Trump Masterfully Steers National Conversation From Kids in Cages to Victims of Illegal Aliens in Press Conference Featuring Tearful “Angel Families”


In my humble judgement, one of the most important public appearances by a president in American history took place on Friday. President Trump’s press conference that featured Angel Families will, I hope, if America endures, be recorded as being as significant as Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

Trump flipped the script on America’s domestic enemies, the leftists who would see the country remade in the image of some Communist imaginary utopia.

Fighting against a frenzied national obsession with temporary family separations at the border, Trump put front and center the pain of Americans across the land whose loved ones were permanently taken from them by the illegals that the public has been coached to sympathize with.

Everyone not mentally handcuffed to leftist ideology was made to realize that being a victim of an illegal could be their fate as easily as it was the fate of each of the Angel families.

By itself, even if Trump never does anything of significance, the wresting of the national conversation away from leftists justifies the Trump presidency.

It’s impossible to imagine any Democrat or any other Republican doing what Trump did on Friday.

It was magnificent to watch.


President Donald Trump tried to cast doubt Friday on wrenching tales of migrant children separated from their families at the border, dismissing “phony stories of sadness and grief” while asserting the real victims of the nation’s immigration crisis are Americans killed by those who cross the border unlawfully.

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The Black Attack: Negro Male Accused of Decapitating His Own Mother!


Terrelle Johnson’s defense lawyer is thinking about an insanity defense for his client. Terrelle admits he lost control and cut off his mother’s head, so what other defense is left?

A jury should still send him to prison (or to death row) even if he is a nutjob. The trigger was an argument over credit cards. Terrelle is a vet, which shows that the American military may have issues.


A Mississippi man who beheaded his mother called out to reporters as he was being led into court on Wednesday, shouting, “I plead guilty… [I’ve] done it!”

Terrelle’s late mother was extremely fit. Two more photos of her are embedded in the post and The Daily Mail offers even more photos of her, the crime scene, and the arrest.

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5 Antifa Thugs Found Not Guilty of Assaulting Deplorable at 2017 Berkeley Rally


In the Antifa world, being a supporter of Donald Trump or any other non-“progressive” idea is enough to justify violence.

Apparently, 12 citizens of evil Berkeley, California, agree.

A dangerous precedent has been set.

Jeff Sessions should indict the defendants for violating Quillinan’s civil rights. That’s permissible under law. The DOJ went after southern KKK supporters under similar circumstances in the 60s.

Excerpt from

Update, 3:45 p.m. The jury has found all five defendants not guilty of misdemeanor assault, and not guilty of assault causing great bodily injury, also a misdemeanor. About 30 supporters of the defendants were in the courtroom for the reading of the verdicts, which began at about 3:40 p.m. Some cried quietly as the clerk read the decisions for each person. After the reading, there was a brief round of applause before the judge released the jury.


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LOL! Husband of “Real Housewives” Star to be Deported

Since I don’t have TV, I have no idea who these two degenerates are, but the word “deportation” is music to my ears.

Get ’em outta here!!!

NBC New York

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, the incarcerated husband of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, is in the process of being deported, officials say.

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Georgia Trial Starts for White Man Accused of 1983 Killing of Negro Who was “socializing” with White Woman


One of two white men accused of murdering a Negro decades ago saw his trial testimony start on Wednesday.

Witnesses claim they heard him brag about killing the Negro in order to protect the white race.

That’s about it, evidence wise.

One of my cousins went around bragging about killing a “nigger” too. I have no idea whether he did or didn’t, but white males sometimes do like to brag.


GRIFFIN, Ga. — A white man charged with murder in what Georgia prosecutors describe as the racist slaying of a black man in 1983 went on trial Wednesday with both sides lambasting the original investigation.

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Developing: Leftists Target ICE Employees for Harassment for Doing Their Jobs

Link to McFeels Tweet.

Link to David Duke’s Tweet

The masked Antifa cowards who attack Trump supporters and other people who disagree with their Marxist philosophy are now thinking about ICE employees in the same way that they thought about people they’ve attacked.

Speculating, these zealots on the left are going to make trouble for ICE employees and their children. Some of these violent nutjobs may try to attack a detention center or more likely, begin assassinating ICE workers.

To the left, Trump is Hitler now and ICE employees are the SS. Killing anyone associated with Trump or ICE would make an Antifa nutjob an instant hero in his or her circles.

Jeff Sessions should declare the Antifa a terrorist group.

That Walmart Carjacker Shot Dead by a Good Samaritan was NOT a Negro or a Teen


Carjacking is normally a crime associated with blacks and Mexicans.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Muslim or Jewish carjacker.

White people also seem to be underrepresented in this fun hobby that gives you a new car, at least for a little while.

Tim Day, a white male long out of his teens, must have wanted a new vehicle really badly.

He wanted a vehicle for free, but he paid a very high price.

TUMWATER, Wash. – An armed civilian is being hailed as a hero Monday after he killed a gunman who injured three other people during a wild rampage that began in Olympia and ended at a Tumwater Walmart store on Father’s Day.

Tim Day’s shooter remains unidentified, which is a good thing.

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