Have A Laugh: “i before e except after …”

Why were we taught this in school?

Have A Laugh: Corporate Flow Chart

Have A Laugh GIF: #dogright says ‘night all

So hilarious! Click the play button and the GIf will go into an automatic loop.

Have A Laugh GIf: Deer Minding Its Own Business and then …

Is that bird a seagull?

Have A Laugh: Man Gives Horse a Haircut …

…and gets chewed out for his “creativity.”

He’s a mare stylist.

He’s trying to stirrup the pot.

Seen at Reddit Funny.

Have A Laugh: When He’s Not Protesting Trump, He’s …

… in front of the police station protesting the mean old coppers who did him wrong.

America today. FUBAR!

Have A Laugh GIF: Can I Have Some?

Life comes at you fast, milady.