Crucify Jesus Yourself

Here’s an example of degenerate Western art: A toy kit that allows a child to nail Jesus to the cross.

What’s wrong with artists today? via Google translate

Crucify Jesus by Yourself!” Many people will be surprised as weird as they crucify a Jesus-self-speelkit see in the shops. Presenter Filemon Wesselink pays However it with a different intention.

Wesselink joins Twente Biennale art festival which starts today and made before the striking work of art.

“The ‘trademark’ of the Christians is the crucifix and the image of the body of Jesus on the cross. I am Christian upbringing and I have seen this my entire childhood,” Wesselink said the inspiration for the package.

“During a trip to Israel, I was often confronted with this. At the same time there were many tourist market stalls selling toys were sold. Weapons were held by” action figures “but the brutal image of Jesus on the cross was nowhere to be seen.”

“May this of the Christians?”

According to the presenter is going to set the intention that people ask the toy. “On which side you stand when you nail Jesus to the cross? Without crucifixion was Christianity, after all, not been so great. Can this of Christians? And when they approve this what does that say about the state of Christianity? Do people feel guilty when it buys and completes the crucifixion? and if you feel guilty, then it is not necessarily a believer? ”

The Passion
It is no coincidence that Wesselink makes this artwork for a festival in Enschede. The town where the Twente Biennale takes place was also the setting for the TV show The Passion. “It was the ‘Disney fisering’ of Christianity kicks off,” says Wesselink. “This is the next step in the desecration of Christianity.”

The festival Twente Biennale begins Thursday and runs until June 7th. The art of Filemon Wesselink is featured this weekend in the Balengebouw.

I made this for @TwenteBiennale . A kruisigingset. From Thursday in Enschede.
– Filemon Wesselink (@FilemonW) May 27, 2015

Filemon Wesselink at Wikipedia


Mississippi Town Forced to Remove Christian Flag Fights Back

To be honest, I didn’t know there was a Christian flag. I think it’s safe to speculate that liberal Jews are behind the removal of the flag.

Now that I know, I think that when I move to my property I’ll put up a tall flagpole at the top of the ridgeline where the house is and fly a Confederate flag and a Christian flag too.


RIENZI, Miss. — More than 100 supporters showed up to a rally in a small Mississippi town Saturday to fight back after being forced to remove a Christian flag flying over Veterans Memorial Park.

One organization stepped in and threatened to sue if the flag wasn’t taken down.

But the Christian supporters say they’re not backing down.

“There just comes a point in time when you’ve got to be politically incorrect and take a stand,” said organizer Kevin Nelms.


They rode from the VFW in Corinth, 12 miles, to the Veterans Memorial Park in Rienzi, proudly waving their Christian flags.

The same flag this town of just over 300 was forced to take down when the Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter last week, threatening a potential half-million-dollar lawsuit.

Rienzi Mayor Walter Williams says it was a tough decision to make to pull the flag down, but he believes he had no choice.

“I never dreamed that something like this would have happened in a town this small, but it happened,” he said.

But the people of this tight-knit, predominately Christian town say they won’t go down without a fight.

“We’re not gonna let other people, or a foundation, or anybody else up in Wisconsin tell us that we can’t fly our flag!” Nelms said. “You’re gonna take one down, we’re gonna put a hundred back up.”

More than 100 others came out to show their support.

“As a proud American, but number one as a proud Christian, I came today to stand up for the Lord and stand up for our freedom,” said Susan Woodruff.

The removal of the flag has been the talk of the tiny town, and Saturday, supporters put one back up on the flag pole where it used to fly.

And even though this one won’t stay, the mayor says this is not the end.

“We’re gonna fly that flag again,” he said, “and I’m hoping it’s not going to be long.”

Williams tells WREG he can’t divulge what step the town plans to take next, but he did say he has hired an attorney to look into it and it will be discussed at the next board meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Prohibiting the faith of the goyim is best seen in the context of a globalist plan to softly genocide the white race, which has kept Christianity alive for 2,000 years. The Jewish Talmud makes clear that Talmudic Jews hate Christ, who they say is boiling in Hell in excrement.

sarah-silverman jews killed christ

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, #hewillnotdivideus

Where did these lunatics get this Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee screech from?

It’s been everywhere at anti-Trump protests recently.

Learn more at Know Your Meme

Vice President Race Bannon Fires Up March for Life Crowd in D.C. on Friday

I had trouble finding any stories on the March for Life, the anti-abortion march that features women (and families) who are the polar opposite of the type of women at last Saturday’s profane and ugly Women’s March.

Donald Trump sent Mike Pence (aka Race Bannon) to speak to the crowd in an act of symbolic defiance to the pro-abortion women who marched last week.

Excerpt from Fox News

“Life is winning in America and today is a celebration in that progress,” Pence said at the Washington Monument, before the march stepped off just after noon. “We’ve come to a historic moment in the cause of life and we must approach it with with compassion for every American. Life is winning in America because of you.

“Let this movement be known for love,” he added to thunderous applause. “Not anger. For compassion. Not confrontation.”

The 43rd annual event was the third major event in the nation’s capital this week, and drew activists from around the country. There was no immediate estimate of the crowd size.

In addition to Pence, speakers included key adviser to President Trump Kellyanne Conway, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and others.

Participants told Fox News getting to the event was a must.

“There is no more important issue for me,” said Amanda Fowley, 33, who traveled with her husband from Rhode Island and has attended every year since she was 13.

“I am here marching to recognize the babies, of course. But I also march for the women and for the pain many of them go through after the abortion. So often they are told there are no consequences and that is not true. They are lied to about what happens after an abortion.”

Morgan Hammer, 13, was attending her first march, and came with her classmates from Immaculate Conception, a Catholic school located west of St. Louis. Among her peers, she says the views on abortion are “mixed,” she said, adding that it is a topic that many of them openly discuss.

“We are the next generation,” she said. “We represent the future of the [movement], so it is important to be here marching for life.”

After a week of debate over crowd sizes at various events in the nation’s capital, organizers anticipated a large crowd. The speakers, who also included Rep. Mia Love, R-Utah and NFL star Benjamin Watson, and good weather, were likely to help.

“Each of our speakers exemplifies this year’s theme, ‘the power of one’, in a beautiful way,” said Jeanne Mancini, president of March for Life. “Their words are sure to motivate the marchers, as well as the millions of pro-life Americans who will be watching, who dedicate themselves to restoring a culture of life in the United States.”

Washington already hosted two major events in the last week that have generated debate over crowd sizes, the inauguration of President Trump one week ago and the “Women’s March on Washington” a day later. Both drew enormous crowds and were, for the most part, orderly. But Trump’s team got into a battle with much of the media over the size of his event’s crowd, and estimates for the women’s march varied, with some topping 1 million.

The first March for Life drew an estimated 20,000 people, but in recent years, the event has exploded. An estimated 650,000 attended the 2013 event, although last year, a blizzard dumped two feet of snow on Washington and the crowd was much smaller.

Pence was the first vice president or president ever to speak at the March for Life.

Whether you are pro-life or not, the behavior of these good Americans contrasts sharply with the trash that set fires, punched people, talked dirty, and in general acted like trash at the leftist Women’s March and the Inauguration Protests.

Heavy offers 18 or so additional photos taken at the March for Life.

President Trump May Actually Name a NonJew to the Supreme Court, and a Protestant at That

The current makeup of the United States Supreme Court is all Jews and Catholics. There’s not a Protestant among them.

That may be about to change once President Trump names his pick for the High Court. Expect a bitter confirmation battle, complete with horrific smears by the leftist Democrats in Congress.

Brother Nathanael reports that there’s only a single Jew on Trump’s long list, while his alleged short list, which has recently emerged, has none.

The Brother writes:

Jews love Hillary’s abortion stance. Why not? Like their father the devil, Jews are murderers from the beginning. I mean, Jews pushed through Roe vs Wade.

Let’s take a look at those the rumor mill has on Trump’s short list.

Excerpt from Politico

President Donald Trump has narrowed his first Supreme Court nomination to three finalists, with 10th Circuit judge Neil Gorsuch and 3rd Circuit judge Thomas Hardiman emerging as front-runners while 11th Circuit Judge Bill Pryor remains in the running but is fading, according to people familiar with the search process.

Trump interviewed at least those three finalists in New York during the transition, according to a person familiar with the search. Trump himself said Tuesday he would make a selection for the court’s empty seat next week and summoned top Senate leaders to the White House to discuss his impending choice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, who died nearly a year ago.

“The president wants to move as quickly as he can,” said Leonard Leo, one of Trump’s advisers on the court pick and a top official at the Federalist Society.

Leo declined to discuss Trump’s short list, but he praised both Gorsuch and Hardiman effusively.

“Under our Constitution, the power rests with the people, and that was at the core of Justice Scalia’s legacy, and you heard from President Trump’s inauguration that is the core of Trump’s agenda, and that’s very much the core of what Neil Gorsuch’s record is as a jurist,” Leo said. “He’s an excellent writer. He’s got sharp analytical ability, strong intellect and he’s got a lot of strength and courage. Those are things that the president very much wants in a nominee.”

“Hardiman,” Leo added, “shares many of the same qualities.”

Leo went on to say that Hardiman is “an extraordinarily talented and smart jurist” who has “a very direct and understandable writing style.”

As Gorsuch’s fortunes have risen, Pryor’s have dimmed. A 2006 George W. Bush appointee, Pryor is currently the subject of raging debate on an off-the-record group email list that includes many in the conservative legal and political communities, including many Republican Senate staffers, thanks to his decision to join the majority in Glenn v. Brumby, a 2011 opinion that protected transgender people from workplace discrimination.

“I think everybody on this list probably has something I’m not going to agree with. I think that decision with Pryor probably would be the one that would fall into that category,” said Carrie Severino, chief counsel and policy director of the Judicial Crisis Network, a conservative legal organization.

John Malcolm, who oversees a legal center inside the Heritage Foundation, acknowledged that “Bill Pryor has been getting attacked from the right. Which is strange to me.”

Politically, Pryor’s nomination would spark outrage on the left — liberal activists are likely to mobilize around his statement that Roe v. Wade is “the worst abomination of constitutional law” — without fully unifying conservatives.

Firmly in Pryor’s corner, however, is a longtime friend and fellow Alabama native likely to join the Trump administration soon: attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions, who is pushing hard for his nomination, according to two sources familiar with the conversations.

Profiles of the potential nominees at NPR state that Pryor is a Catholic, snf Hardiman probably a Catholic since he attended Notre Dame.

Phyllis Schafly’s Eagles reports that Goresuch is an Episcopalian.

In doing my research for this post I discovered that all of these judges, while demonized as conservative ideologues by the left, actually have made decisions either favorable to abortionists, faggots, trannies, or other liberal special interest groups.

Life is complicated. It would be great if a judge came along and said leave abortion, sodomite marriage, and other legal issues to the states. Having nine black robed lawyers decide what our culture will be is an abomination.

Kai Murros on Why Hate is Good (Video)

A two and a half minute lecture explains why hatred empowers you.

One thing Kai is wrong about is his claim that animals cannot hate. I’ve seen some dogs who hate a particular dog with a strong passion and energy.

Inspirational Quote of the Day: One by Pat Buchanan

If America had elected Pat Buchanan president in the 90s, we’d be a far better country for it.