SIX Undercover Police Sting Operations Put Crooked Muzzie Convenience Store Owner in Jail


A Muslim owned and operated convenience store would buy stolen merchandise at a discount and then put it for sale on the shelves of his convenience store.

Police got wind of the shoplifting ring and sent undercover agents in with stolen items that were purchased on the cheap by the Muslim clerk, pictured above.

The damn sand nigger could have made an honest living, but no. Stealing, lying, and criminality is part of their culture.

Scoop Nashville

Here’s the undercover operations that lead to today’s service of 3 outstanding arrest warrants for Z-Mart Employee Fahir Z. Mohammed, and contributed to the padlocking of the store.


Over the past several months, MNPD has received information fromsources that Z-Mart would receive stolen property by purchasing items presented to them as having been stolen from other establishments. Detectives conducted numerous undercover operations utilizing both a Confidential Informant and undercover detectives. The following are descriptions of the undercover operations:

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Trump Masterfully Steers National Conversation From Kids in Cages to Victims of Illegal Aliens in Press Conference Featuring Tearful “Angel Families”


In my humble judgement, one of the most important public appearances by a president in American history took place on Friday. President Trump’s press conference that featured Angel Families will, I hope, if America endures, be recorded as being as significant as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Trump flipped the script on America’s domestic enemies, the leftists who would see the country remade in the image of some Communist imaginary utopia.

Fighting against a frenzied national obsession with temporary family separations at the border, Trump put front and center the pain of Americans across the land whose loved ones were permanently taken from them by the illegals that the public has been coached to sympathize with.

Everyone not mentally handcuffed to leftist ideology was made to realize that being a victim of an illegal could be their fate as easily as it was the fate of each of the Angel families.

By itself, even if Trump never does anything of significance, the wresting of the national conversation away from leftists justifies the Trump presidency.

It’s impossible to imagine any Democrat or any other Republican doing what Trump did on Friday.

It was magnificent to watch.


President Donald Trump tried to cast doubt Friday on wrenching tales of migrant children separated from their families at the border, dismissing “phony stories of sadness and grief” while asserting the real victims of the nation’s immigration crisis are Americans killed by those who cross the border unlawfully.

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Ann Coulter: Migrant Kids at Border are Child Actors

Let’s stand with sharp-tongued Ann Coulter, who has been a driving force to halt illegal immigration for years. The Daily Mail reports that she’s under seige for her headline making label for migrant children, “crisis actors.”

Anyone who thinks that the mestizo children being used to psychologically manipulate weak-minded Americans haven’t been taught how to cry on cue and how to say the right thing to get their parent’s asylum requests approved has his head in the sand.

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Rapper XXXtentacion Sent to Rapper Heaven During Alleged Robbery Attempt

In my post on XXXTentacion last September I assured readers that the white-hating POS would soon be dead–killed by another nigger.

I won’t claim any genius for making such an obvious prediction.

This black bastard deserved his fate. Sadly, sometimes that’s true.

The press is acting like a musical genius has been lost. The police are looking for the killers, whom I assume are in fact blacks.


Rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed during an apparent robbery Monday in Broward County, Florida, police said.

The 20-year-old rapper, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was leaving a motorsports store shortly before 4 p.m. when two men in a dark colored SUV shot and killed him in an apparent robbery, said Keyla Concepción, Broward County sheriff department public information officer.

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3 Colored Ladies Sought for Big Theft of Tide Laundry Detergent


As much as I follow the news, I never knew that Tide pods were used by our darkie neighbors in the drug trade as street currency.

It must be easier for them to steal Tide than steal real currency.


Three women are being sought for cleaning out a Tangipahoa Parish Dollar General store of its supply of Tide Pods laundry detergent, a product that has over the years become widely recognized as ad hoc street currency in the national drug trade.

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Poopaganda Story of the Day: Former Homeless Black Addict Gets Edjumacted–Graduates from College

A sob story propagandizes for the worthless negros who are found everywhere in large American cities.

Washington Post

Freddie Sherrill was homeless, an alcoholic and drug addict, and he used to steal his kids’ Christmas presents from under the tree and sell them. He was eating out of dumpsters. He could not read or write.

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Louisiana Prison Inmates Refuse to Work Following Attack that Left 2 Guards Injured

Louisiana’s descendants of slaves go back to their roots when sentenced to the infamous Angola prison. Farm work is on the agenda.

Like their ancestors, some of the Negros rebel against their masters.


Louisiana prison officials say an inmate broke his ankle and two guards received minor injuries in a disturbance and brief work stoppage at the state penitentiary in Angola.

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