The Future for American and European Women (Video)

Less than a minute and a half of TMB = Typical Muzzie Behavior.

After the Muslim takeover of the West, how many thousands of years do you think will elapse before women enjoy the protections again that Western WHITE men have given them?

There is no #metoo in sh*thole countries populated by sh*thole creatures.

Cruel Nagger Mom’s Practical Joke Video Has Over a Million Views

With 44,000 likes, there’s a lot of sick people out there.

With mothers like this one, no wonder that nogs grow up to be messed up adults.

Teen Mom Stabs BF in Chest During Sex While Dressed as a CLOWN, Claims Men Should be Used as “human sacrifices”


As best as can be made out of the facts of this story of attempted murder, Zoe Adams is either a Satanist or is possessed by demons.

Her 17 year old sometime boyfriend is lucky to be alive after being stabbed twice in the chest in a premeditated attempt at a human sacrifice.

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Lawsuit: Jailers Ignored Dying White Woman’s Pleas for Help


Mother of three Lisa Marie Ostler died in 2016, allegedly because of negligence by Salt Lake City jailers, who ignored her complaints of pain and pleas for medical attention.

Her gastric bypass surgery had resulted in an infection. Three days after the pain started, she was dead.

Now, her parents are suing Salt Lake County.

Excerpt from the Salt Lake Tribune

Jailers thought Lisa Marie Ostler was suffering from the painful withdrawals that come when a body reacts to a lack of opiates. In a few days, they thought, she’d be fine.

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Jewish Fraternity Suspended Over Sick Sex Game Targeting Obese Shiksas


I’m not sure that only Jews would do something as sick as play the “pig roast” game, but I do believe they would be the first to engage in this form of sick behavior.


A chapter of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity has been placed on probation at Cornell University following an investigation into an alleged sex game where new members competed to sleep with the heaviest women they could for ‘points.’

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Harvard Student Makes Impassioned Plea to Classmates to Reject Communism


We need more intelligent young women like Harvard student Laura. She understands the dangers of Communism. The next step is for her to understand that Communism was Jewish in origin and it still depends upon Jews to keep it alive. The illustrations used in this post are my choices, not the author’s.

The Harvard Crimson

100 Years. 100 Million Lives. Think Twice.

In 1988, my twenty-six-year-old father jumped off a train in the middle of Hungary with nothing but the clothes on his back. For the next two years, he fled an oppressive Romanian Communist regime that would kill him if they ever laid hands on him again.

My father ran from a government that beat, tortured, and brainwashed its citizens. His childhood friend disappeared after scrawling an insult about the dictator on the school bathroom wall. His neighbors starved to death from food rations designed to combat “obesity.” As the population dwindled, women were sent to the hospital every month to make sure they were getting pregnant.

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Woman Chopped Off Boyfriend’s Penis in Weird Sex Game


Brenda Barattini’s defense for why she cut off Sergio’s manhood is weak. If you are sexually assaulted, as she claims, you don’t have the chance to use garden shears to snip away a private part. You run for help or you call the police. You might even stab or shoot your assailant.

Snipping is clearly an act of revenge by a crazy woman.

Brenda deserves a long prison sentence for her lack of self control.

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis in a rage after a sex attack.

Brenda Barattini, 26, is accused of using garden shears to chop off the manhood of a man known only as Sergio F, 40.

The motive behind the attack is currently unclear with his lawyer saying it happened during a sex game while her lawyer says it was because he attacked her.

Police and ambulance crews arrived at the scene shortly after with the man taken to hospital where he is said to still be in a ‘stable condition’.

He was rushed to hospital where attempts to reattach his penis failed.

Her lawyer, Carlos Nayi, said: ‘There’s justification for what happened. The information I’ve received is that she was the victim of a sex attack.

‘She let him into her apartment because he’s someone who’s in a rock band and is an acquaintance of her brother but once inside, instead of removing a musical instrument as he was supposed to, he attacked her sexually and she assumed a defensive attitude.

Whether or not she acted excessively is for the courts to decide.’


However Sergio’s lawyer Eduardo Perez denied the claim, saying: ‘I don’t understand what happened. This is someone I’ve known for some time.

This was a peaceful encounter.’

He said that Sergio F and Barattini had been seeing one another for several months adding: ‘They were in the middle of things. He wasn’t asleep. They began with a sexual game in which he was blindfolded.

‘There is evidence that was at the crime scene.’

Barattini, an architect, is facing charges of wounding following the incident on Saturday night in Nueva Cordoba, one of the most fashionable and sought-after areas of the city.

State prosecutor Bettina Croppi said the only thing she knew for sure at the moment was that the injuries that Sergio had suffered were ‘very serious.’

She admitted: ‘It’s very likely he’s lost the ability to be able to father children’ and said it had been confirmed the couple knew each other but it was not clear yet if they were in a relationship.

Barattini has yet to give a statement and will not be formally questioned until next week after her psychiatric evaluation.

Tests are also understood to have taken place to determine if she was raped or sexually attacked.

Sergio is still in intensive care in hospital.

When I looked for pictures to use for this post there were more women’s photos and severed penis stories than I could have ever guessed.

I wonder how women would like it if there were pages of pictures of men who cut off women’s breasts!

And how many women who read the story ended up laughing!!!