Negro Tranny Wins City Council Seat in Minnesota


On Tuesday night I posted the story of a white tranny who won public office in Virginia. Since then, we’ve learned that another tranny has won public office.

New York Daily News

Andrea Jenkins won a seat on the Minneapolis City Council, becoming the first openly transgender person of color ever elected to public office in the U.S.

Jenkins, a former policy aide to two city council members, captured 73% of the votes to win Minneapolis’ Eight Ward over three other candidates Tuesday night.

Jenkins picked up endorsements from the Minneapolis Star Tribune as well as Congressman Keith Ellison while running a campaign emphasizing affordable housing, raising the minimum wage and fair policing.


I’m going to guess that Ward Eight is at least 73 percent Nogs. Do they even know milady has a ****?

“As an African American trans-identified woman, I know firsthand the feeling of being marginalized, left out, thrown under the bus. Those days are over. We don’t just want a seat at the table, we want to set the table,” Jenkins said in her victory speech, according to KMSP.

Jenkins, who is also an award-winning poet, writer, and performance artist, makes history alongside Danica Roem, a transgender woman who won a seat in Virginia’s legislature.

Roem has become the first openly transgender person to serve in the House of Delegates after defeating Republican incumbent Del. Bob Marshall.

Our Jewish friends in the psychiatric profession (aka the headshrinkers) tell us that it’s perfectly OK to fall into degeneracy and perversion of all kinds. Their promotion of trannies into prominence has been remarkably successful.

If “Andrea” leads more Negros into faggotry, then who am I to criticize “her.” Every Negro who goes full blown tranny is one less Negro who’s going to breed and one more Negro likely to come down with AIDs.

That’s the silver lining to the dark cloud in this story.

Disgusting Tranny Headed to Virginia State Legislature, Highlighting American Degeneracy



In newsrooms across the USA tonight, they’re breaking out the bottles of champagne.

The plot to transform America took a giant leap forward on Tuesday night with the election of a male-to-female transgender individual to the Virginia state legislature.

Making matters worse is that “she” defeated a longtime office holder who openly fought allowing sick men in dresses into women’s restrooms.

NBC Washington

Danica Roem, a journalist turned public works advocate, has won Virginia’s 13th District House of Delegates seat, making her the state’s first transgender legislator.

Roem beat out the district’s 26-year incumbent, conservative values and government transparency champion Bob Marshall.

The race attracted national attention as Marshall, a conservative who proposed a bill restricting which bathrooms transgender people could use, faced off against the transgender stepmother who plays in a metal band.

The district also found itself in the spotlight as one of a few Republican-governed areas that voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race.

Roem ran on a platform focused on infrastructure projects to create jobs and fix Maryland’s clogged Route 28, along with raising teacher pay.

Marshall put government issues at the center of his campaign, promoting government transparency, small businesses and school choice for parents.

Roem spent more time in the spotlight than her opponent. Marshall refused to debate Roem and often declined interviews.

In an NPR interview in September, Marshall said the election was about America’s national character and Roem was going against nature.

“Danica clearly is out here doing this for making a marker in the national character that you can engage in this behavior — which clearly goes against the laws of nature and nature’s God — and hold public office to make decisions on behalf of the common good,” Marshall said. “That is what is kind of at stake here.”

He refused to speak with News4’s Julie Carey about flyers his campaign sent out last month. Those flyers referred to Roem as “him.”

“When Delegate Marshall realized that he cannot win on public policy issues, on traffic, jobs, schools and health care, he resorted to trash,” Roem responded.

Roem told News4 that when she was knocking on Virginians’ doors, voters didn’t ask about her gender. But across the country, a number of groups and individuals took interest in the race because of Roem’s background.

After President Donald Trump announced on Twitter his intention to ban transgender people from the military, Roem received $52,000 in donations in one day, News4 reported.

The outside money came throughout the campaign, though. Roem was supported by Victory Fund, a national group that aims to elect LGBTQ leaders. Some of her largest campaign donations, according to Virginia Department of Elections filings, were from individuals in New York and Chris Abele, a county executive from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who donated $40,000.

During the final fundraising period of the race, Roem brought in more than $300,000, significantly more than Marshall’s roughly $165,000. Few of Marshall’s donations came from outside Virginia.

Both have a long history in Virginia’s 13th District, which encompasses parts of Prince William County and Manassas City.

Roem was born in Manassas and attended Catholic school in northern Virginia until she moved away for college. After college, she returned to Virginia and worked for the Gainesville Times, a local newspaper. She later worked for the Prince William Times and the Montgomery County Sentinel.

In 2013, Roem began her transition to life as a woman. She changed her name and started hormone replacement therapy.

“It was great. I could just keep doing my job,” Roem said on her website.

Marshall was born in Takoma Park, Maryland, and moved to Prince William County with his family in 1980, according to his website. He was elected to the House of Delegates in 1991 and has served in the legislature since.

In office, he fought to preserve privacy and help small businesses, supporting a measure that prohibited police from searching phones without a warrant. He also wrote a bill cutting the burden of paperwork on Virginia businesses.

He has championed conservative causes. Marshall sponsored Virginia’s own failed “bathroom bill,” which would have effectively banned transgender people from using opposite-sex bathrooms in government buildings and schools. He tried to block Virginia from adding sex and gender discrimination to anti-discrimination rules.

Memo to Virginia state legislators: If you’re male, you’ve got a chick with a dick as a colleague now, i.e., a faggot. Watch your d*cks.

If you’re a female legislator, just remember that you’re new girlfriend has a d*ck and you’ll be OK. I hope.

Tranny Democrat Running for State Legislature Against “Bathroom Bill” Author in Virginia


What do you have when you put a male into a dress and let him call himself a woman?

The (((elites))) say you have a trans woman, who should be allowed to use the women’s bathroom and lockerroom.

The general public would be less tolerant, with the terms “chick with a d*ck” and “shemale” coming to mind.

A country crazy enough to put Barack Obama in the White House is also crazy enough to elect trannies to local office. Expect more of them.


State legislative races don’t usually draw a lot of national attention – but Virginia’s House District 13 race is: it pits a Republican incumbent known for unsuccessfully sponsoring a so-called “bathroom bill” against a transgender woman.

If she succeeds in unseating Delegate Bob Marshall, Democrat Danica Roem would be the country’s first openly transgender state lawmaker.

Roem’s background may set her apart as a political candidate, but her message to voters in this district, in the outer Washington, D.C. suburbs, is pretty standard for a local politician. She’s focusing on bread-and-butter “quality of life” issues, she says, like roads funding, schools, and water infrastructure.

Roem argues she’s uniquely informed about local issues and prepared to problem-solve because of her years working as a newspaper reporter in the region.

“I’ve dedicated my professional career to vetting information…and then reporting the truth as it is, not what other people hope it should be,” she said. “…And when I’m in office I can do the same thing.”


But most of the attention has focused on Roem’s status as a transgender woman challenging an incumbent who known for his opposition to LGBT rights. Marshall has been in office for 26 years – since Roem, now 33, was a child growing up in the area.

Marshall hasn’t responded to repeated requests for interviews with NPR, but he has talked to conservative radio hosts like Sandy Rios of American Family Radio.

In an interview in September, Marshall said the race is about more than local policy debates.

“Danica clearly is out here doing this for making a marker in the national character that you can engage in this behavior – which clearly goes against the laws of nature and nature’s God – and hold public office to make decisions on behalf of the common good,” Marshall said. “That is what is kind of at stake here.”

In that interview, Rios and Marshall also speculated about whether or not Roem has had surgery as part of her transition from male to female.

In an interview at her campaign office in Manassas, Roem called the discussion “gross,” and said Marshall should focus on substantive issues, not her gender.


The story goes on to note that the LGBT movement has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to get “her” elected. That makes this election about her penis, not her

Man Charged after Cutting Off Gender Bender’s Testicles


People who are feeling an urge to become the opposite sex ought to carefully consider the following idea: Men who “become women” are always going to be second rate women. It’s better to be a first rate man.

Surgery is always fraught with danger. Just look at Joan Rivers’ cosmetic surgery, which killed her. Be happy the way you were born and understand that the urge to be the opposite sex is driven by the same kind of mental issues that cause some people to wash their hands hundreds of times a day.

Cutting off an organ is not the same as cutting your hair or cutting your fingernails. It’s serious business. You’re the victim of a psy op that intends to physically neuter many, while mentally neutering everyone. Keep your balls, and not on display on a shelf above the fireplace.

ABC7 Chicago

DENVER — A man is facing felony assault charges after police say he used an Army surgical kit to remove the testicles of a transgender woman in her Denver apartment.

KUSA-TV reports 57-year-old James Pennington, who is not a licensed medical professional in Colorado, is being held without bail after he told investigators Wednesday that he performed the procedure.

According to court documents, the woman’s wife was with her during the 90-minute surgery, and Pennington told the couple to call 911 if complications developed. The wife told police that after changing the dressing, a large amount of blood poured out of the sutured wound.

Doctors were unable to reattach the testicles.

Booking documents do not indicate if Pennington has hired an attorney.

Animals are smarter than humans about some things.

Denver Police Told NOT to Confiscate Homeless’ Blankets and Tents

During the Great Depression, the politicized name “Hoovervilles” was applied to encampments of homeless people thrown out of work by the economy. A lot of these people were white since the country was white. These white people built small dwellings from scrap materials and organized themselves into a function society even though they had NOTHING.


Today, the homeless tend to be nonwhite, with a heavy population of uncivilized ill-behaved hooligans among them.

Denver, Colorado has shelters for the homeless, but preferring their freedom or trying to avoid being victimized by criminal types that populate the shelters, they prefer street life.

For a while, they will get to keep their blankets in Denver.

Denver Post

Denver police will no longer confiscate blankets and tents from homeless people during cold weather months as part of a change to the city’s camping ban.

Mayor Michael Hancock announced the decision Saturday as frigid overnight temperatures continued to raise concerns about the well-being of the city’s homeless population, estimated at more than 3,700.

“As a city, we have a responsibility and moral obligation to protect the lives of our residents,” Hancock said in a statement. “Urban camping — especially during cold, wet weather — is dangerous and we don’t want to see any lives lost on the streets when there are safe, warm places available for people to sleep at night.”

The shift came after civil rights organizations and attorneys demanded Friday that the city stop seizing the property of homeless people and threatened a federal lawsuit.

Even with the change, the city intends to continue enforcing the camping ban, a violation of which carries a potential penalty of a $999 fine. But police will not confiscate camping equipment through the end of April, according to the mayor’s announcement.

Denver Homeless Out Loud, an organization fighting the city’s camping ban, called the mayor’s decision “a big win.”

“This means that people surviving on the streets this winter will have just that much more hope to live through this winter,” the organization wrote in a statement posted on its website.

Days earlier, more than a dozen homeless people and advocates implored Denver city council members to stop the efforts to clear encampments in the city. This year, police are taking a more aggressive approach and issuing warnings at higher rates than in the past.

Police officers issued nine citations for violations of the unauthorized camping ordinance to seven people in the past two weeks, according to the mayor’s office. Of those cited, police only confiscated camping equipment from three people who camped outside the City and County Building as part of a Nov. 28 protest against the city’s ordinance.

The kind of more authoritarian government that many on the alt-right would like to see would round up the street people and place them in German-style work camps. In fact, America used to have vagrancy laws, in which a person with “no visible means of support” would be arrested and sent to a work camp.

Today, the rights of vagrants have taken precedence over the rights of hard-working people to be free of the harassment that the homeless are known for.

Denver’s mayor is an appeaser to “civil rights” groups. He’s encouraging more homeless to take up residence in Denver.

Spirit Cooking Exposed by Podesta Email: Sick, Sick, Sick Satanic Ritual


The mainstream media is completely ignoring this story on the Podesta emails dumped by Wikileaks on Thursday. A Spirit Cooking dinner is illustrated by the photo above.

Link to Podesta Email on Spirit Cooking Dinner

Team Clinton is a group of monsters. Watch the video, then read the Podesta Email where he talks about attending a Spirit Cooking dinner. Would you attend a bizarre Satanic ritual like this one? Even if Hillary and her closest friends were in attendance?

On youtube the most cogent comment was that Jews like Podesta are mentally ill. So is Hillary Clinton, who has surrounded herself with insane psychopaths because she likes people who are just like her.

From the youtube information box:

Uploaded on Mar 10, 2009

Zerynthia in collaboration with Studio Stefania Miscetti
Marina Abramovic Spirit Cooking

Mark Dice has prepared a 4 minute version of the story:

We Are Change

Abramovic is known for her often-gory art that confronts pain and ritual. Her first performance involved repeatedly, stabbing herself in her hands. The next performance featured her throwing her nails, toenails, and hair into a flaming five-point star — which she eventually jumped inside of, causing her to lose consciousness.

During the next, she ingested a medication to treat people who are catatonic, which caused violent muscle spasms.

Perhaps most famously, in 1974, Abramovic placed 72 objects on a table, including a rose, a feather, honey, a whip, olive oil, scissors, a scalpel — and a gun and a single bullet. Alongside the items was a sign informing the audience that the items could be used on her in any way that they chose.

For six hours, she remained at the mercy of the audience, allowing them to do as they pleased. During that time, she was stripped, cut, and one audience member even held the gun to her head.

Link to Twitter Spirit Cooking page

Weird Bearded Jew Feminist SJW Goes on Rant in Comedy Club (Video)

Jews are crazy. SJWs are crazy. The weirdo in this video is close to snapping. Don’t try to understand this. Don’t bother to watch all of it. Let your takeaway be how crazy Jews are on average and how they attempt to manipulate us.

From the youtube information box:

Published on Oct 7, 2016

As I begin to put this method into practice, I will start by taking the most practical approach of going to open mic events. At a later point, I can make attempts to speak at other events by invoking the Implicit Allowance for Expressing Necessary Objections that I believe should exist based upon the particular Axiomatic Principle of Social Engagement I referenced in my foundational lecture.

Open mic events often include or feature comedy. Therefore, I have decided that initial demonstrations will be related to criticism of this area. They will address the following broad topic: The Offensive Nature of Most Supposed Comedy Today.

I found that the Protest Chanting style I employed was very tough on my voice. For this reason, I will have to explore additional stylistic approaches.