Massive Street Bowel Movements as ICE Dumps Illegal Aliens in Small Pennsylvania Town

Gypsies, known as the Roma to those who follow the rules of political correctness, come from Northern India originally. They are widely despised in Europe. Now, a small town in Pennsylvania is being culturally enriched by their presence.

Excerpt from Narrative-Collapse

ICE has dumped over forty illegal aliens on a small Pennsylvania community. They were released from ICE custody under the Alternative to Detention [ATD] program. ATD is considered a “humane alternative” to detention centers but does take into account the communities that are affected. Some of them are required to wear GPS ankle bracelets.

The illegal aliens are Gypsies, allegedly from Bucharest, Romania. They have been placed in California, PA which is a town of fewer than seven thousand people. Since Romania was admitted to the EU, there has a been exodus of Gypsies who seek greater welfare benefits in other countries. This is sometimes referred to as “benefits tourism.”

One hundred and fifty townspeople packed a community meeting to voice their outrage over the behavior of the Gypsies. The primary complaint is the practice of open defecation by the men and children. Many will defecate on public streets. Townspeople also complained that they butcher chickens in public areas, throw trash everywhere, disregard traffic laws, and engaging in unruly behavior at public places.


The Gypsies are playing the race card. They claim they face persecution in Romania and are demanding asylum in the United States.

The town authorities say they were given no advance warning by the Federal government. They say they feel like the Feds are ignoring them. The Gypsies are renting apartments from local real estate agent Vito Dentino. The Federal government is presumably paying for their rent. Dentino has warned the community that as many as one hundred more Gypsies may be on the way.

The townspeople are being told to give the Gypsies more time to assimilate. However, Gypsies have lived in Romania for hundreds of years, but never assimilated. The Romanian government has tried in vain to assimilate Gypsies since the 1850s. In the 19th Century, the government encouraged inter-marriage, moved Gypsies into the cities, and made public education mandatory for Gypsies to send their children to school.

All of this had little effect. To this day, the Romanian government still struggles to get Gypsies to send their children to public schools. Across Europe, Gypsies are most commonly associated with very negative attributes like high rates of crime and welfare abuse.

It’s a mystery as to why California, Pa. was selected to be culturally enriched.

This Fox News story quotes town liberals about how awesome the gypsies are.

Liberalism is a mental illness.


Taki: White Devils for a Free Africa (MAOA-2R, the Violence Gene)

slaves in africa today

In 2014 Taki wrote a piece about the kidnapping of black girls in Nigeria, who were then held as sex slaves. Here’s an excerpt from that article offering a realistic assessment of why certain groups of people are hopelessly backward, no matter what leftards say.

Excerpt from Taki’s Magazine

Let’s face it, it is instant hara-kiri for any public person today to mention the so-called warrior gene—MAOA-2R—one that has been linked to violent behavior in men abused as children and is more common in blacks than whites. Mention that gene and you go the way of Nick the Greek—a TV pundit who wasn’t Greek at all but used to set the odds before football games—who said that black people’s muscularity was not conducive to helping them become champion swimmers. He was fired forthwith and never heard from again. (Incidentally, have you ever seen a great black swimmer? I haven’t, but maybe I’m colorblind.)

Social institutions and culture explain why Europeans are superior to, say, Middle Easterners and Africans, or so say scholars like Francis Fukuyama. I think it’s Islam and race that keep them down. Why is it that more books are published in Spain in one year than all the books published in the Middle East since time began? Don’t reach for the Google button. It’s Islam, stupid. That and the propensity to violence of the MAOA 2R variant.

Race and the violence gene are discussed at The Unsilenced Science. This article offers a somewhat detailed scientific discussion of the violence genes (there’s more than one). The bottom line is that African ancestry is an indicator of the violence gene.

This article suggests that the violence gene interacts with alcohol.

Besides prohibiting blacks from owning firearms, it would make sense to ban them from legally drinking alcohol, if the connection is true.

The google search term violence gene and black crimes yields many reports offering evidence that blacks are genetically predisposed to violence, much more so than whites.

Of course, anti-racists who enter the discussion claim that genetic studies are racist. Excerpt when they involve understanding black diseases like sickle cell and Jewish diseases like Tay-Sachs. Liberal hypocrisy again.

When data on arrest rates enters the discussion, liberals and especially blacks immediately scream “racist” and spew the fact that white rape and kill too. Nobody has ever said that every single white is nonviolent. The truth is that the odds of running into a violent black are much higher than running into a violent white or Asian (look at the bar chart).

arrest rates by race

Here’s one of the rare times that Elvis was full of sh*t: “He buys him a gun …” No, Elvis, he STEALS him a gun!

Gypsy Thugs Force Residents to Pay to Enter Free Public Park

british playground gypsy fee

Cruel crooks have been charging children £1 – to use a PUBLIC playpark.

The gang have been standing at the gates of the free-to-use, council-run park and demanding the payment before kids can get inside.

The suspects, believed to be linked to the travelling community, have also intimidated drivers trying to use a nearby car park, demanding £1 from those turning up to enjoy the recent sunny spell.

The “traveling community” is a code term for gypsies, also known as the Roma by politically correct people.

gypsy britain

Last night, locals in Stevenston, Ayrshire, demanded action to tackle the chancers operating at the town’s beachfront, the Daily Record reported .

One mum whose children use the playpark said: “Parents in the area have been told that they cannot use the park unless we pay an entrance fee. This is extortion and should not be allowed to continue.

“The gang arrive and, in some cases, park right up against the local Ardeer Primary. The school’s sports day is coming up soon and I know some parents are very concerned and will not let their kids attend if this sort of problem isn’t dealt with.”

But … but … but diversity is a strength. Diversity is why England is so peaceful and prosperous.

When some parents attempted to tackle the crooks over the charges, they claim they were met with threats of violence.

Ian Cassidy, 60, a volunteer who helps keep the 63-acre beach park site clean and tidy, revealed he’d been threatened .

Ian said: “I respect and understand that everybody should have the right to live somewhere but when you’re told your home is going to be
petrol-bombed, something has to be done. It’s a police matter.”

A 72-year-old gran whose house faces the Stevenston beachfront added: “This is now open intimidation.

“They tell us that we cannot use the facilities unless we pay them money for the privilege.

“This is our park and they have no right to take over. Somebody has to get a grip of this situation.”