, and encouraged people to “accompany” white supremacists on their way to work and to use the #IllRideWithYou hashtag on social media.

“White Supremacy is a Religion of Peace! Ride with a white supremacist today to show you are above hatred #illridewithyou,” one user wrote on Twitter.

Similarly fooled by the obvious satirization of liberal nonsense that always follows a Muslim terror attack were the Huffington Post, Democratic Review, and the liberal Raw Story.

You can read Anglin’s whole piece here.

Doxxed Alt-Right Leader “Mike Enoch” Backtracks on Retirement After Jew Wife Revealed


The internecine warfare on the alt-right continues as the fallout from the doxxing of Mike Peinovich continues.

Peinovich, aka Mike Enoch, said he was calling it quits for a while, but after a few days off from The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah, he’s back.

There are reports that he and his Jewish wife have separated, but many wise skeptics don’t believe it. David Duke, Andrew Anglin, and Richard Spencer are supporting Peinovich.

Leftist Salon seems to be keeping the reporting on this crisis honest.


Racist podcaster Mike Peinovich has decided to return to his white nationalist program after quitting earlier this week, following reports that he had kept his neo-Nazi fans in the dark about his marriage to a Jewish woman.

In a podcast released to the public on Wednesday, Peinovich — better known as “Mike Enoch,” creator of The Right Stuff (or TRS) blog and co-host of “The Daily Shoah” — told listeners said that having his real name and details of his private life revealed had made him feel he had “basically lost everything in my life.”

On the program, Peinovich didn’t discuss his wife or the status of his relationship. In a separate podcast released on Tuesday, one of his partners, Jesse “Seventh Son” Dunstan, claimed that Peinovich and his wife were “separating.”

“This entire thing is not going to destroy us,” Dunstan said. “There’s nothing else for us to do but TRS.”

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Latina Child Rape Victim Says We Need to Be Nice to Pedophiles


Rhea Martinez comes from the Hispanic culture, which is rife with pedophilia. Hispanics are the worst group of child rapists on the planet. Not even blacks can match the sexual attraction of Hispanic males to children (and to animals for that matter). Among Hispanics, Mexicans are the worst.

From the Daily Stormer:

Now compare to their presence in the general population for likelihood of being a child molester as opposed to an average American:

Hispanics +96%
Blacks +59%
Whites -35%
Other -58%

This lines up with anecdotal reports of high rates of sex crimes in areas overrun aliens from Mesoamerica.

The myth lies shattered.

Hispanics are 2.3 X (135%) more likely to molest children than Whites.

Actually, since lots of crimes by Hispanics never get reported to the authorities, the stats significantly understate the predilection among them for child sex partners.

For some reason, a crazy Latina wants to protect pedophiles from the consequences of their actions.


“If he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me.”

In the days since VICE published a three-part series on vigilante pedophile hunting in Canada, many have accused us of normalizing pedophilia.

The story about Todd Nickerson, a non-offending pedophile who lives near Savannah, Tennessee, seemed to particularly strike a chord—several people emailed and tweeted at me to express “disgust” that I was offering a platform to Nickerson, who says he has never abused a child despite being attracted to young girls.

On Facebook, many of the thousands of commenters suggested that Nickerson and anyone like him be killed or locked up for life, regardless of whether or not they had actually committed a crime.

But Rhea Martinez, who was raped and repeatedly molested by a male family friend as a child, feels differently. Martinez, 28, told VICE she believes society should be more empathetic towards pedophiles before they offend—and that they should have more options for getting help.

“I feel like if he would have had a place to go, maybe it would have never happened to me,” Martinez said.

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Andrew Anglin Moving Forward with Whitefish Armed March, Cleverly Named “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza”


Kudos to the Jewish Forward for NOT identifying Andrew Anglin as the face of the alt-right. You don’t have to be a fan of swastikas or Hitler or National Socialism to be alt-right. You don’t even have to be critical of Jews (disagree with me if you want to). All you need to be is a white person who does not want to become a minority in his own country, to be abused into EXTINCTION by nowhites.

Anglin has apparently sought a permit to conduct an armed march of skinheads through Whitefish, Montana, on January 16, which is officially Martin Luther King (aka Coon) Day. Nice symbolism there, as is Anglin’s calling it the James Earl Ray Extravaganza Day.

It is not at all clear that this whole affair isn’t more trolling from Anglin, although he denies it, as you would expect.

Jewish Forward

The neo-Nazi website organizing an armed march against Jews in Whitefish, Montana is firming up details about the much-discussed event — setting a date, time and location for the rally of white supremacists.

“As promised, we have filed our paperwork for the March on Whitefish, which is scheduled for January 16th,” Andrew Anglin, who runs the website the Daily Stormer, wrote in a January 5 post.

Anglin had previously announced to a FOX ABC station in Montana that the march would be held at January 15, but has now scheduled the march for the afternoon of the following day, which is also Martin Luther King Day.

Anglin posted a scanned image of a permit he claims was filed to the City of Whitefish and dated January 2. The City Clerk’s Office, however, says it has not received any application.

The image of an application posted to the Daily Stormer site, also, did not appear to include necessary components of an application, Michelle Howke, the Whitefish city clerk, said. A complete application would also include proof of insurance from the applicant as well as signatures from property owners along the march route.

The proposed route runs along mostly residential plots.


Once a complete application is received by the clerk’s office, it is then submitted to local police, public works, fire and parks departments for review. If there are no objections from these departments, the application is then sent to the city manager of Whitefish, who makes the final decision about whether to grant the permit.

Anglin is dramatically titling his march the “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza,” after the assassin who killed King in 1968.

The neo-Nazi march is in support of “alt-right” figurehead Richard Spencer who lives part-time in Whitefish. Local human rights activists, including prominent Jewish leaders, have pushed back against Spencer’s brand of white supremacy for years.

Spencer’s mother, who owns property in the small town, was also pressured by some locals to denounce her son’s ideology and sell a building she owns downtown.

White supremacists see a Jewish plot and have mounted this march against Jews in Whitefish in defense of Spencer and his family, who they cast as the true victims.

Researchers with the Anti-Defamation League are in touch with families in Whitefish, but also said it still remains unclear whether the march will go ahead. Anglin, who the Southern Poverty Law Center has written is “infamous for the crudity of his language and his thinking,” has mounted numerous online campaigns in recent years — but has never organized a rally of this scale.

The Thursday post provides a screen shot of a Google Map, showing the proposed march route. “We will … march through the center of town, ending at a Memorial Park where several speakers will speak,” Anglin wrote.

In Montana, citizens only need a permit to carry a concealed weapon in certain circumstances; they do not need a permit to buy one, or carry it openly, according to the National Rifle Association.

More from abcfoxmontana

Sheriff T.J. McDermott said it’s hard to gauge what will occur when these two groups will meet.

“It’s important that when these types of things happen that we come together as a community and denounce hate and let people know that this is against our community values and we won’t stand for it,” said Sheriff McDermott.

Erickson said she will be attending a community gathering in Whitefish on January 7th called Love Not Hate.

She also said more than a thousand people have shown interest in this event from all over Montana.

Those with Missoula Police and the Missoula County Sheriff’s office also say they have not been contacted to help Whitefish police if the march happens.


A sheriff’s job is NOT to define community values. It is to uphold the law that is consistent with the Constitution. Sheriff McDermott has some nerve making the statement he did.

Azz vs. Antifa (Video)

When I hear a mob of mystery meat and white college students screaming “Fuck White Supremacy,” I know the real meaning: Kill all whites.

This four minute video documents a confrontation between a “professional racist” and the antifa. Although it’s only a verbal confrontation, his mockery of the anti-white students is highly effective in my view.

What do you think?

Posted by Azzmador.

As far as I can tell, Azzmador’s Twitter Account is suspended. He’s affiliated with the Daily Stormer. This video was taken on the Texas A & M campus when Richard Spencer visited to give his talk.

This next video was posted by Azzmador and was seen at Anglin’s site last month. It looks like the same group of anti-white protesters in the above video.

More here.

Team Trump Allegedly Behind (((Cernovich’s))) Effort to Destroy Alt-Right via Deploraball Bans


The fallout from the banning of Baked Alaska (real name Anthime Gionet, aka Tim Treadstone, and possibly a host of other names) from the Deploraball meetup on January 19 in Washington, D. C., continues to reverberate across the Internet.

To summarize what’s been going on in thousands of Tweets and several mainstream press articles, the alt-right is in disarray because of anti-racist cuckservative Trump supporters who have taken it over.

The way the press is writing the story, racist antisemite Baked Alaska butted heads with two other organizers of Deploraball, Mike Cernovich and Jeff Giesea, who oppose discussions of race and Jews.

Cernovich, who is married to some sort of dark brown female, is not only selling his Gorilla Mindset book on his Twitter, but is also pushing blue pills, the color of which I assume is symbolic.

Baked Alaska is an aspiring rapper, which is at least better than being a pill pusher, although from where I sit imitating blacks is not what white men should be doing:


“Whatever #AltRight was, it’s been taken over by white supremacists and I disavow it,” wrote the pro-Trump radio host Bill Mitchell on Twitter. “I’m #AmericaFirst where we can ALL be great again.”

Meanwhile, on the white supremacist website the Daily Stormer, editor Andrew Anglin wrote, “This act of Cernovich has caused a rift within the pro-Trump alliance, which I believe is a very good thing. People are choosing sides, mainly on the Jewish issue. To a lesser extent on the racial issue.”

It looks, on Twitter at least, like the fracturing of the pro-Trump internet in real time. But can the men behind a kinder, gentler DeploraBall survive the split? And can Giesea learn to live with the meme army he helped build, now that it’s peacetime?

Jeff Giesea is credited by buzzfeed with developing the Internet meme strategies that help push Donald Trump to victory. The role he played is being exaggerated in this article, as far as I’m concerned.


Once a libertarian and always a political theory buff, Giesea found himself late last year migrating to what he calls Trump’s “civic nationalism”: nationalism based on civic pride rather than ethnicity or religion.

“I see Trumpism as the only practical and moral path to save Western civilization from itself,” Giesea said.

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Montana Lawmakers Denounce Andrew Anglin’s “Neo-Nazi” Planned Peaceful March Through Whitefish

Richard Spencer has reportedly denounced Andrew Anglin’s efforts on behalf of Spence’s mother. You probably recall that a group of local Jewish social justice warriors pressured Sherry Spencer to sell the building she built in Whitefish and donate to liberal causes.

It’s interesting that Spence has allegedly disavowed Anglin. Are we sure that Anglin isn’t working for the ADL, trying to divide the alt-right and smear White Nationalists as reckless, violent antisemites?

Just asking.

In brief, the story relates how despicable chickensh*t coward politicians disapprove of our right to march peacefully on a public street or sidewalk to protest the Jewish SJWs who have harassed Sherry Spencer.

More commentary about these sewer rat politicians after the story.


Top Montana Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday warned neo-Nazis they would find “no safe haven” for a rally that could include guns planned for next month in a mountain town where white nationalists have threatened Jewish residents.

The lawmakers include both Democrats and U.S. Representative Ryan Zinke, recently picked by Republican President-elect Donald Trump to be interior secretary.

“We say to those few who seek to publicize anti-Semitic views that they shall find no safe haven here,” Zinke wrote in an open letter also signed by Democratic Montana Governor Steve Bullock, U.S. senators Republican Steve Daines and Democrat Jon Tester, and Republican Attorney General Tim Fox.


Neo-Nazis plan to march in January in the mountain ski town of Whitefish in Montana’s remote and rugged northwestern reaches. The march is to support the mother of white nationalist leader Richard Spencer. Sherry Spencer is facing pressure from community members to sell a building she owns in Whitefish because of its ties to her son and disavow her son’s beliefs.

Community members held a vigil and a protest earlier this month in front of the building.

As pressure mounted against the building, the neo-Nazi and white supremacist website “Daily Stormer” urged its readers in an article to “take action” against Jews in the Whitefish area.

In its article, the “Daily Stormer” called for an “old fashioned Troll Storm” against community members and published their names and phone numbers along with yellow Jewish stars superimposed over their photographs. It also said that because of gun laws in Montana, “we can easily march through the center of the town carrying high-powered rifles.”

The website contains many anti-Semitic descriptions and images of Jews, but said it does not endorse violence.

Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute, a think tank within the alt-right movement, which includes neo-Nazis and white supremacists. In a video posted online by the Atlantic Monthly magazine, some institute members could be seen hailing Trump’s election victory with Nazi-era salutes after Spencer addressed the group at its conference last month in Washington, D.C.

Spencer has said on Twitter he might pursue Zinke’s House of Representatives seat if Zinke is confirmed as Trump’s interior secretary.

Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial told Reuters in a phone interview last week that his department had assigned extra patrols to the homes and businesses of the residents identified in the article. However, Dial said there had been no reports of harassment or intimidation of the Jewish community that rose to the level of a crime.

Dial also said Federal Bureau of Investigation officials told him they interviewed Spencer and that he denounced the “Daily Stormer” postings.

In a statement to Reuters, Spencer’s father said he and his wife “love our son, but do not agree with his polemics, societal desires or his extreme political leanings.”


This story reveals that cheap tinhorn politicians who pay lip service to the Constitution will run for the hills when the chips are down.

A pox on all of them, Republican or Democrat.

Anglin’s march may or may not be a good idea, but we should now be more determined than ever to support it coming to fruition. We shouldn’t let politicians dictate our behavior. Never!

Spencer himself has shown little backbone if the report of his denouncing Anglin’s efforts are true. I’m beginning to wonder about him. Does he really want to shut it down?