Claim: Police Get Rough with Nagger FEMALES for No Reason at All

Sandra Bland, as seen above, dindu nuffins. The officer was fired because after all the cops love beating up black women on camera for no reason.

I’m posting this excerpt from a HuffPo piece written by a Negress who’s mastered the language of leftist feminists so that you can read how nonsensical the left has become.

There are over 7,000 comments critical of the Negresses and supportive of police on Yahoo’s republishing of the article. I’ve inserted a few after the excerpt. They prove that no one is buying the horsesh*t the liberal media keeps dishing out. We can see the truth and the truth is that the dindus deserve what they get from police most of the time.

Excerpt from HuffPost via Yahoo

We must remember that the racial biases in policing that lead to black men being victims of violence also apply to black women, even though their stories are less visible. Black women bear a double burden ― carrying the weight of a weaponized skin color and the invisibility of a silenced gender.

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Fire Her Now! Woman Professor’s Barbara Bush “amazingly racist” Tweets Spark Outrage

A weird, fat, ugly, misshapen feminist professor has sparked outrage across America for calling Barbara Bush a racist on Twitter.

She’s not the least bit contrite after being smacked down by normies. In fact, she claims that since she has tenure she cannot be fired. That was the gasoline on the fire.

Adding to her affirmative action points that come from being a leftist, feminist female, she’s also a MUZZIE!

One great thing about the reporting by the Fresno Bee is that the reporter who wrote the story contacted Randa Jarrar’s ex-husband. It seems he doesn’t think much of her either.

Fresno Bee

All options are on the table in dealing with the Fresno State professor who called Barbara Bush “an amazing racist” hours after Bush died at age 92, university president Joseph Castro said Wednesday.

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“Blacks with Brains:” Punjabi Immigrants are Taking Over and Turning Against White Americans

When people write about “Indians,” readers often have to pause and ask what type of Indian is the subject of discussion, the dothead or the featherhead.

I’m going to go with Punjabi from here on, or maybe Hindoo, to make clearer that it’s the Asian Indian under discussion.

The Punjabis I knew at the university were nice folks. They were being brought in as professors since there just aren’t very many Mexicans smart enough to really do the job of professoring. No blacks either.

Recently, however, there have been more news reports of Hindoos speaking out against white people in a very leftist sort of way. They’ve bought into Jewish PC, sad to say.

To make matters worse, Punjabis are at this very moment running some of America’s biggest corporations. They’re reflecting their leftist, anti-white values in company policies.

Damn it!

The Hindoos are taking over our country!!! And nobody has noticed yet.

Like millions of other non-whites, and not a few white ethnomasochists, many have begun to adopt the increasingly hegemonic anti-white, anti-West, positions disseminated in our university system, and on cultural Marxist websites like Salon.


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Leftist Hypocrisy in Exposed in One Tweet

Recent FBI Report Exposes MLK as Communist, Liar, Plagiarist, Whoremonger, and Woman Beater

Let’s “honor” MLK by telling the truth about him on his day. He’s the only American with his own federal holiday, as I’m sure you’re aware.

This link will take you to Amren’s annual MLK plagiarist article.

The excerpt below from UNZ covers his Communist ties and other unsavory facts about the biggest con artist in American history. There are a large number of live links at UNZ.

Excerpt from Vdare via UNZ

On November 4, 2017, a secret FBI dossier on King, dated March 12, 1968, surfaced during the release of archival documents relating to the Kennedy assassination. [Read it: PDF] Sensitive information about King, under seal for decades by the FBI, suddenly turned up on Internet sites. Several news organizations publicized the revelations, including CBS News, CNN, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Drudge Report, and other outlets. The Daily Mail posted a lengthy account titled , “FBI Report in New JFK Release Claims Martin Luther King Jr. had ‘All-Night Sex Orgy’ at Workshop for Church Ministers.”

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(((Sean Penn))): ‘Sh*thole’ Comments Make Donald Trump ‘An Enemy of Mankind’

Sean Penn? Really?

The same Sean Penn who embraced Hugo Chavez. The same Sean Penn who’s been accused multiple times of assaults.

This guy isn’t some shining beacon of morality. He’s a leftist who hates America. It makes his feel good to claim the moral high ground, which makes him a dangerous narcissist.

The Wrap

In a blistering op-ed for Time on Friday, Sean Penn called president Donald Trump “an enemy of mankind” and “an enemy of the state” over his reported remarks about “shithole countries.”


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Ratings Plunge Continues to Plague the NFL as CNN Tries to Deflect Attention from Kneelers


CNN would have its readers believe that the Negro Felon League’s ratings are down because a number of star players are injured and haven’t been on the field. The problem with that explanation is that the sport always has injured players. Something unique to this year, kneelers for example, have to be the real explanation.

Trying to source a story from CNN is a pain because I get a full page popup of despicable butt bandit Anderson Cooper wanting to sent me his top 5 stories or whatever. I have to X him out as quickly as possible since he gives me the creeps.

Anyway, last Sunday night’s big game set a new low in the ratings. That says that we the people may have more pain left to inflict on the sport that decided to go political on the public.


The NFL’s premiere game of the week took a big hit in TV ratings on Sunday night, despite it being a close game.

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