Homosexual CNN Host Don Lemon Drunk on Air (Video Clips)

A homosexual Negro is selected by the “most trusted name in news” to host their New Year’s Eve coverage. What a disaster. If not for his co-hosts, his career would be over. In fact it should be over.

On another note, Mark Dice is looking for youtube subscribers, as reported at Promoter Host

His most popular recent video punctures the bubbles of snowflakes looking for safe spaces. It has almost a million and a half views. Mark exposes the stupidity of safe spaces and those SJWs who believe in them.

To a degree, all of this nonsense about Don Lemon, safe spaces, and such is a distraction away from the most serious issue of the day, which is the race replacement of the European-American by the (((powers that be.))) However, watching normies get mocked and ridiculed for a few minutes is mildly inspiring and amusing to me. Maybe you feel the same way.

Puerto Rico’s new gov promises immediate push for statehood

Washinton’s power elites are always on the lookout for more cheap brown whores. As they like to say, “It’s all pink on the inside.”

Puerto Rican statehood? The Democrats will go for it. Two more Negroid Senators plus some more Negroid Congressmen.



SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s new governor was sworn in Monday, promising an immediate push for statehood in a territory facing a deep economic crisis.

Gov. Ricardo Rossello, 37, proposed several measures aimed at alleviating the crisis shortly after he was sworn in at midnight.

Among them is a proposal to hold a referendum that would ask voters whether they prefer statehood or independence. Many have argued that Puerto Rico’s political status has contributed to its decade-long crisis that has prompted more than 200,000 people to flee to the U.S. mainland in recent years.

We should support independence. Here’s another example of why.

“The United States cannot pretend to be a model of democracy for the world while it discriminates against 3.5 million of its citizens in Puerto Rico, depriving them of their right to political, social and economic equality under the U.S. flag,” Rossello said in his inaugural speech, delivered in Spanish. “There is no way to overcome Puerto Rico’s crisis given its colonial condition.”

The crowd rose to its feet and cheered as Rossello announced that he would fly to Washington, D.C., Monday to back a bill to admit Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

He also said he would soon hold elections to choose two senators and five representatives to Congress and send them to Washington to demand statehood, a strategy used by Tennessee to join the union in the 18th century. The U.S. government has final say on whether Puerto Rico can become a state.

Rossello said he also aims to boost public-private partnerships and use that revenue to save a retirement system that faces a $40 billion deficit and is expected to collapse in less than a year. He pledged to work closely with a federal control board that U.S. Congress created last year to oversee Puerto Rico’s finances, and he has said he supports negotiations with creditors to help restructure a public debt of nearly $70 billion.

“Puerto Rico’s recovery begins today,” said Rossello, a scientist with no political experience and the son of a former governor who also sought statehood for Puerto Rico.

Rossello announced that he has already signed six executive orders, including one to promote bilingual education, another to provide female government employees with the same pay as their male counterparts, and a third ordering agencies to reduce their budgets and contracts for professional services by 10 percent.

He also seeks to privatize services such as the generation of energy, establish an office to oversee and distribute federal funds to cut down on corruption, and to create financial incentives for doctors to boost the number of dwindling specialists.

Thousands of supporters cheered as they clutched umbrellas to protect themselves from a searing sun.

“This is a historic moment for Puerto Rico,” said 50-year-old Jose Davila as he waved a large flag from Rossello’s pro-statehood New Progressive Party. “He’s the hope of our island, he’s the hope for statehood, he’s the hope for a people that have suffered.”

Puerto Ricans have been hit with dozens of new taxes in the past four years and increases in utility bills as former Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla aimed to generate more revenue for a government he said was running out of money. Despite those and other measures, the island’s government has defaulted on millions of dollars’ worth of bond payments and declared a state of emergency at several agencies.

The federal control board has requested a revised fiscal plan that has to be approved by end of January, saying that the one Garcia submitted last year was in part unrealistic and relied too heavily on federal funds. Garcia had refused to submit a revised plan to include austerity measures. Rossello has said he would request an extension of that deadline as well as an extension of a moratorium that expires in February and currently protects Puerto Rico from lawsuits filed by angered creditors.

As supporters streamed early on Monday toward the Capitol building, one yelled out, “Today, a new Puerto Rico begins!” to the cheers of others, including those holding U.S. flags.


They may not be as dark as the American Negro, but they’re equally financially irresponsible. Cut them loose. Let Puerto Rico be its own country. We don’t need more parasites with voting power.

Jewish Degenerate Charlie Sheen Wants Trump Dead of AIDs


2016 has taken David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Nancy Reagan, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds to name a few.

Charlie Sheen wants to add one more name to that list, and people aren’t happy about it.

The actor’s call for 2016 to claim “Trump next” was met with outrage from other Twitter users, as one user wrote: “no matter how bad life gets, I never actively root for someone to die.”

Sheen didn’t apologize for the tweet, but did tell members of “the media” that he was talking to God, not them.

Charlie Sheen claims to be a Jew. Some people protested his thoughts.


Comedian Steve Martin Forced to Delete “Sexist” Tweet About Carrie Fisher

While it’s good to see Hollyweird Jews aiming their barbs at leftist Hollywood actors like Steve Martin, the intent, I don’t believe, is to destroy Martin. Hell, he’s pretty much retired anyway.

No, the game is the war on masculinity. The left insists that any male who notices a woman’s attractiveness level (for good or bad) is a male chauvinist pig who should be barred from women’s beds for life.

The feminists pushing the war on masculinity are ugly feminists who have never been complimented, plus a few indoctinated, weak minded losers.

Keep saying naughty things and don’t cuck out and delete your Tweet the way Steve Martin did.

Daily Mail

Steve Martin was forced to delete his Twitter tribute to the late Carrie Fisher after critics labeled the remembrance as ‘sexist’.

Fisher’s death at the age of 60 took her fans, friends and family by surprise and Martin was one of the many celebrities who voiced his shock and sadness at her passing online.

‘When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well,’ the comedian wrote on Twitter.

Some on Twitter came out to criticize Martin’s post however, saying that his attention first on her physical appearance before her personality wasn’t the right way to remember Hollywood princess.

There are some women who reject the leftist rot.

Just remember, guys, you have every right to pay any woman a compliment. If she doesn’t like that, it’s on her.

West Virginia official who called Michelle Obama ‘ape in heels’ fired

Well, she’s finally been fired. There’s not much more that any of us can say other than to lament the loss of our right to utter critical comments about blacks on our own time without losing our jobs.


The director of a West Virginia nonprofit agency who called first lady Michelle Obama “an ape in heels” in a Facebook post has been fired and the institution put under outside management, state officials said on Tuesday.

Pamela Taylor, director of the Clay County Development Corp (CCDC), which provides services to poor and elderly residents, drew international condemnation after her comment last month about Obama went viral.

She resigned in November but was reinstated last month, prompting West Virginia to review its contracts with the nonprofit.

Democratic Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s office said the state had secured an agreement under which the Appalachian Area Agency on Aging will manage the CCDC for six months.

“Following the state’s request for specific assurances that the CCDC is following anti-discrimination policies, we have been assured that Pamela Taylor has been removed from her position as CCDC director,” Tomblin’s office said in a statement.

Taylor could not be reached for comment.

The nonprofit in Clay, West Virginia, a small town about 20 miles (32 km) northeast of Charleston, the state capital, receives state and federal funding.

After the Nov. 8 election, Taylor went on Facebook to praise the switch from Obama to former model Melania Trump, the wife of President-elect Donald Trump, a Republican.

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels,” she wrote.

We’ve issued the warning before. If you insist on uttering the truth about just about any damn thing in America now, pick yourself a screen name and do your thing on social media anonymously.

Do NOT send this graphic to anyone else, for example. Emails get passed around and you could be fired for your efforts.

michelle-melania_trump obama

Comments I Trash: A George Michael Fan Weighs in With An Ad Hominem Attack on Paladin

Recently, I discovered I could add a message to the Comments box. You may have noticed that it says that policy forbids insults.

I guess some people don’t get it or it baits them.

Anyway, some of the comments I trash are aimed at me and some at our regular group of commenters. All of us offer thoughtful, politically incorrect observations about life, sometimes leavened with taboo words like “nigger,” or “faggot.” My philosophy is that we have a right to use taboo words, so long as we don’t address them to innocent parties.

Yesterday the death of singer George Michael inspired Paladin to pen a post about the excesses of celebrity worship. You can read it here or just scroll down about five or six posts until you come to it.

It’s one of my better posts since it addresses an issue no one is talking about. The worship of celebrities who are poor role models is a part of modern life that must be destroyed as we reform our sick degenerate culture. Really, not much was said about the negatives relating to the singer, other than very briefly. The main point is that his shallow fans will anoint him a saint now, aided by the press.

Anyway, an apparent George Michael fan wrote this, which is in the trash.

God wonders what some little keyboard warrior will say about you in death. What a profound insult you are, and God only knows what drives you to make such comments. You are quite obviously a disgusting little person hiding behind a keyboard, dirty and disheveled as your mind, thumping away on your keyboard in a pair of old dirty white undies you haven’t changed for weeks. Get a life, for whatever time you have left. I dirty bitter twisted soul such as yours must be incredibly hard to live with, therefore your casting of filth on others is your only release. Disgusting little man you are. Just another turd floating in the toilet of life.

laughing woman


smilelaugh tears of joy

It’s interesting that these liberals (probable homo in this case), can only respond with personal attacks against the writer, as opposed to writing a rebuttal to the ideas expressed by the writer.

Interestingly, when I was a professor, I won three teaching awards. Part of that was due to the praise the students heaped upon my ability to express ideas. But there were always a few insults on the teaching survey forms about like this one. Actually, I got called a faggot more than once, so I learned to quickly ignore destructive criticism, while trying to take constructive criticism to heart.

For the record, the site is receiving about 9,000 views a day on average (and increasing), with about three or four highly negative comments a week that are routinely trashed.

People who don’t engage with the ideas don’t deserve a voice. So, unless you have something meaningful to say, don’t waste your time.

Maine Propane Dealer Refuses to Sell Gas to Trump Supporters as Record-Breaking Freeze Hits

So, let me get this straight.

If I’m a Christian baker and my morals won’t allow me to bake you a gay wedding cake, you and the state can fine me and possibly cause me to lose my business through a civil lawsuit alleging damages.

But if I’m that same Christian baker and I voted for Donald Trump, then a propane dealer is within his rights to refuse to sell me gas that I need to keep me and my family warm during a record-breaking cold wave.

Something isn’t right here.

Press Herald

On the coldest day of the season, a Skowhegan-area propane dealer has a pointed message for would-be customers.

“If you voted for Donald Trump for President, I will no longer be delivering your gas, please find someone else,” is the message left for customers that call Turner LP Gas Service, on Canaan Road in Skowhegan.

The message goes on to say that the cost of gas remains $110 a bottle, payment on delivery. A voicemail message left at Turner LP Gas Service was not returned.

Lifezette goes on to note that other sellers have taken similar action.

Mr. Turner isn’t the first person to refuse to do business with Trump voters — in late November, Mathew Blanchfield, CEO of an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based marketing firm, issued a statement saying he would no longer work with Trump supporters.

But unlike Mr. Blanchfield who lives in a county that voted solidly for Hillary Clinton, Mr. Turner lives in a county that overwhelmingly supported Trump. Trump won Somerset County, Maine — in which Skowhegan is located — 57.73 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 35 percent.

In Skowhegan specifically, where Clinton performed better than Somerset county at large, Trump still received over 50 percent of the vote and had a ten point lead on Clinton, according to rough figures published on Skowhegan’s town website. Mr. Turner is apparently so distraught over Trump’s win he is willing alienate more than half of his community and possibly sacrifice his livelihood.

This woman believes Michael Turner is in the wrong. What do you think? Should it be legal to refuse to do business with people for their political/racial/sexual beliefs?

H/T to commenter D.