Huma and Sext-Offender Weiner Together in Divorce Court Ahead of His Sentencing Next Month

When Laura Loomer verbally berated Hillary Clinton during her Tuesday book signing in New York City, Huma Abedin was present. Annoying Loomer asked Abedin when she was going to divorce her husband, Anthony Weiner, for sexting an underage girl.

Loomer’s timing wasn’t bad. Huma and Weiner showed up in court today to begin finalizing that divorce.

Loomer claims to have been nearly taken into custody by the Secret Service for her harassment.

In all honesty, I don’t believe the marriage was real anyway. It was arranged to shield Hillary Clinton from scrutiny over her affair with Huma. Both Weiner and Huma are play acting. For now, you have to believe Weiner’s payoff will be in the form of probation, not prison, for his sex crimes.

Excerpt from the New York Post

This is one odd ​soon-to-be ex-​couple.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin sat elbow to elbow whispering to each other during their first divorce hearing Wednesday​ ​— then left together in a chauffeur-driven car.

Abedin, whose husband will be sentenced later this month for sexting with a minor, smiled as she stood next to the disgraced ex-congressman in the courthouse elevator, even though she’s filed a contested divorce proceeding against him.

And Weiner seemingly couldn’t be happier.

“Feeling ​OK, Anthony?” a reporter asked.

“Thank you, yes. Bless you guys,” the repeat sext-offender, who ​once ​went by the online moniker Carlos Danger, said on his way into Manhattan Supreme Court.

Justice Michael Katz said he was “glad to hear” that Weiner and Abedin “would like to resolve this amicably.”

Abedin finally filed for divorce in May just hours after Weiner tearfully pleaded guilty to sexting with the underage girl.

His sexting addiction first surfaced in 2011 when pictures of his crotch leaked onto the internet — ultimately leading him to resign from Congress.

Abedin first separated from her husband in August 2016 after The Post published yet another crotch shot — this time with the couple’s toddler son in the picture.


Anders Breivik Trolls Norwegian Legal System with Claims of Inhumane Treatment

You can decide for yourself whether Anders Breivik is a hero or a zero. What’s fun to watch is his playing the legal system for his own purposes.

The new beard and the shaved head go together nicely.


Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is more radical than ever, prosecutors warned as the right-wing extremist appeared in court.

Fredrik Sejersted said the government should still be prepared for Breivik, who gave a Nazi salute on entering the courtroom, to do the unthinkable.

The state is appealing against a ruling that some of Breivik’s treatment in prison amounted to “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.

Breivik killed 77 people in July 2011.

He murdered 69 people at a summer camp for young centre-left political activists on the island of Utoeya after, earlier in the day, setting off a car bomb in the capital Oslo, killing eight people.

The 37-year-old has been kept in solitary confinement since he was sentenced, in 2012, to 21 years in prison – but he has argued that being kept away from other prisoners for 22-23 hours a day breaches his human rights.

Breivik’s lawyer Oystein Storrvik has said the killer is “mentally vulnerable” because of his prison conditions.


In April 2016, a Norwegian court upheld part of his claim, although it dismissed his argument that his right to respect for private and family life was violated by restrictions on contact with other right-wing extremists.

On Tuesday, the Norwegian government – which was also ordered to pay Breivik’s legal costs of 330,000 kroner ($38,500; £31,600) – began the process of appealing against the court’s ruling.

‘Most dangerous man’
The government argued that his three-cell complex, where he can play video games, watch TV and exercise, is better than the conditions of most other prisoners to compensate for being kept in solitary confinement.

“The core of the state’s view is very simple, there are no human rights violations,” said Mr Sejersted, the prosecutor, said.
He told the court that Breivik “has not broken down, he has not expressed remorse, he is proud of what he has done.

“If anything, according to documentation, he is even more convinced in his extreme far-right beliefs.”

“It’s very difficult to know how dangerous Breivik is today and it’s even more difficult to know how dangerous he will be tomorrow, or in a year, or in 10 years,” Mr Sejersted also told the court.

“But what is absolutely certain is that in the years leading up to July 22, 2011, he was the most dangerous man in Norway.”

Scripted? Alleged Jo Cox Killer Shouts “Death to Traitors” in First Court Appearance

tommy mair

tommy mair arrest

Since the Orlando Pulse gay club massacre, there’s been a bit of confusion regarding terminology employed by awake and wise conspiracy realists.

A false flag refers to a crime that is blamed on the wrong party. For example, if Israeli agents did 9/11 and set up a group of Muslims to take the blame, then that’s called a false flag.

pepe the frog as jew on 911

I’m sure you know this, but the left has been muddying the waters relating to conspiracies, so it’s worth going over again.

A psy op or psychological operation generally puts the blame on a weak minded person who was brainwashed by controllers to do a dirty deed. For example, if Omar Mateen was pushed over the edge into becoming a mass murderer by America’s FBI, then we would call the Orlando shootings a psy op.

Psy ops and false flags both have the purpose of affecting our emotions and our reasoning in order to achieve some objective desired by the creator of the event. For example, if a group of (((Jews))) in the American government wished to obtain public support for endless wars on Muslim lands, then a false flag 9/11 would be the perfect strategy. Likewise, if the leftists in government wished to create conditions for gun bans and gun confiscation, then events such as Sandy Hook and Orlando would be a vehicle to obtain the desired result.

Now on to the murder by shooting and stabbing of MP Jo Cox on a public street in broad daylight in front of at least one witness, a Muslim female aide to Ms. Cox.

The looming June 23 vote by the British to leave the EU will determine to a large degree the future of Western civilization. If the British decide to vote to leave the European Union (and the vote is honestly tabulated), then there is a chance that the West can be saved without a revolution or civil war.

vote leave brexit

Recent polls, which may or may not be accurate, show that support for leaving the EU is strong enough to make the vote go in the LEAVE direction.

The (((globalists))) don’t like that.

Against this backdrop came the murder of Jo Cox, a strong leftist supporter of STAY. The thing is that there are many, many prominent supporters of STAY, including the Muslim Mayor of London and British PM David Cameron.

The alleged murderer who was quickly identified as a mental case is also doing exactly what works to the advantage of the STAY side of the vote. Today, in court, Thomas Mair shouted “Death to traitors.”

thomas mair court

The message of the script of this psy op (probably not a false flag as Mair seems to have done the crime) is that those who believe in LEAVE are dangerous “right-wing” types who will gain control of Britain by a LEAVE vote. Once in control, this right wing cabal will do what? Mass murder on a Hitlerian scale?

The script here involves putting fear into the hearts and minds of Britons so that the vote goes toward STAY. Mr. Mair is surely a weak-minded, mind controlled killer (again assuming he’s not a patsy) who is following the script his controller(s) have drilled into his head.

Excerpt from Yahoo

London (AFP) – British lawmaker Jo Cox’s alleged killer ranted against “traitors” in court Saturday, as EU referendum campaigning was suspended for a third day in tribute to the slain MP.

“Death to traitors, freedom for Britain,” 52-year-old Thomas Mair said when asked to give his name at Westminster Magistrates Court in London after being charged with murder, Britain’s Press Association reported.

Mair, who was handcuffed and wearing a grey tracksuit, repeated the phrase when asked again but then remained silent when asked to provide his date of birth and address.

He was remanded in custody until his next appearance on Monday at the higher Old Bailey court in London, England’s central criminal court, and a psychiatric report has been requested.

vigil for jo cox